plug in required

I want to play the video "from-your-long-sleeve-shirt.........." but I get the message "plug in required" . when I press that button the message is "No suitable plug in available" Help! Fransis Guyon Smallbrook

Posted by smallbrook 8 years ago

Can I use 13V 400mA plug for a device that need 15V 400mA? Answered

Hi. I bought a device but the seller didn't include the plug adapter. I have a plug adapter with 13V 400mA. The device manual state that the output is 15V 400mA. Can I just use the 13V 400mA plug to the device? Thanks

Asked by WindyS2 2 years ago

why cant regular ngk spark plugs be used on airplanes? Answered

On my box of NGK br8es's, it says not for use in airplanes. why cant you use these plugs in airpanes?

Asked by Acepilot42 8 years ago

where can i find a really cheap plug and play?

Plug and play starwars game

Asked by kid3 8 years ago

can you use a spark plug for a potato cannon? Answered

I have a spark plug at home and have no idea how it works, all i know is it makes a spark

Asked by Jewson 6 years ago

What is the difference between an NGK BPR-6ES spark plug and a NGK BP-6ES spark plug?

I need to replace a spark plug that is a NGK BPR_6ES and the only replacement i have is a NGK BP-6ES.Will it be suitable for a small honda motor on a davey pump.

Asked by legend4930 5 years ago

Win8.1 Lost Plug & Play ?

I am using WIN 8.1 and recently purchased a USB 2.0 SATA 2.5" HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box and it stopped working. It may be due to losing my Plug and Play software and does not recognize the attachment. I am also using FireFox  and MS IE. I would appreciate your help assisting the input in restoring my Plug and Play. Thanks for the site it is a great assist.

Asked by mjp88keys 4 years ago

Can I use light switches to control mains plug outlets?

My room has only one outlet. What I want to do is fix 2 plug sockets to the bottom of my desk and then have everything electrical connected to that through an extension lead.  However, as these are at the back of the table I want to install light switches at the front which I can use to switch the outlets. Is this allowed/safe? The switches I have are single pole. This picture is as seen from underneath the table.

Asked by dracorabbid 1 year ago

Change a Plug-in device into a Battery-operated device?

QUESTIONS - Is there an instructable on how to change a plug-in device (like one you plug into an outlet) into a battery operated device? - Is there even a way to do this? NOTE: may take a while for me to respond to replies, so please be patient...Thanks a-lot

Asked by Lord Of Flames 3 years ago

How can I convert a two pronged adaptor to a three pronged plug?

I have an electric shaver with a two pronged charger.Is it possible to fit a three pronged plug to it?Thanks.

Asked by fredbobmccreery 9 years ago

Can you push the neck of a ballon into its self, thus plugging the balloon and preventing any air to come out? Answered

What is(if there is any) the method to do this? I've always wondered this and want an answer. (i don't even know if it WOULD plug the balloon when it was pushed inside.)

Asked by 8 years ago

what should i do with this car battery powered spark plug cleaner? Ideas?

Its a black and decker in mint condition

Asked by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

How to properly attach a mirror to a plasterboard wall?

Hello! I'm in a bit of a mess as I do things around the house much less often than I actually should so I thought home of the DIY will be the right place to ask for this. I've purchased a large mirror for my room and realized that I don't have any wall plugs that would be long enough to reach the load-bearing wall and I've never used wall plugs for the plasterboard wall in front of it. To be honest I have no idea which ones to buy. How much weight the plasterboard wall ones handle. And is it even a good idea to them or should I just get longer ones which will reach the load-bearing wall? Thank you for your time, Matt.

Posted by friiks 5 years ago

Spamming Filters plugged.

Seems the spamming filters have been turned up pretty high and more that usual is getting caught causing that DELAY in posting weather it be an ible of post ect. Filtering spam is good of course but geez, i made a comment in the forums of a current bug problem and guess what my comment is not there . I can only say it is because of the filters. Maybe my comment will appear after the relevance of the topic is over. There needs to be a filter list added that puts the known non spammers into. The people that are submitting ibles and or comments that are not spam. You go ahead and make this secret like it is now so people won't complain about who's on it or not. The people that are your supporters should be in the Good Filter, let there ibles and comments submit without delay. So i am in favor of a GOOD FILTER list. I hope my forum topic gets published in time so as to still be relevant.   

Posted by WWC 5 years ago

Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image. The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead? Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

How do you tell when a spark plug needs to be replaced? Answered

I Purchased a 1990 Mazda Protege and I am not sure when the last time the spark plugs were replaced. What are some easy ways to figure this out?

Asked by CrawdadMan 9 years ago

How many Volts come out of a USB plug, i mean the female part not male? Answered

Need to know soon, it's for a project

Asked by cd41 9 years ago

jacobs ladder help

I'm making a Jacobs ladder. i got the transformer but it doesn't have a plug. what should i do. i was thinking about splicing a extension cord and using it for the plug but i'm not sure if it would work. please respond.

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

is there any way you can put a battery in an electrical device that needs to be plugged in??

I have an electrical fan i want to add batteries to but i can't because it is a plug in do you guys know any way to make it use batteries?

Asked by sonicsizer 7 years ago

Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010

If you make it, they will come. Or something.CalCars, the California Cars Initiative, has not only been campaigning for plug-in hybrid vehicles, they were the first to build a plug-in Toyota Prius. CalCars longstanding, and really quite simple, thesis is that plug-in hybrids can achieve 100+ MPG using today's technology:We promote plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). PHEVs are like regular hybrids but with larger batteries and the ability to re-charge from a standard outlet (mostly at night). They're the best of both worlds: local travel is electric, and you always have a gas-tank backup. More details here.Toyota seems to have finally received the message, now pledging to offer a plug-in hybrid by 2010: Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010 (NYT). From the article:DETROIT -- The Toyota Motor Corporation, which leads the world's automakers in sales of hybrid-electric vehicles, announced Sunday night that it would build its first plug-in hybrid by 2010.The move puts Toyota in direct competition with General Motors, which has announced plans to sell its own plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, sometime around 2010.Katsuaki Watanabe, the president of Toyota, announced the company's plans at the Detroit auto show as part of a series of environmental steps.Mr. Watanabe said Toyota, best known for its Prius hybrid car, would develop a fleet of plug-in hybrids that run on lithium-ion batteries, instead of the nickel-metal hydride batteries that power the Prius and other Toyota models.Plug-in hybrids differ from the current hybrid vehicles in that they can be recharged externally, from an ordinary power outlet. In a conventional hybrid the battery is recharged from power generated by its wheels.Mr. Watanabe said the lithium-ion fleet would be made available first to Toyota's commercial customers around the world, like government agencies and corporations, including some in the United States. He did not say when they would be available to consumers.Another case of hackers' solutions becoming mainstream? Definitely!

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Compaq and HP laptop power cord compatibility? Answered

The plug for my HP laptop's AC/DC adapter has a loose connection, so I am using my old Compaq adapter.  All the specs are the same; 65w, 18.5v, and 3.5a, except for the input amps, 1.7 on one and 1.6 on the other (probably just because of efficiency).   The plugs are the same.  I just wanted to double check.  Is it okay to use the Compaq(actually says HP on it) instead of the HP one? Thanks in advance! AI

Asked by JaredsProjects 7 years ago

Weak spark (orange glow) on late model pickup truck

So  I have a 95 chevy C-1500 5.7 V8, Been having some progressively worse problems with it running rough and hesitating when accelerating. I will be re-timing it soon but that is a separate issue for the moment, When I tested the ignition system I noticed the spark tester was glowing orange/red instead of blue. (I can't even get my timing light to fire) It was due for new plugs and wires so I replaced both. The Ignition coil is less then a year old and I just finished replacing the Rotor and distributor cap. Still have an orange spark. I really need to fix this before I can time it, Any Ideas?

Asked by Wired_Mist 1 year ago

Hi how can i emulate USB power?

I want to make this box which can get power from usb portable, so i know my way around a usb cable and i could just cut one but what battery configuration would i need? THank you very much!

Asked by amishra123 8 years ago

Ibook adapter male plug part

Howdy, does anyone know where I could get the male plug that goes at the end of of an ibook, g4 power adapter? Mine is bent.

Posted by witznd 10 years ago

Repair damaged laptop power plug

I have this damaged laptop (HP) power plug - I think my dad closed the car door with it sticking out. When I connect it to the power jack the computer starts up but then the power drops. Can you think of a reason why? The power jack seems to be fine. The computer starts up perfectly with a different HP power unit. I haven't checked it with a multimeter yet. I tried to use thick aluminum foil around the damaged part but it didn't work. With no replacement HP power plug is my only option to replace both the plug and the jack with some other male-female power plugs?

Posted by Mr.Bahur 6 years ago

Making your own custom plug for a wiring harness?

I have always wondered whether it would be possible to make your own custom plugs for wiring harnesses, similar to the ones used in automotive wiring such as in car stereos. The use of multiple wires is very common in projects, It would be much better to have wires organized into a harness with a plug rather than just multiple random spade connectors. My main aim is to use these harnesses for car add-ons for which wiring harnesses and/or plugs cannot be supplied. Thanks for all the help!

Asked by darmic 4 years ago

Why isn't my new cigarette plug car adapter working? Answered

I just got an Enercell 12V 2A car adapter. However, it wasn't powering the device I wanted to use it for. I got out my multimeter and did some testing: the socket itself produces power, but the plugged in adapter does not. The weird thing is that I tested it before with the car running and it worked. Is there some special way to plug this thing in that I'm not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by jessejwk 7 years ago

What is the Deal with this Original Xbox Controller? Answered

Well, I picked up this controller for incredibly cheap at a yard sale, but then when I got home, I noticed the plug was circular as oppose to my Xbox's Oval-ey female plugs. And the Controller looks legit enough, it has all of the Microsoft and Xbox markings, it's just the older style of controller. Could anyone explain this to me? Greatly Appreciated!

Asked by Wasagi 7 years ago

Arduino Dying out!!

Hello, I bought an Arduino about a year ago, and just now I noticed that whenever I plugged it into my computer, it turns on(of course), but then it slowly dies out. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? 

Asked by vek11 5 years ago

My old speakers have no plug, what do I do?

Hey, so first off let me say I have no clue if this is in the right area, the Instructables forum is a bit confusing to me. Here is my problem: I found two old speakers that I want to set up in my room with my Xbox (Original, not 360) and would also like to be able to plug a MP3 player or whatever else into it, but mainly just the Xbox. However the wires are just bare, there's no plug on it or anything. So how would I go about fixing this? I was hoping I could just take a simple audio in/out cord and snip the end off and attach it to the speaker, but I've never worked with audio before, so I'm a bit lost. Thanks for any advice :) And P.S.  I'm good with electronics, I've just never worked with audio/speakers before.

Posted by mojobo1 8 years ago

DIY Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck

Hi everyone, For a while, I've had this as my "back-burner" project. I'm trying to really get going on it now. It's an Open Source, DIY, Plug-in Diesel/Electric Hybrid Pickup truck. That's really a mouthful, so I'm just calling it the "SuperTruck" project, until I can come up with a better name. The entire concept is that it is a parallel hybrid, which you can charge from the wall, and it has a diesel engine that can run on diesel, bio-diesel, and possibly veggie oil. Either the engine OR forklift motor will be able to propel the vehicle. (Meaning that it will have a dedicated EV mode.) The driver can manually decide to run it on diesel, electric, or both depending on the driving situation. The mechanicals are relatively simple. It uses a manual transmission (rather than a CVT or planetary gearing.) In theory, this will be a project than any advanced grease monkey will be able to duplicate. I'm not much of a car guy, but I have learned quite a bit working on my electric motorcycle, electric car, and experimenting with running my car as a hybrid. Here's a YouTube playlist of what I've got going so far. For the latest on this project, please visit the page for it on my blog: I'll definately need help on this project, so please tell all your friends about it!

Posted by bennelson 5 years ago

transformer power

I have been thinking about this for a long time now and in therory it works.  What im wordering is if you could make it work in place of the traditional power outlet.  Here it is, basicly there are just coils of wire inside of a transformer, on coil has say 240 turns of coil. Inside of this coil is another coil with 240 turns also.  So the voltige inside the first coil will be the same as the second coil.  And to half the voltige in the first coil.  If you had a plug that was just a cilender with a coil of wire inside and an outlet that was a hole in the wall with a coil inside.  I know a hole in the wall with 120 volts running through it sounds scary , but put a plastic cylinder inside the hole and vurtaly no shock hazerd. sorry for the spelling errors spell check was not working.

