paint ceiling with metallic latex paint?

Flat ceiling i want to paint the ceiling using metallic paint and i do not want roller marks

Asked by ob12 6 years ago

Non Drip paint thinning

Does anyone know the best method to thin non drip emulsion paint so that it will pass easily through a sprayer?

Asked by leakyoldboats 8 years ago

Does anyone know the easiest way to shake paint at home?

Have paint that hasn' been used for about 2 weeks and would like to know if there is any way to shake it enough at home that it will be mixed well to use.

Asked by twoperki4u 7 years ago

Can I paint on shower tile?

I have a hardwater stains on my bathroom shower tile. I have tryed to cleen them but nothing.

Asked by nicole irwin 8 years ago

I used acrylic paint on a drinking glass. How do I seal it to ensure the paint won't come off when I wash it?

I've read that baking sometimes does it, but I don't want to ruin it. I would also appreciate not poisoning the person I'm giving it to..

Asked by jstraut 8 years ago

Favorite Animal?

I'm gonna make an ible on how to draw cartoon animals in MS paint what should I draw?

Asked by popewill 6 years ago



Asked by cjgirl1 6 years ago

Looking for tips on painting wood in mass amounts.? Answered

Big fencing project coming up and I need to pretreat all the wood (2000+ boards). I am looking for any tips.methods for covering all sides of every board quickly and efficiently. I'm using a penetrating oil and it seems to take a couple days to dry so I'm trying to figure out how to coat all sides and set them aside to dry without affecting the finish too much where it rests on the sides that are wet. I'll be needing to do around 40 boards per day to make any kind of real progress, and would like to do the whole surface in one go as opposed to doing half at a time, but I don't see how to do it without setting it down a side that's still wet.

Asked by siamonsez 7 years ago

Latex paint Answered

Is Latex paint in the USA the same as acrylic paint here in the UK or is it what the UK call emulation paint for painting walls?

Asked by rickharris 7 years ago

Acrylic car paint.?

Is the water based acrylic paint my car is painted with essentially the same as the artist acrylic paint I paint pictures with?

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago

What is "paint"? Answered

No, not art paint, like the term everybody uses. "This can be done with Paint." What is that? Maybe Ms paint? I don't know THAT either!

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

Can you paint pressboard file folders?

I am wanting to paint some file folders to match an office decor. Can they be painted with acrylic paint?

Asked by 8 years ago

What are the different types of spray paint?

What are the different types of spray paint. Im planning to paint my old laptop

Asked by setsuna 7 years ago

Latex paint vs acrylic emulsion ? Answered

This has bugged me for a while. I see reference to Latex pain in the USA - Does anyone know if this is the same as what we Brits call acrylic emulsion paint? The only Latex paint I am aware of in the UK is masonry paint.

Asked by rickharris 1 year ago

Paint recycle centers

Here you can look up paint recycle centers in your area and get contact info. Please recycle!

Posted by DinaC 9 years ago

A new paint I found

I saw a car at a show that was all chrome AND IT WAS A PAINT I could not believe it!

Posted by aztintr 9 years ago

How about my painting.

Hey guys, pls check my paint and suggest what should I prepare.

Posted by Mary Suu 2 years ago

what is the cheapest and easyest way to paint the hood of my truck?

I got an old dodge truck and the paint on the hood is fading. i need to sand it primer it paint it and put on a clear coat, but that stuff is sooo expensive

Asked by rd6659 9 years ago


 Is it possible to paint formica (bathroom) and make it look decent?  Is there a special paint or technique?

Asked by RTJEAN 6 years ago

what color looks good with metal look gold paint from walmart? Answered

Im making a swarmpede like uin13 is and i was wondering what color paint looks good with metal look gold paint from walmart?

Asked by taowyman 7 years ago

painting a cap gun? Answered

I have a little cap gun, and i was wondering if its possible to spray paint, because if i were making a video, orange and green are ot so realistic

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago

i want to paint on wood.

I want the paint to be fluid and thick...right now I am using regular craft paint and it is thin and muttled. what do I do? I am trying to learn how to professionally personalize various items using paint. like stools for kids, trunk for kids to take to camp, I know that I am using the wrong kind of paint but don't know what I should be using. any help is appreciated!

Asked by angelamydixon 8 years ago

Spray Paint Drying

I'm hoping someone here knows something about spray paint. Specifically why some spray paints seem to take forever and a day to dry. In the attached picture the paint on the left (Metallic) dried quickly, within about 45 minutes whereas the paint on the right (Gloss Protective Enamel) is still so wet at 24 hours that I can scratch it with my thumb nail. FYI, I used both paints, one right after the other, on the same kind of metal. So if someone could let me know why some paints dry slower than others and which kind of paints to avoid if I'm in any sort or a rush I would be most appreciative. Thanks

Posted by astro347 8 years ago

What is the best air dry paint to permanently paint details on a stained glass project?

I am a stained glass artisan.  I am working on a project where I need to add some detail to a few of the pieces on the panel I am constructing.  The detail I want to add to 5 of the pieces cannot be added using traditional stained glass techniques.  Specifically, I need to draw a few short black lines on the 5 pieces.  I want the lines to be a permanent part of the stained glass panel.  Also, I cannot bake the pieces to cure the paint; hence, the paint must be air dried cured.   What type of paint should I use?  Are there special techniques in applying the paint? How long, after application of the paint, does it take to completely cure the paint? I really appreciate your help.

Asked by wlrogers43 1 year ago

Why does spray paint sometimes come up off the painted surface when the surface has been primed?

I was making something to hang up on my wall, a thin metal logo of the skullcandy skull. the peice of metal was free of rust. So I primed the surface and let it dry. spray painted it and then the paint was going crusty-ish and was peeling of the metal. I don't have a picture now, but i will upload a picture later.

Asked by unominame 6 years ago

Is a special technique required to apply water-based paint with an air spray gun?

Using 30-40 psi as specified. Using a small, detail gun with compressor.   Finish is rough, flat, rather than glossy.  Spray appears to dry in flight. I varied distance, paint-volume, pressure, and thinned the paint with water.  Nothing is effective.

Asked by JonBoy17 4 years ago

How to remove model paint?

OK, my little brother sprayed Testors paint all over one of my best nerf guns (Vulcan EBF-20) and I need to know how to remove it. sandpaper is out of the question, so I'm looking for some solvent that will remove it.

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 8 years ago

painting a lawn flamingo

I am trying to bring back the pink quality of several Yard flamingos.  I know I could buy new ones, but certain people would rather keep for sentimental reasons, so I am trying to restore them.  My problem is when they are painted, after a period of time it chips off, I believe it is because the paint cannot deal with the flamingo plastic swell and shrink of the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.  Any ideas to extend the paint's life, would be appreciated.

Posted by gothking85 3 years ago

how to remove blackboard paint from a wall?

We're looking at possibly renovating an older home (circa 1943) & previous owners painted most of a bedroom wall w/ chalkboard paint. I don't think painting over it is going to work & need to know what to do with it. Such as, do I sand it down first? Wear a mask, I'm assuming? Or is there a really simple way of removing this monster from the wall? Thanks to everyone for a wonderful site & we look forward to your answers.

Asked by sterlingbaydeb 6 years ago

How to remove model paint?

OK, my little brother sprayed Testors paint all over one of my best nerf guns (Vulcan EBF-20) and I need to know how to remove it. sandpaper is out of the question, so I'm looking for some solvent that will remove it.

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 8 years ago

I need to repaint my 1987 gmc s15

... what do you suggest to use for paint (rustoleum?) and to prepare it for paint (remove rust so on and so forth)?

Asked by Th3_D0ct0R 9 years ago

Powdered Tempra Paint

I work in a child care with preschool aged children.  We just got a massive donation of powdered tempra paint. I was wondering if there was any interesting craft ideas that we could use other than 1. add water 2. paint with brush Other than using tempra powder to make sidewalk chalk I have been coming up with a blank.  Any new/creative ideas for this product?

Posted by lizapest 6 years ago

Can you use your kitchen oven for acryclic painting on glass?

I am painting on glass blocks with acrylic paint and I decided to drill a whole in it and when I did all of the paint washed off.What do you do with glass after it is painted.I have asked this before about putting your glass item in oven.What kind of oven or can I use my kitchen oven?

Asked by cctanner3 8 years ago

paint a car? Step by step process from prep work sanding taping off stufff like that!! Answered

Step by step process from perp work sanding taping off stuff like that!

Asked by canbonly1 8 years ago

Can I use masonry paint on a car ? Answered

Hello, I want to rat my car up with army drab paint. It's on a budget. I found the perfect flat matt colour but it's a masonry paint. I have read about these paints; they are flexible; they are breathable but don't let water under the surface.; they are long lasting. So, if I key the car first and clean it; it would seem logical, on some level ,  that masonry would be suitable. I tried to research this but the entries are about mainly people trying to get splashed masonry paint off their cars; so to that degree it seems to adhere well. While this will be a rat car; I do actually want it to stay on; the finish is less important. Any thoughts ? Thanks

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 9 months ago

conductive paint

Do any of you have experience with conductive paint? does it have much resistance?  i'm thinkin of heating car windsheild in much the same way that the rear window is done.  i've cracked 1 or windsheilds while defrosting. seems thermal shock from heat vents on dash are too much. just got a new windsheild.  don't want to break it.

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Spray Paint

I've taken a small school desk and I'm trying to fix it up a bit. The table top is made of wood, but is overlaid with a thick piece of laminate. I've sanded the surface to take out the texture and markings.  I would like to give the laminate it a new paint job, but don't really know what kind of spray paint I should use. Ideas? Suggestions? I could sit here and look it up on Google, but I thought I'd try making a forum and see how it goes. 

Posted by ArachnisDeathicus 7 months ago

Making UV paint.- How to

Hi, I need some UV paint that is inviable under normal light that turns bright white under blacklights. I will painting it on a giant hanging sign. I need a recipe for some uv paint or a cheap source of it. It looks like it cost around $70 dollars for 1 gallon and I need around 3 gallons of it. I know that you can use tonic water but I don't have experience using it (How bright will it glow). Also you can use laundry detergent but I dont know if it will show in normal. The key is it to not glow the under normal light and for it glow brightly under uv light, and it needs to be cheap. Any one have any experience with uv lights, paints, or other related things. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for your time. Joe R

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Can I do texture paint on a part of my drawing room wall myself ? If yes, how ? .... Thanks?

At the entrance of my house, just before the drawing room, there are 3 small niches with hidden lights that could be used for small showpieces. I would like to use textured paint in this area to highlight the niches. Can I do it at home myself ? If yes, how ?

Asked by 9 years ago

rustoleum on cars

Come on people!! We have "PROS" saying it cant be done to 1st timers with excellent results. i've painted cars with spray cans (not recommended) of course I used Walmart cheepo paint, Tractor paint (had JD green, IH yellow, FORD white and mixed every thing together and sprayed it on my Toyota pu. mint green, lasted 5 years till I got tired of it. Then used Western paint Porsche red on same truck weathered badly after 2 years. Now I am going to paint my 93 Dakota with Rustoleum flat black and then get the grandkids to help camo it  with spray bombs,brushes, whatever. Just remember lifes short, HAVE FUN

Posted by 67 mustang 7 years ago