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Does anybody know about or use MSW Logo. Just wondering.

Posted by Finnly 10 years ago

Handle Pump Pistol (HPP) / Mini Support Weapon (MSW)

This little prototype (the Handle Pump Pistol [HPP] / Mini Support Weapon [MSW]) came out of an idea I found in this forum topic. TD said to KILLERK: "Seeing how the main drawback to this weapon is its single shot with long reload, might as well throw a mini shotgun on it." And then it struck me, I should try that as a tribute to my friend KILLERK. This is the start of that project. It is a handle pump true trigger under-barrel pistol (XD, say that ten times fast). I thought you guys might like to help me out with it. It has two main problems. Problem 1) Pin-pull is not good enough to get any range Prob elm 2) No magazine / loading area. -The Red Book of Westmarch (NOTE: this forum topic was written in haste, words might be misspelled, capitalization might be off, punctuation might not be correct, ect. I will elaborate later.)

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 5 years ago