I was wondering......i know computers can give electricty through USB, but can they recive it through a USB port?

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In usb, can i join both side micro port??????????????

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..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

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USB to VGA? Answered

Is there an easy way to send video from the usb port to the VGA input of my TV. We are using Ubuntu 10?

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USB headphones

I've got a challenge. Will anyone try to figure out how to make usb headphones? i was looking at the razrs and thought about it, you'd need a driver on the phone and i wont be able to figure that part out. I was searching this site and saw posts on making headphones and thought someone could do it here. I want it so i can listen to music on my phone and razrs dont have an in/out audio.

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connect usb cable to usb keyboard

I have a usb keyboard. somehow the usb cable is disconnected from the keyboard. I opened the keyboard. USB cable has 4 wires (1 blue, 1 orange, 1 white and 1 green). The circuit board has code like C, V, D and G. Now which one is for which wire? out of C,V,D and G which is for ground, which is for VCC and which is for Data+ and data- the color code of USB cable I know. But cannot understand which wire to connect which code (C,V,D,G) of circuit board?

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printer jack to USB ?

How to convert/replace conventional printer cable jack to USB one ?

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Wiring a USB to speakers

I want to wire a usb female end to my speakers so I can use the ipod connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, how would I wire it up?, the usb has 4 colored wires red, blk, wht, grn, and a bare wire. My speaker wires have 1 pos. and 1 neg.  So, how would I wire the usb to work?.

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I need add a Led activity on a USB connector, can anybody help me?

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soler usb charger?

Hi all im trying to make a usb charger from a soler garden lite useing a 9v battyou ppl are gr8 can you help me

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USB MP3 player

Is there ANY way I can make a homemade MP3 player with a USB flash Drive, A headphone jack, and things like that? Is this possible? I have seen the instructable with an SD card...

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USB to Ethernet Adapter Answered

I need to make a USB to Ethernet Adapter, Is it just a pin-to-pin conversion or do I need something else? I know that Ethernet has 8 pins and USB has 4, I just don't know how I would wire those up.?

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USB charge. Will this work?

Will this work? please reply with this LED work for me.....If i put the  USB cable from my phone or mp3 player  instead of the diode...Will this work? P.S.  my english is not very well

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USB hardware keylogger

Hey, there Inscrutable I want to make a Hardware Keylogger, I found some that are made in PS2  However, I want to make one for USB keyboards and buying one is like 200 dollars any tips/tuts? Please reply?

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Arduino as USB-client?

I was searching for something fun to make with my arduino when I came across this: I tried to make it work but it didn't work for me. could that be because I used 3.3V zener diodes? If you made something according to the link did it work for you?  

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USB Charger Help?

I'm stumped. I built a usb charger with a usb plug in and a battery holder that holds 3 triple a's. I think the output is about 5.10 volts and it charges my flip phone but will not charge my iPhone 4s? Please Help. BTW I am extremely new at electronics. Thanks.

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Serial to USB cable?

I have a serial cable for my Garmin Etrex, one side a serial plug the other goes to my GPSR. I am about to get rid of my desktop and only use my laptops but I don't have a serial port on either. Knowing this the serial cable is useless unless I spend another $40 - $50 on a "Serial to USB Converter". So, I cut it to see what and how many wires are inside of it and found only three. I was thinking of making my own cable but I don't understand the difference between the two ports. I saw the GPS 'ible here and it's no help unless you don't have the serial cable already... Here are my questions:1. As long as I connect the proper data in, data out and ground to the USB cable shouldn't it work?2. Are serial ports and USB ports that much different?I read a lot on the pfrancs website and i noticed a few of the connectors looked like they may have had USB cables hooked to them. I've searched and searched but came up with squat! If you have a really good understanding about USB and serial ports can you please help me or direct me to someone who can? Thanks in advance!

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USB Power For Camera

Hello All- Big problem here and I'm way stuck. I have a Digital camera that is great however the part where I put in the batteries is bad. Ok so I have a cigg. lighter thing that has a USB slot and wen I plug my camera into it I can power it up in the truck just fine. I can also power it up from the USB on computer. Ok so I ordered a thing from Ebay that takes 4 AAA batteries and its supposed to power up USB stuff. It will not power up my camera. it just turns on then off. Then I went to home depot and they have thing thing called power to go - its also supposed to power up anything USB. Once again my camera wil lturn on then right off again. I'm not getting his at all - maybe someone can tell me why and perhaps help me find somethnig that will work as I do love this camera so much - Thanx for your time

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usb guitar cables???

Any ideas on how they work and maybe on how to go about making one??? any help is appreciated will pick best answer.... or maybe a guitar usb interface???

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MicroSD to USB Bypass

I am looking for someone to build a bypass that can take MicroSD output and save it directly to a USB connected device. In other words, I want to bypass the MicroSD memory card completely and save directly to a Linux based system via USB. Something similar to this diagram: I know this is somewhat possible as the folks over at Applied Engineering have the output saving to a different source as shown here:;=1m40s Any help would be great :)

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Usb fan for a Modem

Hello. I wan to add a fan to my modem(NET FASTER IAD 2) I wan to use the usb that is on the modem(for adding a network printer or a network disk). I used a usb cable but when I measured the voltage at every cable combination the maximum I got was 0.30v between green and red? Why that? computer usb's have 5v.... Any help

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USB reader for gameboy

Does anyone know how to program? It would be cool to install a USB port into a gameboy cartridge so that the gameboy could read the files and/or play music on it. You would also need to put that code/program onto that GB cartridge. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to speak up! :D -cwix09 also see my related post

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DIY USB Killer? Answered

I am fully aware of the legal consequences of property damage and in no way do I endorse it. I am curious however about the technology behind the attack method of the USB KIller  On their product page there is a picture of the device without it's cover and it appears to be mostly an array of capacitors. My current guess is that when plugged into the target device the capacitors are charged and once the array reaches a certain voltage it is shorted across the data terminals. I was wondering if anyone had bought one and could confirm this or if anyone had any alternative ideas about its operation.

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USB pic Programmer?

Ok guys so heres the deal i need a good and cheap schematics for a USB pic Programmer ive had some experience with schematics but i must admit its been a while my ultimate goal is to build a cheap good set of lazer tag thanks ps PIC18F2525 is the chip im trying to program

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USB Cold Cathode?

Hi, I have been wondering about creating an ambient glow around the back of my iMac with a usb powered cold cathode light or led strip, could anyone help me with this? i would prefer a prefab solution that doesn't involve much soldering or modification of hardware but that stuff is not necessarily beyond my skill level. (and sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post :P )

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what to do with usb?

So I tried to make one of those flash drive case mods where you stick it into an enter key on a keyboard, but I found that the flash drive I used (which I'd found in a computer at my school) doesnt work. The whole thing was all sticky and stuff when I removed it from the casing, so I just threw it away. But I kept the metal USB connecor at the end. Does anyone have any ideas as to a cool project I can do with this thing? I'll post the one I do on this site.

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I have been needing a usb hub for a while now, and I went on instructables to see if anyone had good ideas for usb hubs, and i found this and i got the idea to make a usb hub cow(7 port), using a can for teh body, and the hub would sit inside the can, and i would use usb extension cords, 6", to go from the hub to certain parts of teh body. The cow would be standing on its hind legs, and on its belly, the utters, would be 4 usb ports, then the arms would be sticking staright out, but i might have it so i can move them freely, and for each hand would be a usb port, then on the head, the mouth would be the otehr usb port, and i could use fiberoptics or somthing for the eyes to go to the LEDs on the usb hub if it had any, but thats my idea, if anyone has suggestions, they are appriciated, im probably going to make it in a couple weeks, and i will put it on here

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USB 2.0 Voltage

Can somebody tell me what voltage a USB 2.0 port puts out, what the cable is capable of transferring and how much voltage an Ipod takes in? Thanks, kidboy

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USB Hub Spider

Here's a variation on my USB Hub Monster that I'm working on. I've added a couple of legs that have alligator clips on it to get to the full eight legs for true spidery creepiness. The legs are nearly done, but the body is practically untouched. Expect to see some glowing red eyes when it's done. There's another USB creature I'm working on right now as well, but it's a little shy.

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IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

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Atmega32u4 USB support?

I have made a breakout board for a 32u4. I have boot loaded to it using a uno as ISP and a modified Leonardo boards.txt file (I am using a 8MHz ceramic oscillator). The boot loading works and I can upload sketchs to it using the ISP. Here is the datesheet of atmega32u4 If I try to upload to the chip through a micro USB, I have to reset the chip manually and then I get the following output.      Programmer Type : butterfly      Description     : Atmel AppNote AVR109 Boot Loader Connecting to programmer: .avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not   responding avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding Found programmer: Id = ""; type = Software Version = �.p; Hardware Version = . I have tried changing the USB cable. Has anyone else had any similar problems? Also why do I manually have to reset the chip. I would of thought the chip does this with no DTR output from an FTDI. Thanks for any help

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DIY pcmcia slot usb (pc card usb)?

I have three old laptops dating back from around 1995 one of wich i am doing a mod to make it into a desktop PC, but none of them have usb ports, but have 2 pmcia ports, if there is anyway that you know of to make a DIY PCMCIA USB card then it would be much appriciated, or even if you know of an online guide to make one seen as i couldn't find one on instructables :S so any help at all will be much appriciated thanks in advance :P

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Arduino USB connection problem: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"?

I have a problem with my Arduino... I was using it and working correctly but suddenly an issue has appeared.... When I connect the Arduino via USB, the LED (pin 13) becomes ON permanently.... When I uploaded the Blinking example it's still ON and not blinking.... When pressing Shift + Upload this error is appeared: avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" I'm using Arduino Uno, and the Programmer is checked on AVRISP mkII

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 Please i am really looking forward to an appropriate answer. The main concept behind my question is that: The internet usb is attached to a single computer , other computers should be allowed to access data and as well as internet throw the computer to which the broadband USB is attached.

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how to uncoil a USB cable?

Hi! I have a coiled usb cable but is there a way so i get a straight usb cable again, because it kinda pulls the usb cable out of the female usb port when i use it. It would also be way longer if it isn't coiled. Greetings Ingmar from the Netherlands

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Electric typewriter to USB keyboard

Is there an instructable that is basically universal that show how to convert and electric typewriter to a USB keyboard?

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Y2000 or Y3000 USB Commands

I am working on a data acquisition for a bird. I found a camera called Y2000, It is pin hole camera and very small. I looking for the USB commands to control it (basically to start and stop video recording).  Does any one know where I can find the USB commands? I will be using the Arduino Pro Mini as the computer, an I might need help in programming it. when the time comes. Right now I in the design phase. Rocket Nut

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Custom Built USB sticks

Hi I am willing to make custom built USB sticks in any available size I will mod them in  any way you want. email me at

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Multi-Button USB Pedal

I wanted to make a USB pedal for my computer and set macros on it using glovepie. my problem is i dont know what items/steps used to make the pedal (other than buttons, wire, and a USB connection). i was shooting for ti to look something like those old pedals for guitars, nothing too fancy.

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USB Powered UV Light

Hi, I would like to build a germicidal lamp which is powered by USB for a school assignment that I'm doing and I was wondering if someone could help. I did a search on a trading site to see the type of  lamps and there seems to be 3 types, cold cathode, quartz and ones which actually look like bulbs. Which type can be easily wired so that it can be powered by a USB port? Advice will be appreciated.

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DIY USB WIFI antenna

Ok so basicly at my school they have two different WIFI spots one is near the classrooms that I work in and is WEP protected and only for teachers and the other one is in another building and is not WEP protected and I can only get that signal if I am in that building. So what I want to do is make my own WIFI antenna so that I can get the unprotected signal while in my classroom. I want to make a USB wifi antenna pretty much.

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What Is The Purpose Of a USB Fan?

I made some USB fan, and plugged it in. It worked. As I watched it spin around blowing a tiny bit of air out, I thought to myself, "What on Earth should I do with this thing?" Somebody tell me, what is there that this little fan can do?

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increase USB charger current

Hi folks,  I have built myself a DIY mintyboost USB charger. I am using a 3.7v 4000mah battery  Lipo charge controller  Dc/Dc 3v to 5v 1am boost circuit  I am looking for ways to increase my charging rate, my phone will often display a charging light when it is actually discharging.  I have used several diodes between the components 1n5817 diode (lowest voltage drop i could find) Would installing a transister be able to boost my mA? if so what one. I use my charger for my android, go pro and other 3.7v battery devices. thanks!

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Making a bootable Disc/USB

So i recently got mircoXP and i was wanting some help making a bootable USB or disc. I want to have a portable OS that doesnt have to install.... is this poosible with microXP? If so how?

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Keller Read30 and a RS485 to USB

Hello everyone!  I have a lil' project with some pressure sensors and I'm using a RS485 to USB ( for data aqcuiring and Read30 for the sampling. The problem is, Read30 doesn't recognize the device, specifically the RS 485-USB, previously I tried with other connectors and the program had no fails. The PC recognizes perfectly the device, I put it in the correct COM port but the program simply doesn't want to recognize. Is there any problem with the device, the program or the drivers?

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.HEX file to USB port? Answered

Lets say I have a .HEX file that looks something like this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nd I need to send that to a USB port.  What is the best way to do this?  I have an little app that will let me send data to my USB port of choosing, but I have to type this thing out by hand, 2 characters at a time, hit enter, rinse and repeat, and then after its all entered, click send data.  That worked fine for sending a few bytes to test some hardware to verify data sent back form the device was correct and that it was receiving the data correctly, but that won't work here, for obvious reasons.  Is there some sort of free software I can download to shove .HEX files through a USB port?  I am sure there are, but I can't find any, Google is not being kind to me today.

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USB-bus-communication with pic18f4550

Hi everbody Im memo Can you help me please? I'm working on a project about USB Communication with PIC Microcontroller(pic18f4550) I wrote the project in mikroC for pic pro v6.6.1 and this is : nusigned char readbuff[64] absolute 0x500; // Buffers should be in USB RAM, please consult datasheet unsigned char writebuff[64] absolute 0x540; char cnt; char kk; void interrupt(){ USB_Interrupt_Proc(); // USB servicing is done inside the interrupt } void main(void){ ADCON1 |= 0x0F; // Configure all ports with analog function as digital CMCON |= 7; // Disable comparators HID_Enable(&readbuff;,&writebuff;); // Enable HID communication while(1){ /*while(!HID_Read())*/ ; for(cnt=0;cnt<64;cnt++) /*writebuff[cnt]=readbuff[cnt];*/ while(!HID_Write(&writebuff;,64)) ; } } and this the USB Descriptor : USBdes.c : const unsigned int USB_VENDOR_ID = 0x1234; const unsigned int USB_PRODUCT_ID = 0x0001; const char USB_SELF_POWER = 0x80; // Self powered 0xC0, 0x80 bus powered const char USB_MAX_POWER = 50; // Bus power required in units of 2 mA const char HID_INPUT_REPORT_BYTES = 64; const char HID_OUTPUT_REPORT_BYTES = 64; const char USB_TRANSFER_TYPE = 0x03; //0x03 Interrupt const char EP_IN_INTERVAL = 1; const char EP_OUT_INTERVAL = 1; const char USB_INTERRUPT = 1; const char USB_HID_EP = 1; const char USB_HID_RPT_SIZE = 33; /* Device Descriptor */ const struct { char bLength; // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes (12h) char bDescriptorType; // bDescriptorType - The constant DEVICE (01h) unsigned int bcdUSB; // bcdUSB - USB specification release number (BCD) char bDeviceClass; // bDeviceClass - Class Code char bDeviceSubClass; // bDeviceSubClass - Subclass code char bDeviceProtocol; // bDeviceProtocol - Protocol code char bMaxPacketSize0; // bMaxPacketSize0 - Maximum packet size for endpoint 0 unsigned int idVendor; // idVendor - Vendor ID unsigned int idProduct; // idProduct - Product ID unsigned int bcdDevice; // bcdDevice - Device release number (BCD) char iManufacturer; // iManufacturer - Index of string descriptor for the manufacturer char iProduct; // iProduct - Index of string descriptor for the product. char iSerialNumber; // iSerialNumber - Index of string descriptor for the serial number. char bNumConfigurations; // bNumConfigurations - Number of possible configurations } device_dsc = { 0x12, // bLength 0x01, // bDescriptorType 0x0200, // bcdUSB 0x00, // bDeviceClass 0x00, // bDeviceSubClass 0x00, // bDeviceProtocol 8, // bMaxPacketSize0 USB_VENDOR_ID, // idVendor USB_PRODUCT_ID, // idProduct 0x0001, // bcdDevice 0x01, // iManufacturer 0x02, // iProduct 0x00, // iSerialNumber 0x01 // bNumConfigurations }; /* Configuration 1 Descriptor */ const char configDescriptor1[]= { // Configuration Descriptor 0x09, // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes 0x02, // bDescriptorType - The constant CONFIGURATION (02h) 0x29,0x00, // wTotalLength - The number of bytes in the configuration descriptor and all of its subordinate descriptors 1, // bNumInterfaces - Number of interfaces in the configuration 1, // bConfigurationValue - Identifier for Set Configuration and Get Configuration requests 0, // iConfiguration - Index of string descriptor for the configuration USB_SELF_POWER, // bmAttributes - Self/bus power and remote wakeup settings USB_MAX_POWER, // bMaxPower - Bus power required in units of 2 mA // Interface Descriptor 0x09, // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes (09h) 0x04, // bDescriptorType - The constant Interface (04h) 0, // bInterfaceNumber - Number identifying this interface 0, // bAlternateSetting - A number that identifies a descriptor with alternate settings for this bInterfaceNumber. 2, // bNumEndpoint - Number of endpoints supported not counting endpoint zero 0x03, // bInterfaceClass - Class code 0, // bInterfaceSubclass - Subclass code 0, // bInterfaceProtocol - Protocol code 0, // iInterface - Interface string index // HID Class-Specific Descriptor 0x09, // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes. 0x21, // bDescriptorType - This descriptor's type: 21h to indicate the HID class. 0x01,0x01, // bcdHID - HID specification release number (BCD). 0x00, // bCountryCode - Numeric expression identifying the country for localized hardware (BCD) or 00h. 1, // bNumDescriptors - Number of subordinate report and physical descriptors. 0x22, // bDescriptorType - The type of a class-specific descriptor that follows USB_HID_RPT_SIZE,0x00, // wDescriptorLength - Total length of the descriptor identified above. // Endpoint Descriptor 0x07, // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes (07h) 0x05, // bDescriptorType - The constant Endpoint (05h) USB_HID_EP | 0x80, // bEndpointAddress - Endpoint number and direction USB_TRANSFER_TYPE, // bmAttributes - Transfer type and supplementary information 0x40,0x00, // wMaxPacketSize - Maximum packet size supported EP_IN_INTERVAL, // bInterval - Service interval or NAK rate // Endpoint Descriptor 0x07, // bLength - Descriptor size in bytes (07h) 0x05, // bDescriptorType - The constant Endpoint (05h) USB_HID_EP, // bEndpointAddress - Endpoint number and direction USB_TRANSFER_TYPE, // bmAttributes - Transfer type and supplementary information 0x40,0x00, // wMaxPacketSize - Maximum packet size supported EP_OUT_INTERVAL // bInterval - Service interval or NAK rate }; const struct { char report[USB_HID_RPT_SIZE]; }hid_rpt_desc = { {0x06, 0x00, 0xFF, // Usage Page = 0xFF00 (Vendor Defined Page 1) 0x09, 0x01, // Usage (Vendor Usage 1) 0xA1, 0x01, // Collection (Application) // Input report 0x19, 0x01, // Usage Minimum 0x29, 0x40, // Usage Maximum 0x15, 0x00, // Logical Minimum (data bytes in the report may have minimum value = 0x00) 0x26, 0xFF, 0x00, // Logical Maximum (data bytes in the report may have maximum value = 0x00FF = unsigned 255) 0x75, 0x08, // Report Size: 8-bit field size 0x95, HID_INPUT_REPORT_BYTES,// Report Count 0x81, 0x02, // Input (Data, Array, Abs) // Output report 0x19, 0x01, // Usage Minimum 0x29, 0x40, // Usage Maximum 0x75, 0x08, // Report Size: 8-bit field size 0x95, HID_OUTPUT_REPORT_BYTES,// Report Count 0x91, 0x02, // Output (Data, Array, Abs) 0xC0} // End Collection }; //Language code string descriptor const struct { char bLength; char bDscType; unsigned int string[1]; } strd1 = { 4, 0x03, {0x0409} }; //Manufacturer string descriptor const struct{ char bLength; char bDscType; unsigned int string[16]; }strd2={ 34, 0x03, {'M','i','k','r','o','e','l','e','k','t','r','o','n','i','k','a'} }; const struct{ char bLength; char bDscType; unsigned int string[15]; }strd3={ 32, //sizeof this descriptor string 0x03, {'U','S','B',' ','H','I','D',' ','L','i','b','r','a','r','y'} }; //Array of configuration descriptors const char* USB_config_dsc_ptr[1]; //Array of string descriptors const char* USB_string_dsc_ptr[3]; void USB_Init_Desc(){ USB_config_dsc_ptr[0] = &configDescriptor1; USB_string_dsc_ptr[0] = (const char*)&strd1; USB_string_dsc_ptr[1] = (const char*)&strd2; USB_string_dsc_ptr[2] = (const char*)&strd3; } the problem is thas when I build the project this message is shown 434 Demo Limit 102 Finished(With errors) How I Can Solve how this problem please?

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USB PC Fan Controller

As this is my first post I feel I should say how incredibly impressed I am with everyone here, you guys are inspirations! That said, I have a burning question, so powerful that I find myself emerging from the shadows to inquire of you fine folks if what I am about to suggest may be done. I want a Fan Controller for my PC project I am working on. I want it to plug into a USB port, and allow me to simply control Fan Speed (either through PWM, or simply raising and lowering voltages), but I want said control to be through a program I run on the desktop itself, not by some dial or automated temperature sensor system. Also it is worth noting that existing software solutions are inadequate, as my motherboard cannot support the number of fans my case will need. I have been looking at Arduino and it seems that this could be a viable candidate, allowing me to tell it through the USB to either speed the fan up, or slow it down at my whim. However being new to this I am not sure if one could actually accomplish said task. It would need to control at least 2 fans, preferably more, and possibly allow fans to be grouped. For a better idea of what I intend... I am building a rather monstrous PC, the case will be themed and modded heavily, and potentially include a 7" LCD screen on the side. This screen will be hooked directly into the PC, thus anything I want it to display should be possible. My intent is to have it display a combination of system stats, and allow for things like control of fan speed etc... I have looked into every possible Fan Control device commercially available, and not a single one, no matter how expensive, currently in production will suit my needs either technically or aesthetically. I feel a small internal control device that will allow me to simply click a button with my mouse would be far more efficient and better fit the intended design parameters of my project. So far I have spent three months on the planning stage alone, and do not intend to begin the first phase of construction for at least another month, while I iron out the few remaining design issues I have. Any help or information you guys can provide would be fantastic! D

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controlling LED's via USB?

I was thinking about making something similar to this. I wanted to also have the 12 LED's (4 of each color). However, I also wanted to be able to control them from my computer, and possibly make them react to music. I'm not the most experienced with LED's, voltages, etc. etc. etc. I'm taking a digital electronics class, but we have been prototyping circuits on breadboards and building them with schematics software, so building a simple circuit wouldn't be too much of a problem. But, thats about all we've done. I don't have much experience writing code for anything, however, my friend is pretty decent with VB and vaguely able to code in either C or C## (forgot), so I could probably get him to help me with the coding. Can someone either point me to a website that would be helpful, or explain to meA)How to make the circuit if I need to make oneB)How to connect it to my computer (I was thinking USB, but I'm not sure how I'd do it)C)how to write a program to change colors, and possibly make it react to music

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HTC wizard battery to USB?

Hi, Does anyone know how to use the HTC wizard battery like a 9v/minty USB charger? I need to know for a think i'm making, but im not good with electronics. thanks!

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