Posted by Laserman595 8 years ago

Build a device to remotely manipulate news in other people's browsers.

Hi all. We have written a HOWTO for building a small innocuous wall-plug that gives you the ability to remotely manipulate news read by other people on wireless hotspots. Devices affected include laptops, tablet computers (iPads etc) and smartphones. It can be built for under 50 euro. How to Build a Newstweek Device. The device consists of small Atheros based router and wall plug enclosure. We have made OpenWrt based firmware that can be easily flashed onto the router's 4Mb memory. Once plugged into the wall it can be configured using the browser and then remotely controlled using a browser interface. Tweekers can easily add text from a news site they wish to change and provide their substitution. It then sits on the server waiting for retrieval by the Newstweek device. When the device has retrieved the filter it then modifies the LAN, ensuring all wireless packets pass through itself before going to their destination. This is done using a well known 'attack' that rewrites the ARP table on both router and clients. If text in a payload matches the filter, it is changed before being passed onto the client. Sites currently affected include: BBC CNN Le Monde Lenta Ru Le Figaro Der Spiegel Il Tempo El Mundo The Guardian (with many more to come) Here's a video about the project in general: Newstweek: fixing the facts from newstweek on Vimeo . Here is a detailed demonstration of a Newstweek in action. It is intended for the networking enthusiast. Newstweek: The Thorough Demonstration from newstweek on Vimeo. The Newstweek project page is here. I has links to articles, interviews and other information hidden throughout the site: Enjoy, The Newstweek Team.

Posted by newstweek 7 years ago

Electrical Question that I'm too stupid to word correctly: How to you re-attach a cable/chord to an appliance?

So I have a back massager that I've been using for a few years and I would just pull on it to unplug it (stupid, I know) and so now it seems as if the cable has come out from the appliance (even though there is no visible damage). Because of this the connection to the back massages isn't solid, making the appliance turn on and off. Does anyone know how I could make the connection solid, or should I give up and get a new one? Thanks!

Asked by Resonance Soupy 5 years ago

WANTED: Simple Appliance Timers for a good cause: Our community garden

Hello community! My communal community farm here in Chicago sends all its produce to a local food bank. Yay! So this year, to boost output, we're looking to help equip our volunteers with seedling starter setups, which include a crazy full-spectrum lamp and, notably, a timer to control the lamp. We'll be buying the lamps, but would anybody in the Instructables community be interested in building us some timers? No dynamic programmability needed, just has to stay on for the same hours every day this spring. I would suggest one of the projects already featured on this site, but none of them seems to be capable of the long hours that the present application demands. (Or maybe one does?) Something mimicking the functionality of this device would be ideal: Please let me know if you're interested. If you'd like to hear more about the community farm and the good work we're doing, check us out at Thanks all!

Posted by pefty 5 years ago

Nitro Rc Glow Plug onborad glow plug ignition

So I'm relatively new to nitro rc and i had a few questions about on board glow plug ignition system  . I know the igniter is cheep and bla bla bla easy however... Can one be made ? I have often thought that i might be able to use a third channel off my receiver with a wire directly to the glow plug and at the flip of a switch the glow plug would ignite but i don't know if it would work and don't wanna spend the money on a receiver  to find out. Is there someone out there willing to give it a go and let me know?  Really my question would be at what voltage does a glow plug ignite? would a 7.2 volt battery do the trick? Are there any CHEEP systems out there?

Posted by telmore 5 years ago

How can i add a sata plug to my desk top?

My computer is a dell optiplex 320 and there is no sata plugs in it and i have a dvd burner that works off of sata is there any way i can add one?

Asked by maxpower49 8 years ago

Can you plug a tiny terror head into any amp cabinet?

 I have a tiny terror orange amp but do not have the orange cabinet...  I do not want to buy the orange cab as it is too expensive.  Can I build one?  What can I use for it?  Any advice?

Asked by rickonicko 8 years ago

Sorry for the shameless plug....

but I have so little time to work on my projects that it can take up to a year to get out something as simply constructed as the following.  It has to do with my main hobby being electronics, and the hardware end of things is a bit rusty, so it takes me longer, and I really have my life filled to the brim (for the moment anyways) so the darned need to stay alive gets in the way too. ANYWAYS, for those interested,  I have finalized my polarized light skin cancer "revealer":  take note, I warn this is not a medical grade device, and LOTS of training needs to be done before one can diagnose with such a thing, but it may help someone see an anomalous mole before it becomes cancer, and so if it does that for one person, I feel it was worthwhile spending 6 + months on it. The IBLE can be found here...for any that are interested.

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

can i plug my arduno into a 5v converter? Answered

All I want to know is if I can use the chord that connects my arduino uno to the computer and plug the usb into a phone charger converter that goes into the wall. Thanks for awnsering! : )

Asked by inconceivable1 1 year ago

How can I indicate a USB charge with an LED?

I've seen some USB ports/chargers out there that have an LED that lights up when you plug the cable in.  Is there a simple way to do this?  I need the LED to light when the USB cable is plugged in, not when the charger is on.  So I could plug in the adapter and nothing would happen, but when I drew current to charge something, the LED would light up.  I can't figure out how to do it, so I'm asking you for some aid.  Thanks

Asked by dudes 3 years ago

Where can i find information about how modules that run through the mains work? Answered

Do you know of anywhere on the tintermaweb where i could find out how theses modules, such as x10 or ethernet wall plugs, work?

Asked by pyro-jim 9 years ago

What is the ethernet port on the side of guitar hero controllers for?

Pretty damn curious as of several years ago. anybody know?

Asked by iambrad 8 years ago

Is there a way to use cymbals on a rockband 1 drumset?

I just got rockband 3 and wanted to know if there is a way to install jacks in my drum set so it can use the rockband 3 cymbals for pro mode.

Asked by esahcb 7 years ago

Either fix, or buy new one? Answered

Hello! Just a regular question or help passing by. So i have this set of wireless headphones, for two years or so. ( Philips shc8535/10 ) and few months ago, one side of the heaphones stoped working. i jus thear some rambling, and screatching noises. I took them apart (Warranty is obviuosly gone), and found out that the Auxillary plug ( IN ) has it's contacts bent. You could probbably tell by the pictures i'll attach somehow. Sadly, the part doesn't have any index number on it or anything, so i can't just order it 1-2-3.  Question is, can i fix it? i mean, i can't easily take it apart, it's plastic, and it's probbably molded in it ( the contacts), i've tried bending them, but all i get is either more or less rambling noise. And other part of the question - order it online, is that possible?

Asked by iCanSeeYou 4 years ago

Microphone wiring? Answered

I have a broken microphone. Its wire is cut  inside the insulation. i want to replace the entire cable. when i removed the plastic cover of the microphone i saw a red and a black wire soldered to it.  Therefore it uses only 2 wires but in the connector it is a TRS one not a TS one. i will also replace the connector.  i am wondering how should i wire a TRS connector which has 3 leads. one being the common ground. but the other 2.  should i short them out and connect the red wire or must I connect the wire to only one lead?  Then if i buy a $0.2 TS connector and i wire it accordingly. will it work? One another question does the microphone device has polarity that is should i connect  positive to positive and negative to negative lead. because there is no indication on the Mic?

Asked by ARJOON 7 years ago

How to build a circuit that switches between battery or AC, like a boom box (for lack of another example)?

I am designing something which will be lit by led's, and I want the device to be able to have the option of operating by way of either batteries(for the led's), or by plugging it in to 120V AC(the led's are the only things that will be powered). I know how do what I need to change the AC to DC(correct drivers etc.), however, I don't know how to design what I need to simply make it switch over to batteries if you unplug it from AC(automatically, as a boom box does if you remove the AC cord), or vice versa, switch to being able to plugging it in if batteries are dying/ are dead. Thanks. 

Asked by stevecinstrfme 2 years ago

i need to replace a 3 pronged grounded power chord with a 3 pronged grounded jack how do i do this without risks ?

On my guitar amp the ground prong broke out of the plug so i need to replace that with a jack such as one found on a PC power source but i dont know what is positive and negative or how to prevent enternal damage fires or shock * i posted i picture my connector looks like the one on the left only mine does not have leads only contacts sorry if i wasnt clear on what i was saying *i have a second one of these with leads from a computer power source with wire leads but its a little differant it as a blue and brown instead of black and white wires and it also has a small yellow box that connects to bot contacts(excluding ground) which of these will work beter for a guitar amp

Asked by fastcar123 8 years ago