Timestamps on comments *were* UTC/GMT (update)

I notice that today all of the comments are listed with times eight hours ahead of Pacific time (e.g., a comment I posted at 1:10 pm is being displayed as 9:10 pm). I suspect that the server which generates the comment display needs it's TIMEZONE locale adjusted. UPDATE 29 Jan 2009: As Noah announced below, the TIMEZONE for the comments server has been reset to UTC-8 (Pacific time).

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Small formatting bug

If replying to a PM, the "reply" and "cancel" buttons don't align in any version of FF on Windows XP - anyone else see the same issue ? Steve

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

I'm No Longer Being Notified When Someone PMs Me, Comments My Work, Publishes Or Follows Me

I used to get 20 to 40 emails a day regarding activity on answers that I elected to follow. In  fact I did not receive the notice for my 35th Best Answer. I only discover PMessages by going to my profile page. My email is working, I get newsletters, friends etc etc. Alex

Posted by iceng 7 years ago

3 Bipolar Steppers

 I am selling three stepper motors that I was wrongly shipped by a vendor. For specs, PM Me. 10.00 Each

Posted by 16zzundel5 8 years ago

XBox live

I got xbox live. Pm me your gamertags and i'll add you. I'm not posting my own publicly because i don't want spam.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

looking for a collab partner

 i would love to do a collab with some one if any one does please send me a pm of wat u would to like make thanks 

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

Where are they now?

Having disappeared for a while myself I've noticed some other familiar users have vanished too.Does anyone know what happened to these people?FrenchCrawler since Jul 19, 2006last comment Jul 31, 2008. 1:30 PMlast instructable Dec 10, 200737 instructables930 commentslast myspace login Last Login: 07/05/2008 Tetranitrate since Jul 3, 2006last comment Oct 19, 2008. 12:37 PMlast instructable Jul 25, 200844 instructables837 commentsAlexTheGreat since May 12, 2006last comment Oct 16, 2008. 6:03 PMlast instructable Jun 8, 200818 instructables250 commentswatermelon since Apr 4, 2007last comment Dec 29, 2008. 4:06PMlast instructable Oct 22, 200819 instructables223 commentsVIRON since Jun 2, 2006last comment Aug 18, 2008. 11:34 PMlast instructable Oct 23, 200712 instructables641 commentsThese are five users I've noticed to have gone quiet. that have previously contributed a lot - I make no apologies for missing anyone else.L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

new knex design

Iff you have build a new knex gun please PM me! I like new guns and every day I look there maby have been posted a new gun

Posted by ricejuh 11 years ago

bi pod

I was wondering if someone could buid a bipod from knex or other stuff for my Nerf Recon (im clue less). If so PM me the instructions

Posted by alfpwns 10 years ago

Where to find plans ideas? Pm me if u got some

Ok, by now everyone is talking about how to build a quadricycle? The only problem is no one can find any plans or blueprints on how to build this machine. If u hvae any i mean ANY ideas on how to build a quadricycle just pm me or comment here and i will get back to u as soon as possible. Or u can email me at blgaw1@hotmail.com. DONT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL ME I WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL IDEAS!!!!!

Posted by Howtobuild 10 years ago

Instructables on NPR's Science Friday October 22nd, 3:30 PM ET

I'll be speaking with Ira Flatow of NPR's Science Friday tomorrow at 3:30 PM ET about high-tech Halloween projects from Instructables: Instructables Halloween Want to put a little geek in your Halloween? We'll get tips from the folks at Instructables about incorporating some engineering DIY into your spookfest, from tricked-out costumes to computer-controlled, live-tweeting, Silly String shooting, jackolanterns. Listen to the segment here:

Posted by ewilhelm 7 years ago

The Largest Parsons CDT Thesis Show Ever!

If you're in New York be sure to check out the BFA thesis exhibition for Parson's graduating Communication, Design and Technology class. There is sure to be some amazing computer-based art (and other strangeness that defies explanation). This is not to be missed!Opening:Wednesday, May 14, 2008: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.Chelsea Art Museum556 West 22nd StreetHours:Tuesday through Saturday,11:00 AM-6:00 PMThursday,11:00 AM-8:00 PM

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Anyone got Skype?

Anyone got Skype? If so, can you PM me your name on it? You dont have to give me it if you dont want. But if you do.... GIZ ME IT NAO! :))

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

suggestion:i did that button

Im suggesting a button for instructables ,and its an i did this button and when you hit it you can upload a picture of your built instructable. i also want to add this comment from skate 6556 (sorry if i got that wrong) says: I like the idea! It could be cool if they had an "I'm doing this" button for longer instructables, that way if people run into trouble they can PM others who are doing the same thing for help. Or, like with the nintendo PC, where the author unfortunately passed, if people need help they can PM people on the "I did this" list for help.

Posted by mman1506 9 years ago

Does anybody Play Cricket?

Cricket is a great sport, but in north america we don't exactly play it. I was wondering if anybody other than me and Kiteman know how to play. Do you? If so, PM me.

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Youtube bugfix

We released a fix for an issue with youtube comments. A change to our PM system changed how we dealt with iframes and prevented the pages with comments feature youtube videos from loading correctly should be all fine now.

Posted by frenzy 6 years ago

Etsy Craft Night with Special Instructables appearances! Monday Nov. 12 4-8 PM, Brooklyn, NY

Christy and I will be at Etsy's craft night this Monday. Full details and directions here on the blog.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Knex ball factory instructions!

I have the PDF files for the BIG BALL FACTORY!Here they are! if this violates anything, just PM me and I will take it down. YAY!

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Instructables Halloween Party with Autodesk and Techshop

 **UPDATE**   The party is now on Monday, October 29th from 3-6 pm     Trick or Treat, robots! This Halloween season, we're teaming up with Autodesk and TechShop to throw a boo-tastic DIY bash - and you're invited! The party will be on Tuesday October 23, from 3-6 pm. We'll be playing around with 3D printers, taking spooky pictures, making candy wands, perfecting our zombie makeup, and plenty more! If you're in the Bay Area and want to join in on the fun, please RSVP here: autodesk@theoutcastagency.com  Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Posted by kazmataz 5 years ago

Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday

I'll be doing an interview with WCBS New York News Radio talking about "Holiday Gifts Made From Holiday Trash," and The Best of Instructables Volume 1. It will air at 10:20 am, 11:40 am, 12:20pm, 1:40 pm, and 2:20 pm ET. You can listen on the radio if you live in New York, or on their website.If you missed it, there's an MP3 attached here. Stuffed Animal Headphones and Ten-Green Modular Shelving were both mentioned. More news and press about Instructables here.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Giftcard-giveaway! someone intrested in knitting /crotcheting in the UK?

Hej I'm searching for someone in the UK that loves to knit / crotched  due i have to give away a 25 $ LION-brand yarn giftcard :) Please send me PM!

Posted by Mimikry 6 years ago

Giving out advice!!

Hey I just wanted to post on this thread IF anybody wants some personal advice please feel free to PM or join my group! Thanks! My group: https://www.instructables.com/group/ATgroup/

Posted by SupremeAT 6 years ago

any knexers have a skype/aim?

Any knexers have a aim or skype just comment /pm me NOTE:my aim has changed it is now ksbf113

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

North Carolina Show & Tell Final details

Well, semi-final details anyway. Here's what we've got:Show & Tell, Boone, North Carolina. We'll be at the Bald Guy Brew coffee shop, November 8th, 2 PM. If you're interested in coming PM me or email me at the address I have listed on my profile. If you want to come but don't have a project or skill you want to talk about, make some awesome some food and bring that. If you're driving any distance and need to stay in town overnight, PM me about that too. I'll point you in the right direction. It's looking like it will be a great crowd. We'll have a blacksmith, some guys from the ASU solar club, snacks, and a lot of other great stuff going on. If you have a PowerPoint for your presentation, put it on a USB drive. We'll have a screen and a computer. And coffee.Hope to see you there! If you plan on coming let us know so we have a general headcount.Cheers,-DMC

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 9 years ago

Live Chat With Eric on Friday 2008-11-21 2:30 - 3:30 PM PT

Have a question about Instructables? Wonder what I do all day? Want to learn how to do something on the site? I'm having office hours on Friday Nov. 21 2:30 - 3:30 PM PT, where I'll join the Instructables chat room to answer questions and hang out. I'll post a sticky comment on the chat room forum topic so you'll know when I'm currently there.If this time doesn't work for you, I'll also be chatting on NPR's site on Saturday.See you soon!

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who commented

OK, it's been a little while since the cookie jar has been open, but it has returned!Want to get a cookie patch? Follow these simple rules:- Make a new comment- Answer the question, "Who or what inspires you?"- Submit it before 4:30 pm PDT, August 21.OK, that's it. Share with us your source of inspiration!UPDATE: Wow, that was a big batch of cookies. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It was great to see all the places and people that provide inspiration. If you didn't get a patch and should've, just send me a PM.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Wow, it had to happen some time!

Well... Just look at the recapcha code I got a few days ago while trying to send a pm. Do you think this can be edited, or will we just leave it for fun?

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

I'll be gone(I'm Back a day early)

Hey community i will be gone till monday. just goin to a cookout and havin fun on my dirtbike for awhile. Leavin at 2 P.M. If you wanna join my contest leave me a pm with username and judge or entrant Seeya

Posted by Mr. Cowboy 9 years ago


S.D.A.A. stands for "Superior Design Airsoft Armour" which I will be posting an IBLE on soon. sdaa is made of a secret material which you will have to wait and see. if you have questions PM or comment. The IBLE will be called "How to Make S.D.A.A"

Posted by animan1 9 years ago

Spam Threads

There are a load of spam threads starting, especially for websites selling sporting stuff. Please do not reply to them, just flag them for review then let them fade away down the list of threads. If you want to make a comment, PM the "member" who started the thread.

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

Awesome box of junk idea

Who would be interested in starting one of these? box of junkhow many people here live in the united states ?if you are interested pm me and if I have enough people I will start it off :P ~Matt

Posted by iman 10 years ago

i love junk mail!!!!!!!


Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Diddy Did It

Mark Your Calendar because Instructables and the Electro-Graf will be making a brief cameo on the VH1 hit show I Want to Work for Diddy. The show is scheduled to air on September 15th at 10:00 pm EST on VH1. It is sure to leave you shocked and awed.

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

Cannot access pre-existing "non-pro" topic (and captcha not required for PM)

Part 1:I can no longer access this topic:https://www.instructables.com/community/Could-this-be-used-as-a-guitar-amp-or-converted-in/...which I had replied to earlier. It was created by jackillac92 a day or two ago.When clicking on the above URL, it's redirected to:https://www.instructables.com/account/gopro?nxtPgName=/community/Could-this-be-used-as-a-guitar-amp-or-converted-in/&nxtPg;=/community/Could-this-be-used-as-a-guitar-amp-or-converted-in/Part 2:When I sent a PM to jackillac92 to notify him that I could see his msgs but not respond, I was NOT sent through the usual captcha hoop before the msg was sent.

Posted by gmoon 9 years ago

Instructables involved with fire?

Anybody who has any insructables involving fire or kinds of reactions similar to fire join my explosions group please or PM me with an instructable you have or know of!!!! www.instructables.com/group/explosion/ Its new and i want people to join with some fun projects!

Posted by jamob 6 years ago

super smash brothers brawl (SSBB)

Hi I have only one "friend" to play brawl with and I am looking for some people to play with. send me a pm with your wii message board number and also send your brawl number too.

Posted by the_burrito_master 10 years ago

montreal area coilers

Okay guys, good news: ive started the Montreal area tesla coil club. if you live in the Montreal area and want to join, please say so. our first project is a low power solid state tesla coil. pm me to join!

Posted by tech-king 10 years ago

Hanging Bottle Lamp

Hello! I am try to make a pendant bottle lamp, but want to do it as professionally as possible. I found this picture online with a great polished cap and a bushing for the wire at the top of the bottle but cannot figure what or where to get it from. Any help?? Thanks Paris

Posted by PM Glass 4 years ago

Free Help !!

I offer free help in the scouting and outdoor and computer a and some electronics sector, leave a comment or pm me, and anyone wanting to help help people please just start answering questions, this is like the answers area on one page, if babbled on to much, haven't I...

Posted by sboy365 9 years ago

Instructables on New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth

I'll be doing a live interview on New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth Tuesday Dec. 2 at 12:30 PM ET. We'll be talking about The Best of Instructables and several projects in the book.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Ibles Robot In Popular Mechanics

Well I was flipping through my August 2008 issue of Popular mechanics, and what do I spy on page 16? The Ibles Robot! In his green sci fair outfit! No idea what he's doing there, and I intend to email PM about it.

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Odds and Ends

This is a store to sell off some of my junk and to sell kits for my instructables: Steel wire: 2$ per yard for my thick wire and 1.50 for my thinner wire. 3/8 inch thick by 3' long steel pole: negotiable more to come pm me with orders

Posted by instructoguy 9 years ago

And the winners are...

It's over - the International Go Pro Challenge has been judged, and all entries have received something. (Will those entrants who received codes please redeem them quickly, so that I don't accidentally give them to somebody else?) If you have an idea for another, similar challenge, please comment or PM me.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Where'd my captcha go?

I received a PM earlier from owen-mon regarding the image bugs. When I pressed send, I noticed my captcha was gone. Is this a bug? Or is this part of the "Pro trial"? I like it, but Im just wondering. If staff can clarify, thx. -DJ

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Contest and Instructable Trouble

I am having two problems right now. I thought I would list them here, and so here they are. 1.) I won in the We Just Got Back challenge. They announced the winners on the 13th (Wednesday). I have yet to get any PM about it. Usually I get two PMs if I win, one saying they announced the winners and one making me fill out a form for my prizes. 2.) My Push Up Machine instructable was published in the Living Section and Health Category. It was featured on the Home Page under Workshop, but if you click on the Workshop Tab and then the Editor's Pick Tab, you don't see it. You do see it if you click on the Living Tab and Editor's Pick Tab, though.  Thanks!

Posted by splazem 7 years ago

Making a group

Don't worry Kiteman, I know how to make oneI have a question, I am currently making a group, and I want it to be moderated, but I don't want an email alert every time someone tries to join. If I have email alerts off, will I get one, or a PM?

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

3-D Product Design and Packaging - $250

Hi, I thought this may be of interest for some of the inventors out there that want to have professional designs done at a great rate We will offer 2 revisions as well. PM me if you want to see some examples. Thanks! Eric

Posted by ProductDeveloper 9 years ago

[q] bounty

Is it ok if i request someone to make something for me for a price? i mean just the schematic and code part.... not the actual hardware? because i have a work which requires a knowledge arduino and accelerometer... if someone is willing then pm me or else if its ok ill just put it up openly here within a week.

Posted by thakur900 6 years ago

"Railgun" Help Wanted Half-Way Completed

I'm just going to skip to the point. I want help with a railgun, I already have a basic design below, its going to look like that. When its completed we will both post it, you don't have to. So if your insterested send me a pm.

Posted by didexo 6 years ago

heads or tails?

I've come up with a great way to play heads and tails on the web! first a person (the challenger) asks someone to play. then the defender PMs the challenger to call heads or tails. then a moderator (adrian monk) will flip a coin at her end and declare the results publicly. if the defender called the winning side, he wins, if the defender called the losing side, the challenger wins

Posted by coolz 10 years ago