Please post possible mod ideas for Nerf guns.  We will test and try them.  If they work we will make an Instructable about it and put your name on it!

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Yo come into the nerf party /war

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Which Nerf gun? Answered

I wanna get another nerf gun '9i have recon and hyperfire its gonna be raider or deploy but i dont know which one please help MM8

Asked by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

nerf bullet

How can you make a missile for the nerf rocket launcher?

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

favorite nerf guns

My favorite nerf guns are the nerf guns that don't have to be cocked back and reloaded. I like th ones that are like revolvers or have favorite revolving nerf gun is the nerf maverick followed by the nerf dart tag revolver. My favorite magazine loading guns are the nerf long shot and the buzzsaw. And in an un related topic, i love half-life what are your favorite nerf guns?

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what are the new nerf guns ?

What are the new nerf guns going to be? please relpy ty

Asked by vulcnboy11 7 years ago

favorite nerf gun

Please tell me your favorite nerf gun

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Favorite Nerf gun

This is the place to list your favorite model of nerf gun.

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Nerf was actually sports a long time ago.but now there are nerf guns and swords etc.

Posted by nfk11 8 years ago

I need help with nerf stefans. Anybody an expert?

Alright, so i got the backing rod, got the weights, made the darts. Now what? is there anyway i can use them without modding my nerf gun? please help!

Asked by meanbean 8 years ago

what should I get? the nerf longstrike, or the nerf deploy or the nerf magstrike? Answered

I get eather one of the for my report card if it is good

Asked by SpeedStrikerXLR 8 years ago


I have the firefly,Vulcan ebf 25,and the recon

Posted by nfk11 8 years ago

How to mod nerf darts?

Make it being shot faster

Asked by CWalker97 8 years ago

how to fix nerf vulcan ebf 25?

The loader wont move the belt

Asked by unrealzman 9 years ago

would you consider a knex tipped nerf dart a knex or nerf weapon? Answered

Well the question is would you consider a knex tipped nerf dart a knex or nerf weapon?

Asked by mariome101 8 years ago

What shoots farther the nerf recon or longshot? Answered

I don't have either guns

Asked by zack attack 8 years ago

I need a new nerf gun and i was wondering if anyone can sugest a gun for me?

Please leave me a sugestion for a new nerf gun (posibly cheap)

Asked by SpiderJockey 7 years ago

What Nerf gun should I buy?

Am thinking of buying a nerf gun, but I don't what gun should I buy..... Here what I want : I want to shoot from far distances, I want some thing thats good and thats about it. Thanks for anwsering........also it can be a small medium or big nerf gun....but I want it to shoot far as a stock version.....and also a good modding potential. thanks....again.

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My nerf instuctable won't post Answered

I just finished my instructable. I clicked publish and it comes up as published in my profile. I can't get to it though through the normal channels. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Asked by Madmartigan95 6 years ago

I need help with two of my nerf guns.

I have a Longstrike and a Vulcan and I cannot get the orange sliding thing to pop off. I need to pop those off to mod the gens. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Asked by DELETED_zcbaker 6 years ago

hey nerf modders! what is the hardest nerf gun to mod? Answered

hey peoples what do you think the hardest nerf gun to moddify is  

Asked by taowyman 7 years ago

how can i make a homemade nerf dart magazine? preferably with a 10 or more dart capacity.

I broke a magazine and i only really need 1 more to replace it.  i don't want to buy a boatload of darts and magazines in a prepackaged kit to replace the busted one.

Asked by b0bman 7 years ago

Longshot doesn't work. How can i fix it?

I tried to mod my nerf longshot, and i succeed in adding an extra spring. I thought i had it put together correctly, but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Asked by freeza36 6 years ago

Can I make 'Dart Tag' darts compatable with 'N-Strike' blasters?

I will give best answer. I only want this so that I can play dart tag with my brother using normal blasters! Thanks, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

what is a nerf gun? Answered

Theres always 'ibles on 'nerf guns', wat r they? please help!

Asked by DELETED_JoshM96 9 years ago

hey guys what is the heaviest nerf gun? Answered

Hey people what is the heaviest nerf gun

Asked by taowyman 7 years ago

nerf gun mod

Can some people join me in the quest to moddify nerf guns?, add better springs, darts, and paint, things like that, pleas join me!

Posted by knuckel 8 years ago

nerf grenade launcher?

I wanted to make a nerf grenade launcher from my already gutted recon light. any help?

Asked by mikedude524 7 years ago

Where can i get a nerf titan at a store? Answered

Does anyone know where i can get a nerf titan WITHOUT buying it online?

Asked by nerfrocketeer 5 years ago

New nerf gun

This awsome gun is coming around spring 2008 it the cs6 recon

Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

modding a Nerf recon CS-6?

How can you mod a Nerf Recon CS-6 to shoot airsoft bbs?

Asked by slimshaddy 7 years ago

Looking for Nerf Raider CS-35 mods that WILL NOT shoot nerf darts.

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows of mods for the Nerf Raider that don't fire Nerf darts.  I've modded a few nerf guns, but I'd like to repurpose my raider to shoot something else.  I'm looking to make it like an airsoft gun or rocket launcher-type gun.  Any and all suggestioins are appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by TacticalTrumpet 6 years ago

Nerf gun modding problem?

Well, I figured it was time I modded my old Nerf Maverick Rev-6 I had sitting around in my closet. I took out the air restrictors and all that, but I somehow broke of the plastic thing on the slide that holds the metal rod in place. How would I fix this? Epoxy? Sauldering? Welding? Help!!?

Asked by videogamemaster 6 years ago

wich nerf gun shouts the longest ? Answered

Which nerf gun shouts the longest?

Asked by jacobzman 8 years ago


I just found out something with the new Nerf Dart Tag Darts! they work with most clip system Nerf guns, which means more of a variety of Nerf guns to chose from for Dart Tag games! other than the Quick 16, Swarmfire, Sharp Shot, or other dart tag guns.

Posted by AirsoftTeam 7 years ago

my nerf guns

Check out my nerf guns and darts please comment and tell me about any mistakes i made and my feet are in pic 2

Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle

This Nerf gun gets the steampunk treatment and put up for sale on eBay. Foam bullets sadly not propelled by steam. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

problem nerf

My nerf longshot has a problem when I load a dart it fires good but the next one barely falls out of the barrel. please help.

Posted by SorryBarry 9 years ago

anything nerf related

I am trying to find any Nerf guns, don't care if they are broken.  Darts, attachments, anything! I live in sw Michigan.

Posted by elliot5445 4 years ago