led to music? Answered

Ok... i have been looking into this for the past month tried to use a TIP31 transistor to make my led light strips flash to music in my car by using my sub amplifier as an audio out source...... and it would not work so i was wondering if you someone could help me out to make a box that would allow for audio in from my amplifier that would have a circuit that would perform the task of making my led light strips flash to my music. thanks. 

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So as you can see in the video at the end of both songs I am having a issue with it cutting/shorting out. All i can think of is the tip31 transistors im using are overheating maybe? but what is really wierd is it shorts back to the speakers?? I have one transistor driving the blue leds and one driving the red leds. the red leds are being powered by a 9v supply and the blue is 15v( dont remember the MA but they both provide plenty. They are wall warts. When i  plug in the 9v power supply it makes a high pitch buzzing noise.... If anyone has any pinters i would appreciate it. Thinking of adding more transistors.... I cant figure out how to link it so just copy paste the link below into your browser... https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=4627718865303&saved; and i'm following this diagram cause it does not have a switch like the others. https://www.instructables.com/id/Flashing-Leds-to-Music-multipurpose/

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LED music visualizer

Hi folks! I just saw this great tutorial about the interactive LED table (https://www.instructables.com/id/Interactive-LED-table/). Can it be modded so that music (over an external program, of course) controls the LED's? If so I would be pleased when you can explain it to me. Thanks

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Music LED Sync?

For the circuit in the pic can I use the transitor listed here  instead of TIP31, SMD LED Strip instead of the 4 LEDs, and can I power it with an ATX Power Supply as it also has 12v DC output???? Thanks in Advance.....

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LED that lights on music

Hello there guys, I want to make an LED that lights on music. I know how to do it, I've seen some other instructables and i've understood how it works. My question here to you guys, instead of the TIP31 transistor, can i use something else because i don't have a 12V power supply, i only have a 5V one. Can you guys provide me with an answer, a tip, schematic or anything else that could help me? Thx alot, John.

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LED that lights on music

Hello there guys, I want to make an LED that lights on music. I know how to do it, I've seen some other instructables and i've understood how it works. My question here to you guys, instead of the TIP31 transistor, can i use something else because i don't have a 12V power supply, i only have a 5V one. Can you guys provide me with an answer, a tip, schematic or anything else that could help me? Thx alot, John.

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LED Lights and Music

To get a general idea of what's going on, I'm a CAD student and we are studying Electricity -- I was looking at a recent instructables guide that showed how to make a box that lights up to music. Well I was planning on doing something similar with a few twists. 1) Dependant on the frequency, there are certain LEDs that will light up 2) The ability to plug in a MP3 Player (Zune is my test subject) 3) The addition of two (2) small speakers around the size of maybe 2 inches My questions pertain to what exactly will I need to do here and where I can find information on the parts required for this project. By all means please try and refrain from giving me specific parts (If it requires a Transistor with some requirements [If a transistors do have any differences] please just say Transistor with x requirements). I don't mean to sound rude but I really want to try and figure things out on my own, but I'm not sure where to really look. I would grab bits and pieces off of these Instructables (Which are all very nice) but I want to actually know why to use a Transistor by reading up on it. If anyone can also mention to me a good place for speakers of smaller size I would appreciate that as well. Assuming I'll have problems with connecting certain things like a plug for a Zune -- if you are willing to lend your help please just mention it as a response. Thank you all a head of time!

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LED Music Bar Controlled by Music

Hello, I am in college, and I thought it would be an interesting idea if I had a LED light bar behind my futon to light up one of my walls. I have seen some projects on here about making a light bar but I am a little confused and I have no idea how to set it up to music. I was just wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about and if I can get it on the cheap. Thanks.

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Musical Lights

Hey, I recently saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd3hzYAJzOo&w; and i want to make that. I read the schematic at http://www.uploderx.net/dphrag/SCHEMATIC1___PAGE1444.jpg (that link doesn't work, use this one: http://www.buildlounge.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/xy88F.jpg  for it, but, I'm still quite confused. The parts that are the most problematic to me are the high, low, and mid pass filters. i  don't understand what they are, and how there made. If anyone could help me, thank you.

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Led problem

Hello, I apologize for my bad English, I'm from a country where English is not the official. I have a problem, I made ​​a circuit to synchronize the lights to music with a TIP31. the problem is when I connect it to the amplifier is blown, I fixed it, but I do not understand why it burns, can you help me? Is it because TIP31 is powered by 12V? If you could help me find a solution?

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Highly Synced Music LED

So, I've just registered today at instructables, I was here for one thing, then I kept surfing instructables for another!  Anyway, I've been looking at DIY Synced Music LED, but most of them don't really look synced. They move sometimes, but not in a regular form, and intensity (or anything changing/moving according to change in music rhythm) doesn't look really good. Is there any Instructables of highly synced music LED? 

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Picaxe08m to drive a led to the music?

What i what to know is. Could i connect the positive line of a amp to one of the readabc pins of the micro. then pwnout that value on a pin. Then have a led on said pin that variys in brightness depending on the music. 1. If i could do that would the picaxe run fast enough to update the led very quickly? 2. Then could mix multiple colored leds together to have a left and right channel system?

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LED equalizer

Hello, I was thinking about making an interactive light display, using an arduino. I was thinking about using an equalizer like the msgeq 7 and having it light up different panels, but I'm not sure how to power each panel, because I want around 20-30 leds in each, and there hopefully would be 5 panels. I also wanted each panel to light up based on the volume of the music, and I wasn't sure how to do that. Lastly I was only looking for around 3 frequency ranges, and I don't know how to restrict the ranges in an equalizer. Thank You!

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Will tip31c work for music leds? Answered

I am interested in this: www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ Will tip31c work rather than tip31 www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/T/I/P/3/TIP31C.shtml I'm hypothesize that it will just affect sensitivity. (more or less?)

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help with leds blinking to music

Ok so im in the process of building a portable car stereo and i have everything done except for putting some leds blinking to the music on it. i have attempted this in the past and it never really worked how i wanted it to. so i cant really explain every connection in my box but i will explain the components used car stereo      12-14v Xbox power supply    12v drill battery    12-13v drill charger   2 relays used to automatically switch from the wall battery   and the battery charger  everything shares a ground and connected to the stereo have leds hooked up to the remote normally used to switch on car amps   its output is 12v and i think 300 milliamps i would like to use this for the power and i need to use the speaker output as the audio  i tried to use a tip31 but it never worked the way i needed it to just ask if u need any more info

Topic by kylejjjjj 7 years ago

Powering LEDs?

What I am trying to do is built a LED board that beats to music.  I have found many way to make it beat to the music, but my problem is I don't understand how to power the LEDs.  I am new to building electronics, and I am still learning.  Anyways, what my hope to do is use build a board 46in long running one LED per inch.  This will be dived up into smaller sections to run different beats off my home theater system.  I am trying to run all of this using  4 TIP31c, and I understand how to use them, I just am not sure how to power this.  Thank you!

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LED "clip"

I need some sort of LED "clip". i need to make a long string of LEDs where i can change the individual LEDs easily. i need designs for both normal and 4-pin RGB LED's i was thinking something along the lines of the clips in breadboards. it doesn't have to be movable. i might need to have some sort of "doubleclip", so i can change the resistors for individual LEDs any ideas on how to make something like this? or where i can buy some?

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Lights Responding to Music

Hey Guys, I know there are a couple hacks that show how you can make a single LED or even a couple react to music (the bass makes them bright...) but I cannot find a way to make a string of lights react to music.  I want a longer string of lights to be able to do this so I can put them around a table, does anyone have a solution? Thanks

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LED ideas for basement

Hi everyone, I took on a small project to make over my basement. I recently added a bar in the basement and thought LED's will add color to it... I want to install LED's across the basement so that they change colors with music or I can control the color changing as well..... One of my friends recently got me bunch of super bright LED's from India for cheap, in different colors.…..all together 750 of them(5 diff colors)… so any ideas on what transistors, circuits etc should I use and also ideas on how to arrange them would help a lot. I have a false ceiling…so I was thinking, buy some foam, cut it into small squares and insert LED’s through it, in a series….solder them and run power through the ceiling and stick that foam to the ceiling….may be this is crazy??? I appreciate any ideas…and help.. Thank you

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music lights idea

Well I've been working on this project for a while now and the design has changed many times. I have also asked several questions based on the ideas. My latest idea is to make 3 different sets of lights flash to music using the 3 outputs of a 5.1 system on a computer. I know this may sound confusing but what I mean is the orange, black and green outputs which control the rear, front and center/subwoofer of a 5.1 surround system. Do you think this could work? If so then I suppose I would use just the right channel of each and possibly the ground connection (not sure whether I need it). Also if using transistors to make an electronic switch turning the lights on and off, would I need amplifiers? I only have 1 at the moment and even if I could get more they would almost certainly be different. If you know the answer to these questions please help and even I am successful the I will create an instructable on this. One more thing: Does anyone know whether the center of the center/sub connection is the tip or middle of the jack? Thanks, Jim

