How do you get them to go in you instructable?

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Video playback

I've recently noticed that embedded Vimeo-hosted videos don't play in Firefox 47. While they don't even show In SRWare Iron or SlimBrowser,  in Firefox the video window is visible and sets up ready to play, but when moused over it displays a meaningless error ("Curses!", "Aw fiddlesticks!", etc.) claiming "This video can't be played with your current setup". "Leg for a wooden table (incredible strength)" is a recent 'ible example. If I go through the process of searching the page source code for the video ( in the above example), copy and paste the URL, and go to the link directly, the video plays perfectly, so it's not some browser or other setting that's blocking Vimeo. (Even tried with all browser add-ons disabled - no joy.) I'm not competent enough to troubleshoot the issue, but it's frustrating to have to dissect the page to play embedded videos in a separate tab. Any work around would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Emeding videos

I embed the video and it's not in the preview and disapears after I embed it help

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funny videos

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I'll let the video speak for it's self.

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Youtube Video

Hello, i am new to youtube and would like to get some feedback about what you think of my channel. I did a clip today and it would be nice to have some feedback :) Thank you so much :)' // Rational Eagle

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Call for videos!

Aka How to receive feedback, get featured, and be awarded internet fame + more!I know it's been a minute since I've put a post like this in the forums, so allow me to (re?)introduce myself.Hai!I'm audreyObscura. I love making stuff, playing with cameras, petting dogs, and eating pizza. I've worked here at Instructables since 2012 doing a little bit of everything, and I solemnly swear that the best thing about working here is getting to learn something new every day from amazing community members like YOU!These days, a good chunk of my time is spent queuing our posts on social media platforms and boosting Instructables authors that use Twitter and Facebook to share their projects. (And finding the perfect gif to reply to Twitter threads, I'm very good at it - try me.)I'd love to start featuring more videos and gifs on our channels, but need a little help from the community. We are looking for media to help give YOUR INSTRUCTABLES a boost on our social media feed! What we'd like to receive:Great, high quality, short-form videos (under 1 minute) GIFs! Under 3MB preferred (bonus points for perfect loops)Examples: What we don't want to receive: YouTube URLsProjects hosted outside of What you'll get out of it:Momentary internet fame and all the warm and fuzzies that come along with community recognition!An Instructables Author Thank You pack in the mail which includes our super sweet Robot Stickers, an idea notebook, pencils, and a super fun enamel pin!Feedback! We want to work with you and coach you through making great feature-worthy content. If you share something that isn't quite up to our snuff to post to our channels, have no fear, we'll still send you a little gift AND let you know HOW you can improve your content!If you go above and beyond, maybe we'll send you something extra too, so impress us! Send your vids to this email address!Have you already posted an Instructable with a great demo video or explainer gif? Drop us a link in the comment section below and we'll review your project to see if it's a good fit for our social media feed!Lastly, I wanted to leave this post with some inspiration and some skill building tips to get started. Hope these help: How to make a gif How to turn movie clip into a gifPlease comment below with any questions you may have, and I can't wait to see what you share.Thanks!-Audrey

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Webcam to Video Capture Card (s-video)

I have a webcam (usb) which I want to connect to video capture card (Osprey 100) having s-video input port. How could I do this? Is it possible? 

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I have just get some footage in 30p PAL and I want to convert it in 25p PAL. the source of the 30p PAL video is canon markII 5D (if this maters...)

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Embed Flickr videos

I've been shifting my video files to flickr lately instead of youtube. The flickr audience is much more mature, there isn't a big ad in the corner of my video and the quality is better. Would it be possible for you fine folks to program embedding of flickr videos?

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How to add a video?

I have been making a instructables but when i upload a video it turns into picture what should i do??

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Embedding Howcast Videos

It would be really awesome if I could embed my Howcast videos on Instructables, but I don't see the option in the embed code list when I'm posting a video. Considering the excellent DIY nature of the Howcast site (steps and tips in video, etc) I would think it would make sense to embed them here... are there any plans to add such an option?Much appreciated, thanks!Alex

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A Video Helps a Homeless

A nice Story, just watch : You.

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Video Game Help

I'm probably the last person you should go to for game advice, but I'll try. If I don't have the answers you seek, I'll tell you a place where you can find those answers. If you need cheats, I'll see if I can find them. I check to answer your questions every Saturday. If you think you're an expert on a certain game and your willing to give advice leave a comment saying so on my orangeboard.

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video over xbee

HELP I am constructing a airplane drone with rc capibilitys. I am wondering if there is a way to send video long range with high power xbees. if possible could someone post an instructable on it? Im shure it would help many people. also cost is a factor over the price of the xbees there shouldent be much more cost.

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Video projection on glass?

Hi I was doing some resources on how to achieve a rear projection on transparent surfaces like glass, but without of much success (there are projects on this site, but all are using a black projection material). I would like to do it on a shop window using a projector. I have found out that I need some special foil to get this working, but most of them are black and not transparen and there are a lots of brands. I am wondering if there would be a DIY solution, maybe a frosted white sticker cut to the size would work, to still keep a level of transparency on of the window. Suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!

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I have a video........?

I have a video in youtube that my friend that he blurred a part of it. How do i unblur this part?

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Instructables, the Video Game

Don't you think instructables should have a video game? I think instructables should make one, not only for fun, but to bring publicity to the website. If you want a game made, leave your ideas here

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Great Muppets Video

Muppets Blooper Beeker Reel

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Videos don't play

I could not play the video on, either in IE 11 or chrome 42. Also, there do not seem to be any recent comments. The one I left this morning disappeared immediately afterwards - I clicked through all the pages to check. 

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Video camera pedestal

I want to know how these camera pedestals work, see example here: Has anyone tried to build something similar? What I would like to achieve, is simply a tripod system where the camera can stay level at the height I choose, and it should be easy to change the height without loking the center column. Is this a very hard thing to do?

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My video camera

Hey, I have an old Sony DCR-PC5 video camera, and I want to start using it again, but i'm not sure how, if i can, to get stuff onto the computer. It can take both a memory card, or a small cassette. I'm not sure how to set it to record onto the memory card, but the only one I have is just 32mb. There is a cord that will plug into the "Digital I/O" port, and then into the Serial Communications Port on the computer. Any ideas on how to get stuff onto the computer?

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Embedding Instagram Video Into Instructable

I was creating an instructable yesterday for the newest "Burning Questions" contest, which encourages submission via instagram video and vine. The issue is, these video hosts are not supported by instructables' video embed function.  When attempting to enter the instagram embed code (OSX, both Chrome and Safari), the iframe placeholder will appear temporarily, but will disappear when the instructable is saved or when the user attempts to publish. Only when uploading the video to an approved host was I able to post a video sourced from instagram.

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Amazing Diving Video (Really)

A cool new video from Denki Groove that showcases a legion of anonymous divers. Insanely dangerous coordination? Well... the title of the song is "Fake It," so...

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Sponsored Video Playing Automatically

Why do the 'sponsored videos' (READ: advertisements) at the top of most pages start playing automatically? I can only hope this is a mistake, because it is wrong on many levels. 1. Loud 2. Obnoxious 3. Unwanted 4. Makes me want to avoid Instructables (NOOOOO!) Sorry if those are redundant, but on top of the recent site layout fiasco, Instructables seems to have become a huge, messy commercial. I could live with that if only those videos didn't play automatically.

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How to Embed Youtube Video

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have embedded videos before but I posted a few new Instructables today and can't seem to get Youtube videos to embed. I tried the techniques on this page.;=NEWEST&limit;=40 I also tried clicking the embed video icon and pasting the Youtube embed code into the box. It shows a flash box but when previewed (and published) there is no embedded video. For example, this step should have a video embedded. I am sure I am missing something simple, I am just not sure what it is...

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Video to long exposure photos?

Hy! I would like to light paint, but my camera is limited on 4s maximum exposure (firework mode) but it can shoot good videos so i need a program, or any way to turn video ito long exposure photo!

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How to make a video with a face?

I would like to experiment with making movies that have a custom face in them, like and I assume this uses flash, but if there is an easier/cheaper way to do it, I would like to check that out as well. How can this be done?

Asked by The Nate Dawg 9 years ago

trigger signal for video line

Hi, I'm having a project which need to send trigger signal to oscilloscope. i should make a circuit that will allow me to trigger oscilloscope on specific lines in a video signal. Please give me some idea so i can go ahead. thanks in advance

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Video Game bits-What are they?

I've been recently getting into retro gaming, and I've noticed a lot of things, like bits. I know more bits means better graphics, but what is bits a measure of? I've also noticed how they go. It's by a power of 2, Like this: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 etc. Lastly, what was the Atari 2600's?

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Embedding YouTube Video Bug

When I type in the URL for my YouTube video, it either says, "There was an error embedding the file," or, "URL not valid." Can somebody help me? P.S. The reason that this is in "Burning Questions," is because when I began to select the category to put it in, the category "Bugs," was not there.

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What was the first Youtube video? Answered

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How to Kill a Pleo (video)

Some amusing video of folks from the Sci-Fi network mildly abusing a Pleo. (This is the next toy from the people who brought you the Furby.)It's amazingly easy to kill off the little dinosaur, really. Thankfully you can always reboot.My favorite part was probably Stuart P. Bentley's comment:I can't believe you guys work for the Sci-Fi Channel and passed up the opportunity to choke a robot dinosaur while saying "IF THIS IS A CONSULAR SHIP, WHERE IS THE AMBASSADOR?"

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embed youtube video into instructable

Hi This may sound odd, as I have already done it before but can't for the life of me recall how I did it... I want to embed a YouTube video into a new instructable I am working on.  I have the link and embed code etc, but don't see an option to add this. It is 112MB file, so not going to upload a file, but link it with the embed code as I have before: I am probably missing something obvious, but any ideas? Regards Stuart

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Video Game Ideas Wanted

A couple of friends and I are planning on making our own Video Game. I thought it would be cool to ask others for ideas. Our game is a mixed genre (we are attempting to put as many game types into one as possible, but still keeping it somewhat reasonable) sci fi game based a couple hundred years into the future. Humans have colonized mars, but their is a war between the two planetary alliances. Meanwhile there is an underground organization that controls everything going on in human society. They prepare for the return of the true martian race who left behind some ancient relics which were discovered and kept a secret. The main character is a super soldier created by the underground society. You unite the human race and fight against the aliens. We have story ideas but would like to hear ideas from other people. All suggestions are welcome. Suggestions could include, but are not limited to: Characters Events Weapons Technology Genre types Plot ideas and twists Side missions One other thing is that we were thinking that the aliens could be human based, and be like a sub-species of humans. Yes or No? Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks to all who help.

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why my video is not published

Why my video is not published,how long should I wait to be published my video on instructables

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Is there a way to publish a video as an instructable?

I've made this video: would make quite a good instructable, but I cannot be bothered taking stills and rewriting the whole thing as an instructable.Is there a way to publish the original on this site, without doing the whole thing?Sam

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How to build a Video Booth?

I am a spanish guy who wanna surprise my brother in his wedding with a video Booth... i was checking prices with Spanish companies which are specialized on this topic,,, But it is crazy expensives... Then i found this website full of creativity and amazing instruction of how to build a photobooth..So i realized my dream is possible!!! What i wanna know it is if someone knows a Software of video records that i can use to build my "dreamed videobooth". I have all the covers and the system..but i am missing one of the most important part. I want the guess press a buttton which make record 30 second clip and stop... I dont wanna be tied up to the Video Booth the whole wedding so I wish the button doesn´t let them to record longer videos than 30 second clip ( I know people on wedding get drunk and they will forget to push the button "Stop" so the memory of the camera will be full, and at the same time 30 second if enough time to leave a nice or funny message and not make it too heavy)  It is the first time i am using as member this webside so apologyze if this is not the correct way to ask a question.... thank u very much to all of u CREATIVE PEOPLE!!

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Camcorder won't record video?

I have recently come into possession of a HDD JVC hard disk camcorder. I got it from a friend who asked if I would fix it for him, so I told him I would ask around. Any comments are much appreciated. It works great! Except it doesn’t record video, it has great sound quality and a handful of cool features. I've already taken it to the store and was told it would be around $200 or more to get it fixed, when I asked what was wrong with it i didnt get a responce from the man at the store. If anyone has any idea what’s happening or how to fix it without spending $200 I would much appreciate it! I dont know if this will help anyone (I didnt find any use of it) but heres the model number GZ-MG30U

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having trouble inserting a youtube video to a instructable.

 Has anything changed when adding a video to a instructable ? i click on the little link icon and it asks for the url . I do it and it doesnt show up..

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how to make a simple circuit of video transmitter cum receiver?

Asked by ecesanthoshm 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Need to find out how to transfer videos from video camera to computer (You Tube). Not too techie, can you help?

Video camera is a Canon ES55. Trying to send video of grandaughter singing for a contest but can't figure out how to do it.

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what is a video instructable and how to make it ? Answered

Asked by ayan.sarkar12 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

why can't I see videos in instructables?

Every time I open an instructable that has videos in it, the frame where the video should be appears empty and there is no way I can see the video. Any idea whether this has to do with some sort of add on?

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watching video on tv use with cd room?

Can i watching video on tv use with cd room withiut a computer

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I can upload videos with my instructable but they only appear when I have the submission in EDIT mode.?

I have videos to accompany my project but they do not appear in the submitted video, only in Edit mode.

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Flaw in video postings

It seems somewhat flawed that you can't publish a video in an instructable without revealing another net-identity. Not a BIG flaw, but see for instance This forum thread.

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How do you post a video in instructables to show it on your instructable? Answered

I just need to know.

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