Advantium Turntable repair

I have a GE Advantium oven, model number SCB2000CBB 03 and the turntable has stopped rotating. Everything else works. Does anyone know how to repair this part of the oven? Thanks dor your help. Jim

Posted by brachs 10 years ago

i have 4 turntables and want to connect these so that when 1 LP record has played then the next turntable cuts in.

This is to overcome the need to flip to the other side [as LPs were short on playing time]. i have little skills in this area so need simple instructions/directions.

Asked by turnbull249 5 years ago

Repairing a record player turntable?

I just bought a record player, and the turntable (round plastic bit) is warped from the previous owner. Is there an easy fix for this, or should I just buy the new turntable?

Asked by EnlightenedBread 7 years ago

Microwave Turntable ?

How do I fix my microwave turntable that has quit turning?

Asked by Nan01 6 months ago

How to make a DIY DJ CD Turntable

I've been looking forward to make a DJ CD Turntable but I've not got any idea about how to do it. I've been surved the web for about a year now and the answer still remains the same. Therefore, suggestions from you will be very much appreciated. This stuff means my life. Thanks so much.

Asked by ajalademola 5 years ago

How to power a microwave turntable motor outside of the microwave?

I am taking apart an old microwave and trying to use the turntable motor inside of it for another project, but I dont really know even how to power the thing once I get it out of the microwave. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I would do this. Also, I have a limited budget/limited knowledge of this type of stuff. I just need a motor that has decent torque and low rpms so I think this motor should work well.

Asked by hazana15 7 years ago

How to Power a microwave turntable motor

I am trying to find a good slow motor with decent torque and think a motor in my old microwave may work well but I don't really know how to power it aside from connecting the wires to a regular battery. Will for instance, a D size battery power it, or is there some way I can connect the motor to an outlet (would prefer this method, but I don't have access to a lot of parts outside of what is inside the microwave itself)?

Posted by hazana15 7 years ago

Has anyone made anything similar to this? Is there a guide around I can follow to make it?

Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone has made anything similar to this. I wanted to buy it as a gift but its a bit to expensive on etsy and I figure it can't be too complicated. Edit: sorry forgot the link... basically something like this Justin

Asked by jroon 6 years ago

i bought 3 microwave glass trays / plates at a yard sale, how do you determine what models they go to?

I bought 3 microwave glass trays / plates at a yard sale, how do you determine what models they go to? i tried typing in what information there is on the glass plates but it didn't reall help, what do you think?

Asked by 9 years ago

Help setting up speakers to a Blaupunkt SHC-3200s Record player?

I have an old Blaupunkt SHC-3200s record player, that has a tape player and Radio. When I play a record, the music plays faintly through the unit. The speaker connection is two 2-pin DIN plugs, I have two of these plugs with cut off wires but am not sure how to connect these to a set of speakers? Any help at all is much appreciated Thanks 

Asked by jordansaville 4 years ago

Finding a New Stylus

I have an old record player without a stylus. The player is a Sanyo JXT 6440, called the "Stereo Music System", and the playing head/cartridge thingamajig is labeled "MG-28J". It used to work perfectly, however, at some point the arm was allowed ti drop down onto the turntable, and the stylus was bent, and eventually lost. Where is the best place to look for a new (or used in good condition) stylus for an old record player? Would it be more economical to dismantle this one and pick up a $15 turntable at the Goodwill store?

Posted by CameronSS 10 years ago

Turntable Skipping

One of my records is scratched, and I thought it was impossible to play through perfectly because of how scratched it is.  I found out today that it IS possible!  I found that by adjusting the tone arm to track more lightly, the record would paly over the scratches instead of following them.  Alas, there is a pop when the needle goes over the scratch, but a pop is better than a skipped section of a song.  My tone arm doesn't have a counterweight on it, so I MacGyvered a way to balance it; I taped a fifty-cent piece to the end of it on the top to make it track lighter.  If your record player is skipping, give this a try before you clean your record in hopes of getting rid of the scratch.  This way is a lot easier. 

Posted by KaydenST 4 years ago

Looking for a plans for k'nex motorized lazy susan

Hey :) I'd like to build a small lazy susan out of K'nex. I've got a pair of the blue motors that I'd like to use with them. All my searching is coming up with nothing and I am NOT the creative type. I've tried. I know it's possible, I just cannot figure out how to do it. I want to be able to put small objects on it for display. Could someone point me to some plans? Thanks so much!

Posted by gabisdaddi 1 year ago

Help with turntable decision?

I am trying to get into Vinyl and i need an entry level turntable.  I was looking at the two models below, but i don't know which one to buy.  I don't really need the USB output on the Itusb model because i can always record through my laptop's Mic input.   Besides the USB feature, I really dont have any wants or don't wants, just need a solid entry level player that I can use with my headphones, speakers, and as mentioned before, my laptop to record vinyl.   Any suggestions and comments are helpful, thanks! P.S. I use a pair of Sennheiser HD555's for listening, don't know if that makes a difference, but thought I'd add in my little audiophile bit.

Asked by bobert610 4 years ago

Looking for a glass turntable for a GE microwave stainless steel oven

Looking for a glass turntable for a GE stainless steel oven Model # JES 1142 SJ .Could you help withlocating this part as well as the cost?

Asked by trinidaye 7 years ago

Broken GND button on Stanton turntable

Anyone run into this problem? How to fix please thanks

Posted by hoolia711 11 months ago

Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn? Answered

I'm wondering if I could take a piezo speaker, glue it to the bottom of a make-shift gramophone horn, and wire it directly to the RCA output cable of a turntable. Would this blow the piezo speaker? And I'm not sure if it's called a piezo speaker or not, but it's the small, flat circle, I think it may be called a piezo element.

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

What kind of speakers are best for the turntable I plan on buying?

I've never owned a turntable before and have decided to buy this to start up with. It has a built in pre-amp, and I was wondering what kind of basic equipment I need to go with it. Specifically, what kind of speakers are best for someone wanting the best from their vinyl without spending loads? I have a budget of around £100.

Asked by FlorenceA 3 years ago

I have an 70's style turntable/radio console.

It is a large floor model with a flip up center which houses the turntable and radio. How can modernize it? Brand: Admiral AM/FM Stereo Multiplex I will be replacing the turntable, what do you suggest about the radio?

Asked by 000000robot 6 years ago

How can I make drive belt for microwave turntable??

The present belt is 1/8 inch square and 36 inches in circumference.

Asked by russellc888 7 years ago

What stylus do I use for a SC12M turntable cartridge?

I have this old Lloyds turntable from probably around the early 80's, late 70's. It's missing the needle, but on the side of the cartridge there is a serial number that says "SC12M". Could someone please help me out? Thanks, Josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

DIY CD player turntable? Answered

Can a regular CD player be modified to play like a DJ turntable? E.G. disable the motor that spins the CD and figure out how to have the laser track the cd like a record player tone arm.  then be able to manually spin the disc and maybe even "scratch" while audio is produced.

Asked by Homepwner 6 years ago


 I HAVE A BASIC, BELT-DRIVEN, PIONEER TURNTABLE. THE TURNTABLE IS USED FOR REGULAR PLAYBACK, NOT FOR TURNTABLISM. THE TABLE CURRENTLY SITS ON A SMALL, FLAT, LEVEL, WOODEN TABLE (APPROX. 18 INCHES HIGH.) THE TURNTABLE HAS FOUR PLASTIC FEET ATTACHED WITH SMALL SCREWS. THE CARTRIDGE HEAD RIDES WELL, WITHOUT SWAY, AND WITHOUT RIDING TOO HEAVILY ON ITS NEEDLE. HOWEVER, THE CARTRIDGE DOES TEND TO SKIP WHEN PEOPLE WALK THROUGH THE ROOM, WHICH HAS OLD WOODEN FLOORS THAT CARRY VIBRATIONS(ESPECIALLY FOOTSTEPS,) WELL. IS THERE A SIMPLE SOLUTION e.g., rubber mats, padding, etc., or a more involved solution,e.g., floating platforms, spring cushioned platforms, suspension systems? * I prefer not to add weight to the cartridge head balance e.g., turning balance weights forward on arm, adding pennies to cartridge head. etc. thanks, and sorry about previous caps. in text.

