Special Effects?


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Special Effects

Hey guys, Our first topic is making special effects with explosions and fire. The goal is to make a way to make safe special effects explosions and make them look realistic. Movie quality special effects on the chaep and/or on the safe. Please, dont copy the ideas of others. And we still except all other transmissions of diffrent ideas.

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Are these bills special?

I got 2 bills back in change today at Dunkin Donuts. Here are the serial numbers:22077552and22077551They are 1 digit away.Also, there are 3 doubles in each (22, 77, 55). Are these worth anything or are they special in any way? **PLEASE REPLY*

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special timer?

How do i make a timer that would have a big button to start the timer, then a touch sensor that stops it. and then where do i get a big timer clock at?

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Special request for Jayefuu

Is it possible to make a script that counts the views to EVERYTHING I post on ibles?  Profile views, forum topic views, and ible views combined?

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Molding with no Special Equipment

Hi, say I want to make a lot copies of a clay craft, and I don't have a special oven to mold brass stuff etc. How can I do it? So I prefer to mold in room temperature. I don't care a lot about the material, just if it isn't something weak, like gypsum. thanks.

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Specialized lm386 amp? Answered

I want to make a amplifier like this https://www.instructables.com/id/LM386-Audio-Amplifier/ but i was wondering if i can make it without the 10k pot as i dont have one.

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Some guns I built, with no special pieces

I enjoy building Knex guns for fun occasionally, but the only I dislike about the designs here are how many special pieces are required. I don't mean like exotic or cut pieces, but like Y joints, ball and sockets. I have like only 2 joints -.- I know you can get most of these online, but the fact is it's a hassle. So here are a couple original designs I made myself. Comments? The first is a just a front loading pistol I built mainly for looks, it's suppose to be a Desert Eagle replica.  The second is an Oodaammo pistol that holds 12 shots. 

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A Special Thanks To All Instructables Staff Members, Feature Team Members, Volunteers, AND Members!

I wanted to give some positive feedback to everyone here at instructables because I feel they have earned it. When I first signed up I must admit that I was very frustrated because everything was new to me. I kind of felt alone in a vast world of the unknown. I felt bad at times to email staff members or volunteers because lets face it everyone is busy. Thanks for being patient with me. In time I have learned a lot. I have seen some very positive changes in the value of the contest prizes and the quality of the winners entries as well as the instructables staff working hard on the issues here. I personally wish to thank you all for your hard work and say I have noticed it! I also wish to thank everyone who has corresponded with me and answered my questions because you have been so helpful. A special thanks of course to Eric, Scoochmaroo, and Instructables Robot. A special thanks to Nizerbean because she has worked very hard helping me become better and better at editing my entries. I value all of her time and hard work and well, thank you! I know the amount of time it takes to email back and forth and tweak here and there. It takes time away from you doing your own thing but know that I appreciate all you have done! All of you volunteers Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you feel appreciated. I also wish to thank the members because they too make up the instructable site. Thank you for awesome instructables that we can learn from, have fun making, and exchange creative ideas! You rock! A special thanks to wilgubeast, Chrysn, and Stumpchunkman. If any members wish to join me in giving this team some positive feedback please tell these wonderful people you value them also. How about an online Thank You Instructables party with cupcakes, pies, bbq, drinks, and diy patches! Thanks for reading this. Sunshiine  

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Video special effects help. Answered

I have been poking around for a good video special effects/editing software. So far I have found a couple good looking programs such as Adobe's After Effects. But I. Would like to know if there is a better way to spend my money to get the cheap muzzle flashes and laser effects I am looking for. All suggestions and advice are much appreciated!

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Special hook for survival equipment

Template  https://mega.co.nz/#!tppXgBZT!Uqn2TqnYVRE3NQLbBnm9mx-2vb-JDwZ-GLGNWh526Ww http://www.youtube.com/c/DrákPreepers

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K'nex Saturday Night Specials

Hey everyone, I've been working on a K'nex Colt .25.  Any one else got anything similar?

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Contests are becoming too specialized

Lately I've been seeing more and more contests which require expensive, specialized tools (mostly 3D printers) in order for you to make something that is eligible. I wish we would have less of this type of contest, or at least have people utilize tools other than 3D printers. How about a milling/turning contest instead of endless 3D printing-related contests? I'm just worried that many of the contests are inaccessible to the average instructables user, and also getting a bit bored of contests which involve 3D printers.

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Knex Buntline special revolver

I will be trying to design a new knex revolver I figured that there only two that worked well (I think Its extreme builder and spyrans) mine will be built to scale like the original gun which has a barrel one foot long and a six shot(or eight shot) cylinder.

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A very special new member

Evening, all!I would like to introduce a new member to you all.It's #1 son.No, he isn't actually called Roger, any more than I am called Kiteman - that is just his online name.Go say hello on his Orange board if you want: don't worry if he doesn't respond as rapidly as I do - he has the same problem accessing the computer that Kitewife does ;-)

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I need a special tool ? Answered

Has anyone any suggestions for a tool which would be "like" a camera iris, with a hole several mm long, but which can be varied in diameter from 1 (0.040 ") to 0.2mm (0.008"). I need to set the diameter fairly carefully, to just gently pinch a bundle of 70micron (0.0029"") optical fibres passed down the centre. The hole needs to be very circular and rigid, even as its closing...... Something kind of like the mechanism of a "pin-chuck" suggests itself, but wouldn't be very round in the limit. Any ideas ? Steve

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Making a "Special Walking Staff"

I made a staff out a broomstick although I think the materials are probably pvc and aluminum...again not sure. Anywhoo, the project I want to work (if possible), is making a sword cane...in this case a sword walking staff. The staff is about 52 inches long.  The inside of the staff is hollowed with a space of 0.75 inches in diameter and 50 inches in length. Right now the inside is filled with sand (for the weight). If possible to fashion the rod into a blade of sorts the sand with be dumped (SAM_0120).  I capped the bottom of the staff off with a tin cap screwed into the pole and double wrapped the staff with black electrical tape.  Now what I want to do is try to put a small 15 inch blade inside...again if possible. Considering the staff is already closed off I'll have to cut some of it (below the handle). I found a carbon steel rod that I'm considering using(Screenshot (27)). Could anyone help me out by explaining the best way of going about how to do something like this??? Thank You

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ComBots: Special Instructables Discount!

Want to watch some robot mayhem? Here's a discount offer from our friends at ComBots: ComBots invites all Instructables readers to discounted tickets to "ComBots Cup V", the fifth annual heavyweight robot combat championship. This event highlights the best combat robot teams in America and their 220 pound flame-throwing, blade-spinning, titanium shearing robots of destruction! This year's event is Saturday/Sunday, October 23-24th from 2-7pm at the San Mateo Event Center. Whether you're a sports fan or techno geek, ComBots puts on the best robot events in the world! If you missed seeing fighting robots at Maker Faire this year, or are longing for RoboGames, here's your chance to see them again. Full details at http://combots.net ComBots is pleased to offer Instructables readers a 20% discount on ticket prices (adults normally $20, kids $15). Coupon is only valid for advanced purchases until Oct 20th. Buy tickets at http://combots.net/buy-cc.php and use the coupon code below for your discount when you check-out! code: Instructables

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Special Characters " ' & $ etc changing to Klingonese “

Why are the special characters in my Instructional changing to some form of computer code?

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Remember Me Function

Hello out there, at first please forgive me for my bad english. I have a problem with the account login. When i try to login the current page accept my login and display my account name. But if i navigate to other pages or use the "right-clickt open in new tab" option in my browser the new page dont know me and i need to login again. Also, my account name displayed with false characters. The same occured when i check the "Remember?" box during the login process. Maybe the german characters in my account name create these errors. Maybe your database dont support these characters, you can use UTF8 encoding to handle these problems. But what i want now: Can someone change my account name from to "RobertRoemer", please. Thanks.

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Computer AM Radio Controlled Vehicle?

So my school is planning a day for students with disabilities and I figured, heck, lets have some real fun.  So I have two very cool RC cars, each can easily do 40 - 50 mph.  One has been up to 65.  There is one problem, these kids need to be able to control them with the push of one big button.  I cant just solder some wires for the button to my RC remote so what do I do.  I figure I could still do the steering, but I want them to be able to hit the button and transmit the signal to the car to go.  It needs to be limited in power as well, normally I could just stick a large resistor on between the controller and the motor, but I have brushless motors.  These buttons are easily attached to computers and used as keystrokes so is there a way to make a w keystroke output a 25% throttle signal on a 27.255MHz (this is only one car's frequency) AM signal.  It would be nice if it could all be computer controlled so I could change settings to get them just right, and maybe control both vehicles without having to set up two completely separate systems.

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The Christmas Special 2010. [Paper airplane]

In this special, you will make a paper airplane that are: Tough Water Proof Ice Proof Snow Proof Mud Proof Made out of Foil Strong A glider Fire Proof [Option] paper airplane. To enter this, just put a picture of it outside in the snow or inside and put some bit of comment about it as well also put your paper airplane instrutable web address. Make sure it's flys, glides and works for lasting months or more!

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I am going to be filming an action film soon and I need to some explosives to use in some shots. Anybody know how to make some? I can get pottasum and all that stuff I just don't know how to make it. I also need an electric fuse so it can be set off manually not by having to wait. So if any one knows how to make that too.  I was going to use black powder but wondered if there is a better way. It will be covered with dirt to make a dirt explosion not all fiery. 

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What makes superconductors so special?

I've heard about superconductors all the time. I know they have almost zero resistance, but I was wondering what else makes them special. Please tell me any special properties superconductors have, and what causes those properties. Thank you.

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How to make a special shape tire? Answered

I want to make a tire in a elliptical shape. How can I do it? Is it possible to convert an ordinary tire into an elliptical one? Many Thanks

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a special origami thing for school task?

I have this task at school about origami...next friday, I have to play 'teacher', and teach my fellow students some origami. the problem is, I do not know what to teach them. it has to be something difficult, but quick ( 7-15 minutes) does anyone on the site have an Idea?

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3D Printers for Special Needs Makers

Cameron is a wheelchair-bound maker in Colorado using 3D Printing.  He's especially interested in creating a head motion-controlled robotic arm that would use 3D Printing to make the brackets and fixtures to mount a portable system onto a wheelchair.  This robotic arm would really help people like Cameron navigate the world, but it could also be used at a workbench by non-handicapped makers as a 3rd arm.   So, an Indigogo campaign was started to raise funds to help Makers with specific physical needs get access to 3d printing: http://youtu.be/J2QsMNqi09w   http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/3d-printers-for-special-needs-makers Go, look, it's cool.

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Mechaniical vs Electronics special course?

I am not going to take a whole college course as I have finished Bs in Computer Science already I just want to explore more and create things that are physical or hardware that I can program, I just wanna explore the possibilities I have and be able to create, what courses should I take? I am willing to study anything just not the whole college semesters again I just need the major subjects or workshop that I can attend with hands on.  I am more of a self study person so a very good fundamentals of basics of gears circuits that works well with a program should do so Ill have a smooth start.

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Trying to make a special autorun file. Answered

I want to put sketchup on a flash drive along with other files, then I want to have autorun give me start sketchup as an option.  I do have a lot of batch programming and a little autorun experience.  I already tried here; https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-Autoruninf-File/step2/A-More-Complex-Autorun/ - but it won't work.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, HELP! 

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I want a special rc tank

Hi, We wanted to design circuit board. The Circuit board size 92mm x 42mm. This circuit board is for small RC Tank with two wheels which has two motors. This tank is for indoor usages. RC tank properties; a) Image transfer operation with 5g wifi and android hand terminal b)take picture recording c)2.4 g remote control (left, right, forward, backward) d)voice comunication single side e)Industrial tablet; android operating system support with remote control visual comminication. sample applications; https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-iPhone-iOS-WiFi-RC-i-Spy-Tank-w-Live-Video-Camera-Functions/736018599.html https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/2018-end-striyel-bilgisayar-Tablet-PC-Mobil-Bilgisayar-Sa-lam-Su-Ge-irmez-Darbeye-Windows-10/32854862418.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_3_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_10343_10340_10341_10696_10084_5722520_10083_10618_10307_10059_5722620_5722920_5722720_5722820_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620-normal#cfs,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605-6&algo_pvid=6f402017-0dcb-44ff-aa1b-8ba773277605&priceBeautifyAB=0 https://tr.aliexpress.com/item/China-brand-IP67-Original-induction-Rugged-Android-tablet-PCs-phones-8-8-inch-GNSS-Surveying-GPS/32641617522.html?scm=1007.13339.90158.0&scm_id=1007.13339.90158.0&scm-url=1007.13339.90158.0&pvid=880689b3-adb4-4dab-a184-0d3e3a0bcb30&_t=pvid%3A880689b3-adb4-4dab-a184-0d3e3a0bcb30%2Cscm-url%3A1007.13339.90158.0

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The secret to storing Loquat for wine making!

If you don't know what Loquat means then just look it up on Google or Wikipedia ;)Mostly used as ornamental trees in the warmer climates Loquat fruits come into season right when the summer is on your doorstep.Although the fruits are delicious and high in nutrients, vitamins and so on: Most people do not even bother to try them :(So if you spot them please give the fruit a try and you might get hooked as did.The biggest problem of using Loquat for more than a direct snack is not the seeds inside.They are quite big and you figure ways out to get around them.Biggest hassle is how the fruits ripen.Unlike most real fruit trees there is fixed time.When the first fruits are ready then the last migh be ready about 3 or even 4 weeks later.And depending on the local wildlife you really need to check daily for ripe fruits....So how to do it properly then?Loquat goes bad really fast no matter what you try.Eat them quickly as otherwise they go off.Don't bother...Those are common answers you get from people who had those trees for years in their gardens.The trick however is really simple:Do not plug them off, cut them off!Some half decent pruning sizzors work great here, especially the smaller types.Cut the stem of the fruit so at least 5mm are left on the fruit.Without the hole from ripping the fruit off and handling it with gentle force there will be no damages or open areas ;)Like that the fruits stay fresh for a few days in your fridge, just make sure they are kept quite loose.Do not just fill a big box with them and hope all fruits survive the pressure ;)If in doubt layer them on soft foam strips or cardboard - works really well if can find complete clusters that are ripe enough.If you have access to more than one big tree you can get enough to even make a really nice wine from it.You need to be quick though, so let me tell you how I do it:Prepare a big enough fermentation vessel, in my case a 25 liter plastic drum, purpose made...Add about 10 liters of warm on prefably filtered water, some sugar and a good amount of your prefered brewing yeast.My personal favourite here is port wine yeast ;)You should prepare this drum once you can collect enough ripe fruits on a daily base.Prepare the fruits by removing the stems, the hard spot at the bottom and then cutting them in half.A small spoon can be sharpened to help to get the seeds out if have some with many little ones hiding.Have a pot with boiling water ready and put about 250 to 400 grams of prepared and cleaned fruits in it per load.A quick heating is essential as you want to keep the cooking time as low as poosible.90 to 120 seconds should be enough to get the heat throughout the fruit - please check every now and then that the fruits are quite soft now.This step is vital to prevent self fermentation - you only want your yeast cultures to work on the fruits ;)Squash the fruits when adding them into your drum.To make a full 25 liters with just a table spoon of sugar at the start you will need about 10 to 12 kg of fruits for a high volume and sweet result.The best option due to the constantly changing sugaar content in the fruits is to go with the flow.Stick to max of about 15 liters per 25 liter drum.Monitor the sugar content and alcohol level.Port yeast dies off at a bit over 14%vol of alcohol.Although some strong ones go up to 18% here...If the alcohol level goes over 10% while the sugar content is still quite high then you add water until you get down to about 7%.If the sugar content goes down too low you add more fruits.With still enough active yeast you can even transfer half oa drum to a new batch once the drum is getting too full and the sugar content is still too high.Just a matter of getting used to working with ongiong adding of fruits and water to compensate the time it takes to get enough ripe fruits.Of course there is always the option to go low and start with 5 liter canisters instead....

