Pier 9, I've never met anyone quite like you before.

Instructables' first artist in residence to start at Pier 9.I lucked out and happened to be that person. I also lucked out and happened to be at Pier 9 for about nine months. I feel like I've had one of the strangest residencies at Instructables. Noah was willing to be flexible enough with me to allow me to still work full time while I was there. It only allowed me my free time to work on projects at P9. I found myself there early in the mornings, late into the evenings, and consistently all day on the weekends. I've seen the sun rise at P9. I've seen the sun set at P9. I've been a lone person at P9 surrounded by millions of dollars of incredible machines. Machines that I have been dreaming about having access to for years. Free range of what I could do. Creativity overload. It becomes overwhelming at times. Some days were spent with anxiety over doing something that you hope is impressive. It can make it an intimidating place to start at. Somehow, I found myself in a building filled with some of the most competent, experienced, and creative people I have ever met. Ultimately, my biggest regret is not having enough time to spend more of my time there. The conversations you have at Pier 9 are incredible, aided with an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay and free coffee made by a robot. “What are you making?” I think this is the unofficial slogan of Pier 9 because that is the first thing someone will ask when you meet. Your response is always greeted with genuine enthusiasm. That's the culture. You are given the tools and resources to create anything. The thing that you create is welcomed with high regards. Positivity flows in everything. I am so humbled to be able to be part of what is happening at Pier 9. I think everyone agrees that something amazing is happening there. I am thankful to everyone who helped make it happen. To Noah, Vanessa, Randy, Amanda, Audrey, Gabe, Dan, Sean, J, and everyone else. Thank you. It is you that makes Pier 9 the special place that it is. The machines are only an added bonus. High fives all around.

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I Love airsoft!

I have the Crosman R34 asssault rifle. Its awesome! I also have the Crosman Stinger P9. I just wanted to show what guns ive got even tho this is a nerf group.....

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dont know which gun to get? (airsoft guns that is)

So your beginning airsoft but you dont know which gun to get? i had the same question and i got a crossman stinger p9 (in black) for 24 bucks at dicks sporting goods it came with 500 bbs and a holster. its easy to use accurate and the best part about it is the way it loads, you fill the 90bb reserve in back of mag, pull down the slider thing turn it over and gravity loads it in 10 sec so you can get back in the game before your buddies.if you have a gun you think is better let us know wikipedia has great info on arisoft in general update 2/22/08WHen you want a gun you can use in actual airsofting but dont want to spend $150+ get a $80 crossman pulse r72 i got one and its has great rate of fire and accuracy

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