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help needed on LED music box

I want to build one like https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ , but with some LED only blink to bass (low range sounds), some to mid range, and some to only high range. Take this as an example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-Flashing-LED-Lights-how-to/ except I still like the idea of running through a mini jack. I've done a lof reading and many people have suggested using inductors as low-pass filters. New to electrical things, I am really unsure what to do. My design in mind is with 24 LEDs, 12 blink to bass, 8 blink to mid range, and 4 blink to high range. I'm planning to use a 12v DC charger with LEDs specs of 30mA forward current, 3.5V forward voltage. I understand having a VR will make the LEDs more consistent. Can someone possibly draw me a schematic with the right resistors and inductors? help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tip 31 LEDS blink to music

You know how you can make an led blink to music with a tip31 , i was wondering, but didnt have enough spare cash (what can a 14 year old do) could you make an led display target shaped as in concentric circles of leds then apply resistors of increasing resistance from the inside out so that the light would "flare out" from the center as it gets louder and softer?

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USB Led music visualizer? How? Answered

I know how to connect leds to a USB cable and plug it in to make a usb light, but now i want to make it dance to music coming out of the computer, possibly by changing voltage or using the other black and white wires. Its possible a program may be used. Thank you for your input and solution.

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Blinking bi-color LED on music?

Hi people, I'm looking for a simple circuit wich can blink multiple bi-color 2-pin LEDs(using both colors of course). It needs to blink on the beat of music, using a mic as input. I would also like the sensitivity to be adjustable. And it would be fantastic if all this could run on 3 AA batteries(4.5V). I've done some research but couldn't find anything like this, only circuits that blink a bi-color LED or flash a LED on music. Unfortunately I haven't got enough skill to combine these into a working circuit. TheExternalDisk

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LED Music Submerged in mineral oil. Answered

I have seen led music cubes and prisms here but is it at all possible that you could make one that does light up to music in a plexi glass cube but filled with mineral oil? If I were to do this of course itd have to be sealed water tight so nothing leaks, but is there anything else that might need to occur? Per say would I have to add a dye to the mineral oil to get a good luminosity effect or would it be shining bright without it? If you could throw me some things that might be flawed in this idea or advice I would appreciate it lots!

Question by PersonPwner 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Rgb led strip music controller?

Hey I got  an analog rgb led strip and I want to control it with arduino as the music on my pc. I see in internet that some people do it with possessing and some use the audio cable. Please any one help me with circuit and code (I am noob at codeing!) to make a music control rgb  led strip.

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Help with LED's on headphones synchronized to music.

I want to be able to put LED lights in my SkullCandy headphones and have them synchronize to the music or at least light up and look cool. Maybe I could throw in a 555IC and have the LED's blink from left to right. I have read online how to do it and I'm stuck. If someone could please explain how to do it or show me in a video. I have a multimeter and such. I don't know the model number or model name of the headphones. I will post pictures of the headphones and where I want the LED's. I don't think this matters much but I want to use high-intensity bright green LED's. I know how to take them apart. I would prefer if I didn't have to use a transistor, but if I have to then I will. Please send me a schematic or something. Thanks. On the picture where I am pointing that is where I want the LED's.

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Infinity Mirror + Music Synced LEDs

Hi guys! Well this is my first post here :) So I was just browsing some projects and saw two really good projects. First was this infinity mirror and the other one was how to sync leds to music using tip31 transistor. So i wondered can I combine these two projects to make one music synced infinity mirror? Of course I can't do it without some help (newbie to electronics n stuff). So can you guys just help me or guide me? Thanks in advance :D

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How to sync lights to music?

I'm attempting to create a light display using incandescent Christmas lights and would like to make it strobe in sync with the music I'm playing.  I would like to know what equipment I would use to connect the strings of lights to my computer to run them, or if I'd just be better off doing it manually with a bunch of leds?

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Sound Activated LED's

Good Afternoon everyone, A friend of mine asked me to help him build something and I sort of hit a snag in the process. I know how to make LED's flash to the beat of music but what he wants is so that way when there are sounds around him the LED lights flash with the sounds around him (Such as if he was at a party, the LED lights would flash with the beat of the music even though they weren't connected to it.) Is this possible and if so what would I need to build or get? Thank you! Sincerely, Khris

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How can I sync SMD LED Strips to music?

