What do you think about online how-to's/tutorials and social communities?

Let me know what you think in one sentence, it's for my research for a dissertation ...Or if you want to be even more helpful and you're really bored, complete one of my surveys?, MASSIVE help! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZQNV77R            http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB            I know it seems like I don't care about craft etc like you do, but this project has made me want to do so many projects, I have made a list for when I finish uni and have some time =D Thanks anyway for your help/comments/thoughts/completion of survey!

Posted by katrina789 5 years ago

Meet Online Metals

We met all sorts of interesting people at the Austin Maker Faire!The Online Metals booth was just across the way, so we stopped by to inspect their wares. They've got a great array of metals and plastics that should prove useful for all sorts of projects, and since it's all available online should make life easier for those of you who don't live right next door to a supplier. They cut everything to size, are willing to handle small orders, and even have a useful blog. Good stuff, and friendly people. We're thinking of running a contest together in the spring, so keep your eyes peeled.

Posted by canida 9 years ago

Muppets are online!

I had to, I couldn't help it, I needed to tell one and all; Muppets Studio have a youtube account!!! They've got over 69 thousand subscribers with 17 submitted videos, it seems that the legends of this earth have met up with the massive video hosting site, resulting in?Epic. Now go. Watch. Subscribe. Comment. Rate... Heil.

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Looking for online DJs for new station

I'm starting a new station called Black Box Radio. Providing we make the needed level of donations we're gunna launch on the 15th.Anyone want to to DJ for us? All styles are considered.Reply here or PM me if you're interested. Visit our partially built (a few hours last night) website. http://www.blackboxradio.co.uk/

Posted by lifelong-newbie 9 years ago

Can anyone identify this project for me ?

Hey there. I'm wondering whether someone remembers a project someone made and can link me to it.  Someone had put small, passport photo sized pictures of their friends in a grid and mounted them on a wall frame. It looked like a guess who set I suppose. Anyway, it was a way of alerting him or her when friends came online. Their light went on when they were online. It was a great project and I want to something similar. I think the board was hooked up to Adium or something. Can anyone remember ?  Thanks so much James 

Posted by JamesV38 2 years ago

Online Game Recemendations

I have 2 games (and a half), first: runescape.com this is an adventer MMORPG. You battle different types and levels of monsters and characters. You can strive to be the richest or to be the strongest. Second: hflhotel.4t.com this is a habbohotel.com fan site with its own habbo like interface. You log in and you automaticly get 800,000 free coins. In habbohotel.com you have to buy you're coins for 10 cents a coin. That can add up! 50 coins is $10, so I recomend what they call, a retro habbo. (I am sorry... this website had been moved to a different server or deleted. I am sad too) In a half: habbohotel.com I dont recomend this game unless you have 500 dollars laying in a dust gathering pile in you're tool shed or you will have the least of fun!

Posted by ellomate56 10 years ago

Instructables Online Classes

What are Instructables Classes? Our new online classes are the latest addition to Instructables! We're launching with nine classes - 3D Printing, Glue, Hand Sewing, Knitting, Leatherworking, Pasta Making, Robots, Wearable Electronics, and Woodworking - and more will be added each quarter. These online classes get you making with fun, project-based lessons, one-on-one help with your questions, and complete material lists and downloadable project resources. Do I need to have prior experience to take a class? No, not at all! All of our classes start with the basics so beginners with no prior experience are the perfect students! However, even if you’ve already dabbled in any of the class topics, you will surely still learn a ton, because the lessons progress and become more difficult. Our instructors kept material and tool costs in mind while crafting the classes in an effort to keep them accessible to everyone. Most of the classes can be done on a budget in your garage, backyard or one-bedroom apartment! What if I have questions when I’m taking the class? We’re committed to providing you one-on-one help and feedback. If you have a question, please post it in the “Ask a Question” section of the class or on any lesson and we will get back to you in a timely manner. Feel free to add pictures of your specific problem or tool so we can help in the best way possible! What are the benefits of taking a class? We firmly believe that making is one of the very best ways to spend your free time. Our classes are no different! Each one is fun, informative, and inclusive, using a range of media from videos and GIFs to images and text to explain new skills. Each new skill is also tied to a project, so you can make things while you follow along. You’ll be getting your hands dirty with new projects that you’ll be able to show off to your friends and loved ones! And, if you have any questions, you’ll receive one-on-one support from your instructor. Why do I need to be a Premium member to take a class? Our classes are a premium feature. Our instructors have been working around the clock for months to create the best quality content that is engaging, fun and teaches you the essential skills to make your creative dreams a reality. Our Premium membership starts at just $2.95/month and gives you access to ALL current and future classes on all your devices, as well as the perks listed below. You can also purchase one class for a flat fee of $29.95. What are the benefits of being a Premium member? When you sign up for a Premium account, not only do you get access to all current and future classes on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone, you also get a whole other suite of Premium features. These perks include the ability to download any Instructable as a PDF (that’s over 200,000 projects with 100s added daily), no ads while viewing on any device, partner discounts from maker-friendly brands, and more! How do I complete a class? In order to successfully complete a class, we track your progress in three ways: Quiz questions Homework Class projects You’ll see prompts for these activities scattered throughout the lessons. Make sure to complete all of these checkpoints to successfully complete the class. If a lesson doesn’t have any of the three progress trackers, you will successfully complete the lesson simply by reading and viewing all of the content on the page. Can I suggest an idea for a class I want to take? Please do suggest any and all ideas for what you want to learn! We are taking suggestions for class ideas at the bottom of this page. We might just make your dream class a reality! How often will new classes be added? We will be adding new classes on a rolling basis and sending updates via our newsletter. Sign up here to hear about them first.

Posted by asergeeva 2 years ago

Champions Online Registration Problems

I've been trying to set up an account for Champions Online, But literally every handle I choose has been taken, for example, here is a handle I've tried to create,"The handle P192038474633638274646737 is already taken."  The chances of someone having THAT same name as me has to be more than a million in one.  I've even tried using my name and the address of a neighbor that has moved out.  What is going on?!

Asked by Fizzxwizz 8 years ago

Online Places to get Electronic Componenets

Hi, I need to know a big fat list of online places to get electronic components, if you know of some then here is the place to post them!!!

Posted by wesie42 10 years ago


I just have to share this resource to practically anybody whom is looking for information on different subjects. I especially like the electronics tutorials. WISC-ONLINE is the name. Look it up and you will not be disappointed, especially for electronics!

Posted by playinmyblues 5 years ago

Finished with online German

Yeah!!!! done with online german!!!! just had to tell somebody... I can honestly say I've learned almost nothing from an online german course... But next year I get to be in german 2 and I won't be stuck with the same lame class i had this year. The principle actually had to come in for about 2 weeks it was that bad. As in students revolting, walking out the class, not doing assignments, etc.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

How can I play on my ps2 online wirelessly?

Hi I want to start playing on my ps2 online, but I don't know how. I'd prefer it if i could use some sort of wirless adaptar, but I don't know if you can. Thanks tjdtjd1

Asked by tjdtjd1 8 years ago

How to write a brochure that sells? Answered

How to write a brochure that sells? And can you suggest an online brochure printing company which I can ask help from?

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago

Is it illegal for me to watch....

These free brand new movies online? someone told me about a site called bedroommedia.com and it is loaded with brand new movies still in the theater. Is it illegal to watch these movies? I am not downloading them but rather just watching them from the site.

Posted by Bosch 10 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good online photo gallery ? Answered

Hi everyone, I have googled this but, I haven't found what Im looking for. I'm after a place I can store and display my digital photos, but not with everyone. Just with family or who ever has a link or password. I have look at a few sites but they seem to be set up for people who want to sell or share there photos with everyone, which is not what I want. Any ideas? Thanks Update.. Looks like I answered my own question after lot of different sites I went for Pixieset  which is a very nice online photo gallery, and I would recommend it if you want a place to display and store your photos. Ill give downunder the best answer just because he gave me some feed back on the site. thanks everyone

