What can duct tape not do?

Posted by AwesomeSwordGuy 7 years ago


Does anyone know how I could make licorice allsorts?

Posted by porcupinemamma 8 years ago


Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

Posted by pmac93 10 years ago


If I'm not 18 when I enter the contest, but turn 18 by the time the contest in finished, am I still eligible to win prizes, etc. or do I have to be 18 WHEN I enter? I'm 17 but turn 18 in November.

Posted by Spectrace 10 years ago


I've bought 3 ebikes one a Raleigh select,p/assist, one a throttle type, but wires on 1of the other bikes I've bought,the wires that lead into hubmotor are cut they don't seem to connect via a hole in wheel axle/spindle,so need help please,also the p/assist Raleigh can it be converted to throttle powered, as its a very old ebike with a sanyo hubmotor? Thanks...

Posted by AlanW131 4 months ago

A question - Can we post ideas than builds/crafts?

I was thinking about doing instructables on knowledge on survival in the wilderness. But I'm just wondering if it's acceptable here. It seems that most of the instructions I've seen are crafts or builds. Just a friendly question; if not; then I will find a way to make it craft-ish

Posted by MGO_Count 8 years ago

Image Library Question

I want to add picts to an instructable, so I put them in my image library. I then add them to a new instructable. Do I have to keep them in my image library, or can I delete them after the instructable is published?

Posted by mrmath 11 years ago

Its... Its... Beautiful!!! ...What is it?

What is this gun? It looks cool... Furthermore, can someone (or did someone) build it?

Posted by nerfrocketeer 5 years ago

International entries ?

I Am from Fiji islands and i am wondering if international entries where accepted for this competition. get the leds out challege . I won 2 burning question competition and recieved my prizes and i want to give a shot at this too. If yes then i wanted to know who would cover for the shipping and who has to pay taxation ?... I am willing to pay for tax but not sure about shipping. Anyways I am looking forward to your replies and wish the best to all competition mates. thanks instructables for the t-shirts they were wonderful.

Posted by arylic 9 years ago

psi and fps??

I am wondering how much fps/ a 300 psi/ is. Iam icelandic and not wery good at english but man when i´m finished making my air rifle you´ll get the best instructable you´ve ever seen!!!

Posted by Enzo55 11 years ago

Simple Hook-up?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

Posted by kenizl86 7 years ago

Lpd6803 and the Adrino Mega

Does anyone know ,Where i can  find some really good code for my adrino mega for the Lpd6803.rgb led chip?  i just got the adrino mega, and have never had one before, so i don't know how to use it yet, just starting  to learn, i have a curtain that hangs behind our band, it has 16 colums and 11 rows of leds 176 in all. They are all wired in series, and each one has a lpd6803 on it. and i would love to be able to write the name of our band on the curtain, the led strips start at the bottom right side of the curtain go up then over then back down again, and it repeats this for all 16 colums, but all still wired in series. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks and God bless you my friends.

Posted by tommylee333 6 years ago

my question not shown

I asked a questioni cant find it in either the recent questions page / tech subpage (i assigned it to tech)i can see it in my profile thoughthe question

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago


Can you send a patch to yourself?

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

'ask a question' isnt working

Im trying to ask something, i entered a description, a question, a topic, and tags, but it wont let me add a picture or preview my question my account is connected from FaceBook and i been a connected member for maybe a week or 2

Posted by saiyankev 6 years ago

Order of posting "delayed" questions should be changed.

When questions are delayed posting for whatever reason, they should not be posted in order based on the time they were asked, they should be posted to the top of the list. At least once a week I find a question of a gob of questions way back on page 3 or 4 that have no answers and sometimes have no views.  There are at least a dozen people here who look at every question, even the "boring ones".  There is no way a question posted at the top of the list can make it to page 3 with out even a look.   The way is works now if a question gets held up 24 hours (and that happens alot) it goes directly to page 2. It would work better if when the question gets posted it goes to the top of the list even if it takes a week to post it. Just my opinion.

Posted by Re-design 8 years ago


I am new to programing and was wondering if there is any way to read the code off a PIC chip without damaging it or if you plug it into a programmer will it destroy the data on the chip. Sorry if this is a stupid question any help would be most appreciated

Posted by xlbloodlust 10 years ago

To All Instructablonians!

