long range Transmitter ?

Hi, i'm working on a project, and i need a high range transmitter to send a signal to a receiver from a distance of at least 1 mile (1.6 Km) is it possible ? Thanks :)

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Simple AM transmitter

I wish to make an extremely small (size and part count) AM transmitter using only a few transistors and passive components. I wish to transmit an audible tone on a set frequency.I am thinking along the lines of a transistor flip-flop circuit oscillator, perhaps routed through another. It really needs to have less that five/six small components. DIP components are too big. Small electrolytic and other capacitors, transistors, and resistors are acceptable. Transmission distance needs to be at least 1/4 of a meter, but further is better. It needs to run on between 1.5 and 6 volts, low to middle'in milli-ampage im thinking watch batteries for a few hours at least. I have read the following article but as stated before it needs to be very small. https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-simple-AM-transmitter/Can anyone help me out with a schematic, thoughts or advice?Thanks in advance,-AndyP.s. I can work out transistor loop timings and I understand how the Amplitude Modulation system works. Current thoughts/plans (if you can call them that) are an audible tone switching a secondary transistor loop from high (no resistor in series) to low (resistor in series) power and back. The secondry loop will be switching at the target frequency.

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how to write specification for transmitter?

I trying to write specification for transmitter that transmit voice signal over 100 meter long at 97 mhz frequency modulation type Input voltage 12 v input current 9 mA input power output voltage output current output power operating frequency 92 - 97 Mhz oscillator circuit that generate 97 mhz frequency transmitting distance 100 meter long how to decide how much output voltage and current I need at output side ?  

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how to Create a simple AM/FM radio transmitter?

I would like to know how to create a simple basic fm/am radio transimtter..

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how can i find rc receiver for the rc transmitter?

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need info regarding replacement items in circuit.....

Hi guysI am trying to build a three stage fm transmitter and for the life of me I cannot find a 5-20p trimmer cap anywhere as well as the copper tinned coils...what can I replace the trim cap with.....a cap with a different value? and what can I replace the copper tinned coils with....normal 18 gauge wire coil?..any help will be welcomed

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replacement transmitter for an rc helicopter?

So i bought a rc heli from a thrift store and it turns on when the switch is flicked, but it came without the transmitter/controller for it, i checked the hobby shops and they said that they don't have any spares for it it says on a sticker that the heli is a 27MHz, so i was wondering, if i got a transmitter that was designed for helis and ran on the same frequency, in theory it'd work, right? can anyone lend me some advice?

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Which is the FM transmitter antenna ? Answered

When I wanted to expand my FM transmitter broadcast range I found a White and Red and Black wires please specify me which is the antenna one .

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Ramsey tv6c vhf transmitter

I have been working on a Ramsey TV transmitter since Christmas. the best i can get is very static gray/black picture with no sound. just dark static. I checked everything thousands of times. what can be the problem? could i have burnt up a component with my solder iron? i ended up broking the cheap plastic tuning tool that came with it by adjusting everything way too much.i can still tune it with my fingers and matches/toothpicks

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Amplify FM transmitter range?

Http://www.lucidscience.com//projects/Basic%20Spy%20Transmitter/8.jpg  This all relates to the picture linked to above I was not sure if I could put an amplifier before the antenna to boost the signal going to the antenna extending the range anyone know for sure it seems to make sense 

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Boosting Fm transmitter range

I bought a FM transmitter for an ipod. I would like to boost the range of the device. (I know it is illegal but would like to get more range than 2 feet.) I think I need to build an external antenna but need to know where to hook it up to the thing. The transmitter I have is a ge FM transmitter for ipod.If anyone has done anything like this or have any useful links it would be great. I don't know anything about circuit making so help would be great on that as well.

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Long Range IR Transmitter

I'm trying to build a guidance system for RC airplanes and drones. This should work by sending different IR signals to different locations in the air, so the drone will pick up signals specific to one location, enabling it to know where it is. (Like a mini, simplistic VOR, if you know about aviation) I'll probably use an Arduino on the ground with the transmitter, and a Raspberry pi onboard the airplane. I would like the IR signals to reach as far as possible, so does any one know of any small, high power IR LEDs? Also, if you have a good idea on how the signals could be accurately focused, so they line up next to each other without over lapping, let me know.Thanks!

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FM Transmitter with voice recorder.

This is what I would like to have made. I see these in spy websites for cheap. I don't want to spy on anyone but need for for another reason. Can anyone here on this site point me in the right direction. It's a short range FM Transmitter that has a built in voice recorder for up to 4 minutes made. The recorder would have a simple button that you would press to record with a built-in mic and small speaker for playback. The recording when transmitting would loop forever. The unit would be powered by a small battery and solar panel or just solar panel if that would work both indoors and out. The unit would only have to transmit during daytime hours. I would need the FM Transmitter to transmit no more than 100 feet and to meet FCC for USA. The transmission would need to be a very clear transmission because it is going to be used for advertising. It does not need to be in stereo. I've attached an image of what I would like to have made and the case is available at http://www.polycase.com/ Thanks Gregg

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how to make rf transmitter receiver ?

Can any geek there explain me how to make rf tranmitter receiver using avr atmega series

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RW67tx-na03 200607-001 video transmitter

Want to connect a 2.4 Ghz RW67TX-Na03 200607-001 to a camera with VDD and GND Video. But I can not find a wiring diagram. please help !!!!!

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How to eliminate noise in FM transmitter? Answered

I had made a FM transmitter using IC NE555. When i power the circuit with 9V battery,the transmitted audio is clearly received in my radio receiver.The problem is the battery will soon drain out and also as the battery starts to drain the transmitted frequency changes without my knowledge.So as the battery voltage decreases the frequency is also changing.To eliminate this problem i used transformer powered source with 9V Regulator 7809.When i power the circuit with transformer the received audio signal on my radio receiver has so much of noise added.The audio quality which i transmitted is completely lost.Anyone Help me to resolve this problem.

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Is there any way to make a long range video transmitter? Answered

I have looked into commercial transmitters, but they are too expensive, and do not achieve the range I want. I would like a transmitter that can transmit video at least 1 mile, but is still legal without a license.

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Help with Receiver/Transmitter and attaching motors?

I have a GWS 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver, seen here. http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/0-GWRX4SB.html http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/0-GWS24TR.html Essentially, I am attempting to make a sumobot with two motors taken from an electric screw driver (two wires positive and ground) The receiver is marketed for model airplanes, but I was assured it also works with motors. I am unsure what to plug into where. The receiver has three pins per channel: positive, ground and signal. Does anyone know how I should set this up?

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Help me selecting antenna for my fm transmitter????

I am building fm transmitter i am finished with every thing in circuit leaving antenna i searched for d.i.y. antennas but there were many confusing names of antennas i dont want to go through all those defination, uses ,advantages etc. of those antennas so please help me choose. I am adding a image of my circuit please help me choose from dipole, 1/4 wave ground etc. antennas. It will be nice if u tell me any d.i.y. to make your suggested antenna. Remember i want my transmitter to work from 88-108 Mhz

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Diy radio transmitter for medium range, 1 mile

Iv'e done a quick search and not come up with anything yet. Im a scout leader and for some of our events we need to be able to do announcements over the radio but as most of our sites don't have loud speakers set up all the time we have to rent them, and the people to set them up. Even with a discount this can go into the thousands and that goes back to the kids costs and well i hate that.  Anyway after playing around with my partners short distance radio transmitter that plugs into her iPhone i wondered if its possible to modify, or build a transmitter like this for longer range. Anyone got any links? It needs to be fairly clear, doing music and announcements that people can hear over about one km to one mile. 

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how make wireless transmitter?

How make wireless transmitter?

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how to build a fm transmitter?

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how i can make a circuit of FM transmitter in range of 5 Km.?

PLZ help me to make a FM Transmitter in the range of 5 Km. with a easy way

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fm transmitter

Most mosques in  durban , south africa transmit live trasmissions using fm transmitter. the previous transmitter was independent with its own pick up microphone. only needed to switch on transmitter and you could hear the talks on the fm receiver. most programs dont require use of amplifier . we updated and now the  new transmitter is connected to amplifier which is compulsory to switch on if you need to transmit . it is also a flat sound whereas the old trasmitter picked up a good echo sound. is there any device that the transmitter can be plugged into instead of the amplifier that has a pick up microphone.  thanks mahomed 

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Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that.

Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that. simple though. when i press a button it transmits a signal and the receiver receives this signal and releases electricity. heres a little diagram: O------T             B-R-----M O=Button T=Transmitter R=Receiver B=Battery M=Button -=Wire  =Air? the receiver is powered by the battery

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Micro Invisible fence transmitter

I am looking to have a Micro transmitter for an invisible fence made. This will need to trigger the invisible fence shock collar when it gets within 2 feet. I have a dog with a shock collar that attacks a smaller, older dog in the house. I want a transmitter that will fit on the collar of the smaller dog, run off of batteries with a LED to show it is powered on. I have an extra receiver to test with, and i can send photos of the transmitter and what information i have. Willing to pay COD for delivery.

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HDMI wireless AV transmitter/receiver homemade

Does anyone know a way to make a wireless transmitter in hdmi format? this is for going between computer and monitor. I cant find a single schematic.

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FM Transmitter

My wife has a real small FM transmitter that snaps on to her iPod and streams her music in stereo to her car speakers.  I only have the iPod nano which only has a headphone jack, it doesn't have the standard iPod connector. I was looking to see if there's an easy instructable that can make a nice sounding FM stereo transmitter.  The only thing I could find was this one: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Micro-FM-Transmitter/721/1  and I'm not sure it's transmits in stereo.  Pretty sure the one my wife has doesn't use the coil method either. Anyway, is there something else that I can be pointed to as a starting point?  I was thinking of maybe sticking the whole thing into a small altoids box and I can use it in my car.  I didn't know if that project is the only real one out there. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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How can I hook up this capacitor for an FM transmitter? Answered

In the attached photos, I have the schematic for an FM transmitter.  I pulled a trimmer out of a shower FM/AM radio.  It has six leads.  In the photo you can only see five of the leads.  The sixth one is on the other side and is shorter.  I'm pretty sure that one was for the AM.  Can anyone tell me how I would connect this?  The one in the schematic has only 2 leads to connect. Thanks

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Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more? Answered

Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more?Yes, I would like to bother back the drivers who play the music so loud that they wake up my kids sleeping in our car, as they drive by.Any idea is appreciated. If I can get my music in their stereos, even better, but if I would just get white noise in their stereos would be great. Thanks

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How to make a fm transmitter without amplifier? Answered

I want to build a fm transmitter with 400m range. I already have a custom made amplifier all I need to know is how to transmitt the signals.  I don't need a mic I will play it through mp3 player. plaese help me and give me a circuit. sorry for my bad english.

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How do you connect a servo to an RC transmitter?

I am connecting servos to an RC plane I am building but I don't know how to connect the servos. Please Help!

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Question about Flysky fs-TH9x Transmitter + Receiver?

I plan on getting http://www.nitroplanes.com/79p-th9x-r9b-9channel-radio.html I have a lot of questions relating to this transmitter and receiver: 1. Is this a trustworthy vendor 2. Can the transmitter/Receiver control heavy duty servos 3. What type of/how many batteries do i need 4. For the transmitter, Can I use http://www.walmart.com/ip/Energizer-NH15BP-4-Energizer-Rechargeable-AA-Batteries-4-Pack/14497459 5. Which battery do i need for the receiver 6. Can I charge these http://www.nitroplanes.com/77p-recharge-aa-2200-8pcs.html  ----- with an energizer charger 7. Will this work for the transmitter http://www.nitroplanes.com/77p-sl2650-4s1p-20c-4444.html 8. Where can i find batteries for the receiver?

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where do i find a wireless transmitter for a camera? I.E. for a live web show

I dont want a mile of cord that somebody could trip over....

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how to make a transmitter and a receiver attach from a toy car so that the car will go to the transmitter place?

Hello every one i need some help or any suggestion. about transmitter and a receiver that is being attach in a toy car so that if the transmitter transmit signal the receiver from a toy car will detect it and the toy car will go to the transmitter antenna area... thanks for your answer or suggestion...

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how can i build a pocket sized transmitter?

So i have an epic prank in mind.  i would like to (while sitting in the audience of an assembly) be able to transmitt through the wireless mic reciever the speaker is using.  the frequency of the transmitter needs to be adjustable.  any ideas?

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Why cant I make FM transmitters?

So I am very angry at this point. I've made over a dozen FM transmitters and they NEVER work.  The list includes http://makezine.com/projects/super-simple-fm-transmitter/, http://www.buildcircuit.com/simple-steps-for-making-fm-transmitter/, https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ultimate-FM-Transmitter/. These are just a few. I use all the right parts and I make all the right coils just like they say. What is wrong with me or my circuits?????

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belkin tuncast universal fm transmitter - mine is different frm the ones shown unsure of solder point?

I cant really find the c 38 resistor the one im finding at the end of the red ant wire is the IR2j do i solder on the transmitter side? sorry cant get a pic on here yet

Asked by wildman29 9 years ago

Modulate a transmitter with a signal generator? Answered

Hi I'm doing some experiments with an fm transmitter. Now, instead of transmitting and modulating audio, I wanna try to feed the base of transistor using a ramp generated by a NE555. I ended up with this schematic http://s30.postimg.org/pbe0oyu4x/base_sawtooth_modulation.png , would be ok to pass the signal on the base using a 220 ohm resistor and a 10nF capacitor? I suspect that I have to increase the value of the resistor R5. kind regards.

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FM Transmitter ideas

Hey guys i recently bought a maccally fm cup at walmart. it was on clearance for $7.50 so i got 2 incase i ever needed some spare parts on the cheap. so now i have this extra FM transmitter, and i would like some ideas as to what i could do with it. The best i have come up with so far is putting the whole thing in something else (like a project box) because my cupholder is not the best location for my ipod.

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Problem with wireless bell

I am in confusion. Actually i have a wireless bell but of shorter range. So i thought to extend its range. I want to add one more pair of receiver and transmitter in the way. So when bell button is pushed, transmitter will send to receiver and receiver will complete circuit of transmitter and another signal to other receiver of bell. So it will double the distance. If it is possible kindly help me out. I am new in this field so explain me and tell which parts i need to buy. Thank you.

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Is it possible to hack an AM transmitter that transmits at about 1500KHZ to be used as a cellphone jammer?

I know that the band for cell phones is between about 800-1990MHZ and I was wondering if it would be possible to hack an AM transmitter or for that matter an FM ipod type transmitter into the cell phone range like KipKay did in his instructable with a reciever so that if you transmit noise it would disrupt the cell phone call and make them hang up. This is just an idea I had that would be the alternative to creating a jammer like the Wave Bubble made by Lady Ada that would be a lot easier and cheaper. This is not intended for bad purposes, its just for fun. I might not even make it but I am still wondering if it would work.

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hai my rc car receive the commands only when .........................................................?

Hai my rc car receive the commands only when the antenna of the transmitter touches that of the carpls help me to solve this ineed my car to go far?

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I want to build/ buy a cheap audio transmitter setup?

I want to start hosting silent discos but I can't find anywhere that helps me with that. I want to start small. Have my one sender being my laptop and then I want a ton of small receiver boxes people can hook their headphones too. Anybody know a cheap solution? Or good links in how to make what im thinking of? Hopefully not fm or am if possible

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50-800Mhz VHF TV Signal Transmitter for receiving TV Channels on Chinese Mobile Phone?

I have got a cheap Chinese Mobile Phone which has got Analog TV reception through an antenna it catches signals on the vhf band. My area only has two wireless analog channels, all other channels come through an analog signal through coaxial wire from the cable operator, when i place the cell phone few inches from the coax cable it gets almost  all the channels otherwise it gets only the single channel. I am looking into making a transmitter or signal amplifier + antenna to boost the coaxial signal so that i can tune into the channels within a short range i.e the room. The signal coming through the cable is PAL BG VHF 50-850Mhz.

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Hi, how can I save the received data into a simple text file?

Asked by The_Saint 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I can't find this capacitor. What do I do? Answered

The capacitor circled in red

Asked by cccp3 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

how to make this device?

Hi, i want to make a device, please tell me how... there is something that looks like a tv remote . it has 9 buttons on it. And there are 9 light bulbs. when i press each button, each of the 9 light bulbs should light up. for example, when i press button 1, light bulb 1 should light up. when i press button 2 , bulb 2 should light up, button 3 turns on bulb 3, and so on. this needs to be wireless. i have done some research and i have found that i need something called an RF transmitter and RF receiver. I just need some hints on how to make this device. i hope it is clear what i want , english is not my first language, if its not clear let me know and i will clarify.

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How can I receive IR signal and send it trough wires? Answered

 I want to place a device inside a close enclosure. The device in on warranty, so I don't want to take it apart. The device works with a remote control, so I was wondering if there is an easy way to mount another IR receiver that  will pick up the signal and sent the to a IR emitter via wire. I can't place the device close to one of the sides of the enclosure and open a hole for the IR receiver.  I hope make sense what I'm trying to do. Thank you for your help in advance.

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