Help with SMD marking!

Hello, I recently had a tablet to repair and this SMD IC was damaged: "C03AE". I can't figure out exactly what it is. Results I got range from LDO to Power switch to overcurrent protection. Does anyone know or have the datasheet for the latter? Its SOT-25 package. The tablet works fine without the IC (can charge, work on wall adapter only, etc). Here are some voltage readings WRT to ground (pin 2) and battery at 36% charge (pin numbering as per picture) Case 1: display ON, charger not connected: Pin 1, 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 3.64V Case 2: display OFF, charger not connected Same as case 1 Case 3: display ON, charger connected Pin 1: 4.74V Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 4.64V Case 4: display OFF, charger connected Pin 1: 5.11V Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V Pin 5: 4.74V Any help is greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Nawaz

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Resistor for SMD LED 1306? Answered

I'm struggling to find any clues of what kind of resistor to use as I am a little new at this kind of project. I'll be using the lights in a small scale 9v project for up to 100 SMDs.  I'd appreciate any advice! Cheers :)

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SMD Soldering without Soldermask?

I'm working on a project and I needed to get a PCB made. I was planning on getting it from BatchPCB, but I ran into a little problem... I'm using a NAND Flash chip, which is TSSOP48; the footprint has 6mil spacing! (BatchPCB has a 8mil minimum) The next cheapest solution would be Barebones PCB, which makes prototype PCBs without soldermask & silkscreen. I'm worried about soldering on the Flash chip, and another LQFP48. Will the lack of a soldermask make it impossible to do?

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How to replace an SMD inductor? Answered

I have an 2gen Ipod shuffle which I burnt. Now after a long while I found that an inductor cas destroyed. How can I find it's value?or Can I put a jumper instead?

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Pick and Place Machine for SMD

Can someone please direct me to an instructable for building a pick & place machine for SMD chips, please & thank you.

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smd lm386 vs lm386?

I want to build simple amp but i have a problem, in eletronic store where i buy they dont have standard lm386 but they have SMD LM386. maybe they will get standard lm386 but its 2x more expensive then smd. So can i make amp using smd lm 386? and if i can does i need some other parts ( for standard i need 2 resistors, 1x 1k potentiometer, and 1-2 x capacitor)

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Good reflow solder station?

Hello, I am looking to get  a hot air reflow solder station. It will be used to mainly repair cracked solder joints on SMD-filled boards. As I gain skill I would like to start soldering SMD. I digress; does anyone know of a good entry-level hot air reflow solder station I should get? Preferably a digital one, and one that does not have the added soldering iron (already have a soldering iron....). Any advice/suggestions on what to buy is greatly appreciated. 

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SMD LEDS safe on power supply?

Hi, I've taken two sets of 30 SMD Leds which were each powered by 3 AA batteries, and one set of 12 smd leds which was powered by usb. I have chopped the power supply cords off, and connected all 3 sets to one mains phone charger plug transformer thingy, rated at 5v 2000mA I think the current draw is around 1750mA so this should be safe. However, can someone tell me for sure? The charger gets warm, but has been runnning well for a couple of hours and the leds are nice and bright. This should save me a fortune on batteries.

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4x questions about SMD LEDs.? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask : 1. how many SMD LEDs I can power from USB (in general) 2. would and USB port handle 90 of these ( LEDs ??? 3. Would you rather buy 2pcs of these LED STRIPS ( to get the 90 pcs ??? 4. Could I power these 90 SMD LEDs from the strip by USB (after modifying it...'cose its for 12 volts). Thank you in advance, for your answers. Zholy

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Woot! My first True SMD soldering job!

Yay! I finally soldered my first SMD chip package! (And it didn't explode!)

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How to salvage SMD component from old electronics board

I want to know how to perfectly desolder a smd Component. I  want to reuse them but cant get them i would love suggestion or advice

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How to attach a wire to a tiny SMD board

I'm working on moding a cheap mp3 player. I want to relocate the power switch. The SMD components are tiny and I just destroyed a small component (diode) with my weller temp controlled soldering iron. Any suggestions on how to attach a small wire to a really tiny spot (1.5mm x 2mm),

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anyone involve in fixing motherboard computer, espcially invoving soldering smd chip, smaller chip, ic, qfp n other. Answered

What i means does solder smd part such as ic can be done , for computer motherboard,  can you show me some guidlines about this. plesea. 

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what does this chip do? Answered

I have a atmlh812 smd chip here, but i cant find any datasheets on it. it also says 02B(or 8) 1 (.)Z8F1056C is it made by atmel? can someone help me find a datasheet for it?

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How can I safely interface an in-circuit chip? Answered

I have a circuit with a tsop packaged flash memory chip. Is it possible to interface with the chip without removing it from the board and without damaging the rest of the circuit?  If so, how (preferably without soldering on the board)? I am mostly concerned with how to physically connect to it.  I have the datasheet to help me figure out the software portion.

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Type of diode

Hey everyone, I recently had an ASUS laptop to repair and after troubleshooting, found some damaged components among which is this surface mount diode (kindly see picture). I looked around for a datasheet but cannot find anything. Am also unable to find out exactly what type of diode it is from its code marking. I've had results varying from a 'leakage diode' to '3.3V zener diode'. However, I am suspecting it might be a schottky diode since it was in what looks like a boost circuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code marking: 100 98FP1  j Thanking everyone in anticipation. Kind Regards, Nawaz

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SMD Led's

I have just purchased SMD LED's from China. They come on a strip. How do I remove them from the strip to use them individually?

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Transformer less 6v smd led driver circuit? Answered

Hi, I have buy a 6V smd led board which have12leds. Now I what to make a cheap transformer less power supply that light it in 220v ac  mains. I try with a 474k capacitor with 100k resistor parallel and 4 dioads and  a 1k resistor connect to the positive dc output . It works but the light of led is too low. I want a circuit  like in led bulbs to drive them. Thank you.

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What kind of power supply do I need for my 10PCS 10W 30Mil SMD Led?

Hello I just bought 10 SMD white led. This lighting project is for my aquarium. I got the LEDs but now I need some newbie friendly help to connect these light and get a proper power supply for these. I don't know how much power will I be needing for them. Here are the details of the led lights from the ebay page SPECIATIONS The details were under 10 lot of smd. Voltage: 9-12V / 900mA Chip: Genesis's LED 30Mil chip Luminous Flux:  900-1000LM Output Power: 10W Light Color:   Warm White 3000k-3200k   Cool White 6000-6500k Beam Angle: 120-140 LED Support Material:Al Working Life: 50000h Can anyone please guide me how to wire them safely and power them with a good power supply which will allow them to utilize their full brightness. Details which confuses me is how much mah and and volt I will need for all of them. It would be good if you could give me a ebay link so that I can order it online. :)

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SMD bulb rework from 5 to 4 Led´s?

Hi, im trying to get some Led bulbs to fit in my dashbord on my car, the standard B9s fitting is ok, but the 5 SMDs get to it possible to remove the top SMD, so it gets only 4 on the sides?And still get it working? Regards

Asked by Leaded 6 years ago

SMT variant of 2N3904 NPN transistor? Answered

Im looking for a SMT equivalent of a 2n3904 transistor. I found one on digikey that might be similar, the MMBT3904. Is this correct? Many thanks- Astroboy907

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Any smd leds that are similar to 0805 but flash? Answered

Asked by ismael01 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to (properly) glue a SMD leds to (slightly flexible) plastic?

Hi people or robots, For a project of mine I need to glue SMD leds to a transparant piece of plastic. the LEDs need to be glued face down on the plastic so the soldering contacts are facing up. I've already tried super glue (CA glue) but this didn't hold, the LEDs would pop of when the plastic was flexed a bit. What would you (the awesome instructables community) recommend? I've ordered some two part clear epoxy to give that a try, would that work?

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LED Meteor Rain Light

How to make these at home as they will look awesome in my bedroom ceiling..... plzz answer Thanks in advance

Asked by adarshnarsaria 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

LED Lamp Buzzing (not a bulb)

About a year ago, I came across this LED lamp that was on sale at my local Target store. It caught my eye because it had a little tray at the base of the lamp along with a USB port for charging my devices. Since the first time I plugged it in and turned it on, it makes a buzzing noise. At first it didn't bother me, but now that I am spending more time at my workbench it has become annoying. I understand it is kind of common for LED bulbs to do this because of the dimmer switch being outdated, however this lamp is not dimmable nor is it a "bulb" so to say. It's about 7-9 SMD LEDs on a circuit with a rocker switch. If it makes a difference, I do have my lamp plugged into a surge protector and don't have anything plugged into the USB port located at the base of the lamp. What can be done (other than throwing it away, of course) to stop the buzzing noise coming from the lamp? Thanks in advance!

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LED Car Badge/Emblem/Shield

Hi there, Firstly, I am a mechanical engineering student with a limited knowledge of circuits and electronics, so therefore I may be a little out of my depth. However I am very keen to learn about electronic circuits and have completed other simpler projects and that is why I am attempting this project. So onto my dilemma, I want to use my universities Shield of Arms to make a car badge for the single-seater racecar we are building as a project. However this badge won't just be a run-of-the-mill plastic car badge. I want it to be made from stainless steel (laser cut) and acrylic with the idea that I will solder a bunch of LEDs in series and when the ignition is turned on, the LEDs light up one at time until they are all lit, after which they all flash three times together and then remain lit up until the ignition is turned off. The LEDs I intend on using are 0603 SMD LEDs and the aim of this whole design is that it is reasonably thin (No more than 1/4 " or 6.35mm thick for the PCB however ideally I would like it to be as thin as is physically possible. The dimensions of the badge will be very similar to a Porsche badge (51mm by 69mm). I have included the Shield of Arms in question and also the Porsche emblem for comparison. Also price is an issue since as I am a student, I have limited resources, so if someone could point me to some cheap electronics parts shops etc it would be greatly appreciated. (I live in the United Kingdom so a lot of American shops will be unavailable to me) I don't really know how to read schematics but I do have friends working on this project who do,  however if anyone can guide me in the right direction with maybe a couple of how-to's (particularly the requirements for the lighting up process) and some really good pointers, it will be very much appreciated. If I have not made myself clear I do apologise and I will be happy to explain further should you need to. Thank you all in advance. I hope to hear from you soon. H

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can DIY hot air soldering iron solder other smd component such ic, transistor,and other smd component.?

Without destroying anything,especially the board,

Asked by hore 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

SMD components codes

Its my first time using smd components i bought some transistor but i dont know how to identify itcode written on it is 3ft22what transistor is this and how you read code like these ?

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how do i wire surface mounted SMD RGB LEDs in series?

Asked by 21century 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

old printer controller board

Hi, i have been looking around allot on how to use a old printer control board that houses the surface mounted micro controller, I want to control various motors with it. i was wondering how do i go about programming the board or sending commands to it from the computer? the board connects with usb ther is one of those kind of square usb slots on the board.

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LED Matrix & POV PCBs up for grabs!

Boy do I have a deal for you! I've been working on an uber-clock project recently (it's going to be really really awesome!), and it entails a very interesting display -- a 5x16 array of SMD LEDs.I tried making a homemade PCB, but it was impossible to use, so I'm sending my order out to a fabhouse for some real ones. While I'm at it, I'm offering you, instructablonians, the chance of a lifetime: Owning one of these awesome* boards!For $18, you get the PCB and 100 red SMD LED's! (LEDs courtesy of T3hMuffinator) -- this price pretty much covers the cost of the board & shipping.For an extra 5 bucks, I'll stuff the board with the LEDs for you.(The 5 bucks is to cover the solder paste, and the labor involved :P)It definantly needsto be stuffed with solder paste, the parts are very close together. It is litterally just the LED matrix, there are spots for it to be connected to a controller board, where the resistors would lay.EDIT: Heres the schematic, sch file, and the board.EDIT2: New board design, much much more compact! 3.15" x 1.20"! EDIT3: Just in case we get a flood of replies, I'll repeat 'Muff.He's supplying the LEDs. They're avaliable in red, white, yellow, and 1 other color. They're from [ Select Technology] (eBay UMO88)EDIT4: I also have controller boards availible. They're basically an AtMega8, resistors, header pins, power, etc all on a board the same size as the array. (not an easy task!) They're $18, PM me fore more detailsI also have some POV boards availible. They are uber-compact, at only 0.8"x0.6"! They come with 10 SMD LEDs. They cost $5 a piece. Just add the Attiny13 & power!For $15, you get the POV PCB, the LEDs, 11 Male & 5 Female header pins, a DB-25 connector, an Attiny13, and its socket. Its everything you need to use this PCB. (Note: you need a parallel port on the back of your computer in order to use this board to program the uC)Its a very self-explaintory PCB, which makes it great. Its compact size is great for a few different thingsAn instructable is coming really soon on making/stuffing/using it, so don't dispair!---All three boards distributed by Rethinker Industries and liscenced under by-nc-sa.

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how can i remove these smd leds without melting them? Answered

I want to know so i can mod my ds with them. this is half of a cell phone with 19 blue leds.

Asked by zack247 8 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

xbox 360 error lights after ring of life mod

Hi ive seen after mod error lights but every time i never get to see the rf board to see how they do it or what smd/leds they use to do so any help will be meet with the upmost appreciation thank you

Asked by joesome 9 years ago

Quick SMD question

I am just getting into SMD work for PCB's & I was curious when I am using the electric skillet method for solder reflow does the PCB have to sit on the skillet itself or can it slowly pass over & the heat that is coming up from the skillet still cause the solder to flow like it would sitting on top.