Do you know the answer to this rhetorical question?

Posted by Labot2001 9 years ago

Question please help

Ok so I'm new to this site and I find it absolutely amazing. Now onto my question, I need help finding something to do for my science project that's not too complicated to make, but also which is awesome. Could anyone help me find an instructable which fits this description?

Posted by adrou 8 years ago

Collaboration question

When you set someone as a collaboration, why doesnt it add that instructable in that member's member page? They helped with making it, so shouldnt they be seen as a co-author and show up as one of their instructables as well? If not, can we get a co-author option for this sort of thing?

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Thinkin' Question

This one's been on my mind for a quite a while now, just wanted to know what y'all think.Would you want to be a leader if no one followed you?I would. If people don't want to follow me, that's their decision. My decision is to do what's best for me.What say you?

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Craft contest

I am a newbie here so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Are we allowed to submit multiple entries in a contest or can we only submit one? Thanks, Michelle

Posted by MissCrafty 10 years ago

site question

Recently my latest "make" I shared here won the honor of being Featured. Thanks by the way.  :) I also won a premium service for 3 months as a result. My question is, after it expires, will my account go back to its original state? or will it be frozen? I like to know these things before I go further since I had this happen to me at another site. Also I kind of like my account and it would be disappointing if my current account would get messed up. Thanks. :)

Posted by Treasure Tabby 6 years ago

i don't know if this a topic but it is a question

Well i'm canadian but my mom's hole family is from england so half of my background is english. also i have been to england 6 times and i'm only 11. would i still be able to post topics?if someone can send me a private message that would be great!

Posted by DELETED_misrockandroll 8 years ago

I have a technical computer problem (in Authors) I need answered soon (well, since I am no longer home, it is no longer a BIG rush....*sigh*)....

But it seems to be held up in the works (maybe because of some of the words used to describe the situation...). if I repeat the question here, I will probably have the same filters hold THIS up too LOL Ok, HERE is the link to the question....

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Question about pictures that have been uploaded to your Instructables' Library.

Do you save them or do you delete them off your computer... or? I've got nearly 1,700 pictures saved on my computer and the voice in my recipe box asked me why that's neccessary . ;-) I don't know that it is neccessary, which is why I'm asking I'm asking all of you!

Posted by bajablue 6 years ago

question about something important

Perfect me if im wrong but i dont think the following instructables should be in this contest: Super mario bros! LED mushroom halloween pumpkin LED handie LED & Fiber Optic New Years Party - they entered before the competition started. please say if im right. thank you EDIT: thanks for all of your answers! this is good to know i guess otherwise i wouldnt sleep this night goodnight everyone Dunnos

Posted by dunnos 10 years ago


This is posted in Help: AuthorsWhat exactly is this category for? Help with spelling and grammar? Writing styles?Or is it for people looking for other authors to collaborate with?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

What Is Inspirational To You? (With examples plz)

I was wondering what is inspirational to you? Is it a sports figure? A speech? What? I'm curious..

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

Do I have a chance of winning a contest, if I'm not in the finalists, before the judging period ends?

Please answer my question to the best of your ability. I entered the solar contest with 2 entires and the judges choose 34 people to be finalists, but the judging does not end for a couple of more days. I'm not currently a finalist and was wondering if I have a chance in possibly in becoming one before the judging is over.

Posted by Navy Wolves 2 years ago

what made you choose your user name?

What made you choose your user name?

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Question about the New Editor that is driving me crazy: ''since I seem to have all the ODDball problems with the forums :-) ...''

For the past week or so, I have posted a few times that I was having difficulties bringing up the "new" editor. It would error out. I "believe" I have traced it to one of the old greaseMonkey scripts I have installed (I have one installed for IE, and one for FF, which also serves Flock. It seems to be the only thing that has been changed (except for the newest upgrade of FF) that could be causing the problem. (there is another thing being caused; if I do a "comment" search, the comments come up that are found, for about 2 seconds, then they are turned into blank boxes *shrug*). Is there a procedure to "uninstall" the scripts, or will deleting them fix it?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

need pcb help

Im wondering if I can use a ink printer to make PCB layouts, Because its all that I have, and im on a low budget.

