Looking for a Pattern Here.

Ok, I'm kinda looking to gather some general statistics related to people with a DO-It-Yourself/Constructive/Experimental personality. To a degree it has to do with left-handed/right-handed issue, but I want to take other traits and preferences into consideration. Please humor me and give me some details. I'll post my results and possibly a few guesses as to what they mean. 1)What kind of grades do/did you recieve in school? (A,B,C,D,F) 2)Are you right-handed, left-handed, or fully ambidextrous? 3)What types of books/articles do you read? Novels, How-To, Socialogical, etc. 4)Are you multi-lingual? 5)Were you raised in a one-parent or two-parent home? Other? 6)Do you consider yourself an optimist, or a pessimist? 7)Are you religious/spiritual? 8)WHat is your one greatest priority in life? 9)With most of your projects/experiments do you: succeed, fail, quit, procrastinate.

Posted by skunkbait 9 years ago

Something wrong with this instructable

This jack daniels entry seems to have some excess code in there. It's probably not a bug, but something the author has done.

Posted by scraptopower 5 years ago

Right bar in answers loads homepage

When viewing an "Answer" the right hand side of the page loads the main page twice, the last time containing a java error as follows: ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/pages/forum/forum_layout.jspx': ServletException in '/pages/answer/answer_rightbar.jsp': java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Browser, Firefox 3, Windows Vista.

Posted by whatsisface 9 years ago

The right side column seems to be missing

It might just be me but I don't see the info and suggestions column on the right hand side of my own instructable. It happens in Ff13 and also in Opera signed in or not. It doesn't happen on other "ibles. I see others fine. just on my own.It's been that way a couple of days but I figured it would fix itself. It hasn't. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pintail-Duckboat-build-log/

Posted by ArtisanEclectic 6 years ago

Some links are right-justified

.  Some, but not all, links in comments are right-justified and on a line of their own. I think this is happening when someone pastes a URL but does not make it into a link, but that's just a guess. Just a cosmetic bug; doesn't seem to affect anything but formatting. .  Here is a URL (not linked): https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category;=all .  Here's one on a line by itself: https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category;=all .  Here's a link: https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category;=all .  On single line: https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category;=all .  Hmmm. None of those do it in the preview. .  Win XP Pro SP3, FF 3.6.3

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago

Top of page everytime right click

Wherever i right click and select open in new tab the page jumps to top. Like in main page www.instructables.com there are many projects so i dont want to go back and forth, so what i do is open projects in multiple tabs, i right click on link and select "open in new tab" and everytime i do it the page jumps to top, like the links are in bottom so when i do it jumps to top where the banner is Lets make __________. Please fix this problem its very annoying. Browser google chrome and firefox mozilla.

Posted by samalert 5 years ago

Skate was right. Yeah.

Skate was right. Firefox PWNS. I got fed up with chrome. I love it in many ways, but it's just too buggy and slim on features. I'm still using it sometimes, to help beta test it and all, but my heart belongs to another. So I downloaded FF the other day, and am installing addons like a madwoman. Greasemonkey (the comment rater script! No knex! No yarn!), themes, games, rss feeds-it's like a whole new dimension to the internet. It does run better in vista though-still slow on my XP machine. I should have listened to you earlier, skate!

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Right to Information-still a right to gain in Bangladesh

Bangladesh gained independence twice. From the British for the first time and second time from Pakistan. Unfortunately Bangladesh inherited the black laws made both by the British and the PAKISTANI. It is more unfortunate the politician like to those black laws when they are in power. Bangladeshi citizens could asked for infprmation from a government office.  But there is also the light of hope. The government passed RTI-Act 2009 in 2009 to ensure people's right to information. Though the government officer are not interested to supply information as per the law, it is at leat a start. To know more you can see the news http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=211710

Posted by sunil_123 6 years ago

Lefties Rule

We <3 Being Lefty

Posted by SnapFitPieces(: 7 years ago

Major Kudos

Lots of people point out mistakes or what they don't like.  I'd like to take a moment to say, Thanks and Kudos for everything.  I love this site.  I personally feel its the best on the net for how to.  I don't know a lot about your business plan but I can't think that much change would be needed.  You are already the best, you just need for people to find this out.  Thanks for all you do. Fuzvulf

Posted by fuzvulf 7 years ago

RHD Right Hand Drive Conversion Kit for car auto van

I want to develop, design, and build a right hand drive conversion kit.  My goal is to make it simple as possible, but safe. Easy to make from off the shelf parts. Easy to customize to fit any vehicle. Inexpensive. All input would be greatly appreciated. I am a rural mail carrier and I think we could design and build a modular system that could fit in any car and would help mail carriers across the country. 

Posted by pwwroa 4 years ago


Hi there!!!! Im 14 and Australian. I like Tech stuff, video games (no fantasy) ,friends , books and computers! Im classified as a nerd...but i dont care!!! Im a social one ;) Anyway hope i got the right section of introduction! AWarGuy

Posted by AWarGuy 9 years ago

Arm tendinitis, arthritis of the elbow....any advice ?

Hi all, I have been struggling lately with two problems:   #1: tendinitis of my lower right arm and wrist #2: arthritis of the right elbow.  The doc believes both are aggravated by overuse of the mouse (actually resting my hand on it an entire work shift, plus the time I spend on line at home).  The first thing I must do, of course, is unlearn the behavior and remove my hand when I am not actually USING the mouse.  This hasn't been very successful so far.  Does anyone have any further suggestion on how to "rest" the arm and still be able to go to work and work a bit at home?  Anything serious will be considered.    

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Is This circut right?

I need to know if circut for a 9v usb charger is right. I didn't have the usb port at the time. Any help?

Posted by Dread_Neck 7 years ago

Not right GIF

You have probably all seen this before but, that's just not right... I can't stop looking at it. Not a bad loop sequence. Certainly confuses the brain.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Civil Rights Book Recommendations?

I have a friend who I frequently discuss civil liberties/rights with, and his birthday is coming up. I'd like to get him a book that discusses what rights and liberties we have, how to use them, etc. I was hoping somebody here might have read a good one that they could recommend? Thanks!

Posted by Weissensteinburg 8 years ago

Live right now - printing with cheese!

These guys are 3D printing with cream cheese right now. [LINK] No, I don't know why it's green.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Image issues on Instructables right now

We're having some issues with the images right now. Don't worry, we're on it and things will be back to normal soon.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

how do you find the right (com port) for the arduino

please help me i cant find the right com port help

Posted by Jordan arduino 7 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

To the Canadian Friends up there :) --I did get that right, right? Second Monday of October?

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

R2D2 is at Instructables HQ Right Now!

R2D2 just arrived for tonight's Make SF event!

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Is Zipper the right name?

Hi I would like to know how to name the kind of system that closes freezing bag (have a look at the pi). Is zipper the right name? B.

Posted by BaptisteL8 1 year ago

What is the best Zombie video game out right now? Brian M. Bernal

What is the best Zombie game out right now?  What is the best Zombie movie?  Brian M. Bernal

Posted by Brian M. Bernal 7 years ago

Convert stereo to mono? - creating 3 channels, mono, left, right

I have a little problem.... i want to convert Left, Right channels into 3 channels, Left, Right, and Mono is it possible to build this with a couple diodes? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago

Right brain : Instructables

Not sure if this will work... I found a left vs right brain test online- more specifically ,http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm. I got to thinking, and I noticed that the people who call themselves creative tend to have more instructables than those who don't- so if you use the right brain percentage as a measure (however faulty) of creativity, than maybe I could graph the relationship, and (Warning- this is far fetched) find an equation. So If you could take the test, share your right brain percentage and the amount of instructables you've written, I would Greatly appreciate it. Thank you. (what I'll use to graph it - https://www.abettercalculator.com/c) Hope I'm not asking too much! :)

Posted by moneyfuskie935 6 years ago

Hacking and Air Rights

Wondering how wifi data, hacking and air rights work in terms of law and wireless security. If data packets are entering my "air space" why are or aren't I allowed to do with them as I want? So long as packets aren't injected or intended to alter private APs, I assume my air rights on my property trump other laws. I'm proposing no laws are broken; using legal, open software and or writing your own code. I honestly don't care one way or the other, I'm just curious as to what others know, or their opinions on the matter. A Google search with hacking, air, rights, etc..... turns up more than what I care to sort through.

Posted by Sovereignty 4 years ago

Hey Instructables! Keep doing all the right things!

Hey Instructables! The new PDF feature totally kicks butt! Keep up the good work!!! *

Posted by stasterisk 9 years ago

Minimalist 2 wheeled robot with front, left, right sensors, and line following

I'm scouring the web for a tested design for a 2 wheeled (+caster) robot with an arduino and 3 sensors, left, right, forward and a line following sensor. Can anyone recommend a specific design (not a kit, but just a tested configuration?) Thanks!

Posted by pitosalas 1 year ago

Adding headphone jack to stereo bluetooth headset - Confused by wiring

I have a stereo bluetooth headset which has a right channel earbud connected to the mic part and a detachable left channel earbud. I opened it up and found a green and copper colored coated wire going to the right earbud then another set of green and coppor coloerd wires going to the plug in for the left earbud. Using a left/right audio testing program on my phone I tried wiring the wires up to a set of headphones to test which wire is which. When I wire up the green right wire to the right channel and the copper colored wire to the ground I get sound through just the right channel as I would expect. When I add the green wire from the left channel to te left connection on the headphones both channels play through both sides of my headphones. When I did those tests I was assuming the copper colored wire was a ground. I then reversed the colors assuming the green wire was the ground and repeated the same test with the same results. No matter what combination I connect the wires in I cannot isolate the left channel to the left side and the right channel to the right side. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by xxxjdoggxxx 3 years ago

Directions to Instructables HQ / Squid Labs

Coming to a party at Instructables HQ in the Squid Labs control tower?2175 Monarch St. Alameda, CA 94501We'd like you to actually get here. Google maps & Yahoo maps are giving misleading directions at the moment, so here are some better ones. Check out the aerial view here.From San Francisco/I-80E:1. Head east over the San Francisco Bay Bridge2. Take the exit onto I-880 S toward San Jose/Airport/Alameda3. Take the exit toward Broadway/Alameda4. Turn right at 5th St6. At the next light, stay right at the fork & follow signs for Broadway/Alameda (stay on 5th)7. Make a soft left at Broadway & follow the signs for Alameda. You will enter the Webster Tube/Tunnel. 8. After the tunnel, stay to the right and follow to the 1st light.9. At the first light, turn right onto Atlantic Ave/Ralph M Appezzato Mem Pkwy10. Go through a few lights & enter the Alameda Point Naval Base11. Continue in that same direction through the roundabout (around the navy jet)12. At the T-interstection, turn right onto Ferry Point13. The road will curve left & become W Tower Ave14. Follow Tower ave to a T-intersection, then turn left onto Monarch St15. Squid Labs is the control tower building on your right.From 880N/South of Oakland:1. Take the Broadway exit towards downtown Oakland2. Make a right onto Broadway3. Make an immediate right onto 7th street4. Drive 2 blocks and make a right onto Webster Street.5. Stay to the right & enter the Webster St Tube (Tunnel)6. After the tunnel, stay to the right and follow to the 1st light.7. At the first light, turn right onto Atlantic Ave/Ralph M Appezzato Mem Pkwy8. Go through a few lights & enter the Alameda Point Naval Base9. Continue in that same direction through the roundabout (around the navy jet)10. At the T-interstection, turn right onto Ferry Point11. The road will curve left & become W Tower Ave12. Follow Tower Ave to a T-intersection, then turn left onto Monarch St13. Squid Labs is the control tower building on your right.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Keeps logging me out

Every time I view a new instructable or go to the home page, I have to log back in. Is this a bug right now, or is something not right with my account/computer? 

Posted by mackmgg 8 years ago

Does this look right??

I want to link a few LEDs together and use the mains as the power supply (not batteries). Does this look ok? Any risk by linking them up this way? I want to use a 5V power supply Thanks

Posted by uuili 11 years ago

is this right?

So there has been many entry's in the launch-it group that will be disqualified because of their date do you think its the people adding it or other people adding it or even the instructable adding it self i doubt that. but what do you think

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago


Yosh: A japanese exclamation meaning "Yes!", "All Right!" or "Okay!", Yosh!

Posted by Xarkumetru 11 years ago

Stats still not working right -- can't change calendar range

With last night's update, Rachel indicated that the Stats tab was "fixed" (no details).  Right now, I see that I can switch from a combined view to a per-I'ble breakdown, but I cannot change the time period displayed.  If I switch the radio button to 3-months or 1-year, the little wheel spins, but the display is not changed.

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

The phrase "You have no right": What's the deal?

Recently, I saw someone use a variation the phrase "You have no right to say that".  Location and who said that are not important.  Anyways, my bull detector went off, so I just decided to post this topic. For all the people who have used this phrase before, guess what?  They still said it.  The receivers of this skewered phrase obviously don't care if they don't have the right to say it, which brings me to this train of thought: Why do we call it a "Right"?  Most times people say it as if it was not a legal right at all, but matter of fact is, that most conversation on the internet is not really anything to involve cops or authorities in (Well, at least the conversations with the phrase I mentioned above), so why are we treating this as something straight out of the constitution or bill of rights or whatever? Offtopic: I kept the poster of the comment and the location of the comment anonymous for a reason.  It would be smart for him/her to not blow it with a poorly written comment. Why I posted this topic: There have been a bunch of phrases on the internet (some offensive with cuss words and whatnot) that don't make sense when you go by their definition, and I felt like ruining one of them.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Robot Hunting Trophies

After a long, dangerous hunt of the wild robots it's only natural that you'd want to place their head on your wall as a trophy. I mean, that's your right as a red-blooded hunter, right? link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Equal Rights for Robots

Not trying to spam/ad to the fire of religious debate or any of that, but recently I saw this post on Digg about this kid at Kutztown University who showed up at a religious protest, and to counter their craziness, he held up a sign that quite randomly and humorously said "Equal Rights for Robots." For some reason he was arrested minutes later. He may or may not have had the appropriate permit, but this seems a little insane, especially given the fact that these non-students were practicing hate speech, while a student was holding up a funny sign.Here's a link:http://www.basementcoder.com/?p=23But all of that bullcrap aside, the reason I came to you is because I figured everyone here likes robots, right? Well, I think we should take a stand, and SUPPORT EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ROBOTS too!!!https://static.instructables.com/deriv/FH6/5K3R/F03WEWYE/FH65K3RF03WEWYE.MEDIUM.jpgThink of the Robot Children!

Posted by mikesty 11 years ago

Apes are People, Too

Spain's parliament has voted to give the rights to life and freedom to apes. Keeping apes for use in circuses, television commercials or for filming will be forbidden. Zoos are still OK, but many will have to improve their conditions in the future to keep apes.Right on. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Account not logging in, but I'm positive I have the right pass word!

HELP! Every time I try and login to my other account, it wont let me!!!!!!!!!! HELP! I know I have the right password!

Posted by DrWeird117 10 years ago

*Insert Cuss Word*!

My 360 just Red Ringed for the second time! Right before the four day break too! Right when all the good games have come out! CURSE YOU 360 REAPER! (Ironic that this is what I went as to a Halloween party.)

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

guitar hero distortion pedal

Ive been thinking... coudnt you make a distortion pedal? like somting that flashes random inputs for the right analog stick. the right analog stick controls whamy bar. woudnt that ncrease your score?

Posted by fredricksburgthethird 10 years ago

Freudian Typo for Pro Bradges?

From the Go Pro page:I thought a Pro Badge seemed like too much tooting of my own horn, let alone a Pro Bradge.It's gotta be a typo, right? (...right?)

Posted by Gorfram 9 years ago

Xmas is right around the corner!

Every year people instinctively know what to purchase me due to my interest in shaving.  If you are unaware of it, you can attain a solid shaving package for about $50. They make GREAT gifts and last virtually forever. Beats a fruitcake.

Posted by SecretGuideToShaving 7 years ago

Instructables Flaw

I don't know about you guys, but on the right side of instructables there are pictures of other instructables. When someone posts a comment with a bunch of pictures, a lot of times you cant see a couple of them because they are blocked off by the pictures of other instructables on the right. Is there any way to fix this?

Posted by benboy207 9 years ago


Nobody can stop the pirate horse. That's right, nobody. Arrr!

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Part Question

I'm not sure if this would be the right category to ask this but what might this part be?

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

What is this?

Anyone know what this is? 8 pins on the left, 5 pins on the right.

Posted by RodgerE1 5 years ago

New Instructable Editor

I'm just about to list off all the sweet new features in a blog post, but right now, try out the new Instructable editor!https://www.instructables.com/id/editYou can also get to it from the "Try the new Editor!" link in the upper right of the standard editor

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

NO 2 Pro

Now, an official place to argue against Pro accounts.

Posted by Epeoples 8 years ago