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SMD IC Star LED Flasher Kit

Here's a kit that pays homage to someone we all know and love...

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I sync SMD LED Strips to music?

Plz give me schematic how can i sync 12v SMD LED Strips to music using TIP 31 and PSU as a 12v DC Output. I get the idea from here If there is a possible substitute of TIP 31 plz suggest 

Asked by adarshnarsaria 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

phenoptix - LEDs, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, SMD and Superflux

Www.phenoptix.comLEDs, resistors, Kynar wire and many new products coming soon.UK based with fast and low priced shipping worldwide.

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[PCB Modification] How to change smd LED to 3mm LED? Answered

Hi guys ! I'm currently working on a portable bluetooth speaker project. I want to modify an existing bluetooth speaker to have a bigger battery life (thanks to 4x 18650 batteries) and to be able to charge a smartphone thanks to a usb port. So I want to modify the speaker PCB to add the batteries, the phone charging circuit (the powerboost 1000 from adafruit) and integrate it in a custom made cabinet. I don't have the speaker yet, but I've joined a picture of the 5-button array on top of the speaker and a 3d sketchup design of what the speaker will look like next to 4x18650 batteries when finished (in red the area with the buttons (shown) and the leds (not shown)). The power and bluetooth buttons both seem to have leds. The speaker is powered by a 3,7v Li-ion battery. I need to change the original buttons and leds to use panel-mounted ones and I'm wondering how I can achieve that and select the right Leds in order to not damage the speaker's PCB !  Thanks in advance, Mahot

Asked by boulou 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to upload to another arduino without removing the atmel chip? Answered

I bought a arduino uno  and i got the smd edition i want to upload sketches to my arduino pro mini with the smd version any luck??

Asked by TheGreatResistor 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I have a LED i cant light, no matter what. It has a little black dot in it. What kind of LED is that? Answered

Appearance: It is a common 5mm, transparent case, LED, being different from all others only by having this very tiny square dot over its anvil, kind of covering the reflexive cavity where the semiconductor (i don't know which) gets lit up. Other: I could not light this LED whit voltages from 1.5V to 3.5V. =O It came out of a photocopying machine, and was paired with an IR LED in some kind of emitter-receiver set. Other components of this set were a pair of smd resistors and a smd trim pot. Would it be and IR receiver or photodiode? UPDATE: I've took some photos of the mysterious LED. BUT, as no macro-enabled camera was available, i had to do the ghetto-way of photography. Soo: i have photos of it compared to the IR LED, and some photos of both anvils (IR, unknown), at 200x magnifying. Here they are. BTW, i hadn't tested the suggested circuits yet. =(

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Arduino UNO R3 SMD Uploading Error on Widnows 7 64bit

Hi, I just Installed Arduino UNO R3 SMD to my Windows 7 64bit. and getting     avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error when uploading I'm sorry if it is a old problem solved somewhere in this forum. But last couple of hour i couldn't find it. Please see attached image for better understanding. Thanks Farness

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i Need help with leds? Answered

The question is in the picture

Asked by diabloboy 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Help with smd LED

Hey everyone, Recently I purchased an smd LED just for learning purposes. Personally, I have no clue how to use it and where I can put it. I have read on the internet about how you can use them for reading lights, buses, planes, etc etc. They are extremely small, and only 2 very small places where I can solder wires to. I have no clue how to use this. Do you use it on a circuit board? Not using a circuit board? I have no clue. Thanks a ton, Brennn10

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Kickstarter - Fos - A hackable, fabric-based Bluetooth LED display

Hey guys, There's a new wearable device on Kickstarter called Fos: It's indistinguishable from fabric yet receives real-time video streams so you can draw text, graphics, 3D objects or whatever on your body or wearable gear via your smartphone. This means you can do GPS-guided turn signalling for cycling, display current real-time athletic stats, wear dynamic fashion designs and more. It's affordable and comes with a free SDK to give you 100% control over every pixel, all the time. I promise to only spam you once, I've got one shot at this. =] -Anders

Posted by ufanders 5 years ago

what smd components can I use to make a voltage regulator? Answered

I have components from a laptop hard drive and would like to know which components on the controller board can be used to make a voltage regulator that regulates voltages at 3,6,9 and 12 volts.

Asked by techfix1 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to make a constant 5v power supply from 12v battery for 3 no. of 1watt smd led lights?

I have lm7805 voltage regulator, 3 nos. of 1 watt smd led 3 to 3.7v 320ma power of each led. I want to use these 3 led in a parallel circuit. so please tell me the resistor value and capacitor value for making this circuit.

Asked by grs_14 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago