What can duct tape not do?

Posted by AwesomeSwordGuy 7 years ago


Does anyone know how I could make licorice allsorts?

Posted by porcupinemamma 8 years ago


Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

Posted by pmac93 9 years ago


If I'm not 18 when I enter the contest, but turn 18 by the time the contest in finished, am I still eligible to win prizes, etc. or do I have to be 18 WHEN I enter? I'm 17 but turn 18 in November.

Posted by Spectrace 9 years ago


I've bought 3 ebikes one a Raleigh select,p/assist, one a throttle type, but wires on 1of the other bikes I've bought,the wires that lead into hubmotor are cut they don't seem to connect via a hole in wheel axle/spindle,so need help please,also the p/assist Raleigh can it be converted to throttle powered, as its a very old ebike with a sanyo hubmotor? Thanks...

Posted by AlanW131 10 days ago

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer? Answered

If you answer this question with "no", will I give it the best answer?

Asked by shadowninja31 7 years ago

Why do people ask the same question over and over ? Answered

Kelsey's right. Too many people don't even attempt to look up previous answers

Asked by steveastrouk 7 years ago

A question - Can we post ideas than builds/crafts?

I was thinking about doing instructables on knowledge on survival in the wilderness. But I'm just wondering if it's acceptable here. It seems that most of the instructions I've seen are crafts or builds. Just a friendly question; if not; then I will find a way to make it craft-ish

Posted by MGO_Count 7 years ago

Image Library Question

I want to add picts to an instructable, so I put them in my image library. I then add them to a new instructable. Do I have to keep them in my image library, or can I delete them after the instructable is published?

Posted by mrmath 10 years ago


Please tell me how to publish a collection.

Asked by Simran Sharma 2 years ago

why is so awesome?

Why is it so awesome?

Asked by StudentAccount 9 years ago

how do we find out of the future contests

Is that possible 

Asked by Coolloom 3 years ago

What do the flags do?

Do the flags show that something is wrong or inappropriate? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by 0.9.390 9 years ago



Asked by RICKYDEE425 9 years ago

Its... Its... Beautiful!!! ...What is it?

What is this gun? It looks cool... Furthermore, can someone (or did someone) build it?

Posted by nerfrocketeer 4 years ago

why is my querstiong not showing up? Answered

this one.

Asked by i-want-to-know-it-all 7 years ago

how can i change my username? Answered

My user sucks on instructables and i cant create another acount. what can i do?

Asked by muskogee 7 years ago

WHY can't you edit your answers - really irritating!? Answered

I guess the title tells it all  WHY can't you edit your answers - It's really irritating!?

Asked by rickharris 8 years ago

Why can't you post a response to the best answer? Answered

I always choose my best answer, then wan't to say thanks or something and I have to unmark, respond, then remark, why is this.

Asked by 7 years ago

International entries ?

I Am from Fiji islands and i am wondering if international entries where accepted for this competition. get the leds out challege . I won 2 burning question competition and recieved my prizes and i want to give a shot at this too. If yes then i wanted to know who would cover for the shipping and who has to pay taxation ?... I am willing to pay for tax but not sure about shipping. Anyways I am looking forward to your replies and wish the best to all competition mates. thanks instructables for the t-shirts they were wonderful.

Posted by arylic 9 years ago

Hi everyone-I am confused. Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now? Answered

Hi everyone-I am confused.  Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now?

Asked by chefsea 5 years ago

psi and fps??

I am wondering how much fps/ a 300 psi/ is. Iam icelandic and not wery good at english but man when i´m finished making my air rifle you´ll get the best instructable you´ve ever seen!!!

Posted by Enzo55 10 years ago

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest? Answered

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest...and if I win a prize will it be delivered to here and should i pay extra money ?

Asked by Aadhithyan 2 years ago

Heatsink Required ? Answered

Hey Guys, I want to know if I will require a heatsink for my 7805 Voltage Regulator. The usage conditions are:- Supply Voltage=8.4-9 ish v Regulated Voltage=5v Supply Current=2A Current to be used=1A Thermal Resistance=Not sure Ambient Temperature=77-88F Usual 105F Max Thanks. -Prickly Potato

Asked by shahryar.adil.3 2 years ago

i made my first instructable and i put keywords on the pics and now theyre just pics on the site. how to i delete them! Answered

I made my first instructable and i put keywords on my images and didnt know it would show every pic on the site! how do i get it off without deleting my instructable pics?? plz help!!

Asked by coocooachoo568 9 years ago

Simple Hook-up?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

Posted by kenizl86 7 years ago

Can anyone help i toke my pc apart and cant get it back together...

The power went out during a storm when it come back on my pc didn't. stupidly i toke it apart thinking it could be the fuse. now its ALL APART and i need to know how to put it back together. its a gateway lp mini tower tb3 performance 500

Asked by 9 years ago

Lpd6803 and the Adrino Mega

Does anyone know ,Where i can  find some really good code for my adrino mega for the Lpd6803.rgb led chip?  i just got the adrino mega, and have never had one before, so i don't know how to use it yet, just starting  to learn, i have a curtain that hangs behind our band, it has 16 colums and 11 rows of leds 176 in all. They are all wired in series, and each one has a lpd6803 on it. and i would love to be able to write the name of our band on the curtain, the led strips start at the bottom right side of the curtain go up then over then back down again, and it repeats this for all 16 colums, but all still wired in series. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks and God bless you my friends.

Posted by tommylee333 5 years ago

This is a stupid question? Answered

This is a stupid question?

Asked by hellrider75 7 years ago

question fail?

Why can't I post a question?

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago

my question not shown

I asked a questioni cant find it in either the recent questions page / tech subpage (i assigned it to tech)i can see it in my profile thoughthe question

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

My question doesn't show? Answered

Asked 6 hours ago I see it in questions I have asked on my page but not in the questions list??  Odd

Asked by rickharris 6 years ago


Can you send a patch to yourself?

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

How to delete a question? Answered

Just wondering how to delete a question from instructables!

Asked by Adum24 7 years ago

'ask a question' isnt working

Im trying to ask something, i entered a description, a question, a topic, and tags, but it wont let me add a picture or preview my question my account is connected from FaceBook and i been a connected member for maybe a week or 2

Posted by saiyankev 6 years ago

Order of posting "delayed" questions should be changed.

When questions are delayed posting for whatever reason, they should not be posted in order based on the time they were asked, they should be posted to the top of the list. At least once a week I find a question of a gob of questions way back on page 3 or 4 that have no answers and sometimes have no views.  There are at least a dozen people here who look at every question, even the "boring ones".  There is no way a question posted at the top of the list can make it to page 3 with out even a look.   The way is works now if a question gets held up 24 hours (and that happens alot) it goes directly to page 2. It would work better if when the question gets posted it goes to the top of the list even if it takes a week to post it. Just my opinion.

Posted by Re-design 8 years ago


I am new to programing and was wondering if there is any way to read the code off a PIC chip without damaging it or if you plug it into a programmer will it destroy the data on the chip. Sorry if this is a stupid question any help would be most appreciated

Posted by xlbloodlust 10 years ago

To All Instructablonians!

Do you know the answer to this rhetorical question?

Posted by Labot2001 8 years ago

Is it Fixed yet? Answered

Just wondering if the can't post a question bug is now fixed. SO if this question actually does show up then I guess I have my answer. If not, its still broke.

Asked by Vyger 6 years ago

Question please help

Ok so I'm new to this site and I find it absolutely amazing. Now onto my question, I need help finding something to do for my science project that's not too complicated to make, but also which is awesome. Could anyone help me find an instructable which fits this description?

Posted by adrou 7 years ago

Why do people delete their questions? Answered

More than once I've taken a lot of time to answer a question, done research, drawn a diagram, double checked my math and triple checked my spelling, etc, etc, only to have the asker later delete the question. (And all the answers.)Not a word of thanks or anything, just taking all of that work that I did for them and for everyone else who might have a similar question and delete it.I don't even get to keep a copy of it!  Which stinks because there are a few that I'd like to refer to again.  I know my answer isn't always the best so I often go back to questions that I've answered and see what good ideas other people have.  But it's impossible to do if it's deleted.*sigh*  So what's up?  Why delete your question?

Asked by Grathio 8 years ago