Anyone know their PDAs, Internet tablets?

Does anyone know much about modern PDAs or "internet tablets"?Background- like a complete eejit I managed to break the screen on the Guide, so after fuelling my fifteen minutes of internet fame it looks like being relegated to memento status. It occurs to me that for the 80 quid it would cost me to replace the hardware I could probably get a much more recent PDA or similar device and have more adventures with that. I'm not very familiar with this newfangled technology, however: the last PDA I owned before the Guide was a Psion series 3 and I always buy cheapo phones that don't double as internet browsers, games consoles or teasmades. Therefore I could use some help sifting through the wealth of devices available for one that meets my requirements. These, in rough order of importance, are:Browser availableCheap!Competent operating system, preferably Linux, preferably not WindowsExpansion card slot for readily available flash storage (CF, MMC, SD etc)Decent-sized touch screen or decent sized screen and QWERTY keyboardPocket sizedCan interface with a PC (running Linux) relatively easilyIsn't a phone, camera or mp3 playerThe only really important ones are the first four. From what I've seen the Nokia 770 seems to meet most of these. Sadly it only supports 2GB of flash storage on RS-MMC, but I can live with that- it seems small RS-MMC cards are so cheap that I could get several and have a multi-volume encyclopaedia :)Does anyone know any other devices that might fit this description, or can tell me more about the 770?

Posted by PKM 10 years ago

Too many electronics sitting around

I have too many electrons sitting around and was wondering what all I could make with them? Heres the list to what I have: a brand new 2wire wireless router 2700hg-b a dead creative zen stone 1gb 2 old digital cameras - 1: sony cyber-shot dsc-p52 - 2: hp photosmart 435 64 mb sd card 16m MMC 4 cellphones - 1:Samsung Qwest SPH-A880 - 2:Sony Ericsson W300i - 3:LG PM225 - 4:Sony Ericsson Z520a (all have batterys not sure if they work though) old xbox 400w power supply usb external floppy drive im sure there is more stuff ill add it in later if I find anything else

Posted by JRauck 9 years ago