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how can i make this sign on instructables ? Answered

How can i make this sign or this special character on instructables ?

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where do I find in the internet about the Swing-Mark automatic valve for resturants and bars.?

Swing-Mark valve is a automatic flow chemical dispensing mixing valve, that works with the flow of water going through the valve. dispensing detergent and sanitizer chemical to each sink at a pre mix of water and chemical controled by the valve. Depending on the type of metering valve it has. Resturant and bar owners real perfer these valves because they automaticly always have a E P A regulated mixture of sanitizer per water, to wash and sanitize glasses and cups. Or any info on similar valves.    THANK YOU

Question by f1cam 9 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

looking for a special type of screw with an hole at the bottom for a pin to lock the screw. Answered

What is the name for that screw? and where can i get it? i what to lock the screw that it won't turn. 

Question by ComixDude 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

what makes brushless motors so special?

Question by loki17 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What makes an arduino board so special? Answered

I've seen arduino boards (or something comparable) in most DIY circuits, but I wonder why everyone uses them. What makes them so necessary and/or useful for building circuits?

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Age of Aquariums Special Guest Judge Announced!

For the Age of Aquariums Contest we are bringing in a special expert judge, Alex Andon! Alex studied marine biology at Duke and was always fascinated by the jellyfish exhibits at public aquariums. Jellyfish can't go in a regular fish tank because they would get sucked into the filtration system. They require a kreisel tank with a special water flow pattern to keep them suspended in the middle of the tank. There were no commercially available jellyfish tanks, so Alex started experimenting with large tanks and then made them smaller and more affordable until he had designed the first desktop jellyfish tank. He launched it on Kickstarter and raised $163,000, making it one of the first successful crowdfunded launches of a product. The company sells specialized jellyfish aquariums and breeds its own jellyfish, shipping them overnight to customers throughout the U.S. Alex's latest project is the Chargerito, the world's smallest in-wall phone charger.

Topic by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

sequential LED hulahoop for special needs student

I am a special ed teacher and I want to make a sensory device for one of my students.  What I'm hoping to do is put LEDs around a hula hoop (or something similar), then I need a way to make the lights go on in sequence, so that my student can follow the lights go around in a circle.  I'm rather new to making my own stuff, so I really don't know where to look for how to do this. Any advice is much appreciated!

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Butter Challenge Special Guest Judge Announced!

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve appointed a special guest judge for the Butter Challenge, Rosie Cake Diva. Rosie Dummer is a food artist from Manchester, UK. This artist has a sweet tooth, and her preferred mediums are cake, frosting, and fondant. She also hosts a baking show on YouTube where she shares her culinary knowledge with others. Check out her videos for some tips on with working with fondant, or visit her Facebook page for even more delicious, inspiring posts.

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LOVE MESSAGE BEAR For Valentine’s Special

Your loved one will know just how you feel when they're resented with this fluffy little fellow! Adorably decked in red-and-white; between his paws he holds a heart "bear"-ing an unmistakable message. So cute! Polyester fiber.More Infohttp://www.giftforusa.com/product.asp?dept_id=19103&pfid;=37103

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Is there a way to cut stone without special equipment? Answered

I have some small blocks of granite and marble that were left over from some builder's samples. I was thinking that it might be cool to make some whiskey stones with them, but I don't have any special stone cutting equipment. I don't need them to be perfect cubes or anything, a rough look is alright. Is this something that I might be able to accomplish using a hammer and chisel or by using a certain type of saw blade? I'd like to get an idea of what might work best before I run out and buy something only to find out it's not going to work like I want it too.

