4chan.org has been completely been invaded by a .hta virus-image- spambot, how do we stop it without moderators? Answered

I really hate admitting that I hang around there, but for the sake of all things good, we need to stop this botnet before it spreads to facebook, youtube, and other major networks

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MAKEZINE CAN also be HACERZINE? or find a better name for spanish and diferent languages

The message can be spread, the DIY culture could grow if sites like this also had a spanish and french, and other languages versions, it can be 3 inventors working togheter we start with spanish, english and french, 3 friends where ever we are, and send eachother the proyects for translation. (sorry for my spelling)

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Instructables in FHM-Netherlands

Put your weird project up on Instructables, and you too can get a half-page photo spread in FHM-Netherlands! Bikini optional.There was an interview too, but they only used a little bit; it's really all about the pictures. Check out my hands and ewilhlem peeking into the fridge. They mailed me a copy of the magazine, which was nice as there's not much of a distribution network for FHM-Netherlands in the US.Classy, no?

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Want to answer questions, too cumbersome to find ones suited for me.

I want to answer some of the questions posted in the Q&A; section, is there a way I can search for questions in my field? (Aircraft, motorcycles) If that doesn't exist then we should have it, I would be happy to spread my knowledge, that's why we're all here right? Greg

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How to make a Christmas Tree look fuller?

My tree is tall and beautiful, but the branches are fairly spread out. It's a spruce, with short needles. I am looking for some creative ways to make it appear bushier. Adding real tree boughs isn't an option because I don't want them to dry out. I have a ton of ornaments to go on this baby, and I would love some ideas. Thanks!

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Green Clubs

This is to spread the word about green clubs. They are a great way to get together with people and talk and do green things that help our planet. They are also a great way to raise awareness to people about our what could be destroyed earth. Great places to have them are libraries, schools, and even meeting places like local coffee shops. Please help start green clubs. P.S. I am not a Hippie or a tree-hugger.

Posted by weirdo62 9 years ago

Reflective paint for light fixture

Hello all, I am working on a light fixture and I would like to paint the walls of the fixture a reflective color in order to get a more even spread of light. I've been hearing silver and white as good options. Is one better than the other? Do I need a specific type of paint? Does it matter whether its a matte finish or glossy? Thanks, Ben

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Is it possible to patch a glass globe such as one used for a hurricane lantern? Answered

I have a hurricane lamp and the glass recently cracked. I have no ability to replace it and I'd like to patch it so that the crack doesn't spread any further. The globe is small, so it's really easy for the flame to come close to the glass. Is it possible to to fix it? None of the glass has fallen off, it's just cracked quite splendidly.

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Who here has heard of one of the many Chan sites???

I had a high school band meeting and afterwards we started talking about /b/ and all the other chans and what not and I started wondering if anyone on Instructables had heard of any of the chans. I know that the chans spread like cancer....(joke). If you have heard of them what are your toughts on them???

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Does anyone know how to build a CHEAP compost spreader?

I have 2 horses and have composted their manure since I've had them (5 years) but have always had to shovel it into a small wagon and spread it with the shovel and rake. It gets pretty tiring. I thought maybe a wheel driven type? I'm not very mechanical, but if someone can help me out with this I would be sooooooo greatful!

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I'm new and looking for projects and ideas

Hi Just came acrosss the site todays looks great I am sure I will spend many hours (too many?) on the site reading the postings and adding some of my own. I am very inetersted in renewable energy and spreading the use to help reduce climate change. I run three websites in my spare time wher I make a very small amount of money and hopefully spread information and ultimately help in the battle against climate change. I would be inetersted in feedback on my sites. I wiould be happy also to post up some projects in ebook format for members. I am also looking for projects to add to my sites - could I buy these from people? Hope I haven't offenbded anyone with this post or broken any rules? Warm regards richard www.energybook.co.uk - information site with free information and downloads www.OneToRemember.co.uk - book and ebook shop with some free ebooks www.wxtrade.com - free to use auction and classified site - like ebay but free

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Bamboo in the UK

Does anyone know where I can buy bamboo in the UK (to use in projects)? Does anyone know where I can get some seedlings or something like that so that I can grow it? Also, I've heard it spreads a lot and I don't particularly want it all over the garden, so does anyone know an effective way of keeping it under control (and can it be grown in pots to a sufficient thickness to make stuff out of)? Much appreciated, Jamiec53

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US Army Hosts Mad Scientist Conference

The US Army recently held a mad scientist conference. I couldn't make this up if I tried. I wasn't invited, so I will share my predictions here. I predict that in the future, warfare will involve holiday specific pneumatic cannons and victory will be determined based on the amount of holiday spirit and cheer you can forcefully spread to your adversary. Seriously, were any of you invited to this?

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Man injects himself with computer virus?

It may seem strange, but a scientist has implanted an ID chip with a computer virus inside it into his body so that whenever he passes an ID scanner, the virus will copy itself onto the scanner and spread throughout the system. It was made to prove a point that if somebody were to create a virus for the ID chipping system, it would be easy and could kill somebody if they had, for example, a pacemaker. A scary thought!

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Easy way to search comments on a project with 100's of comments?

I'd like to search the comments on a specific project.  Unfortunately, the project has 100's of comments meaning they're spread across 5+ web pages.  Many or most of the comments are well deserved compliments.  Ideally, search for specific words related to the project...also, I'd like to see just posts/comments by the creator of the project.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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Would like to create controlled rust art.

I want to get a piece of sheet metal. Then create a stencil and rust the remaining piece of metal. To create an image out of the rust. Once the work is done I don't want the rust to spread but to remain as is. Any idea how to do this. I know you can rust metal using chlorine and vinegar but the idea of making chlorine gas and a toxic mess is not appealling. Thanks for your help.?

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Gluten Free Category

I believe there should be a gluten free category in the Food section much like there is a Vegan section. Having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes to see which I can and cannot make for my gluten intolerant family and friends is a little disappointing, considering how widely spread such an allergy is. I still do it of course, and I enjoy seeing all the delicious looking things, but still slightly bothersome. Thanks for the amazing site that has entertained me and given me wonderful ideas for years.

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Fun Halloween pics to share.

A few Halloween pics from this year..The image note making function isn't working, so I'll just explain here..1: A spooky spread on a bloodsoaked (99cent) tablecloth2: Haunted Gingerbread house. I hate it when people say these things are 'too pretty to eat'.. That's what we made it for!!3: Crunchy Cats! Tortillas cut out with cookie cutters, spread with sunflower oil and crisped in an oven.. Dip in a selection of goopy dips, and enjoy! (These felines are sooooo addicting!)4: Spooky Orange flavoured cupcakes!! Oops, I took the photo after I ate one. whoops.5: Witch's Broom PB Cookies with pretzel broomsticks. The salt and sweet flavours together are divine.6: The ice Queen and the Monkey. We should have taken photos for an indestructible on that hair and makeup. It was great!7: My wife's ice queen makeup close up8: "Phantom of the Paradise".. No helmet pics just yet.. They're at work.9: Phantom and Monkey10 & 11: Two Shots of a Mr. Tumnus costume I made for my friend Dave. It's been a fun Halloween. I have tons more fun photos!!

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The Forum of Peace

As of late, war has spread across Ibles, Ibler's are turning against fellow Ibler, names are being stolen, threads spammed...So in the prevailing darkness, all those who seek peace may come forth and hopefully safely be at peace here.Allowed discussion:~Peace~What is peace?~FRIENDLY religious discussion~BACON~peaceful things, links video etc...~making apologies and righting wrongsMay you go forth in peace and be bountiful fellow Ibler!Can't get the fight out of your system yet? Go to the War Forum

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HELP! How can I get my bracelets organized so that I can see them & of course wear them?? Answered

I have a bit more than 10 bracelets made up of leagues and another bit more than 10 that are hard made. [can´t bend them] How can I organize them!? Actually I got them all spread out in a pencil box, not being able to see quickly what I've got! D: HElp! pleasee!! :D 

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Name that Plant! I sure can't! :) Answered

I purchased this plant 3 years ago in Ohio at a Kmart and brought it home to Georgia as a souvenir. I try to save the nametags but this one apparently disappeared and I can't recall what type of plant it is! It doesn't flower and seemed to spread a little but hasn't really done so in a while. It is a perennial and stays green for the most part and doesn't tend to die out and return each year. Any clue? Thanks so much! (I had attached a picture and sure didn't know that it didn't appear!)

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#biicontest2014 is here! Don’t miss it!

Hi all, biicode has launched #biicontest2014 (http://www.biicode.com/biicontest2014), it's a Raspberry &/or Arduino projects programming contest. Registration open: from February 6th to April 6th, 2014 Submit deadline: April 13th, 2014 It is very easy to participate, there are no restrictions on age, degree or expertise. Please spread the word among anyone that might be interested, there are more than 2000€ in cash and prizes, and also a special prize for best 3d printed project. Thanks a lot :D

Posted by recluising 4 years ago

how i do an engraved brass gorget for a redcoat unoiform? Answered

Hi guys im making an accurate redcoat officers uniform....any ideas how i do an engraved brass gorget. it has the lion and unicorn crest on.it...failing that id like to make the order of the and garter star medal.....any ideas?. there are several kinds of gorget..some engraved some with the design pressed from behind the two pics are of the star.( about the size of a spread hand. and  the gorget is either brass or bronze)

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http://www.specbox.net/ Cool new site to showcase your computer!

I found this cool new site. It is sorta social networking site where people share their computers and share and discuss ideas. I normally don't like social networking sites but this one seems pretty good. They just got up on their feet so I thought I would help them out by spreading the word on them. So give http://www.specbox.net/ a try. Here is my profile page https://www.specbox.net/usersonly/profile.aspx?id=d4Az0MwUy7c%3d&sid;=YT95HtuskvE%3d

Posted by CowGuy 10 years ago

Evidence of Time Travel!

I'm not sure how I managed it, possibly it's a result of running the washing machine, tumble dryer and my coffee machine simultaneously, but I appear to be posting from seven and a quarter hours in the future. Check out the image below for proof... Or maybe it was csharyk's fault?  He's interested in woowoo tech, maybe he pulled me in after something he did elsewhere / elsewhen? Update: it's spreading!  (second image) (I think I'll move this thread to Bugs) (If it's important, I made that screenshot at about 10:13am, UK time)

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does winning a contest decrease chances of winning other contests?

Hello, I didn't see this in the FAQ.  I know you're allowed to enter up to 3 contests.  Sometimes the contest end dates are quite far apart.  Does winning one contest effect your likelihood of winning a later contest?  Just wondering if Instructables tries to spread out the contest winnings.  If so, it might change the author's decision on whether to enter some contests where their project doesn't fit as well and have lesser chance of winning. Thanks!

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PETA's exploitation of Autism Spectrum

I have just been informed that PETA has a billboard program out there to exploit Autism by means of misinformation.  "Recently, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of the autism spectrum. PETA is misinforming the public about autism and thus joining a long line of unscrupulous groups that have sought to try and spread fear about autism as a means of pushing their particular agendas." Further information on this can be found at WRONG PLANET.  

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My Instructable won't post!!!

Ok I made my first instructable the other night albeit not that great an instructable, but i had to start somewhere. Anyway i finished it and clicked the publish now or whatever button and that was fine. Now i decided to check if anyone had seen it so i used the search section and what do you know? it didnt show up. Anyone know how i messed up? O btw my instructable was named "Burn Yourself Safely" spread the word. = ]

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I need to make a display for my artwork for an upcoming show.

I need to make a display for a 10 X 10 space for an art show the last weekend in June. Have been contemplating buying one but believe it would be cheaper to make. Being an artist I do not have oddles of money. I  want to make something that would hold  artwork on both sides. A friend sugguested I use lattice spread across a wood frame but did not really help me with how it would stand.

Asked by ArtisticChaos 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Cleaning up 60+ years of oil furnace chimney soot? Answered

The chimney is gone, leaving a large (about a bushel sized ) heap of oil soot on a concrete floor.    Some has been shoveled up along with the mortar dust.  There remains about a bucketful spread around a 1.5 meter square area... plus foot and paw prints over a larger area of new concrete. (I will be checking soon to make sure everyone and the dog are OK.) So what is the right way to contain this mess and get it safely out of the house?  

Asked by mole1 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Juni-bot, a robot that will take out trees and bushes.

Well, maybe not actually take out trees and bushes, but would help significantly. Here's my dilemma, I landscape, and the worst part of my job is tearing out old juniper bushes (and other low to the ground plants that make you itch). Anyway, they're so dense most of the time that you can't even get far enough into the plant to clip the branches. So most of the time we end up cutting off all the branches with a chain saw and digging the stump out, and that can take a while and makes a mess. Juniper is nasty stuff and spreads its roots up to 15 or 20 feet sometimes. By far the easiest way to rid yards of these beasts (which end up spreading and making your yard seem much smaller and less functional) is to loop a chain around the base (the trunk) and pull them out with a truck. Sounds easy enough, but the tricky part is getting the chain around it. The bushes grow so thick that you can't get at the trunk. Here's where my robot comes in. The Juni-bot will go right under the umbrella of thick, itchy branches, and tow a chain in a circle, around the trunk, right back to you! This idea would work for any tree trunk/base that you can't see, not just juniper. I see a problem and a way to fix it; this would cut down time and resources, and much pain ;-).

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Tetranitrate Lives!

Just got my alumni magazine in the mail.  I open it up and see one of the former ibles interns featured in a two page color spread - Tetranitrate.   I guess he answered our "Earth calling Billy" to see what he has been up to lately.  See the article here http://cable.poly.edu/issue/spring-2011/news/campus-buzz/bright-ideas-billy-gordon  I had met him at Maker Faire last year with his LED dredlocks.  So what is the moral of this story? Somewhere out there is a market for the pants kilt.

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Forbidden File Access

I have been having some issues with accessing to a file that is attached on an instructable. It is a word document, and people, including me, have been having problems downloading this file. This issue has been wide spread already, and we will really appreciate it if this problem can be fixed. This picture is the screenshot of what it shows when I click on the file.  The page that consists this file is: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Robotic-Arm-for-the-Science-Olympiad/step14/P0-Ultimate-BOM/ The file itself is: https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FOW/0NT3/H2WEXAA0/FOW0NT3H2WEXAA0.docx I hope that this can be fixed! Thanks!:) 

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Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video

Here is my Knex shotgun. Its break action, uses shells and is ram rod powered. Shoots blue rods and also a burst of 4 green rods or a shell full of mini knex pieces. It can shoot blue rods 30FT and the spread shots 15-20 feet. Its single shot with only one barrel. Link to video is the video below isn't seen or if it doesn't play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlNcONJB3HY

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Need help identifying material for a wedding cake topper base

Hi guys, I had a geode cake topper made for my wedding and it was made by soldering geode slices to a base. But the soldering is too weak and it's falling apart. :(I found an image online of a geode cake topper that has some other kind of base that seems much more stable. However, I don't know what it is made of but it looks like some kind of clear epoxy maybe but that is thick enough to pool without spreading? If anyone can help me identify it I will be so grateful!

Asked by ayyymanta 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

is a mix of peat and wood ash good for garden plants?

I always used wood ash from my fireplace for the garden plants but my daughter is burning a mix of wood and peat blocks, she lives in Ireland!  I am not sure if the acidity of the peat is good per se and whether I should be more careful in spreading this around all the plants.  She has a very vigorous and beautiful quince and I would hate anything to happen to this!  There is also an apple and rowan tree, hymalayan honeysuckle and a globe artichoke, and one other consideration is a rabbit that is free range in the garden too.

Asked by mariama51 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Heat conduction containment between windows and curtains

How do I contain the heat rising between curtains and windows in east and south facing windows? (on the cheap, please) It will spread across the ceiling and blast into the room...ugh...? I just installed new thermal draperies that go from floor to above window but there is that gap at the top...and no room for a valance type box... The east windows span 124" x 69"--5 Anderson type windows. The left and right ends of the windows (5 panes) are the ones that open. The south wall is 124" by 56"--two panes, both crank open. Any good easy practical suggestions?

Asked by winston1952 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Pixel by Pixel Image?

There are many uses for a pixel by pixel image generated using simple values, however there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it.  I have used excel and its shading by value feature, but this isn't always the most effective method.  So assuming you have two coordinates and a value between 1 and 1000 (like a temp or rf intensity) how would one easily create an image from this data (array or matrix). Matlab or Mathematica? The goal is to make a kind of radio telescope that measures rf intensity with an arduino and then creates an image based on the values spread across a matrix.

Asked by seedorfj 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Fake Video Still Suckering Millions

It's amazing to see how far and wide bad information will spread. On youTube you can find a video that claims to show you how to charge an iPod with an onion that's been soaked in a sports drink. It's now been seen 7 million times.The video is pretty obviously a hoax. Onions don't exactly drink up a whole cup of liquid and a USB cable won't get much of a charge and Mythbusters has proven it wrong. But it keeps on going around and around until this mind worm claims everyone I suppose. Link

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USB drive virus? Do I have it? What should I do?

So a time ago I got an worm on a laptop, when I looked up this worms spesifications on microsofts.com, it said that it automaticly copies itself to external drives connected with USB, through autorun. (I also got a couple of trojans etc). And I used an external harddrive, a memory card in a usb slot and an ipod 5g, before I discovered it. I freaked out of the viruses and reinstalled and formated the computer. Recently I have also scanned all three computers that could get infected, with MBAM and combofix (someone checked my logs) and all three computers were clean. ps. MSE and MBAM didn't fing anything on the drives, when scanning through them. my questions: -how can the worm not have spread itself to them? (is that even possbile?) -lets say that I have that worm on a drive, will it spread itself if I turn off autorun, plug in the drive and drag one file at the time over to for example dropbox and then format the drives? -can I be completely sure it isn't a virus there, the AV's didn't find anyting..... If you have any better ways to check it or something like that please let me know. because I cant reformat and all that jazz with the ipod 5g.  ps. here (see pictures) is one way I tried to check if there was any viruses there, although I don't know if it works (?)  (the drives in the pictues are an external harddrive and an ipod 5g)

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Free Crap Alert: X-acto #11 Z-series Blades (Update: Expired)

Hey y'all. Just thought I'd spread some love and graces.   X-acto is giving away free samples of their new blade, the Z-series (size #11).  I needed some new blades, and figured a few other people might be running low as well.   Oh, and before you all start flagging as spam, I promise, I'm not.  I don't give a crap about x-acto.  I just like free sharp things. http://www.xacto.com/z-series#tab2 THIS DEAL HAS EXPIRED.

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Fort Of July

Anyone heard of this: ~ Fort of July ~ = playfulness + community building + irrelevant revelry team awesomes all over the globe unite and celebrate in the name of awesome, fun-enabling, just-for-the-heck-of-it attitude, the spirit of nevernever land, and because building forts is just downright sweet! so on July 4th: * get a gang together * brings fort supplies – sheets, pillows, boxes, ladders, tree fronds, whatever-is-clever! * build an awesome fort * play together, in the flesh and using fun flashy techy tools to connect forts in worldwide ideas = welcome! spreading the idea = super welcome! making it blow up = well duh! high 5! team awesome ________   From Fort Of July I'm totally going to celebrate, are you?

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Is there a pure knex gun i.e pistol, rifle, crossbow? Answered

I'm looking for a pure, yes pure knex weapon. 100%. I heard that someone made one but I didnt understand the mech so I need pictures. If you show me how to make it and it is good I would be grateful, spread the word of giving it 5* winning a contest and so on. Just post images or instructables. THE RACE IS ON! If you can make one faster than me I will give full credit.I made one but its very weak, it works as if the tension from pulling a connector back shoots forward. Ty for the knex catapaults but i need guns like pistols instead of those catapaults and such.

Asked by knex_mepalm 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago


It's really sad that instrutables is beginning to let advertisers "sneak" onto their site. It was such a beautiful idea to begin with and now I see more and more advertisements labeled as instructables.  PLEASE go back to everyday people sharing useful instructions instead of Charlatans spreading their own self-aggrandizing products.  Instructables, you WILL begin to lose your fan base unless something changes. I've seen it to many times in the past. Sites that start out with good intentions but eventually succumb to the almighty dollar. I know bandwidth isn't cheap and We don't mind the adverts on the edges but, PLEASE watch out for shameless self promoters. Watching With High Hopes, Me

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DTV Don't be fooled!

Just an announcement. I believe that, as an instructables member, I have the duty to share this info. Some people may, and probably, already know this. CABLE/SATELLITE subscribers will NOT BE EFFECTED. There are a lot of news and ads going around scaring people that their TVs will go black on midnight Feb 17, 2009 if they do buy DTV tuners. I am just worry that a lot of people are gonna be cheated b/c they are not explicitly saying (or warning) that this will not effect cable/satellite subscribers, only those that use local public broadcasts (antennas). OK. Now spread the news! *If this announcement has help you please BUMP this topic (since others may still be fooled)

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Give Away "won" Membership Passes?

So I keep getting free memberships thanks to the guides I'm writing. Heres the problem.  I think I have like 8 years built up at this point.  I was wondering if I could "gift" one of the free memberships I received today to a student in my class?  I've got a code for a 1 year membership and a 3 month membership for the most recent guide I wrote, and I've not redeemed either of them. Just trying to spread the love to a middle school student in oder to encourage him to use the site. Thanks! Joshua

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What is a good way to reinforce a wall? Answered

I have a recliner that is broken beyond repair (the back falls flat), so I have it propped up against a wall, but I'm concerned that I'm going to end up with a hole in my wall.  I've been trying to think of a way to reinforce the wall so this doesn't happen, but I've been unable to make a decision.  My only idea is to use a large, thin, rectangular piece of wood and screw it to the studs... figured that would spread out the pressure and do less harm to my wall. Any better ideas? And no, I'm not trying to fix the recliner, already tried that, and I'm NOT throwing it away :)

Asked by OtisDrftwood 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

TV SHOW casting motorcycle owner for customized PC case mod

Hi there! I'm working on an amazing TV series for History Channel called Counting Cars, and I'm reaching out to anyone, who is interested having their motorcycle made into a PC case mod on the show! Counting Cars is an automobile customization and restoration show spun off from the highly rated Pawn Stars, featuring Danny Koker and his shop, Count's Kustoms. We are gearing up for our third season, and would love help spreading the word to anyone you think would be interested! Happy to answer any additional questions you may have, please email me at countingcarscasting@leftfieldpictures.com Best, Amy

Posted by CustomCarsTV 5 years ago

Orphan Works Or, How You May Lose All the Rights to Every Piece of Art You Have Ever Created!

There is an up coming bill in congress that will change copyright laws. saying that if you want to copyright your work you will have to register it and pay a fee for it to private registration companies.With the tens of millions of photos and pieces of artwork created each year, the bounty for forcing everyone to pay a registration fee would be enormous. We lose our rights and our creations, and someone else makes money at our expense.This includes every sketch, painting, photo, sculpture, drawing, video, song and every other type of creative endeavor.All of it is at risk!go to this link for more information and spread the word:orphan act

Posted by devilwyrm 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

TV SHOW casting motorcycle owner for customized PC case mod

Hi there! I'm working on an amazing TV series for History Channel called Counting Cars, and I'm reaching out to anyone, who is interested having their motorcycle made into a PC case mod on the show! Counting Cars is an automobile customization and restoration show spun off from the highly rated Pawn Stars, featuring Danny Koker and his shop, Count's Kustoms. We are gearing up for our third season, and would love help spreading the word to anyone you think would be interested! Happy to answer any additional questions you may have, please email me at countingcarscasting@leftfieldpictures.com Best, Amy

Posted by CustomCarsTV 5 years ago