Asked by andrewgembala 8 years ago

Battery Powered Vinyl Turntable Help

I recently purchased a Bush MTT1 vinyl turntable which I am trying to make portable so I can play records through a set of I-pod speakers on the move. I thought this was a good one to ‘mod’ as it has a built in preamp (one less thing to carry!). First of all I have swapped/removed the red/white output sockets and replaced them with a 3.5mm headphone jack so the speakers can easily be attached – this works great! The part I am stuck with is the turntable needs to be plugged in to the wall…and I want it to be battery powered. I have opened up the turntable and inside the wire from the wall goes straight into a transformer, then the transformer is wired to the turntable circuit with two blue wires. The transformer reads – 05/45 on the side, if that’s any use. All I need to know is what voltage is being supplied to the turntable by the transformer so I can remove it and put batteries in its place, how can I do this?, can it be done? Also wear the transformer connects to the circuit it says 'AC IN'. Can i just connect batteries? Please see attached photos for anymore information, thanks!  

Posted by superrob 7 years ago

I have an 70's style turntable/radio console.?

I have a Magnavox 591558.  The issue is that the audio from the turntable is diminished out the left speakers. The FM tuner works and sounds great, however when using the turntable, left audio is very muffled.  As a troubleshooting step, I hooked up a Stanton STR8-100 turntable, with pre-amp, as a replacement to the built in turntable, and get the same results.  Good audio out the right channel, but muffled out the left.  So I know the issue has to be somewhere on the circuit board, as the Radio is fine through both channels. I do not see any blown capacitors, or any sign of damage on the circuit boards.  I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

Asked by mtmorgan56 10 months ago

Hi, there I need to know where to get cheap DJ equipment.? Answered

I am an aspiring DJ. And I need cheap and easy to use equipment. I am looking for turntables, mixers, synthesizers (but those are not needed). I mainly just need a double turntable. Also any tips on Dj-ing will be greatly appreciated

Asked by acidbass 7 years ago

Is it possible to make a generator like a windmill from a direct drive turntable motor ? Answered

I have a old direct drive turntable. This is not like a Technics deck where the magnet is connected to the platter. The platter of the turntable just sits on the pin while the motor and magnet is all self contained inside a casing under the platter. Is it possible to make a generator from a motor set up like these ?

Asked by aaronanalog 8 years ago

Making a portable turntable portable

Hello all, This question is definitely burning an I hope everyone can help out. I have a couple of portable turntables but only one is actually portable. They can all be plugged into the wall but only one can be powered by 6 "D" batteries. The mission is to convert/adapt one of the plug only ones to run off batteries. They are about AC 117v-120v/5.5w-6w. Is this as easy as soldering a + and - cable from a diy battery compartment to the circuit board. Or will something be needed in between the batteries and the board to make the power acceptable? Also how about adapting it to take a Li-Ion(or similar) battery that could charge when it's plugged in? This sounds like it would be more complicated though. Just getting one to run on batteries would be grand. Thanks for any and all info.

Posted by lovlss 10 years ago

May I use a 9v 1A transformer instead of 9v 400ma one? Answered

I have bought a turntable which comes with a USA transformer 9v 400ma. I want to use it in Sweden so I have to buy  a European transformer. I found one that transform to 9v 1000ma. Is it going to cause any damage to the device if I use it? Thanks.

Asked by terristel 4 years ago

please help me! record player question! need help setting up!

ok i just got a record player,some records, and a pyle p999 phono preamp for christmas. the output is a red and white cord. is there any way to listen to it without getting a amplifier?

Asked by madrobot3600 7 years ago

AC motor speed controller for stereo turntable

Hello Brainiacs, I am wondering about salvaging a electric fan speed controller for my Vintage (1980's) Stereo turntable. I purchased a table from Europe and it ran on 50Hz 240v. But once I rewired the unit for 110v 60Hz it still ran too fast. It is a synchronous 24 pole motor driving a small pulley and belt system. I was told a speed controller would fix the issue by varying the voltage. True? Or if someone could come up with a schematic! ??? Any suggestions? 

Posted by bullit224 4 years ago

Motorcycle Shed Turntable

Im making a log cabin in my back garden, im short for space so its 16ft wide and 10ft deep.  I dont want to reverse the bike out of the shed each time so im going to make a turntable, id like it to be electric but I dont know how. Here are the engineering plans for the turntable, dont worry about how im getting the 50mm circle in the concrete, im doing that with a polythene plug. Im going to use the largest "Lazy Susan 24" to hold and turn the middle of the table, then im going to use min i fixed casters to keep the edges stable. Im an engineer so I can maipulate any metal on my lathe/mill etc.  Ive thought of 2 ways to use the winch to turn the table: 1- Bellow the table: exchanging the wire for a pulley system which will turn the lazy susan, im not eqactly sure how this will work. 2- Above the table, Very easy, exchange the wire for a rubber wheel that will turn the edge of the table. Question: If anyone can think of any better, easier ideas id love to hear from you? Regards ant...

Posted by ant... 5 years ago

I need a circuit that 'buffers' voltage applied to an electric motor to slow down its movements. For a record player.

I'm looking to build a circuit that slows the voltage spike sent to an electric motor. Something that would progressively apply power and progressively power down.It's for a linear turntable. The tone-arm is belt-driven by an electric motor. The issue is, the motor moves so suddenly that it creates an audible 'thump' in the speakers from the quick movement. Would a capacitor in parallel do this?

Asked by CST10 6 years ago

What's the best/cheapest kind of amplifier to get for a simple turntable/record player? Answered

 Also, I'm looking for speakers...what speakers are appropriate? Do I need to look at the turntable output? I'm asking this cause I don't have much space to put everything so I need to know what I'm looking out for. I don't know much about record players/turntables. :) Not sure about the cartridge actually... How can I check that? As for the equipment...It's an iphono vinyl record player with a USB interface you can use to connect it to a computer to record music from vinyl records. It also has outputs for R/H and L/H for an amplifier, but I don't know anything more than that...

Asked by ch3m3ng08 8 years ago

Building a hand-crank mechanism driven turntable

Hi there, Hopefully one of you guys should be able to help me out with this! What I want to build is a a kind of a large scale music box, (you know the ones where you would turn the wheel and the ballerina would spin?). What I need to make is a hand cranked machanism which will turn light wooden disc. This should all be contained within a wooden box. Would it be easier to build this from scratch or to rip an existing mechanism and re-house it?

Posted by Aideen 11 years ago

Desk mounted hifi amp? Answered

So I've just moved back from uni, and have encountered a couple of relocation problems - my beloved turntable won't fit on my shelves. So I'm planning on keeping it on my desk, but there's another problem, the amp that goes with it (Technics SUZ11) is shallower than the turntable, so if I stack them, the turntable is very prone to skipping from vibrations in the table (even if I just move my laptop a bit). So what I was thinking, was put the turntable on the desk, mount the amp underneath, have a joyously neat workspace? :)  I was looking at this instructable:. There are vents on the top and bottom of the amp, so airflow shouldn't be a problem, but I am worried about the weight (and ripping the mounting screws out of the table). I'd probably be sticking it on a cheap IKEA desk, which is made like this: Table top: Height 4cm Top: Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Frame: Particleboard, ABS plastic Filling material: Paper Bottom: Fibreboard Is it likely that I would encounter any problems? Or are there any other suggestions on how to do this? I've seen some CPU racks which  hold the unit in place with heavy duty straps, but these all seem inordinately expensive...

Asked by clairey 7 years ago

Need Help with record player wiring/electrical

Hi this is my first post here I have a self contained record player. Its from the mid 70', in great shape and looks really cool. I want to use it to play records and also to play an ipod. It has a mic jack that I use to hook up the ipod. Everything is great except one detail I overlooked - anytime the the record player is turned on, the turntable i engaged. Picture it as the ipod playing nicely yet the tuntable is spinning the whole time. What I dont like about that scenario is that the turntable will be getting heavy use even when its not technically playing a record. So I am really hoping to come up with a way that to disengage the turntable yet still get power to the unit. I took the thing apart and inspected it last night. There are 2 and only 2 wires running to the turntable portion of the unit. My thought is that if I clip these wires and add a toggle on/off switch that i could power up the unit and then control the turntable separately with this new on/off switch. It seems kind of simple to me BUT I dont want to do anything stupid and ruin the entire thing. Also I have no idea if by adding a on/off toggle if somehow theres an unequal distribution of power that can cause problems...basically I dont know much!! so if anyone has any thoughts Id love to hear them! thanks so much. if anything is unclear I can post pics too if that would help. thanks so much! eric

Posted by eric_o83 9 years ago

Turntable for pottery wheel? What do you think?

I have been wanting to build my own potters wheel.  It would need to be cheap to build.  Very cheap....  I have looked at kick wheels and Leach wheels.  They will not work in my situation.  They are either too big or too heavy.  I rent my home and these would not be good.  I started looking at banding wheels.  They are small enough that I could use them on a table etc.  I have seen videos of them being successfully used as wheels.  I will definately try the banding wheel, but I am also interested in a potters wheel.  I had an idea tonight, and that was to use a record player/turntable, but I am not sure of the torque or the RPMs.  I am interested in making small pieces. like mugs and small vases, etc.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you.

Asked by nwerts 4 years ago

can you tape a broken piece of breadbord with scotch tape

I have a problem with a piece of breadboard on a small turntable. i took it apart and and found that the strip of metal from the ac adaptor jack to the rest of the thing has a crack all the way across the strip of metal. I am lazy and inexperienced...and would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem without going to radio crack. it's not my turntable and i also want to mess it up any more. i don't have a soldering gun, but i do have other stuff lying around, like an assortment of tape and glues...can anyone give me any suggestions? thekathy >:]

Posted by electromagneticfloobianmaster 11 years ago

i am blond and i need your help

I have a problem with a piece of breadboard on a small turntable. i took it apart and and found that the strip of metal from the ac adaptor jack to the rest of the thing has a crack all the way across the strip of metal. I am lazy and inexperienced...and would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem without going to radio crack. it's not my turntable and i also want to mess it up any more. i don't have a soldering gun, but i do have other stuff lying around, like an assortment of tape and glues...can anyone give me any suggestions? thekathy >:]

Posted by electromagneticfloobianmaster 11 years ago

How to make a non-electrically Operated Pallet Wrapper Answered

I have a manual pallet turntable. You pop you pallet on it then load it up turning it as needed by hand. I can't afford an automatic pallet wrapping machine but think it should be fairly easy to make a mechanism to help with pallet wrap. I figure that by using the turning motion of a pallet turned by hand with the roll of shrink wrap tied onto the pallet corner I should be able to use the pulling force on the roll of wrap to make the wrap move up a pole. The upward movement would be geared to ensure that a few rotations of the pallet would give an even distribution of pallet wrap. What I can't figure out is a mechanism to do it. I suppose some sort of thick threaded rod? Any suggestions or questions that might set me thinking would be hugely helpful! I've put a picture of the sort of machine I can't afford to buy and a picture of the pallet turntable below. I don't think it's possible to run any gears or similar from the turntable as it needs to keep a low level to the floor to get the pallet truck onto it.

Asked by ChickenGrylls 8 years ago

Turn Table Greeting Cards

Turntable Greeting Card  Handmade greeting cards are way cooler and more personal than paying $4 for a Hallmark greeting card. Create a sleek looking greeting card to send to a music lover using old floppy discs.  

Posted by Carleyy 7 years ago

making a tube amp from an old, working, tube powered stereo

Hi- So I scored an old stereo from a friend that works- everything but the turntable anyway. i want to convert it into a guitar amp, but other than +/- i don't have any electrical knowledge.  looking for any tips advice on the easiest way to go...  i can post pics if needed.  in my head: taking the input for the turntable or something like that then wiring a 1/4" input for a guitar somewhere.  is that possible?  i've looked at most of the tube amp instructables & am not finding what i really want.  any help would be appreciated!  i can follow instructions well, just not sure what to do, and don't wanna get into something way over my head!!! THANKS! brandon

Posted by greezus 7 years ago

Making an audio transducer with easy to obtain elements?

I have any old longplays, and I wish converts them to MP3. I have too an old turntable, but it lacks the pick-up. I think that perhaps from a pair of headphones, a transducer can be manufactured. Someone can give me some suggestion?

Posted by rimar2000 10 years ago

The Cavity Magnetron and You

So my neighbors left a microwave out on the curb and there's a night low RPM motor in there with the turntable and Halloween is only a few months away.... Well, you know. And then I noticed the big magnets on the magnetron. Is there an easy way to get those and the rest of the unit separated? Or if I want them do I need to take a hacksaw to the thing? Thanks all.

Posted by Austringer 11 years ago