Plz give me schematic how can i sync 12v SMD LED Strips to music using TIP 31 and PSU as a 12v DC Output. I get the idea from here If there is a possible substitute of TIP 31 plz suggest 

Question by adarshnarsaria 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Sound Sensative LED

I wanted to make an LED board that I could wear on my shirt or hat that can sense bass sounds (like in and around 80Hz). I play House music, and it would be an awesome visual aspect, and wondered if someone had an instructable on it. Thanks

Topic by ColinMcNutt 12 years ago  |  last reply 12 years ago

Can i make a LED to fade with music?

I want to have a LED alwais on and with the tempo of the music the LED will turn off or fade. to make this i have a npn a pnp and a SINGLE OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER the led is 3v. i don't have an Arduino o another tipe or controller

Question by clowreed 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Question regarding Music to LEDs performance improvement.

I recently built the simple circuit that everyone has seen on Instructables on how to sync LEDs to music using the 3.5 audio jack from your computer. I had a couple question on how to improve the performance. The lights bump to the music accordingly, but it has to be a profound change in sound for the lights to really look cool. (Like from silence to a bass hit) Is there a way to improve upon this? To make the lights respond in a clearer way when there is a lot of stuff going on in the song? Perhaps a different voltage? (Currently using a 9v battery to power the system) The sound on my computer has to be turned up quite high for the circuit to respond. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.

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Led Zeppelin Christmas Medley?

I heard this neat song on the radio. It was a medley of Led Zeppelin songs and Christmas songs. I am not sure what christmas songs were in it but I heard arts of Communications Breakdown and Kashmire. If somebody could tell me who played this song and maybe post a video of it I would be very happy. Thanks

Question by nurdee1 7 years ago

How to make an LED equalizer?

I want to do this, but I also want to add a full body (not neck) LED equalizer on it. I want minimal plastic showing on the front. How can this be done?

Question by INVADER SCOOGE 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Trying to make music controlled leds with arduino?

Ok So I decided to take a netgear router apart, and it had a circle of 8 smd led's And I figured out the pinout to hook them up to my arduino (I know which wire goes to each led basicly) Theres one power input, and the rest are grounds, And I decided I wanted to make it pulse to music.  I want it to do two modes, (Maybe by the push of a button? Theres a button on the led board but idk how to use it. I know the 9 pins to make the leds work, but theres 3 left that I dont know what they do. I want to make one mode that will make all 8 pulse at the same time, And one that will make a pulse from led1 to led8. I have a button, My ipod, my arduino, the Led circle, and a speaker plugin. The speaker plug in plugs into my ipod, and it has a copper wire, a white wire and a red wire.  Im not sure how to hook it all together and write a code for it. So Im looking for some assistance.... Thanks! :D (I also added a picture of the led board, and of the speaker wire)

Question by 'earl 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Led Zeppelin Christmas Medley?

I heard this really neat Christmas song on the radio. It was a medlley of christmas songs and Led Zeppelin songs. I don't know what Christmas songs there were but there were parts of Communications Breakdown, Rock and Roll, and Kashmir. If somebody could tell me who did this and post a video of it I would appreciate it.

Question by nurdee1 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

LED Room Lighting with Ambient Music Change

Hi guys,  I have been reading through this site a lot and have wanted to get into a bit of electronics but I never really had a project that I wanted to start.  After months of deliberation I have decided on what I want to be my first project. The idea is to have light bars constructed with LEDs quite like the following Instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bar-Ambient-Lighting/?ALLSTEPS .  Where my project changes is I would like the lights to 'dance?' to the music.  Now my idea isn't dependant on music volume, for the LEDs to light up but colour change as well.  The only way I could describe it, is quite like the iTunes visualiser. Now both my electronic/programming skills are very basic.  The electronics bit is relatively simple it's more the latter part of the project.  If anyone could steer me in the right direction, it would greatly be appreciated.

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Low pass filter on LED Music Controller

I've purchased following controller: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131775427312 I was wondering whether it was possible to create a lowpass filter with potmeter, so that the LED only will be changing to the low frequencies?

Topic by FrederikH5 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Help! My Leds wont sync to the music! Answered

okay, so here is my problem: i have done this tutorial, and have had no luck.... i got all my parts from radio shack yesterday, ( Transistor, LED, switches, etc....) so they aren't old, and to make sure, I just tested the two transistors, and the still are working, same with use, battery. I do not know what i am wiring wrong, but please help!! here are the pictures of the wiring

Question by Hackrtanman 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Z-5500 Led's blink to music [HELP]

Hi! I got a question about led's beating on music. I got 3 of the same sound systems (logitech z-5500) and i want to add some led's for effect. I've seen some tutorials about soldering it to the + and - but i dont want to do that with the sub because of the music quality. I want to add 60 led's. orange, blue and white and i want them to work from a external power suply. How should i do this? Cause i cant find any instructable on how to do it with a mic. Thanks!

Topic by Gleno0h 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Would this work?

I am really interested in making some LEDS blink to my stereo speakers. i found a couple of good instructables but most of the pictures are too blurry. from my understanding i think this will work but i want to double check with you guys incase it stuffs up my speakers or something else. btw, there are no good eletrical or hobby shops near me, i only have wire, and a couple of LEDs and a soldering iron. thnx in advance!!!

Question by lol101lol 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

ho to make a light display blink to audio?

What i want to make is a sort of light grid with LED's to where the lights will blink to music. im thinking of breakng it down into thirds. lights for bass, high and low range. what would i need aside from the powersource and the leds. i know that there is a power drop after a few leds are wired in either series and paralell and that the lights become dim.what type of resisters would i ues to maintain consistant voltage and what components do i need to convert sound waves into electrical impulses unfortuantely i cant read advanced wiring diagrams. but im getting there slowly. all i can really follow on is the symbols for power and some obvious things as such. any help would be appreciated. even if i can get 3 lights to blink to different wave lengths i can modd from there and i will post back to all that are intrested my results and ensue a following instructable in great detail. detail is goood

Question by Hellraiser159 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to make Musical Fountain?

I am very much interested in making a musical fountain not a big fancy one but a small which can control itself on rhythm like lm3914 controls LED can it control water pumps as well? If not then which IC can control it and how? Please help. 

Question by harryjone 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Help making synch-with-music lights?

Hi, I have a strip of LED's and want to connect them so they synch with music (just so they flash to the sound not some fancy microcontroller stuff) and I was wondering how would I connect them because if I try to just connect them to my amp they dont come on as it's not powerfull enough, I read you can use a transistor in this case but I thought that transistors just switched on and off and not varied with the volume. If I should use a transistor could someone suggest one for me (preferably out of Maplins.co.uk). The whole strip uses 12V. I also noticed that it works ever so slightly when you unplug the speaker and have just the LED's plugged in - is there any way to get around this? Thanks

Question by kacper00100 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Help in bulding a music visualizer/analyzer/equalizer

Hello guys, I want to do this project so badly but I just can't understand his wiring's and how did he made it to work. I know its based on a previous work but I can't understand how we adapted to normal leds. Can PLEASEEE somebody help me? I want to try this so much :( Thank you guys! Best, Filipe from Portugal Original work: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-Visualiser-Table/

Question by Filipe Fonseca 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Car speaker LED question

Hi guys, i have a 500w car speaker, and i want to attach an LED to it so it syncs with the treble and bass, and when i tried it blew out the led because i turned the music up to loud. so i was wondering what ohm resistor i should use, the forward voltage on the LED is 2.4v, and i want to be able to turn my music up loud and have it work. any help would be great!

Topic by zfors88 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago


I have a paper model of "Sleeping Beauty Castle" of Disneyland. I got this model from disneyexperience.com and I need to make the lighting on the castle exactly or like the one at Disney during their firework shows.Now I'd like to place the LEDs around the perimeter of the inside of the castle. The perimeter meaning the space in between the castle and the pink top part of the castle. I want to know if you guys know how to program them to change color fade and do other effects and to synchronize the lights to music. And not just flashing or pulsing to music, but being part of it...just like the one at Disneyland. I'd also like to have a dimming effect on it too. And the LEDS will be 7 color changing ones. ANY help would be gladly appreciated. THANK YOU. Please let me know if you need anything on my end.

Question by ray33 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I have an acrylic guitar that I want to stick LEDs inside of, but I want them to light up when I play. Any ideas? Answered

I have an acrylic Tele-style guitar, I plan on sticking LEDs inside of it. I already know the basic circuitry for that, but I'd really like to get the LEDs to sync with my guitar when I play it and maybe even use RGB LEDs so it does multiple colors.  the maximum amount of LEDs that would be used would be 3 and the whole thing would need to run off of a 9-volt battery. so any ideas?

Question by tieguy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago