why do light have the tendency to manage time?

The speed of light is different in different mediums.when light enters in a more or less denser medium,it is deflected from its path,that is,it changers its path.it does so to maintain that time which would be reqired to cover the same distance in the absence of that medium.the question is why does light do so?,e.i.why light manages its time?  

Asked by vmkverma 7 years ago

How to measure light wavelenght? Answered

Please, don't say 'with a waveleghtometer' . This is a Physics 'practical problem', and I'm thinking interference.

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

i have an doubt on light any light which light invisible thier focus but it can be visible if u see through cell ?

Suppose consider some leds are arranged to show u r name when it light falls on screen & my question is this  name we can't see directly through our eyes but it can see through cameras any video recorders so my question is which type of leds satisfy this any one know  or u have an idea / view abt this pls mail naveenkumar.t0428@gmail.com

Asked by naveen_nk 8 years ago

Fluorescent light wiring diagram wanted

Fluorecent light wiring diagram:Could anyone help me with a wiring diagram for a fluorescent light, double tube, tube have 2 ins each side, two starters a capacitor and a ballast with two wires. I have all the parts but don't know how to join them together?

Asked by Sa Wolf 7 years ago

how do you power a 4 volt light with a 12 volt battery?

I have some lights i want to put in my boat and power with a 12 volt car battery. 

Asked by geverett08 7 years ago

triac switchero

I have a touch light switch I bought from my local lighting store the triac and heat sink stands too tall for the base of the light ,I want to desolder the original and replace it with a new one with longer leads so I can lay it down to fit inside the base. How do I know if my new triac is compatable they look like they are the same size numbers are different.

Posted by martin365 2 years ago

Transistor and inductor based 1W emergency light.

I made this 1w emergency light circuit for the maximum output (consuming less power to deliver maximum brightnes) from the LED. But during its functioning, i found that the led glows with same brightness as it was without the circuit ( directly connecting it with battery). Please, suggest some alternatives or amendments to be made. I have uploaded an image of my circuit.

Asked by ShuvamP 3 years ago


I want to repair the charging light whose battery is dead and want to make it direct so that it can glow up with inserting into socket how is it possible?

Asked by shani12345 2 years ago

How can I make a lightbulb?

How can I make a lightbulb?

Asked by xoj 7 years ago

how do I build a fluorescent lamp ?

I want to turn a high end glass vase into a fluorescent lamp.

Asked by sailormark 2 years ago

i want more details about the 41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC

 i want  working ,applications,components cost 

Asked by benazeer 8 years ago

Illuminated Strip? I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates via electricity.

I need a strip of material (3x9cm) that illuminates when an electrical current is somehow applied. Does such a product exist? Or would I need to fashion one out of a semi-translucent (fogged) material with LEDs?

Asked by ericsnapple 8 years ago

Light saber room light modification

I got 2 Remote control Light Saber room lights for Christmas. http://unclemilton.com/star_wars_science/#/rc_lightsaber/ I want to mount them crossed, like a crest, but I want them to be operated independently. Both Remotes control both lights. I would like to be able to Change frequency? or something to make the remotes specific for the lights, so they can be changed/turned on and off independently. Any ideas?

Posted by CaptainMal 7 years ago

how do I get the light that scaned the paper in an old printer to light again?

I have an old lexmark 3300 series printer BUT i dont know how to get the light in the scaner section to light again please help?

Asked by Laserman595 8 years ago

Change pendant light bulb?

I have three teardrop pendant lights over my counter; one light bulb burnt out. I tried to change the bulb but it does not screw in - not sure what type of bulb this is? Really, I've changed light bulbs forever, but can't figure this one out. Search You Tube and DIY for a video but only found typical light bulbs or recessed lights. Your help is much appreciated.

Asked by paulbb 8 years ago

where can i get a LED light?

Im looking for a super bright LED light,can someone help me

Asked by timanator 9 years ago

Turn on a light with a fabric switch and keep lite when switch is open?

LIke a motion activated flood light, I want to activate a light/lamp by switch closure and have the light/lamp remain lit when the switch is open. I want a timer in line to turn the light/lamp off at some set time (1min, 5min, etc). The circuit must be powered by say a 9v battery, and utilize a LED as the light. I would like to use a fabric switch where temporary contact completes the circuit powering the light.

Asked by casualguy 9 years ago

How does infrared light affect plants?

Specifically tomatoes.

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

XML Controlled Lights

I am looking to build a 3 light "stop light" setup that could be controlled by XML. ..  something like the below.  Where whichever of the 3 fields has the "Y" that is which light would be lit up.  It can be desktop sized, but any help would be appreciated!! Y N N

Posted by SKNDSTRY 8 years ago

on you dancing lights, doe it go through a computer?

I would like to control christmas light out side that would dance to music.

Asked by donphipps 6 years ago

Hitachi VM-CP10ZA Light Lamp DC 9V 10W

Has any one tried to connect these lights directly to a 9V DC source?

Posted by cbaladeh 2 years ago

how to wire a stop light to work with a stereo?

