I was wondering if I can covert a transformer that is 220v to 110 and change it to a step up? It would be for a 500w motor. Thanks

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Hello everybody! I just need some help with an electronic project I was doing-I need to desolder a transformer from a camera flash circuit, but every time I try with a new circuit, it always melts or the component leads fall off. I have included some pictures of it, maybe someone could identify the kind so I could buy it at an electronic retailer? It is meant to have 5 leads, with 3 on one side and 2 on the other. On a technical reference it has 7:3 coil ratio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by NightRider7 10 years ago

How to use a transformer?

How to use a transformer?

Asked by BickromM 8 months ago

Trouble Finding Transformer

I am trying to find two 24 volt 2amp transformers. I have been to a few websites and have found none. Does anyone know of a store where I can buy these transformers?

Posted by Sedgewick17 9 years ago

1k to 200k audio transformer needed?

Where can i get a 1k to 200k audio transformer online and i also need 103 ceramic disc capacitors 500v

Asked by jumper1111 5 years ago

How to use a transformer? Answered

I need to convert 240V Ac mains supply to 12V DC/ 24 V dc How to do? one way is transforming 220 V ac to 12/24 V ac using transformer and then using diode bridge and capacitor to convert it to dc but i dont know how to use a transformer, how to implement it in a circuit......?

Asked by chatsbk007 5 years ago

how to reduce transformer voltage ?

I have a transformer with 24-0-24v/5A ........but i need only 12-0-12v/ do i reduce to get this voltage

Asked by mh.khan92 8 years ago

How to make this transformer?

I am going to make a stun gun i need to make a transformer and i don't know how to. can any one explain me a better way? i've uploaded a picture!

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

how do i wire a transformer?

I would like to know how to wire 4,5,6 wire transformers. also i would like to know ow to wire a flyback transformer. best answer will be awarded for sure. thanks miiwii3 and i know of plasmana's world smallest shocker (are there other ways?)

Asked by miiwii3 9 years ago

How to wind a step up transformer ? Answered

I need to make an ac step up transformer with an input from the main, output of 400v ac to connect to the a bridge bridge rectifier. The bridge rectifier number is D35XB60.

Asked by mind power 3 years ago

Input and output of my transformer.?

I have bought a heavy duty transformer but  input and output wires are not attached to it, so please help me to select the input and output points to solder wire. I have attached an image of it too.

Asked by ShuvamP 3 years ago

How to make or design this?

I want to make a CFL inverter powered by 12 voltage battery and a 220 voltage AC. Some people say it signal transformer or SMPS transformer that’s why I did not mention the name of it. To make and design the transformer what is the formula and materials is needed? Please! Please!!  Please!!! Help me to design this transformer. Thanks in Advance.

Asked by robi_ncc 5 years ago

220v to 12v transformer Answered

Hi I have two questions. In the drawing below, which diodes do i need to use and will this be compatible with a hand crank generator? Thank you for any help!

Asked by GhengisKhan1981 1 year ago

how do i use a transistor to connect to an AC transformer?i want to use DC to run an AC transformer? Answered

I wanna know if its possible to use a transistor to power up a transformer(like from cellphone chargers)?Could sum1 help me?

Asked by joinaqd 9 years ago

Limiting AMP Draw of a Transformer?

Hello guys. So i hacked a microwave transformer open and changed the primary coil out. It now has 10 windings and so i get around 15-16kV on the secondary coil. (which i need for a tesla coil) Now the problem is the transformer draws more than 16A and so the fuses in my home "go out" ? (I hope you know what i mean; European household -> 230v 16A) How can i limit how mutch Amps are getting "used" by the transformer ?

Asked by LosB 2 years ago

Pararel connection Transformer

i want to combine two of 10 ampere Trafo, so i can have 20 Ampere power supply  i read a few article that say if we connect the sekunder(secondary) of identical Transformer in pararel, we can have a double time current flow on this connection. do anybody have try this before?

Asked by beatobe 6 years ago

most large ( i mean VW size) transformers core rapping is what kind of metal? Answered

Found a big tramsformer, with no ID, mostly buried on the river bank. hoping to cash in if it is cooper

Asked by danelder 8 years ago


Hi everyone, I harvested this transformer from a Mitsubishi TV, it has two red wires on one side and two white wires on the other side, there is a tag that says 350P43902 witch I believe is the part number and 24F049HD witch I believe is the part name also it says TAM and M 9408. I want to know what this transformer does?  I tried to find the datasheet for it but had no luck looking online, so if anyone can help if they know what it is or where to find its datasheet online I appreciate it as I like to see what I can use it for, maybe somewhere in my flyback transformer project. Thank you.

Asked by OVERLOADED 6 years ago

can i make a ant shocker transformer that shocks ants every 3 minutes in bowl with sugarwater?

I have a transformer step down from 250 to 100v... want to make a bowl of sugarwater for ants and then every 3 mintes or so i should shock all the ants that are drinking...poisen doesnt work..ants can smell it....grrr what should i do now.. thanks

Asked by stuckbullet 7 years ago

help me to get 12V output from this UPS transformer GP-0915 (600VA)(240Vac)?

I cannot find out the wire connection of DC and AC connection. I have one side Blue and red wire and otherside Black+Green+Blue+Yellow.

Asked by RabiulS1 1 year ago

help me out with this transformer... I don't know about the connection?

This transformer is from 600VA UPS(220v supply)(using 12v battery). On primary side their are 4 wires and on secondary two wire. output on primary for the following : black- green=6.5Vac      black-blue=9Vac how can I get 12V from this...?? help me....I want to use this as my power supply for charging batteries....  

Asked by tajeshwar28 3 years ago

STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER 220v/50hz to 110v/60hz

I have some cordless power tools by Craftsman. Goes without saying they are 110v/60hz. Problem is I live in Australia where we have 220v/50hz. I need to purchase a step down transformer for the battery chargers. Could someone please tell me what spec step down I should get. i.e what output it should have. The biggest battery is 19.2v. Thanks for any advice

Asked by Punzi 7 years ago

high voltage transformer

I found a flybacktransformer and I would like to sale it. its is nice and heavy built and would have a better duty cycle than one of the newer ones. I would like to get $12 for it. finding a flyback like this one is not always too easy. I added a mug to show the size of it.

Posted by inductionheat! 8 years ago

Microwave Transformer

I have salvaged a old microwave transformer that i am going to use for a SLA battery charger i am building. I have rewound the secondary with 50amp wire and i get an AC output of 12v what is what i want but im confused with working out how many amps it puts out. I have run it through a bridge rectifier and a capacitor and i get about 18V DC. I was testing the amps by adding 12v 50watt light bulbs to it 1 at a time and when i get to 200watts the voltage starts to drop to about 10v DC. My question is does that mean the transformer is being overloaded? and if so is there a way to increase the amp output by winding secondary with different wire? I have seen online videos of Microwave transformers being rewound and they give out 50amps at 12v.

Posted by JamieG14 2 years ago

What type of transformer is this?

I got this out of a wall-wart and am trying to add it to my stun baton to make a bigger arc, can anyone tell me the full info on how to use it as an arc generator using a 2000 volt input?    PS im doing this safely and DO NOT USE THIS ON LIVING THINGS JUST AN EXPERIMENT!!!!

Asked by Myers Technology 7 years ago

Transformer question?

I took a part an ooooold boombox and got some cool parts from it, one of them being a heavy, good-sized transformer. The boombox was using the transformer to step down the voltage before rectifying it.(Right before rectification it goes through a 500mA fuse if that helps...) From what I can tell, the mains power is connected directly to the transformer. I tested it with low voltage AC source and found that it is roughly a 10:1 ratio transformer. I wanted to reverse this and use it as a step-up transformer, but I don't feel comfortable hooking it up directly to mains in case it draws too much current and flips a breaker or something (I read a biography of this one dude and when he was a kid he tried to make an electromagnet using mains power.... knocked out the power on the whole block and the police came...). Will it draw too much current putting it on the low voltage side? I saw one guy say that using a 50 ft extension cord will prevent it from drawing too much. Will that work? If not any other ways? (or just not worry about it?) edit: It is roughly the same size as this one

Asked by 7654321 7 years ago

Besides stepping up or stepping down a voltage, how does a transformer change the output put into it? Answered

For instance. Say I have a square wave of 9 volts created by a 555 timer at the frequency 1 kilohertz, and that is the input into a transformer designed to step up the voltage to 120 volts. Will the frequency be changed in anyway? Are there any changes besides voltage?

Asked by Dirtie Hippie 8 years ago

transformer winding details?

I eveyone I am new to the whole electronic scene, i have a bit of kwowlage, but not as much as i need. I need a bit of help pls I am trying to build my own 12v to 230v dc to ac inverter to connect my flat to it. I need about a 5KVA inverter Can anyone pls give me some details on winding the transformer for it. I need to know how many windings on each coil and the size of wire i need for the windings, and any other details that u can spair for my project. Thank you in advace for your help.

Asked by rahvin1223 6 years ago

does any body know how can I update my transforemer voltage?

I have one 12v transformer and i want to charge my car battery with it so ,the car battery to charge need more than 12v, maybe it need 13-14v to charge so how can i update that voltage

Asked by Mrfatjonable 6 years ago

looking for 200VA transformer with many taps Answered

For awhile, I have worked on a linear power supply design, and I think I have a circuit which is pretty stable with 47uF output capacitance, capable of 100mV to 15V and at least 5A (or more) on a single rail supply, and I can of course also mirror the circuit to generate a negative voltage rail fairly easily. However, to ensure my supply can regulate power efficiently without dissipating too much power (say 50W max TDP) I need a good few voltage tabs, maybe about 5V increments. -20V, -15V, -10V, -5V, 0V, 5V, 10V, 15V, 20V. (unless I do some sort of voodoo with the rectification and inverting voltages, IDK. Ideas?) I added my design for something that generates voltages between -25V and 25V with only 5 tabs, but due to half-wave rectification, I do not think this design will be suitable. Drawing even 5A from the +25V rail causes current spikes reaching 90A and beyond. Of course series parasitic inductance and resistance would greatly reduce that, but I don't like the looks of it. I checked sources like Mouser, and Ebay but it appears that transformers with such a number of taps are uncommon to say the least. Where could I source such a transformer?

Asked by -max- 1 year ago

EI live in a country with 220-240V AC Supply.I want to make a transformer from 240V AC-12V DC.How?

I already have an LED torch that charges off AC it has a set of four diodes(supposedly bridge rectifier) and a big brown shiny TANK type of thingie which is all connected to the rechargeable battery in it(donno specs). Hoping to make one of those.

Asked by mayur.phadte 7 years ago

avoiding overheating for 7812 for 3A

I've bought a 3A 12x2v tramsformer. . from half m getting about 18v output. applying bridge rectifier i filtererd into DC. But my problem is using LM7812 or LM7809 it gets extremly hot although i've used heatsink... so my question is   1. What can I do to avoid overheating ?   2. How can I use this 3A transformer as 1 or 1.5 A if i need?

Asked by tamzidur 2 years ago

help me out to get 12V output for battery charging from this UPS transformer (600VA)(240Vac)?

The following images . I'm not able to get 12V output, but is supposed to provide 12V+ to charge the battery(12V). how to find the input to ac 240v  and output of 12volt to charge a battery  plz help me i will tell u primary section 3  wire and colour  one is  (red) ,middle one brown and last one blue and secondary section there is is 6 wires first is yellow wire ,blue wire , third is green wire  4th is brown wire , 5th is red wire and last is black wire plz help me find input 230v wires in primary and find 12volt for battery charging  wires

Asked by BrahmadevT 1 year ago

What would you do with 2 very large toroidal transformers? Answered

I found a few of these   while salvaging pelican cases. They're really expensive, so I imagine they must be useful for something. Any ideas? Brand/Series :  182 Series Configuration :  Toroidal Current, Secondary :  10/5 A Dimensions :  2.27"H×5.06"O.D Frequency :  50/60 Hz Length, Lead :  8 " Mounting Type :  Panel/Chassis Number of Outlets :  2 Phase :  1 Power, Rating :  300 VA Primary Type :  Dual Standards :  UL, CSA, CE Termination :  Leadwires Type :  Power Voltage, Primary :  117/234 VAC Voltage, Secondary :  30/60 VAC Weight :  5.58 lbs.

Asked by Nate Cougill 5 years ago

microwave transformer safety question?

if I plug a microwave transformer in and unplug it, does the transformer itself hold a charge?

Asked by ChrisS521 2 years ago

flyback transformer driver for beginners: is there a substitution for the flyback transformer?

My son wants to do the flyback transformer driver but we can't seem to find a flyback transformer. Is there a safe replacement or substitute?

Posted by ann.bragonje 3 years ago

New Transformers

I though I'd share my new buddies.

Posted by Mepain 9 years ago

Transformer in a CFL? Answered

I found this inside a cfl(image uploaded).See that tiny transformer in it?Please let me know if its a step up or a step down transformer and its output and input volt(which I think is 220volt).Thanks in advance!

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

How to make 1:1 transformer? Answered

Hello , i want to make a 1:1 transformer for audio (guitar pedal to power amp input).Can i use this size of transformer ? and i want to re-wire it with the type of wire in the image , how many rounds the transformer need? Thanks in advance ! sorry for my bad English!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

is this transformer

I have this transformer i think. i want to build coilgun and only thing i found is this transformer. does somebody know how  i could connect this with 2x aa batteries and  make  capacitor charger??? ( if you have shematics that would be great) 

Asked by tealk 4 years ago

where can a step up/step down transformer be used? Answered

I want to know, I am just curious where a combined transformer would be used.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

on a flyback transformer, what pins are used to supply power to the transformer? Answered

Its a flyback transformer from an old tv. made by samsung, i know the red cord from the top is high volt out. but what are the pins to put power in? and where is the nagative out?

Asked by jshpps 9 years ago

Transformer help. Answered

Ok, i am trying to build a charger for my coilgun science project and was wondering if there was a way to hook up a transformer WITHOUT winding any freaking coils. Most help works, thanks.

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

Something to replace a transformer? Answered

Hi everyone,I just want to know if there's anything that could replace a step-down transformer i.e,Step down 220 volts(AC) to 5 volts(DC).I want a thumb nail sized transformer for my purpose but its hard to get,so if there;s something more compact and can replace the transformer,things would move on awesome!

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

Transformer coilgun

Hey i use a camera circuit for my coil gun and the circuit would always burn out so i was wondering if it is possible to just use a audio transformer and if so how please.

Posted by Kante Tech 7 years ago