Posted by newwarhammer2 7 years ago

Problem With Comments

Hey, quick question. I've noticed today a problem with my comment notifications. Usually your profile page lets you see comments people have made replying to you or on your forum topic. But just today I've noticed once that it showed their being a new comment on one of my forum topics but I couldn't find the comment. Twice someone replied to me (hitting the reply button) but it didn't show up in my discussions tab. Does anybody know why it's malfunctioning, and/or how it can be fixed?

Posted by LoneWolf 7 years ago

You know you're a maker when ...

... what? How would you finish that sentence?  I'm looking for a mix of humour and accurate observation in a few choice (family friendly) words.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

i have a question:

Unfortunately, this question is completely unrelated to instructables and it's DIY nature. i am turning 16 in april and was wondering about getting a job over the summer. if possible i wanted to get a job at the apple store near where i live (is it true you get a free iphone/laptop if you work there?) i would never pay for an iphone or macbook or anything expensive for that matter (i have no money) but seeing as it would be free, a job there would be awesome. anyway, i was wondering what kind of experience you would need in order to work there. i was assuming that they'd want me to have some sort of experience around apple gadgets and mac software. the only one im familiar wiht is the ipod. :-) the apple store iw ant to work at is in the mall. i was wondering if i'd be able to be a stock boy at least or something (if they even have one) anyway, i was just curious....oh and best buy too. there's one coming in and was wondering what kind of experience i'd need. it's a big store so i assumed id just stock things all day. if anyone knows about working at the apple store or best b uy, thanks for answering my question if you do. other (funny) comments are welcome, too. and for all you photographers out there: i want to buy a cheap slr and buy a nice lense for it. i want a canon rebel xti then later on buy a super awesome lense for it (seeing as the lense is much more important) is this a good idea? i'm really fond of canon and like the xti becuase it's decent and it's fairly cheap. what wouild be a good lense? i'd be using it for everyday camera taking and occasional art picturizing. am i making the right decision in doing this?

Posted by alvincredible 10 years ago

Contest entry

Hello everyone, I just want to know what is happening with my contest entry, I applied to a "build my lab" contest about three or four days ago and I still waiting for approval. Thank you in advance for all answers

Posted by kondzio29 4 years ago

Don't know what materials to use to make this...

I saw a picture of this and really wanted to make something similar, curious of what materials and process you would suggest for making such things. Like, it looks rubbery and flexible but really I have no idea where to start to guess how to make it.

Posted by TheRaider 6 years ago

Where's my instructable?

I published an instructable on Playing Free Online Games Offline several days ago, and it still hasn't come out. They say it's supposed to take up to 24 hours but mine has already taken 3 times that long! Any idea what's going on here? The picture is the one with the odd instructable.

Posted by yourcat 10 years ago

Pros and viruses

Fellow-pro-members, I have been seeing a lot of complaints about viruses / redirection etc. in the last couple of weeks. It may be my imagination, but most / all seem to be from non-pro members. Are pro members getting these problems (especially if you click through from the newsletter)? I haven't seen any of the problems (running FF in Wondows, with Norton installed and up-to-date).

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Please help me with my instructale!

Hello I am working on a series of instrucales on dreadlocks, Starting, cleaning, maintenance..... I want the first one to e things to consider and decide before dreading. So although it will have pictures it wouldn't be instructing anything so much as giving guidelines to help you give your dread the est start they could have. Do you think I could enter this as a step be step?

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

What is the coolest thing you've ever done?

What is the coolest thing you've ever done? Try to not make it up but if you do, make it believable and beast-mode. I'll go first.... one day, i was at my uncles house for thanksgiving, and he has a 1961 Corvette Makoshark Convertible (fourth picture). i had just turned sixteen and he knew that that car was the coolest thing i had ever seen. so, on the first day of the new school year (high school, sophomore) he let me drive it to school for a full week. it was so awesome, i don't even think sex is better than driving that car. (well, maybe sex while driving it). that was the coolest thing in my life.

Posted by chunkymuggen 10 years ago

The answer is (almost) always YES! - AKA Kiteman's Law

There is a fairly regular kind of thread that appears here.It starts should I make an Instructable about insert topic here?You know what? The answer is yes. Even if nobody else on the site is even vaguely interested in insert topic here, it is probable that somebody with access to the internet, somewhere in the world, will eventually develop an interest in insert topic here and resort to Google. Since this site is googlable (is that a word?), they can end up here, grateful to you and potentially a new and useful member of the site.So, unless it breaks the guidelines for what is suitable here (basically, Please remember that this is a family site), and you're not just re-inventing the wheel, then the answer to should I? is always yes.

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago


I recently got the urge to get a coconut from the store and so I got one. I got one with the plastic on it and made sure that I heard the water sloshing around it in. Using one of the techniques I pulled out of here I tried to open the coconut with out using the stove method. Well After several tapping in a circle sessions on the top part of the coconut, it still wouldn't crack open the top. I eventually gave up. So I picked one of the eye holes and jammed in to one of the eye holes using the blunt end of my butter knife. I managed to make an access point and the air rushed out.  Something seemed odd and when I went to taste a bit of the water from inside, it tasted fermented or sour, like a off putting lychee. Do you think that this coconut is rancid? I cracked the rest of the coconut with a hammer from the garage or basically smashed it open. Washed the coconut and tried the meat. Still the fermented taste. It looked pretty OK but there was a slight off green on the edge of the meat where it connects to the shell. Now I have the rest of it sitting in the fridge wondering what to do next. So what do you think? The last time I had a fresh coconut was when I was in late grade school. I remember it tasting plain essence of coconut and a bit sweet both the meat and the water.

Posted by Treasure Tabby 5 years ago

An Odd Walk

Me, my brother, my dad, and my uncle are going to Alaska in my uncle's RV. We stopped at an RV park today that has some trails nearby. They're really just dirt ATV tracks, and I'm not sure how far the RV park people meant for them to go, but I followed them quite a ways (a mile? two miles?) to a recently paved path four or five feet wide. It looked like something fairly major, so I followed it a couple miles. It had benches along it and must have taken a lot of effort to make, so I was surprised that I never saw anyone else on it. Eventually I saw something off behind a hill that looked like well (if that's what you call it) for a uranium mine. As I got closer I saw two sheds, a picnic table, some things that looked like small sandbags hanging from metal frames, something big and wood on the side of hill that vaguely made me think of a catapult without it's throwing arm, and some other stuff I didn't get close enough to describe because a hawk started to look very annoyed with me. I walked back to camp, wondering the whole time what in the world all that stuff was. I never actually saw either end of the paved trail, although I saw that it did continue past all the stuff. I also never saw anyone else on it. ??? What the heck is all that?

Posted by yourcat 9 years ago

My question doesn't appear...

I submitted a question about 2 hours ago, but when I try to look for it under recent questions, it doesn't appear.  Did they change answers to not show questions you asked? Is this a bug, or am I being impatient? (Or both?)

Posted by robotguy4 8 years ago

Amigurumi Contest Question

I have a question about this contest. Is it only open to knitted or crocheted creations, or are felted items welcome too? I.e., anything made of wool/yarn? Thanks, Susan

Posted by susanrm 6 years ago

Pro Payment Question

Hey folks, I have a question about the Pro payment. For the $2.95 monthly payment, will the payment be taken out of the PayPal account automatically? Or will we be given the option to make the payment? Thanks! -Nick

Posted by Brennn10 9 years ago

A couple of questions, and maybe a good place for "others' " questions....

Here is my question, others may follow up with an answer or other questions. One of the things that is part of my "makeup" is my intensity about things.   When I DO get started on something....I tend to go at it full force, non-stop; dispising the need to break or rest or even to stop to eat or sleep. Is this a common aspect of Aspies? 

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

User input not URL-encoded in the "Ask a question" input

On this page: There's the "enter your question" input box.  The user-input is added to the GET vars as "questionText", and the spaces are encoded as %20, but the ampersands and question marks are not.  This results in the question being split up & ignored, and the remainder is interpreted as another querystring var.  So typing in "What is this & that?" becomes "questionText=What%20is%20this%20&%20that?".  The ampersands & question marks (and all other non-URL safe) characters should be encoded. Thanks!

Posted by jumpfroggy 6 years ago