Random Knex challenge 3- Mechanisms! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Hey guys! Yes, it is me again, and Im back with my 3rd challenge- knex mechanisms! :-) WINNER ANNOUNCED! SOORY TO SAY THAT HTIS CHALLENGE WAS NOT AS POPULAR AS THE OTHERS, BUT ANYWHOO, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I PRESENT THE WINNER: MIKSTR2 WITH HIS NEW TRIGGER MECH! CONGRATS, YOU WIN A PATCH ALONG WITH THE OTHER PRIZES I MENTIONED! Prize: A patch 5* on all of your ibles Fave all of your ibles Subscription from me :) Anyway, here are some rules for this challenge: Must be a new mechanism  Must be 100% Knex (string is also allowed  Things you can make could include: Gun mechs, roller coaster mechs(such as automatic gates), motor switch-on mechs,ect... Must be done by the 12th of dec. List of entrants for this round:   Killer~safecracker   -Entry- Mr.Doomsday (New bullet lock) and                                                   a way to make noise with Knex! Haon   -Entry- Seleziona   -Entry- kNeXFreak   -Entry- A new repeating crossbow mech (He asked me not to show a pic and                                     a new type of shotgun ammo (KFC ammo) Mr. Stealth   -Entry- TheDunkis   -Entry- Jollex   -Entry- Bigdylan91  -Entry- Mikestr2   -Entry- A new trigger mech Cm'on, you know you want to enter... go on, do it, enter! Hehe :) Anyway, good luck to anyone who enters!      

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago