This is where I will post available toys to mod as they are donated. Or if you have a toy you would like to donate please post a picture of it here or mail it to me. * *please contact me for shipping information.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

wheel and axle toys?

How to make science toys on the principle of wheel and axle. 

Asked by prasanth reddy 8 years ago

Fighting construction toy

I am trying to find a toy that my brother had as a kid. What it is was a battery powered base that you put a spinning blade like object it was all made of plastic, on top of the blade was a plastic shield like object to hold the blade on, the two motor bases where connected together with string that came out the side of the robot and connected to a plastic anchor point of the other. When you turned on the two bases it caused the blades to spin and the tether lines slowly retracted causing the blades to come into contact which then knocked the shields and blades off each other. The person who still had their blade and or shield on at the end won. Does anyone know what these toys where called?

Asked by steve-lane 4 years ago

wooden toys vs plastic toys ?

Which one is a good option for kids wooden toys or plastic toys ????

Posted by Wholesaletoys 3 years ago

Quick easy Toys? Answered

Anybody know some quick easy toys to make? Simple, with fairly cheap materials?

Asked by AshleighLm 5 years ago

I would like to build a simple toy barn and stable for my 4-year old's toy horses. Tools and budget are limited.

All of the plans I find onlline are expensive and complicated, and IJ don't have a band saw or router. I just want to build a simple, open-roof barn and stable, maybe a small table as well, for my little one's toy horses. I have a drill and hand tools, and some woodworking talent. Any ideas?

Asked by bigpapachiop 8 years ago

how can I add my instructable?

I have a dog toy that I've made that I would like to add to the Indestrucable collection of great ideas. How do I do this.

Asked by terrycrissman 7 years ago

I need help making a toy for my dog

My Dog only likes to play fetch with Tin cans, but they sometimes cut his lips. Firstly, I was wondering if anyone had a Idea of how to cover the can with a rubber or plastic that could withstand the heavy play and bites of a large dog . Secondly, I want it to look cool so how would you make it two toned. I'm looking for this to last a while, thats why I want it to look cool. Its bad enough when I have to take Tin cans to the park. Also I'm not that experienced in plastics/Rubber. My skills are more inclined to carpentry. So please be specific. Thanks I hope someone can Help.

Posted by milonus1 10 years ago

How Do I convert my daughters bubble gun into a rechargeable toy?

I have a Bubble gun that take 3 AA batteries How can i convert it into a rechargeable one i have   lithium batteries  and i also have a portable charger i can use for the conversion . Its for my daughter and im trying to show her how "creative" iam  new to this forum so i dont know what other info is needed ..Help

Asked by The Deep Lagoon LLC 9 months ago

How do you unblock a picture, accidentally blocked when making instructable?

I was in the middle of making an instructable, and, i accidentally right clicked and hit the button that said "block images from img.instructables..."  I tried everything i could think of.  I didn't save, I deleted the step with the picture on it, and i even restarted the computer.  What should I do?

Asked by rogerrabbit321 7 years ago

Any Old Knexers Still Here?

Hey guys! As the title say, are any of the old knex folks that I grew up with still around? I imagine most of us have grown up and moved on. I've looked around the site, and while I've found some decent stuff I haven't seen anybody I really recognize from my day. I'm just curious as to what people have grown to enjoy and like. I for one love anything music, and spend most of my free time playing. How about you guys? See y'all around Killer~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 5 years ago

What are some good toys for gerbils?

I generally want homemade toys but anything will do. My gerbils chew everything up so im always looking for a good toy.

Asked by builderdude 9 years ago

PVC Pipe Toys

Hello, I am developing a line of toys made with PVC pipes. Take a look at these two instructables. and

Posted by nicolaudosbrinquedos 3 years ago

Possibliy a good contest for Christmas

I would not know from my Instructables hiatus that this has been suggested before, but I have a good thought for this years Christmas. Instead of going down to your toy shop burning money on the latest toys for someone, that simply you make toys. Of course toys you make yourself have a lot more meaning than those from a store, but I think we have a really creative community here that can engineer some good toy instructables. So why not hold a contest for the best toy instructable?

Posted by CyrusII 9 years ago

Eyeclops Bionic Eye Toy. Anyone know if you could combine this with a camera somehow?

I played around with this but already bored with it. Wondering if it could be modified.

Asked by short_circuit_sam 7 years ago

What Are Some Good, Homemade Guinea Pig Toys?

I have a pet store cage, but after my birthday I am going to make a c&c cage!

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

Has anyone converted a 27mhz remote controller to 49mhz or vice versa?

You know how everyone keeps losing remotes for the great toys they sell at garage sales and such? It would be neat to be able to control different frequency toys from one controller?

Asked by farmboy177 7 years ago

Can I make this handheld toy projector brighter? Answered

I bought this handheld viewmaster projector at a garage sale yesterday. The problem is the bulb isn't bright enough, it takes two D batteries. Anything I could change to make it brighter?

Asked by buffysissy1 6 years ago

What would make good cat enclosure toys?

I have a cat enclosure attached to my house for my cats but it's just a bit of grass and a fence. How can I make it more interesting for them without spending hundreds of dollars on accessories from the company that built the enclosure? I don't really know where to start other than maybe hanging something from the top as a toy they can bat around but I'm worried that they'll either break the toy, break the netting or hurt themselves. I've considered a scratching post but I don't know how to make a waterproof one and carpet's kinda out :/

Asked by PaigeGrel 6 years ago


What Knex things do you want me to build ??

Posted by knex gun and grenade maker 7 years ago

Where can I find a wind up mechanism?

I need a winding mechanism for a project. This would be small toy sized. It would be optimal if it were multidirectional winding. Either way winds like a watch. Not a lot of torque so that small hands can wind it, but not as small as a watch winding mechanism or as complex. I would like to add gears to change the speed of the output or torque as needed. Or if anyone knows where a sawing type input such as a worm gear winding. Both of these would be super helpful. I can tear apart winding toys of course. In an information gathering stage right now. 

Asked by caltman2 4 years ago

Ideas for an interactive donation box?

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0in; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I need to create a donation box for a non-profit art center where I volunteer. The box needs to be interactive.  That is, inserting a paper bill through an opening in the box, triggers a fun toyetic response, preferably not audible. Maybe something spins, a light flashes, LEDs arranged to spell "Thank you" flash on and off, etc.  The box could have four or five different openings, each with its own interactive feature. I love to get ideas from the Instructables community  as well as input on toys or electronic devices that can be adapted for this.

Asked by sandringham 7 years ago

My nerf nightfinders barrel is glued together. How do I get it apart? Answered

I want to do the air restrictor mod for my nerf night finder but the all of the parts of the barrel are glued together. How do i get it apart?

Asked by DBMods 8 years ago

Great Adventures

Does anyone remember the old Great Adventures sets? I collected almost all of them for my kids when they were younger. We had the castle complete with all of the Knights, the King, the invading King, the bad knights, the wizard, the small dragon, the large dragon, the "Special" knights, the boulder launching cannon etc. We also invested in the western town set. We had the sheriff, the deputy, the jailer, assorted bandits, the bucking bull, etc. Another set was the pirate ship. We collected the large ship, the small ship, all of the captains, sea serpent, pirate island, shark raft, the iron whale, and over two-dozen pirates! We had a ball playing with these things. Me and the boys spending good quality time together. Then we had a small problem. i was transferred for work and the boys thought they had to leave everything behind (including the great adventures sets they loved!) They never told us though. We thought that they were just having issues with the move in general. We followed some tips from a buyers agent website (mainly the one entitle Communication) and figured out that they were worried about leaving behind everything. We quickly fixed the misunderstanding and resumed a peaceful move.

Posted by DELETED_Brett Briner 9 years ago

Can anyone point me towards a product or guide to make two key fobs that when pressed, turn on a light in the other?

I'm working on a little project that would require a very, very small transmitter/receiver combo, that needs to be both small and battery operated on 1 channel. I seem to remember some product that did something like this, kind of a secret message toy or something to that extent where when the button was pushed on one it would turn the light on in the other, so you could signal each other from across the room or something to that extent. I really just need a micro micro receiver that's linked to a 1 button key fob remote. If anyone can point me towards that product or a kit or what have you, lemme know! thanks!

Asked by Archarzel 9 years ago

Buzz Lightyear broken wing spring assembly that makes the wings open, how do I fix or replace?

I have a vintage Buzz Lightyear the spring assembly that makes the wings open up .  The spring assembly has a little spring and two "arms" that attach to the wings.  One of the white "arms" is broken, now what?

Asked by ZIPND 6 years ago

Airsoft guns

Hello everybody! This is knexsniper1 with yet another forum topic :)in this one, i would like to know who on this website plays with or wants to play with airsoft guns. not only that, but if you currently play with airsoft guns, or are interested in them, then i and many other people would appreciate it if you would provide a link, or a location that you get airsoft guns from. please specifiy if the website is one that is reliable, because i along with many other people do not trust websites unless we have proof of their reputation. also, in this forum, you are welcome to share any updates on airsoft guns (new models, new attachements, etc...) and discuss your experiences with your guns, so that others may decide which is a better choice. if  you own an airsoft gun, then please tell us what type it is, your opinion on it, and some statistics so that others may base their decisions off of your experiences :)Have fun everybody!-ksp

Posted by knexsniper1 8 years ago

Flashing LED problem?

Hi everyone. I mess around with HO scale slot cars and have had decent success lighting them with LEDs using track voltage and simple resistors to power them. I have ventured into the use of full wave rectifiers to smooth out the power and a small capacitor to eliminate the flicker. The problem I am having is when trying to use multiple blinking LEDs. Single blinking LEDs haven't caused any problems and I've had good results with them. The problem starts when I use more than one. I can get a pair of them to work on the bench with out any problem at all, but when they are soldered to the slot car chassis they might work for 3-5 minutes and then they stop blinking, and usually get hung up on one LED staying lit. What is even stranger is if I take a piece of brass rod and touch the anode of the dead LED, it will light up momentarily (and the other will go out). I only have so much room to work with so flashing circuits, large capacitors and voltage regulators are out of the question. Keep in mind, these cars are the size of a hot wheels or matchbox car, and the chassis uses up most of the internal space. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Asked by slotcarman12078 8 years ago

Attempting my first custom figure - Ferra/Torr

Hello, I've decided to finally try my hand at doing a custom figure. I want to try and make Ferra/Torr from Mortal Kombat X. Little guys riding on big guys is one of my favorite things for some reason. I figure it's probably best to start with Torr (the big guy). Right now I'm looking for ideas on what to use for the base body. I'm leaning towards a Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk as my base figure. I like his facial expression and his hand situation - one closed fist and one open hand with big grody fingernails. I have some concerns though, I've heard his articulation isn't as good as some other MS hulks. Does anyone have some insight into this? Would I be able to get him into a sort of hunched over pose? The little picture on the left shows the size relations between Ferra/Torr and a regular person. I was kind of thinking of going with a bigger scale and using real materials for the cloth and armor and whatnot. I work in a metal shop, so I could probably make the metal bits and bobs. Again, I have no idea if that would be a nightmare or not. Thanks, Me

Posted by DaveOfMutilation 3 years ago

What are some home made toy ideas for Ferrets?

Toys for animals in general are expensive, and ferrets will play with just about anything; what are some safe ideas for making some ferret toys to fill up their toy box?

Asked by 9 years ago

Toys/ Materials

Originally Mod Squad was born out of the idea to use donated toys to create prosthetic arms because there is an over abundance of them in the US, they are fairly low cost, they provide a variety of materials, and children would enjoy the way they look as opposed to more industrial materials. However a big concern is their durability. Share your thoughts/findings/suggestions about using toys. Are there other existing materials that are easy to access and would be good to re-use but would also make something that a child would like?

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

TOYS with LED's

Hi, I recently bought one sword with LEDS and I want to know how they control the LEDS (it have different patterns of lighting). They use a PIC or IC ? I open the sword and have a very small PCB board with the IC cover with a black solid coating my questions are: The toys use and IC or PIC? What is the difference between IC or PIC's? They control also the voltage of the LED (different color of LED have different voltage)? The PIC/IC is programmed in which language? Where can I found more resources about this topic ? thank you for any help Chris SWORD

Posted by christoys 6 years ago

Completed Arms

Here is where we can post projects as they are completed.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

Can someone help me with an idea?

I want to make one of the discs from Tron (the discs that they throw). I thought about buying one of the toy versions but they don't really look like what is in the movie. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make it? Thanks DP

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

Custom Action Figure help?

Anyone here have any experience with custom action figures? I'm working on one, and made a post in Crafts, but no dice. If anyone is interested in my project I can link to some posts with more info.

Posted by DaveOfMutilation 3 years ago

Knex scar L not working?

My scar L is not working when i pull the pin back the bullet goes backwards and forwards sometimes and when it does fire it does not go very far any ideas on how i can fix this?

Posted by pongopeter826 4 years ago

push button mp3 player?

Hey. I was hoping somebody could help me with an idea i have for a costume. I'm making a costume for Tony Stark from Iron Man 3, with the headset. I can make the headset, but I wanted to add something to it. I want to be able to put a small device that will play sounds (JARVIS quotes) when you push a button. What I'm envisioning is something like you see in some toys. It has multiple sounds, but one button. It plays through one sound effect when you push the button, the next one the next time you push it, and so on. I've seen ones that will do a sound for each button with multiple buttons, but that's not really what I want. One button, multiple sounds, and it cycles through them. Thanks.

Asked by Dustin Cox 4 years ago

How can I make a small Piezo Police siren, on a small footprint for HO Scale Model Railroad.? Police cars, ambulance etc

I have taken a little ambulance apart, which has a little piezo siren and flashing lights. I can create the flashing light circuit but how can I get the siren circuit ..?

Asked by HarrisCreekCentral 8 years ago

Any good small projects to impress 13 year olds? Answered

   I've taken up a habit of making some tiny pocket-sized (or school bag sized) projects (one each week) and carrying it around with me to entertain Years 7 and 8 (12-14 year olds) and teach them some Physics at the same time. I've looked through some ordinary school demonstrations, but I need something small, great, not needing much preparation to show it, and also something none of them has ever seen, which is pretty hard...    After a little more than a month I've already ran out of ideas, but I don't want to finish this practice, because both I and the kids like it.    Any ideas???

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

How to make a toy with spring that will make people laugh?

I need to make a science toy.It has to be funny and make people laugh.Atleast one spring has to be used.It has to be creative and durable.

Asked by jgoutham 9 years ago

Just a heads up: Toy Rods and Connectors Contest is coming up.

Yo. I'm not active in the Knex community anymore but wanted to give my old pals a heads up: From June 30th to August 11th the official Toy Rods and Connectors contest will go live on Instructables. (In case you don't know, it's basically a Knex contest but its open to other rod/connectors type toys). So if you have that big project coming up or a new idea to work on, make sure you save it to post until then so you can be in with the chance of winning. Have a nice day.

Posted by Hiyadudez 4 years ago

I need some ideas for cheap or homemade toys for lots of animals! Answered

I'm doing a project for the local pet shop - or I think I am. The owner hasn't agreed or disagreed yet. I need a lot of toy ideas for all kinds of rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, kittens, and puppies. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!

Asked by GuineaLover 8 years ago

how to find t pin and ground on headset of force trainer toy? Answered

I can not find t pin and ground on head set board of force trainer toy,can somebody help me?

Asked by milomir 1 year ago

How to change frequency on RC toy car?

Hi all. My friend and I bought 2 rc toys (1:18 scaled Ferrari F1) just for fun, but they work on same frequency (40.685 MHz) so we can't drive at same time. So i need some suggestions on how to change the frequency on one of them. The transmitter have quartz crystal, but receiver have only coil. I already tried solution "Modding Fisher-Price 72825 Formel Junior Fernlenkflitzer" found on this site, but it didn't work. I ordered quartz crystals from China working on (40.885, 40.985 and 40.285 MHz) and when i changed them in transmitter (one by one) the rc toy still reacted on commands from transmitter. Is there any other way to change frequency? Thanks in advanced.

Asked by dule666 8 years ago

How do i determine what voltage the leds are that are scrapped from toys?

And what other stuff should I scrap b4 tossing? New to LEDs!! I have 4 kids, & therfore lots of broken toys, game controllers, etc... I don't wanna toss anything and then once I get more advanced regret throwin it all away..... like all the resistors and circuit boards themselves.... please advise and recccommend the ibles I need please! Thanks in advance!!

Asked by StarrsWife 9 years ago

how to install software to aurdino ?

I do not know how ti install software to aurdino,i do not know to manage it with processing software ,github software  and aurdino sotware?i wonder if somebody can explain to me step by step,how to download software  for instructables project "How to hack EEG toys with arduino"

Asked by milomir 1 year ago

How to make a cheap, lightweight, child-friendly ride-on car from scratch?

Plastic (or something like that) for the body or any light material that is easily shaped or molded using common tools/equipment. With functional steering wheel that allows left or right turn (How is this really implimented? And what type of material to use?). Pedal propelled...or anything green solution. Usable by a 1 to 3 year-old a prelude to the carting instructable.

Asked by cloner 9 years ago

Nerf Firefly or Maverick?

I've been meaning to buy a new nerf gun for awhile now but I cant decide between the nerf maverick and the firefly. Both seem hella awesome but not sure which one works better. Any suggestions?

Asked by superfishy8 8 years ago