My question was how do I get rid of my hernia ?

To all who gave me their best - THANK YOU for your comments ( I really was expecting a few people to actualy think outside the box ) I have it under control now and it is getting smaller each day, I have been experimenting on myself with great results so once it is completely gone I will strengthen those muscles that keep my guts from falling out and share this with my family,thanks again - Thomas

Asked by ThomasDFoolery 6 years ago

Danger in separating compressor head from tank?

Wasn't sure where else to put this, I'm trying to turn an old ambulance into a shop truck and I'd like to use the stock giant O2 tanks on the side as the reservoir for pneumatic tools. How dangerous would it be to rig the compressor head somewhere else in the truck and pipe the air to the tanks? I'd of course include a pressure release valve and some sort of cup to catch moisture since these tanks wouldn't have a bottom valve (though I doubt a full on air dryer would be practical). I was hoping to use flexible tubing to run the air but I doubt that would be safe at tank pressure. Would black iron and pipe tape be enough? Am I setting myself up for a world of hurt? These tanks would be powering pneumatic tools and possibly a media blaster, thanks for any advice, Mac

Posted by Macinations 4 years ago

Reusable Burst Disc? Answered

So I had an Idea for something, but the problem is that it would need a burst disc or rupture disc, which have to be replaced after each use. What I was wondering is if there is some way to make them be able to be used multiple times, or something that could act like a burst disc (eg releasing a large amount of pressure very quickly) that could be used in quick(ish) succession?

Asked by Mecknavorz 2 years ago

What to do when the starboard plasma conduit is ruptured...

Picked up from the PhysicsWorld blogTo commemorate the first lunar landing's 40th anniversary, Haynes has released an operations and "repair" manual for the Apollo 11 mission. This would go great on my bookshelf next to my first-edition Starfleet Technical Manual.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

transformer help needed

Hi guys, i'm a newbie on here so i would like to take this opportunity to say hello :) i have a salvaged transformer that i'm working on at the mo. It is the primary that is blown, but the secondary is fine. I am in the uk, so it is designed to run on 240. Because i am looking to produce high amps, one solution would be to use the secondary as a primary, otherwise i am looking at doing a full rewind. i'm kinda new to transformers, but have enough knowledge for the job in hand. my question is how many turns does the primary need to have? i know that you cant give me an exact figure without the dimensions of the transformer in question (700w microwave transformer if that helps) but i seem to remember from school physics that there is an equation to work out the number of turns a primary must have at a given voltage, i have googled for days to no avail, i'm guessing it is out there somewhere, but i cant find it :( and the last question is that if the transformer was to have too few turns on the primary, what would happen when it was plugged in? my guess would be that it would short out the mains and the coil would rupture, possibly tripping the circuit breaker? many thanks to anyone who replies :) and merry xmas to all :) 

Posted by jbaz73 4 years ago