taking a break

Just to let all of you know: I'm going to try and take a break from instructables for a while, I have a ton of stuff to do. Me and my friends have to build 2 grandfather clocks and they have to be done by the 23rd, so I'm going to try and take away the temptation of wasting (constructive ;) ) time on instructables when there are other things that are higher prioity, yet less fun. I also have to do more on my online german, I'm only about 30% done, and I have about 2 and a half months left, so I need to catch up. I'll be back at the beginning of march (or hopefully maybe the 24th of february. I'll c ya guys soon, I just need to get my priorities straight. Of course I will check up on the results for the LED challenge ;) EDIT: oh, and I might be on late at night where I can't make recordings or use power tools, or between tv shows on my ipod ;)

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Hello again folks.

I haven't been too active on Instructables for the last year or so as I have been busy trying to put my life back together. A little over a year ago my partner Joan announced out of the blue that "we had run our course", an accumulation of health issues for both of us, family problems & various setbacks had taken its toll on her and she felt it was time for her to concentrate on raising her granddaughter alone. Needless to say this was a hammer blow losing two people I had built my life around tore me apart, it also meant I had to find somewhere to live, I tried to find somewhere I could have even a small workshop but being on a very limited budget it was impossible so instead I rented a small studio flat and put all my tools into storage. My son & I have now rented a garage to use both as storage and a workshop, we were very lucky to get one quite literally yards from my home, it lacks power and lighting so it is still a little limited but hopefully once it is set up I'll be able to start doing a few larger projects once again. In the meantime I have returned to doing the kind of table top projects I made thirty odd years ago when I last lived in a small flat mostly match craft tins & trinket boxes along with a couple of guitar tool & plectrum boxes, not exactly the beds & tables I was building a couple of years ago but it has kept me busy. I have also resurrected a couple of acoustic guitars, restored a nice Fender Squeir Strat and rebuilt my ex's old electric bike, owing to the vertigo problem I have had for the last couple of years I can't ride a motorcycle at present so this has at least given me some independent transport & its far cheaper than using taxis & buses to get around, I'm now on the lookout for materials to salvage and ideas for new projects so hopefully I'll be publishing a few 'ibles quite soon. I hope you don't mind my sharing my recent history with you but now I'm finally feeling more able to move on with my life & get on with making again I felt the need to reintroduce myself in some way. Here are a few pictures of what I've been making on a coffee table & lap tray along with my Fender & the bike which was a rather unattractive mess a few weeks ago & now has quite a smart vintage look to it.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 3 years ago

Children Medicine Taking

Hi; My 4 yrs boy refuse taking medicine.There is no way except holdin him down. I need home movie clip to learn the right way for holding him down and taking his medicine.

Posted by raymand 10 years ago

Taking instructable requests

So...post what you'd like to see here, and I'll try to do it. I'm taking requests until...until I don't want to take requests anymore!I can do:Basic computing and troubleshootingWord processors, adobe pdf editorAudio relatedSome sculpting, painting, writing, drawingHow to draw instructables robotetc...these are just some of my many talents! :DSeriously, I may not be able to fulfill some requests, but I am more than willing to try! So what instructables would you like to see me do?

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Making shower water colder

For years I have been a fan of taking cold showers, especially in the winter when the water is very cold. But in the summer, the water is not all that cold. Does anyone know, any information, on how to chill the shower water?

Posted by wwlaveck 9 years ago

NO 2 Pro

Now, an official place to argue against Pro accounts.

Posted by Epeoples 8 years ago


Hey guys! It's Hiyadudez. Now if you have seen some of my other forums, you will know that I have not been very active lately. Now you all know my famous Knex Challenges right? Well I want to carry them on because they were cool. No wait. I dont want to carry them on, I want one of you, my loyal friends, to carry them on for me :-) Now there are some conditions. Your prizes must include patches, it may just be for the first winner, or all 3, I don't mind. If you are a non-pro member, maybe get Gmjhowe or anyone willing to give out patches to help you out. (I know that Gmj can give patches for successful contests :-P) SO. I am going to hold 'Auditions' to see who will take over them. So in a comment, I want you to include: Your reason for wanting to take over the challenges Will you be commited to making one every week? Could you think of some good challenge ideas? (Dont say them) Are you active here on Ibles? If so, how often do you log on and check things? Are you good at making cool pictures for each challenge? (The ones below were from MS paint :P) Any other thing to persuade me to pick you :-D Good luck and good night! *Elvis has left the building!*

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

to take over or not to take over the world

If you could (assuming you can't) take over the world, would you do it? Why or why not?

Posted by bloke2022 9 years ago

Taking back the instructable?

How to take back the 30sec contest entry?

Posted by ramhardikar 8 years ago

World Take Over Instructable?

Anybody interested in doing a Collaboration on "theoretical" world take over/domination and world management?

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Site takes me to malware

I was interested in going to the site on the off grid solar panel that I recently got an email about. The reference take you to a malware site

Posted by richardnml 5 weeks ago

judging(how much TIME JUDGING takes)

Does any one know how much time judging takes when voting is finished 

Posted by hadi141 9 months ago

TechCrunch takes a Tour of Pier 9

Techcrunch takes a tour through Pier 9. Check out the video!

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Take a Nap

Naps: they are no longer for drool emitting grandparents passed out in armchairs. TAKE ONE! It will help boost your alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity in the later hours of the day. Link

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

How long does it take for the prize to arrive in UK?

Well? I just want to know, how long it it going to take?!?

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

The correct way to take apart your Knex gun.

Blue Mullet is proud to present's: "How to correctly take apart a knex gun". This was mostly made just for laughs and is not to be taken seriously. If you want to take a look at my youtuube account then here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueMulletMaxDunning/videos?view=0 The gun that was used in this video was my oodammo Rambo.

Posted by Blue Mullet 5 years ago

Taking suggestions

Ok, I'm bored. Really bored, and lacking any inspiration, so I'm taking any suggestions anyone may have for something to make. I would really prefer it if it was SMG sized, but not necessarily an SMG.

Posted by knexguy 9 years ago

Can anyone from MALTA (EU Country) take part in any contest?

Can anyone from MALTA (EU Country) take part in any contest? Regards flameblades

Posted by flameblades 5 years ago

Broken Banner - Take Action : Help Save $16 Billion A Year In Utility Bills!

Clicking on this banner takes me to an empty page:https://www.instructables.com/r/takeactionOn Firefox, Mac OSX 10.4.9

Posted by pixelbricks 9 years ago

Biotech channel takes you to basic electronics guide!!( in technology)

Clicking on the "Check out the new biotech channel" link takes you to basic electronics guide!!( in technology).BUG!! Please fix.

Posted by sidgupta 5 years ago

Does it normally take this long?

I'm fairly new here. Whenever I post an Instructable, it takes a really long time (at least a day) for it to appear in searches or the groups I added it to. Is this normal? Since I'm new, I don't know.

Posted by Fwirt 11 years ago

Take a Great Portrait with These Tips

Probably the best and easiest photography tip I've heard in the past year. Amazing.

Posted by AngryRedhead 4 years ago

blink182 concert

Ok my dad dosnt want to take me to a blink 182 concert. he said i could go but he wouldnt take me. i have no one else to go with and he said if more people on istructables voted he should take to the concert he would... so please vote on whether you think he should take me or i should just not go.

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago


GoPros are great cameras. They take great photos, but the photos take pictures of more than you point it at. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Posted by Wolf321 3 years ago

Taking the filter out of a respirator?

I need to know how to get the filter cartridge out of this thing... any ideas?

Posted by Butters789 6 years ago

BUG : I can take classes without payment

Let me know where to provide more information. Thanks

Posted by jayvg 1 year ago

diy drones contest not taking me in!

My instructable has not been taken in one contest for days now what should i do!?

Posted by pawanvs99 5 years ago

You may take our tools, but you'll never take our Freedom!

On January 20th there will the first meeting of T-Exchange, a Moray-based (Scotland) hack-group.  Anyone interested in making stuff or being creative is welcome.  You can find us on Facebook (search for T-Exchange) or at http://www.t-exchange.net for more information! Its a long shot but somebody might see this :)

Posted by termcc 6 years ago

Boxbots Take Cardboard Recycling To A Whole New Level Of Creative Cool!!

Anyone who's a fan of art will appreciate the work of New York based designer JK Keller.His "Boxbot" collection takes cardboard recycling to a whole new level of creative cool!! http://bit.ly/JdZf

Posted by elizahleigh 8 years ago

how long does it take to receive prize from a contest

I won a BBQ cookbook in the low and slow BBQ contest almost 2 months ago and I'm trying to figure ou how long it takes to receive the prize.  Hope there wasn't a mix up or anything

Posted by Mhbaben 8 years ago

Take over the world easily!

So you want to take over the world? Well here's the steps! 1. Genetically and cybeneticaly enhance an army of ducks 2.Create Orbital Tungsten Bombardment System (O.T.B.S)  3 Aim your O.T.B.S at major oil/uranium fields.  4 While superpowers try to stop you move in And eliminate most humans with your ducks. 5. Blow up the planet and move to Mars OR attempt Galactic Domination

Posted by Jack The Supreme Duck Overlord 2 years ago

Awesome Embroidery

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of embellishment to take something from plain and everyday to something of a conversation starter. This is an excellent example and I think the simplicity in it is inspiring. Crafty Embroidery

Posted by lamedust 10 years ago

Recommended instructables/guides for taking better photos?

Howdy, folks! I'm new to the community and I'm working on my first Instructable. Anyone have any recommended Instructables or guides for someone who is a photography newb and wants better looking pictures to post? (I know the macro button, and how to take longer exposures, but am terrible on setting up lighting). Some of you folks take AMAZING pictures for your instructables (looking at you, Canida) and would love any guidance you can bestow upon me!

Posted by a grain of alt. 10 years ago

lcd/flat pannel dicection

Is it dangerous to take a part like a normal monitor or tv is due to static build up? i can never throw something out without taking it apart first lol

Posted by rubberbanddude 11 years ago

Plasma ball science

What happens when you take off the top of one of those plasma balls? What is the sciene behind them? Can you take off the plasitc dome and put it in a different case?

Posted by astrozombies138 10 years ago

Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest?

I have a question I hope you can answer. Do they always take a long time to announce the winners of their contest on Instructables? I entered the Critter contest, Judging they said would end on the 3rd but then they changed it to the 4th at midnight but still no winners have been announced?

Posted by Yarnabees 8 years ago

3D Snakes and ladders

Hello all,I need to help in creating/building a 3D snakes and ladders game...it should be portable,e.g When you land on a spot that takes you up the board automatically takes you up and when you land on a spot that takes you down you automatically go down,,material:Plastic preferably..any ideas are welcome..HELP!!

Posted by GENIIUS101 3 years ago

Take the MENSA Workout test!

Your score was 30 out of 30. That is an excellent score—you would have a very strong chance of passing the Mensa test and joining Mensa. Please note that the Mensa Workout is NOT the official Mensa test, and your score will not qualify or disqualify you for membershipTake the MENSA Workout test and post your score.For funzies! ...lol

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

kiteman is happy again

Take a look

Posted by spockck 9 years ago

Billy is alive!

Our esteemed intern Billy finally departed for Japan a few days ago with nothing but a backpack, toothbrush, change of clothes and camera. Having not heard from him in a few days we were starting to worry, but I am happy to report that he is alive... and taking pictures! Albeit, it is not exactly clear what he is taking pictures of. Perhaps you can make sense of this.

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Take 28,000 panes of glass...

Takes 28,000 panes of glass, cover them in explosives, and ignite. The result is rather grand, and already a relic of the past before it's even finished... I don't have a clue what most of the voice-over on this ten-minute version is saying, but if you listen you can hear "western" words cropping up in the middle of Arabic sentences.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

How long does it take you to write an 'ible?

I just finished one and it took almost as long as it took to make the superhero cape. I spend forever ordering pictures and being very specific. And I feel like I felt a lot out this time!It normally takes 1-5 hours for me, I'd say.So what about you?

Posted by jessyratfink 9 years ago

Decided to Come back to take a look...

So guys, i decided to come back in here, just wanted to see if there was anything new going on? So, What is new?

Posted by Steamdnt 8 years ago


Today i had to take home the health baby. man it is so INOYING. i was just wondering if any one else had to take it home? (i was rocking the baby wall typeing this!!!!!!!)

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

How to take good pictures in fading light 'ible request

Here in England the light fades fast and i cant take instructable photos after about 5:30 pm because they look dark and crappy. Does anyone know of a cheap way to replicate natural-ish light, like a soft glow not a big glare Thanks :P (like the picture below, its too dark)

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

Firefly Flashlight Mod

I have figured out something useful without making the firefly ugly. First, take out all of the screws, and start mapping them by the nerf's shape. Sorry I have no pics, but I want this to not take three days. Take out the pieces that support the barrel. Draw a map if you have to, because this can get very annoying to put back. take out the barrel with the supporting orange piece and throw away the orange front piece. This may reduce slight accuracy, but you can now use sonic micro darts, and you need to to do my 3rd to next mod. Unscrew the back of the barrel. take out the piece. Unscrew the 3 screws on the back, too. Make sure to keep mapping. Unsrew the last front screws. Get small pliers or a large screwdriver and pry it open, going all around. Take out the springs and the 3-pronged pieces. Put the barrel back together. Take out the air pump and stretch the spring. Put back the gun, using your mapping. Now, for the fun part. Drill a hole through the center of the barrel, big enough for your flashlight. You are done. Have fun.

Posted by Fenderpony 10 years ago


Is there anyway to create an EMP that could take down a whole building that is handheld?

Posted by gsyme13 3 years ago

tablet pc

What would it take to install a tablet pc screen onto a regular laptop? or what would it take to convert a tablet pc screen to a usb tablet ? (maybe a dvi port to display on it and a usb to allow for the input from the screen?)

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago