What do you think of rubber band guns? do we have enough or should we get more? do you think they are just not worth spending time posting because they can only go so far? post what you think about them

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are rbg guns harmless?

Are rubber band guns safe and harmless

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Knex rbg shotgun

So in thisvideo Adam Mclaughlin built a shotgun. I wanted to make it but the butt and pump are hard to make because of the lack of angles. So if anyone can help me by telling me how to attach the pump or make the butt thanks.1. Side view of barrel2. Pistols attached3. Pistols detached4. Front of pump5. Side of pump

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RBG: Shotgun Style

Yes, it is the only shotgun rubber band gun that I know of. It is based off of the Remington M870 and can be easily modified to be both be in an entry shotgun configuration, with tactical buttstock, or in a "Breeching weapon" configuration, with no buttstock. In the first picture, it is in the entry configuration. In the second picture, it is in the breeching configuration, but with the buttstock shown to show how it could be carried in a briefcase or something similar. There is no difference whatsoever between the two, other than the obvious difference in the buttstock, but less obvious, the breeching configuration has more mobility in the cocking hammer, so it works better. I am sorry for the lack of pictures of the internals, I will hopefully be posting them in the future.

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Rbg Alpha Repeater (NEW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this new rubber band gun it rocks so much heres a couple of pictures of it

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K'nex guns (RBGs or Rod shooters)

This forum is for anyone who can come up with an idea or can post a gun made from k'nex that works (does something) and resembles a real gun (or one from a video game)Also, you can post ideas or pics of guns you would like to be made by me (or anyone for that matter), and I encourage anyone to post a new loading, shooting, or feeding mechanism that is new to this site- ie: my lever action mechanism, or slide-cocked rod shooter (modification of mechanism by macbeasty)Make guns n have fun

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knex rbg with wierd trigger system

This is my rbg wit a wierd trigger system

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FN2000 Rubber Band Gun

Ok, please don't kill me. I made an RBG. But not just any RBG, this one is a rifle. And it looks good. And I want to know if I should post it. Should I? Below are various pictures of the gun. It is vaguely based off of the FN2000. Hope you enjoy, Danke.Edit: The instructable is done. The link is here.

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Knex Alpha sniper repeater AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I created this new gun that is longer more acurate better equiped and hurts alot

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RGB LED strip quiestion :)

Hi everybody, I saw a tutorial on how to make led light-bulb , https://www.instructables.com/id/21-W-Led-Bulb-1450-Lumens/ , this one. I have a led strip which i can use, the only problem , the strip is RGB , and i want it to give of white light. i don't have a controller for them, and i don't really want to use one. So my question is : can i wire them in some way to give of white light ? Thanks.

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i want to control 5 common anode RGB led's with my arduino, i want them to fade throgh the color spectrum amy thoughts?

I have 5 common anode RGB led's, which i am building into a lamp setup for a present. as well as controlling them with my arduino, I would like the ability to manually adjust the color, my budget is 50 dollars, and i have 2 weeks to complete this project. i would really appreciate the help.

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knex RBG true trigger

Hey guys last night i had an idea and straight away got buildin it (not very well cos it was 12 at night). so im gonna post sum pics a bit l8er and then if any1 on this board then maybe u might be able to make it a bit better it is a true trigger but not to good true trigger and it is a RBG so any mods will be appreciated.

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good knex rbg pistol?

Basic question. I haven't been on ible's for about a year, and lost track of all advancements in knex rbg world. I'm looking for maybe a 8- 10 shot repeater that's sturdy, reliable, and needs few pieces. Thx for answering

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RBGs- True Semi-Auto or Not?

Alright so I'm having a "civilized discussion" with Mykhailo/whoever you call him now and he's arguing, just like plenty of others, that RBGs are not true semi auto because of the reasons soon to be listed. Comparing RBGs to real firearms (which I understand are not exactly alike in plenty of ways) I find that they're more like a true semi automatic than what you guys would call true semi autos. Just listen to my argument and see if you can at least understand what I'm saying. The majority of your arguments for why an RBG is not a true semi auto is that you have to prepare a band for every shot. Some of you compare this to cocking a weapon more than once for every shot. I find this a bad comparison. In real fire arms, the firing mechanism isn't what launches the bullet. It triggers the powder which then in turn shoots the bullet. An RBG is similar to this. Each rubber band acts as the "powder" for the bullets. The RBG firing mechanism simply sets them off. You also have to prepare real cartridges too. Does it matter if it's you or not who makes them? You still have to mix up and add the powder all the same as you must add RBs to your weapon. This brought up the argument that it's still not a true semi auto because the bullet isn't self-contained in an RBG. OK I have two things to say to this. First, now bullets decide the firing mode of a weapon? Secondly, what about ooda's RBG ammo. That's self contained, isn't it? The bullet is attached directly to the RBG. What do you guys think?

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knex RBG gun with removable mag ?

Are there any knex RBG guns with removable mags if there is how do they work and are there any pix of some ? i have been trying to make one but it is supper hard.   

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Next Knex RBG?

So... I got my start on this site with a Knex Rubber Band Gun Riffle... and improved it to the M4 Spectre... then I came out with the wrist fire one... Since these first 3 projects, I've built a Magpul PDR and a sniper rifle (both RBG)... but both got taken apart ages ago... so what I would like to do is re-start the RBG series... and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for guns to make? And If you wouldn't build a RBG say so... because I don't want to waste my time wasting yours... Please note... I know that the quality of my earlier RBG models was low at best... they were "wire frames"... I do intend on making the newer ones "full-bodied" and with no "wire-frames" So yea... throw some ideas out there... 

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Calling all Knex Experts: PLEASE HELP!

Hey, I'm new here, but I've spent a lot of time on this site searching for a knex gun that fit my standards. See, most of the good guns on this site are very cool, but don't have enough instruction. The ones that do, no offense to anyone, are mostly throw togethers that need improvements. I'm kind of sick of searching the site for hours, so I'm asking some knex building experts to help me out. If your not interested, leave now but please hear me out. Recently, I've decided to scrap my old knex models, leaving me with lots of unused knex. I have a lot of pieces, a working motor, and long legths of chain. If you would like to help, I am asking ANYONE if they would help clarify their gun, point out a good model, or design a new gun. RBG of rod shooter, I couldn't care less. I would really appreciate the help, but if you are just here to rip on me, please don't, all I want to do is build a gun. Thank you very much

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Calling all Knex Experts: PLEASE HELP!

Hey, I'm new here, but i really want to build a good knex gun. I joined this group because it seems like its members are the best knex gun builders here. If you haven't already, plz check out my topic in the forums, labeled the same as this one. I would really appreciate it, but plz don't just write crap about me or other people, k? Thank you

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I have an RGB LED / LED WIZ project, does it sound manageable?

I have a larger scale version of THIS INSTRUCTABLE, spreading out the led's more, and need some help/advice/comments. It is pretty much a 120' length that I want lit, with rbg leds spanning across. The led's will be paired(paralleled) in two's, and every other pair will be on a different channel (example: chan1, chan2, chan1, chan2) so I have separate control over every other pair. For each channel I can have 12 pairs (500ma), each pair uses 3 channels (rgb) and I have 120 pairs, so 30 channels.   I plan to use a computer power supply as a dedicated power supply for this (5v/30amp) to run it. My questions are these.  First, do you think a 14/4awg running to 12 pairs 120' away would work? Do you think this whole setup will work, and if so, whats the weakest part? Finally, do you think anyone else is crazy enough to spend this much time on it LOL? This is for a commercial project, so I am really hoping it's manageable. If anyone doesn't understand let me know and I'll draw it out for you. P.S. If 14/4 wire wouldn't work well at 120', whats the maximum length that it will work for 3.5v/500ma pulling from a 5v/30A source?

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Whats the best K'nex RBG on this site that is semi auto and looks pretty good? Answered

I need a good knex RBG gun thats made of knex that has a stock good barrel and is semi auto please help me out people!

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Why do people hate RBG's or ARBG's? Answered

I post a lot of RBG's and it seems that they don't appeal to people as much as the Knex guns that shoot rods.

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K'NEX RBG Version 2

It's been a long while, but I have been thinking about my RBG all this time. During this hiatus I spent some time playing with knex guns that fired rods; however, they never came close to the fun I had with the RBGs.So, what resulted from those past experiments comes a slightly smaller and less bulkier RBG that is quite solid. I listened to the many suggestions and comments, and managed to solve a few quirks from the original design.What will be posted here on Instructables is not just the mechanism itself, but barrels, and other optional offerings to customize your RBG.In the mean time I'd like to add an honorable mention to Revtiedye for his take on the RBG.I hope your summer is going great(State-side) and stay tuned.

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Rubber Band Gun Ammo Clip

Is there a way to create a clip or magazine using a seperate ratchet wheel that possibly plugs into the body of the gun and connects with the trigger hammer to create a rubber band gun that doesn't take so long to reload?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

rubber bands wont always fly off of rubber band gun, need help?

I'm trying to make a simple rubber band gun but the rubber band im using dosent allways come off, it usually flings forward then back not leaving the allen rench I'm using. i need  some advice on getting the rubber band to leave every time. ( the nail in the pic is just there so i could take the picture, cant pull the rubber band back at the same time and get a good one) nails on the side are to hold the rubber bands when not in use.

Asked by Vertox 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What do you think

What do you think are easier to make RBGS or rod shooters. I think RBGS

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Rubber Band Ammo Clip

Is there a way to make a clip that hold rubber bands that can be loaded on the bottom of a rbg?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

could someone write me a circuit that would allow my to affect an LED circuit by strobing the LED's

 Ideally this circuit would have a potentiometer knob that would twist from Constantly on to long strobes with lots of room for adjustment.? I have RBG LED circuits and microcontrollers and really want to have an adjustable strobe effect. Or is this a coding sort of thing that would be much harder?

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Amps and Volts? Answered

So i have a atx pc power supply and i am going to use a pci cable to draw power from it for a led lighting system and the led light system can only take up to 12 v at 2 a, will that destroy the led light system or will it be fine? (also i cant open up the box that controls the light system to fix the blown fuse)

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how to make ambient RBG that run on computer PSU?

I plan to buy a Arduino board (Duemilanove) and that can connect to computer so I can changing color...(or changing color by itself via programming)...But I dont know wire them together to make them work. My plan is trying to make my computer tower light up at night and changing color by itself. I only need about 6 RBG leds in one Arduino board and power it by using 12v power supply ( I have Corsair HX 1000w). Please help me thank you

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My new semi-auto RBG

This is my new semi-automatic, true trigger RBG. Normally nothing new. But this one can take twice the amount of rubberbands. Thanks to some creative use of a red gear ( I'm aware I didn't use an actual red gear, that's because I didn't have any. So I sliced the pegs of a yellow gear ) This actually started as a mod for Dsman1's RBG, but it turned out to be something different. It still uses the system that is somewhat his, of a red gear turning a blue gear. It can take 15+ rubberbands without tearing itself apart ( Nearly does though ;). My record is about 18 or 19 rubberbands on it. The reliability isn't 100%, because there is an uneven amount of pits in a red gear (33), which are divided by 4 stages. So it's hard to get a good pattern for the rubber bands to shoot of. This basicly means that sometimes it either won't shoot, or it will shoot 2 rubberbands at once. I don't know if this is a problem with an actual red gear though, since my altered yellow is far from perfect. Do you want me to post it, or is there no demand for a new RBG?

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knex tru triger rbg 1 shot with butterfly kife holder

Hey i made this gun and its pretty sweet tell me if i should post but i cant seem to get my camera to show it fireing but its easy to use and put together it holds a knex butterfly knife in the front and a real butterfly kife in the handle so yeah its pretty sweet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6hXdSR16JM

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Is there agood knex gun that can shoot thick rubber bands(the one in the picture)?

I just want a gun that can shoot more of them. 1 trigger pull, 1 elastic relased, and then the next pull another on is released. I ve made the gnasher shotgun, but that one was not able to shoot these thick elastics.

Asked by MarijnS95 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Anyone know any Good full auto RBG mechs that are 5 layers thick? Answered

Please do not go showing off your own stuff here, it will get annoying. I am just thinking of making a full auto Halo Assault Rifle.

Asked by TheFoofinator 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

rubber band guns

Instructables needs more rubberband guns so please help design new rbgs

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Squeaking sound

I made oompa loompa's single shot knex RBG. When I pull the trigger it makes a weird squeaking sound. Is that supposed to happen?

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rubber band guns?

Does anyone else think that instructables needs more rbg's? I'm currently working on a rapid fire assault rifle and uzi. I can't wait to post them.

Posted by Mace42 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

new stuff

I will post pics soon. but im posting a maching gun (rbg,fullauto) and a mp6 (mods to the mp5 gearmassalt rifle) and how to make the real quad blaster bullets.

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What was the first K'NEX weapon? Answered

Now, i don't mean gun because everybody knows it is the basic knex cannon. I mean out of all weapons. That means RBGs, Grenades, bombs etc.

Asked by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

knex keyblade fenroath keeper (fenrir + oathkeeper mixed)

My new keyblade i made up it is a fenrir and an oathkeeper combined

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knex assault rifle contest

 I'm posting a knex assault rifle contest there will be one round the winner will get a sub picture of a cookie and favorites  Rules: must work  reliable must have a slide show or a few pics  true trigger Score chart: realism: up to 10 points piece efficient: up to 10 points mag: up to 5 points  range: up to 15 points if you make instructions or followable picture on how to build thats and extra 20points TOTAL POINTS UP TO: 50   

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i want a big gun with less parts! no rbg(rubber band guns)

Does anyone know a gun thats not a pistol thats big but doesnt use a ton of parts. i just got started. any suggestions??

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Launch it Contest

Hey, Anyone know why it is taking so long for my entry to get into the Launch-it Contest. Voting ends tomorrow and no moderater has approved my instructable! https://www.instructables.com/id/Elasto-O-Matic-RBG-5-Rubber-Band-Shooter/ I entered it in time! Confused?

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the first knex guns?

Ok i want to know to know all of the knex guns: sling gun,true trigger,rbg semi and full auto,mg,semiauto,pump action and any other knex gun that was a first

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

i need help putting a circut together :P *im some what pathetic*

Ok so i know how every thing works for this. i will play a song and it will be split into 1 a speaker and the other a op amp to get rid of the negitave voltage whitch i feed into a micro controler to tell it what to change the colors of the RBG LED to change to with sertain parts of the song " i will do this cauze electrity gose up and down  so whe  its in middle i could have it green top red bottem blue" and then i will have the micro controler open sertain ground conections to light up the right color the RBG led eill contantly be powered. "im bad with remebering names so sry if icant tell you the name"

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A Foldable Gun... Lol

This is obviously a foldable gun. I was just tinkering around to see what would happen, and i made this foldable rbg. Yes, r. b. g. Rubber band gun. I didn't fell like making it a rod shooter. I'm so lazy... Lol. Anyway, I'm not gonna post this, just thought I'd put the idea out there.

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

has any one made a quality knex gun the uses a real trigger and hammer and shoots knex pieces NOT ruberbands Answered

(maybe even a magazine/ clip)? perfebly a hand gun and less than 700 pieces

Asked by hippyland2 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What was your first knex gun?

I want to knex what all of u knexperts first knex gun. like, the first one you ever made. doesn't have to be ur desine. my first wad a true triggeer rbg with no handle got instuctions from utube

Posted by benfoxg 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Rage rifle

This is the latest design of my new rifle. it is a pump-action RBG rifle, that has semi or full auto capability. it uses a fairly small amount of pieces and has a detachable stock and extendable barrel. it is true trigger, and uses a new design for the fireing mechanism. i need atleast five people to ask me to post it, or i won't bother. comments welcome, and if anyone wants more pics, just ask.

Posted by Rage 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Should I Post?

Ok well i wanna know if i should post this true trigger pistol i made. its a semi automatic rubberband gun. its pretty decent, and can hold as many small rbs as u want, but after about 12 rbs, it gets hard to load. so should i post? and please rate EDIT: i took most of the pics, and will get the instructions up ASAP, but that might be a while cuz im getting left 4 dead today... ANOTHER EDIT: i AM going 2 post wen i finish with the detachable mag idea that me and dunkis were talking about. it might be a while, but ill get it up AGAIN, ANOTHER EDIT: i made the gun, i have all the pics except for the front of the barrel. i made it so it shoots pieces, but reloading takes a long time, so im just gonna post the rbg version, it is SLIGHTLY modified to have a longer barrel, and a slanted handle PLEASE RATE

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Advertise your knex guns here!

Hello. Not alot of people viewing your knex guns? Well, Advertise or Promote them HERE! Just make a comment showing a picture of your gun, and a small description of, how far it shoots, does it have a mag, is it a RBG, and so on. So, if you have a KG, (knex gun) want to promote it, then put it here. Have fun, no foul language or harrassing other people, and make your knex guns POPULAR. Have fun, Techdeck30

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