Asked by liquidhandwash 2 years ago

MIT opens its academic doors to all online

An MIT education is now just a click awayhttp://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2007/12/01/an_mit_education_is_now_just_a_click_away/Ever wanted to delve a bit deeper into matrix theory, especially vector spaces and the misunderstood twin enigmas of linear algebra known as eigenvalues and eigenvectors?As sure as every square matrix has a determinant, you are not alone. Now there is a kind of cerebral clearinghouse, accessible without ever setting foot inside MIT's hallowed halls, for those so inclined.On Wednesday, the school celebrated the completion of a six-year initiative to put its entire curriculum online, with all 1,800 undergraduate and graduate courses - lectures, readings, labs, even problem sets and exams - available with just a few clicks and a spirit of scientific curiosity.The initiative, the first of its kind, has been enormously successful, so far attracting some 31 million visitors from nearly every country who are drawn to such classes as Electricity and Magnetism, Classical Mechanics, and Introduction to Algorithms.Lectures and readings from MIT's literature and history courses are also online, but the 20 most popular courses all involve science, economics, or math.High school students and teachers are among the most avid participants, with 15,000 accessing the site each month. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched a website, called Highlights for High School, that is tailored to their interests.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

How Google Translate works

Read this article: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/how-google-translate-works-2353594.html Isn't AWESOME?

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

Help finding an old flash game?

Hey, Its been a while since I played this game but I hope one of you will be able to find it. From what I remember, its was an old, flash based game, online, centered around drag racing. You could race in different events against different cars, and if I remember correctly you could also bet in it (no real money involved). Is was an early form of 3D, and not 8 bit (so not streetrod, but along the same lines). I remember being able to upgrade the car, and peing pinkslipped multiple times. I think the name started with a B. If someone knew what this is it would be awesome, been looking for it for around 3 years..

Asked by astroboy907 5 years ago

how do I record playing my guitar onto my computer without all the expensive equipment?

I want to play my guitar & recording it directly to my desktop so I can send to friends who do the same.... A friend tried to explain how He made his own device for doing this but I still don't know how He did this.

Asked by wolver1ne 8 years ago

director coach outlet online

To protect show the city has higher profile than off the project as primarily ningbo intangible cultural heritage demonstrated center. The center on June 7, 2008 world heritage day celebration, located in yinzhou area should be under the village streets west of the ancient village bay, beautiful scenery, elegant environment, use the ancient village west of of primitive simplicity elegant traditional building, will the bay tourist culture and the testament mulberry traditional culture, and the combination of colliding promote each other, coordinating development. Protection exhibition center on ningbo city range about more than 60 have higher popularity and influence the programs, page display, visual illustration and field sales. Protection show center is located in a traditional siheyuan inside, indoor display surface by approximately 2200 square, outdoor available area is 1000 square, of medium professional exhibition hall, divided into sequence hall, a layer of exhibition hall, 2 hall and outdoor interact area four parts. Sequence hall to the form of layout is introduced, showcase ningbo city within the scope of the national, provincial, municipal gave the project, a layer, second floor for crafts exhibition hall hall, ZhuJin paint woodcarving, elder Mosaic, the paper-cut, root, about 30 items on display in this, outdoor interactive area is for the demo project activities sites, a stage. (2) have yinzhou district main intangible cultural heritage project of ningbo (yinzhou) museum. The museum is located in yinzhou district government south side, cover an area of 60 mu, with a total construction area of 27000 square meters, invest 250 million, 5 December, 2008 officially opening, the central, provincial and other leaders DuoCi visit the museum, the library intangible cultural heritage project elder Mosaic, ZhuJin paint woodcarving, such as gold and silver has open special exhibition hall. (3) to protect national the testament ZhuJin list show mainly paint woodcarving ZhuJin paint woodcarving gallery of art. The museum is located in the beautiful scenery of the yinfeng our lucky HengXi town south, covers an area of 8 acres, the total investment of 1000 yuan, exhibition since Ming and qing dynasties to today's ZhuJin paint woodcarving collection, the art of more than 1000 pieces. ZhuJin paint woodcarving art museum director Chen is GaiHong state-level non-material cultural heritage representative inheritance.http://www.coachoutletonlineshopping.net

Posted by luckywoyao 6 years ago

Star Trek: Online

 Is anyone here participating in the Star Trek Online beta?

Posted by TyMan210 8 years ago

Next Gen..

Onlive Games | Online Fashion | Fun Games | Anime Online

Posted by jannacristi91 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a multiplayer online game that is like modern warfare 2 online?

I have searched all ovr the internet and i havent found anything:( but if someone could help me that would be great:)

Asked by Bert99 8 years ago

Published Instructables not online for a day now

I posted a new Instructable yesterday, and it shows that it has been published, but it is not viewable on the Instructables website. Any ideas? (it is not in recent IN, or when you search for it) Lukethebook333

Posted by lukethebook333 9 years ago

Where can I find cool flash drives for cheap online?

I want to get my mom a flash drive that is at least 4gb and Very least 2gb and want one that is cool looking or unique. Thanks! If i can't find one i like, I'll make one myself. The reason I want one online is because I can ship it straight to her.

Asked by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

How do I connect my PS3 to the internet ?

I want to play online with my PS3, but I don't know how to connect it to the internet.The manual only shows how to connect ADSL and from a router.I have a 3G modem.Is it possible for me to play online?

Asked by sayur 8 years ago

My online riddle game

Http://realriddles.f-snet.comThis is my riddle. There are a few on the internets but I wanted my own. I have only made 27 levels but they are being added as you read. Also, there is a reason there are no discussion forums so only use the forum for hints!Cheers.Also, here is my guitars.

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

Best Places to Sell Your Crafts Online!

Feeling like you should be making some money for all those cooky crafts you've been making? Craftaazar has put together two lists to get you started.  They even give you a description of each website along with what types of products that site specialize on. 84 Places To Sell Your Crafts Online 40 Places to Make Money Designing and Selling Your Own Products

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

Gmod 9 Online

I was thinking about doing an Instructable for how to play Gmod 9 online in servers. But since it might be a long one I figured I'd ask if anyone wanted it or not before I do. I probably will still make it but maybe not if nobody wants it. Does anyone? --Please, don't leave any comments saying how bad gmod 9 is. I do own gmod 10 but it just won't work on my computer so I settled for the next best thing until I get a new one.And this would also be for people who are in my same situation and want to play online.--

Posted by Rockerx 9 years ago

How to start a online library ?

How do I to start an online library where say I buy an Ebook our Emovie  and have it in a system where people can log in and borrow an Ebook or other media. So, say I buy 100 Ebooks and upload them to the system and now people can download a book and read it and then put it back in the system.  What software or program would I need to make this? update what if I use ebooks me and my friends make and don't buy them is there a system for that.  

Asked by sonic broom 3 years ago

Where can i buy LED Lights Online?

Hello Everyone,  Im new to instructables and looking through peoples designs im inspired to build things with LED Lights My problem is i cant seem to find any supplier to sell me tiny light bulbs that i can put together can anyone please tell me the name of a supplier or their website? (Please make sure they are not scammers) Thanks in regards.

Posted by secretpower 5 years ago

Has anyone seen the online fridge magnet game recently? Answered

A couple of years ago there was a website where you could drag letters around, fridge magnet style, to form words and phrases to your heart's content. The snag was that others would be doing the same, pinching your letters, modifying your words etc. You could do the same to them. A brilliant time waster, but I can't find it now. Anyone seen it recently?

Asked by AndyGadget 8 years ago


Take a look at my brilliant profile at the witty virtual world ROBLOX.

Posted by pp21 7 years ago

Are you involved in any other online communities?

I'm just sort of curious about this one. I want to stalk all of you! (Kidding. Maybe.) I've been on IGN.com, specifically the IGN boards for almost 7 years, though the last few I've stopped posting as much since I stopped modding. I also participate on alternet.org occasionally. I joined chow.com yesterday because it looked neat. I'm also on myspace because it's an easy way to keep up with my family. Oh, and I was an avid Stumbler for over a year! I think this has become my primary online community now, though. Mostly because I feel like I can come and go as I please and still be able to catch up. :D

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

SHop where I can buy everything for DIY?

Hello! I am constantly looking for an online shop that sells various metals, adhesives, materials in general, parts, tubing etc.. AND had worldwide shipping, but it seems there is none. I would like to buy online because all those materials and parts in my country costs a fortune, so DIY is not so good here... I would like to find a site that has all the things that McMaster has, but with worldwide shipping. P.S: Does mcmaster have worldwide shipping?

Asked by dsirotic 4 years ago

why won't ichat connect?

This is for my mom. she has a new mac (got it for christmas, see) and was trying out ichat. she couldn't add a buddy. in fact, she pretty much can't do anything on it. so I did some research and I found that she wasn't online somehow. apparently it's supposed to do that on it's own (correct me if I'm wrong) but it doesn't. she's using bonjour, if that helps. and no mac vs. pc comment wars, please.

Asked by codongolev 9 years ago


What are the best online stores out there? most reliable? fastest shipping? cheapest shipping?Of the ones listed below which are most trustworthy?bwayphoto.combhphotovideo.combeachcamera.comsoniccameras.com via pricingdepot.cometc.i'm trying to buy the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and am curious which is bestmy favorite deal was on bwayphoto, but after reading reviews of the site, i've become really skeptical. They have my camera on sale at $597 for the body and TWO lenses, but i am unsure whether it would be wise to buy from them. The lenses are the stock lense and a 75-300mm zoom whcih i think would be a GREAT deal. Should i try them and try to get through the sales pitch?Pricing depot shows that sonic camera sells the body for only $319 but eh, who knows?the reviews seemed okay. similar to those of bway, but more reliable. (they had a sales pitch, phone confirmation, etc.)b and h seems incredibly reliable, but the prices aren't amazingly low like the others. ( i guess that shows it's trustworthiness?)beachcamera i never really looked over, i just heard it was good. so, what do you think?

Posted by alvincredible 10 years ago

Is cashcrate real?

I found another money making site; cashcrate. I just wanted to know if anybody have been using it and make money from those guys.

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

what are some good cheap web sites to buy electronic parts?

I am looking for some good cheap electronic web sites to buy parts. thanks

Posted by fish88 10 years ago

Hey, I am sure you know about TechRepublic's Live Webcast: What You Need To Know About The Cloud And Google Apps- May 17th....

It is advertised here:    TechRepublic... Cloud computing is barreling its way into mainstream IT as a growing number of organizations migrate from on-premise productivity applications to the online tools available through Google Apps. For those who have yet to weigh the pros and cons of a move to the cloud with Google Apps... Just an FYI. http://www.techrepublic.com/webcasts/live-webcast-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-cloud-and-google-apps/2875987?promo=099&trial=25395542&tag=nl.e099.em&tag=nl.e099

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Can you make your avatar in teen second life an animal/vegetable/etc?

 I was playing on my Teen Second Life account and I saw a guy running around as a cat. Can I do that too? How? Any help is appreciated.

Asked by Epeoples 8 years ago

I have a webcam that was made for windows 98. Is there a way to hook it up to windows xp? Answered

The web cam is a old kingston that i got a few years ago for my old 98. My laptop don't have a web cam. so i wanted to see if there was a way to hook it up to windows xp.

Asked by Capt. Fat 9 years ago

Help with service/repair manuals

Anyone got any idea where I could find free service manuals on the net? I'm trying to repair my car audio system (Alpine CDA 7998R) but im stuck without much information. If anyone could help, what I'm looking at is a green pcb with D301-313 written on it, and it has a part named Q701 which looks like a very small ic with three legs at the bottom, and one at top, its surface mount and is blown up. It also has a delta sign on it with some design within, I cant read the rest of it cause its blown. Please help anyone, if you can... Whatever you may tell....

Posted by pro2xy 8 years ago

What do you think about Online Idea? Answered

I think some text under a users Picture(s) on their page telling if they are online or not would come in handy if you wanted to mail them, etc. What do you think?

Asked by Atomman 9 years ago

Online blog Calendar Help?

I want a service that can give me a gadget for blogger to paste it on my blog and everyone who clicks on it be transfered to a public calendar

Asked by arv_christos 7 years ago

UK Based Online 3D Printing Agency/Bureau?

First post here can anyone recommend an online 3D Printing Agent or Bureau that is UK based? The type where you can upload your designs and they print & post you your items? All the ones I have found so far have been in the US or in Europe. If they have a store which allows you to sell your designs through their site that would be a bonus but not essential. Many Thanks  Alan

Posted by Winch67 5 years ago