I would liket to work with the beat

Asked by scherer169 9 years ago

Darth Maul LED light saber

Darth Maul LED light saber i was wanting to know from the people who built the Darth Maul LED light saber,if it looked real and if so if you could give me a pic. of it runing and one of it not runing.

Posted by coolmatt 10 years ago

Can led light be activaded by puting things* close to each other?

Can led light be activated on close up and light off on moving upart.(maybe magnet or some other options) Looking for distance about 1" for light on.Have room size of a pen or a lighter for components. ...and 1 more question:How much heat or static you need for led light to work? Thank you all in advance and sorry about eng.:(   

Asked by F1lya 8 years ago

Has anyone created a rotating light blocker tube for a fixture before? Answered

I'm trying to create a slow rotating tube within a tube light blocker for a black light fixture I have. The fixture measures 2inches by 2feet and is a fluorescent tube style. I want to be able to have the outer tube rotate around the light, have a slot cut into it so the light can come out but when it's past the light, the hole is blocked by an inner tube so no light escapes. I figure the RPM would be about 2-4. This is for Halloween. The inner tube would be fixed into position and the light fixture be attached to it. Does any of this make sense? If it does and you know of another project like this, please send me a link.

Asked by javajunkie1976 6 years ago

How do you make light ball with plastic drink cups and christmas lights?

A round ball using clear plastic cups with something to hang it up

Asked by kc8784 8 years ago

luxeom spot light with sensor to run off 12 volt marine battery

I am wanting to build a spot light using luxeom leds. That would be powered by a 12volt marine battery with a solar charger and a sensor to turn these spot lights on and off. You can go to texasboarhunters .com to see these lights. Can any one help me with this? Thanks djoe56

Posted by djoe56 10 years ago

Converting Solar Garden Lights to 6V?

I'm trying to change the battery in a solar walkway light to a 6V. The reason for this is Im also now using a light that contains 21 LED's at 4.5V instead of the 1 LED that is in the light. The charge for the battery is from an external solar panel at 10V. I don't think the charge controller in the light can handle the volts in the battery as the light is always on - even when the panel is not connected. Like the power from the battery is going backwards thru the controller. I do see a diode in the controller and was wondering if I just need to increase the size of it? Please help. Thanx...

Asked by Rayzor910 7 years ago

How to diy this fantastic light(⊙_⊙)?

Look at this light. It's fantastic, isn't it?  So, I'm wondering if someone knows how to make it. I don't even know the texture of the main part of the light.  I want to make it as a present to my little brother who is trying to sleep alone. THANKS~~~

Posted by Miss Puff 5 years ago

Darth Maul LED light saber

I was wanting to know from the people who built the Darth Maul LED light saber,if it looked real and if so if you could give me a pic. of it runing and one of it not runing.

Posted by coolmatt 10 years ago

How to hook up one LED light with two 6v sources?

I'm trying to hook up a tail/brake light on my moped and I'm wondering if its possible to use the one light for both brake and tail light. The light itself is a closed housing with two leads coming off the back, see the diagram as I'm probably not going to explain things all too well. The moped has three wires that originally powered two separate incandescent bulbs and the third wire being the ground completing the circuit. The brake light is only lit when I squeeze the brake lever where there is a switch that connects and sends the power back to the light. Is there any way to connect these two wires into the one lead that could result in an increased brightness when I complete the brake lights circuit? My thinking is that I can put a resistor on the 'tail light (constantly fed)' lead and when the 'brake light' lead has power, the light will get the full 6v and become brighter. Am I close to being right about this? How can I keep the 'tail light' power from traveling through the 'brake light' wire? I know theres something I'm obviously missing here, its been a while since I've worked with voltage and maybe its not possible but I'm hoping theres a way.

Asked by copalla 6 years ago

anyone know how to wire a stop light to work with a stereo?

I would like to make it blink with the beat. thanks

Asked by scherer169 9 years ago

does this work out?

Production of light with low energy  for this take a long tube with both ends open.Now place a one way mirror in such a way that light passes from outside to inside and the other end with a colored glass except red [primary colors].before this just fill it with active medium or the elements used in laser[make sure that this medium emits any color other than red on exited] Then send red laser light into the tube for few seconds if my guess is right the tube will give a colored light outside Now let me explain it when the red laser light first enters the tube it makes the active medium in it excite and release a colored light along with the red light this passes all through the tube and at the end the colored glass [the same color which the medium emits on exciting] will send the emited light through it and reflects the red colored light back and the process keeps on going as the first one way mirror even reflects the red light back. I have a picture of laser active medium and one way mirrors.           So,energy is consumed only for the first production of light for minute.

Asked by lohithg 6 years ago

can a fluorescent light be connected in series to another tube on the same ballast?

Im trying to add more bulbs a  fitting thats designed for 1

Asked by andybuda 8 years ago

mini STROBE LIGHT ideas???

I'm looking to make a small strobe light unit. I once saw them in the Target bargain for $2.50 around "Back to School" time in the Fall. I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to modify the strobe unit from a disposable camera and turn it into a working disco type strobe light?

Posted by mrshow555 10 years ago