Question by The Rambler 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 months ago

Soldering headphone jack, any special solder?

Hi. I purchased some decent headphones a little while ago and my little brother was playing with the cats with the jack. One of them stuck their claw through it and it needs replacing. They were pretty expensive headphones, so I want to repair these. Will any old solder do? I like my sound quality. I've only got Lead-free crap ATM. Cheers, Josho.

Topic by Josho 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

need help finding special bulb 60v2.4w

Ive been making a project out of a night-light, but i need to replace the bulb but its a type thats been very hard for me to find. this is the only place i can find it; http://www.atlantalightbulbs.com/ecart/nw012104/B3064ORBITECH.htmdoes anyone have any suggestions on where i can find this bulb without buying 20 of them?or perhaps how i might modify my project to accept a more common bulb?

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Maker Day: Special Build Day with LEDs

The San Rafael Intel Computer Clubhouse hosted a Maker Day after receiving the LED Build Night materials from Instructables.  We invited our youth members and their families to join us in making and playing with LEDs!   Some of our participants were new to circuits so we focused mainly on paper circuits.   However, in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, some members began building creatures with pipe cleaners, adding LED eyes and such.   And parents got inspired from a Makezine project and started making pipe cleaner jewelry with LEDs and binder clips! Check out how to make your own LED Pipe Cleaner Bracelet.

Topic by gitterbug23 4 years ago

Ring a bell? (Special event for British members)

The Olympics are coming, and although I will miss most of it, it would be cool if I could take part in some way. It turns out I can, and so can every other Brit reading this, in an event called All the Bells. The short version is, on Friday 27th July, at 08:12am, UK time, as many bells as possible, from doorbells and bike bells, all the way up to full cathedral bell-towers will ring, all across the United Kingdom. Taking part is easy - just stand on your doorstep and press your doorbell - but why not go the full hog?  Are you in a cycling club?  Get them all out in the street, ringing their bike bells. Live near a church?  Even if you're not religious, get in touch and get them involved. Go to school?  Talk to the music teacher, borrow the hand bells or the tubular bells. Are you an engineer?  Hang up the biggest lump of steel on the site, and beat it with a hammer. Heck, just get all your friends to set an alarm on their phones and iPods with a bell-tone at 08:12, or turn up your PC speakers and play with sound effects. Pass the website around your friends and contacts by Facebook or Twitter, put a poster up at work, add graphics and links to your blog, and generally spread the word. [BLOGGED]

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Have you ever broke up with somebody that was special to you? Have you ever since that awkward moment when you guys are in the same place? well I have for one. Its always so awkward when s/he says let be friends when you know that you guys arent going to be acting like freinds. Then not only does it effect you but it effets your friends if you guyss have the same kind of friends!!! I hate this so much. You know you guys cant be friends, you still have feelings for s/he, and ya have alot of classes together! So what should you do?? Should you guys be enemies? Should you just erase s/he from you life permentally? I for one dont know what to do.... Maybe you guys know? Please answer this question as if it was you!!! Question: What would you do if you and your special other broken up and s/he dont want to be with you yet you have feelings for s/he??

Topic by Director Shadow 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How Can I Add Options To My Batch File? Answered

How can I add options to my batch file?Like, for example, a box comes up with text, and has options such as abort\retry\cancel, or yes\no, etc. Please help!

Question by Files 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do you use special characters in cmd?

I'm looking for the arrow (or triangle) symbols to put into a batch program. I know the alt # codes, but I want the codes compatible with ANSI. I have the down arrow, but it's an invisible symbol. Anyone know how to get them? (ASCII numbers are 16, 17, 30, and 31) Thanks!

Question by race.freak 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

someone knows how to make slingshot special ammo?

Like smoke pellet and explosive pellet 

Question by gunslinger2000 7 years ago