Screenprinting on a wall? Answered

Looking at the new QR code stencil suffering from islands of black and white i wondered if you can screenprint on the go.  or even on a wall... I think i might be wrong because ppl probably would have done this before, but please explain why i'm wrong.  or if i have a great idea

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bubble wall?

Hi everyone! I am not a tech .. I am just a girl who loves to create odd things and gets really excited about making cool freaky lights in my house. I would like to find an inexpensive way to build a bubble light wall.. like make it big and part of the wall itself. I have some concept of what I need to do already, but am perplexed at how to build the tank itself .. like an 1nch or so deep .. but if anyone has any good ideas for this I would really love to hear them. also... would it be better to use panels or one large tank .. or if there is anything premade that i could convert into this. Thanks =)

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White walls yellowing

Right so i cleaned off my white walls last night with some lava soap and purple power cleaner degreaser and scrub brush but i noticed they have a light browning effect not sure if that UV damage or some other type of oxidation.   ive checked around the interwebs and the only things i can come up with are  island girl sea glow,  bleche white and brillo pads with magic erasers am i stuck with the yellow??  ive only had these white walls since agust

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Fixing a wall-wart?

Hi, I have a wall-wart that is working but I'm having some problems with it. It coverts 220AC to 10VDC with 1,3A current. I've been using it mainly to power up 8cm PC fans. Recently I opened it up and saw that below the diodes,board has turned black and it seems fried, that can be from excessive heat generated by diodes, and part of the transformer that was facing this diodes is melted (as you can see in pictures). I think diodes are 1n4005. 1- my first questions is, why these diodes got this hot ? should I change them with diodes that can pass more current?  I have RL205 will that work? 2- I've read somewhere that after rectifier bridge, if capacitor's capacity is high, it will put pressure on diodes and transformer, is this true ? or we can use any high capacitor we can find ? 3- Is there a law by which we figure out how high our capacitor should be after rectifier bridge in wall-warts ? for example If I had a wall-wart with 1000mF capacitor, can I change it to 2200mF ? 4- I am going to use this wall-wart to power up a 7805 regulator, so that I can feed a lithium-ion battery charger module (4056). This module uses 1A. should I put a high value capacitor like 470mF or more, at regulator's input, or is it unnecessary cause of my wall-wart having a high capacitor ? 5- Are they any ways that I can improve this wall-wart ? like if I keep the transformer cool ,when it;s under load ...maybe add another capacitor ... ?

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Longboard Wall Mount?

Right, I need some help... My bedroom is really small so I want a way of having my longboard mounted on the wall to save on some floor space, the only issue is that I need a way of having it hanging vertically on the wall but i would like it so I can see the paint job on the bottom of it and so the wheels don't marl my wall. Any ideas or suggestions? thanks

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wall water fountain

I would like to make a fountain that about 2 ft wide and would be almost ceiling height. I saw one on a web site for over 36,0000. which I could never afford in my lifetime if I want to continue to eat. It looks like it is raining behind a glass or clear plastic wall. I have seen them with glass bead inbeded into something and then water washes over them. How would I do something like this ? Thank you Karen

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Can a talking Wall-E be re-programed?

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How to make a WALL-E robot?


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Does anyone have any information to share about building a natural stone wall? the stone are from my property? Answered

Natural stone wall - anyone willing to share any information on building one?  I have the stone on my property - I want to build it behind my kitchen which is a renovated summer house that is half under the ground. I'm making a walk way behind it and need to put a wall to help keep the ground back.

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Hey, gun-makers...

'Nuff said.

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how would i make a light sequence?

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post......i wasn't sure so im sorry if its not. I've new to the site and also very new to making and my dad ain't that close sadly but i want to try and resolve that with a summer project to i though we could make a Wall-e USB hub. we have worked out to to hook all the USB and fans up but i want to make it a little cooler but adding a LED display to it so that it looks like its charging when its plugged in. basically what i want to happen is.....when i plug the main USB cable into my computer there is a sequence of LED's that turn on one after the over followed a sound. like this.... as i dont know anything really about circuits or even how to get the sound to happen at the end i was hoping that there might be someone on here that would be able to help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Official Wall-E Papercraft

If you want to make your own Wall-E for your desk, Disney has you covered with an official Wall-E papercraft. Just download and print this file to get started.via paperkraft

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wall painting side effect

Recently I painted my daughter's room with pink color (egg shell finish). Unfortunately there is lot of pink color reflection in the room. entire room feels pink, even ceiling, door and closet are white. It seems that color was darker side of pink. In the past when the room had white color, two bulbs gave good light. Now even with 4 bulbs not enough light.  I saw many houses with different colors, but never felt such type of huge color reflection. Now this room is no more good for studying. Why it happend? How can I fix it?

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Wall of PC Case Fans?

Hello guys, sorry if this is the wrong section but, I was thinking of making a DIY fan out of PC case fans to keep myself cool in the summer. I've tried a number of fans in the past, but they don't seems to be very good. I usually put them right next to an open window to draw cold air in. I was thinking of making some kind of rig like in the video below, only without the bitcoin mining computer. I got the idea from this video and from when I was messing around with the fans in my own PC. I was chancing the speed of the fan for the PCI cards and noticed that it could get really cold if ramped up a bit. ) I was thinking of using 9 identical 120mm or 140mm fans, preferably ones that can be used with a fan controller. Here is a few of the things I need help with. How will I power the whole thing? What kind of cabled will I need? Could I use a fan controller to power all 9 fans? Can I even hook up 9 fans to a fan controller? Maybe I could use 2 fan controllers or something? What brand of fans should I use? How will I attach the fans together? Cable ties like in the video? Maybe I could make a makeshift wooden stand to hold them upright.

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Where to buy cubicle walls? Answered

I am looking for dividers for my knex/computer room (It's huge)The only ones I have seen have cost over 300$,and I was hoping for something much cheaper.Any ideas?EDIT *I found some at my local re-store,10$ each. 2 foot panels...

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Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Anyone know how to backlight metal wall art? thanks

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10,000 bottles of beer on the wall

Here we go keep it going 10,000 bottles of beer on the wall take one down pass it a round. 9,999 bottles of beer on the wall

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shelf brackets for angled wall

I have no doubt this is simple for someone who knows, but... I was to put shelves on a wall that is slanted out from the floor.  I see Ikea has a locking bracket for shelves but I want to put in bigger shelves than that bracket supports.  How do I make a bracket for this situation?  I am also open to other suggestions.  I want the top shelves to be deeper, say 24", and taper down to narrower depths so I can utilize most of the wall. Thank you for any assistance.

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Running LED's with a wall outlet

I have a question, I am thinking of making a Pepakura Iron Man mask for my father for his desk at work.  I have big plans for this, but the biggest thing I want to do is had the Eyes light up.  What all would i need to do this?  I would think using LED's would be the ideal way to go.  I dont really want to use batteries to power it, as I would like it to run off of a wall plug, and perhaps even have a switch to power on and off. Any ideas?  I've looked all over, and I cant really find a deffinate way/means to power it through an outlet....most all just mention batteries.  I know it can be done though :) Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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how do i build a glass bottle wall? Answered

HI there, i'm in hopes of kind of a walk through for making a multi color, multi bottle privacy wall in my back yard out of concrete and various size shape and color bottles. I could probably muddle through and come up with something, but my big hangup is the back side where all the necks of the bottles are sticking out, what is the recommended way of constructing the wall?

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How can I tell if a first floor wall is load bearing? Answered

Hi, I would like to remove the wall between my kitchen and dining room to open up the area.  How can I tell if the wall is load bearing? The wall is on the 1st floor, runs lengthwise to the house and is about in the middle of the house, but it doesn't travel the entire length of the house. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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I need to make a portable wall, something light weight but sturdy, relatively free standing..any ideas?

Just the basics, was thinking about using felt for "wall" but need ideas for the frame. It will be used to block off the light from a projector, but it needs to go into the gallery space and out easily. Something light weight/portable but  needs to be free standing.

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start drilling wall

Hi I want to stand on in front of the wall and start drilling.. But before this I want to know that, how is possible to know the exact position of perforation of the other side of the wall. And please explain completely since I'm amateur! Wall Specification: Somewhere in the middle of the wall metals has passed. Wall diameter: 50cm Wall gender: cement and stone Acceptable amount of errors: 5cm

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how to install wall telephone jack?

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Fantastic Russian Wall-E case-mod

This is such a good build, it speaks for it's self.

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DIY Wall of Death

The wall of death is a large cylinder with a banked floor that allows motorcycle daredevils to ride on the walls. These guys wanted their own and with a spare field, 850 pallets, and some plywood they did it.Check out the video to see the build process and an example of what can go wrong while riding in it.via Make blog

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how to make an aztec calender?

I would like to paint an aztec calender on a wall

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is it possible to print a text on a white wall by a reverse layering process..?

I have a large white wall...part of an art project I am trying to implement involves printing a text of this wall...such as:....How it WorksMembers of the Instructables community will suggest answers, and you can choose which is the best. You don't even need to create an account!...."How can it be done, in a smart, inexpensive and professional way.....A friend just talked to me about this .."reverse layering process.."...would it be appropriate?

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How could I "print" a digital pic on my wall?

I've got some designs I made on illustrator, but since I'm really bad in hand drawing and so, I would like to know how to transfer them or something on the wall without having to paint it by hand

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I have old wall heater in my 1956 house is there so thing clever I can do with it?

I have old wall heater in my 1956 house. I don't want to rip it out. is there so thing clever I can do with it? A secret space, book shelf, storage? And how do I take it apart?  It looks like the image I loaded but I remember it having a central column.  Suggestions, comments. can opener. 

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Can anyone show me how to make wall decals for my teen daughters?

My daughters just painted their rooms with lime green and blue. I want to make decals that can be removed if they get bored with the design. I don't want to use nails to hang or glue. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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My home was built in the early 50's and we are about to decorate the lounge area, I fancy having coving around the top of the wall, but have heard its quite hard to do.Any tips and tricks that could help me out please? Because I like to have sweet home furniture. Thanks.

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Motion Sensor to Control both Bathroom Light and Fan?

My bathroom currently has two single pole switches mounted in two separate wall boxes side by side with a single double-wide switch cover.  I want to convert these to motion sensor switches with separate vacancy delays for the light and fan so that I can let the exhaust fan run for about 5 minutes after vacancy while the light is set for maybe 30 seconds. Are there commercial switches that will accommodate these two functions in a single switch, or will i need to use a separate switch for the light and one for the fan?  Are there single double-wide wall plate covers that will fit side by side switch placement? Thanks.

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I do not see my entry either...

Could you please recheck my entry...its not in the contest. Thank you!!

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how to build a x-ray view box?

I would like to build a x-ray view box. I think it is similar to a light box for photography.

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Window AC in a RV....

Thank you to those who gave me the ideas for plywood on my ceiling and walls.  I am hopefully going to be starting that project in a few weeks.  Work has not allowed me to do anything before now.  My next dilemma is a window unit I have installed.  I have an older model rv and when I purchased it the main ac was inoperable.  I do not care to get it repaired.  I have installed a window ac, but,  can anyone tell me what is the proper way to insulate or proper insulation to use for the inside....Thank you, Thank you in advance :)

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How to properly attach a mirror to a plasterboard wall?

Hello! I'm in a bit of a mess as I do things around the house much less often than I actually should so I thought home of the DIY will be the right place to ask for this. I've purchased a large mirror for my room and realized that I don't have any wall plugs that would be long enough to reach the load-bearing wall and I've never used wall plugs for the plasterboard wall in front of it. To be honest I have no idea which ones to buy. How much weight the plasterboard wall ones handle. And is it even a good idea to them or should I just get longer ones which will reach the load-bearing wall? Thank you for your time, Matt.

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Store your stuff in the wall with Pocket Wall

This wall with stretchy storage is called the Pocket Wall and it was created by Polish Designer Maja Ganszyniec. Not happy with just putting stuff in piles on the floor or, you know, regular shelving? Start bulging the walls with your gear! Your Wall Becomes Storage With Pocket Wall

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Load Bearing Wall??

How does one best determine whether a wall is load bearing?

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Speakers in wall

Anyone tried to put, in wall speakers, in wooden boxes? I know in wall speakers are build for wall but how they are going to sound in regular wooden boxes. I got, very cheap, high end in wall speakers. Why not build boxes and save $1000 ?   Any experience ?

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How can we Scan a wall

Is there a way we can scan a complete portion of wall vertically using lasers or any other device?

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Wall art illusion

Here is an awesome wall art illusion, it took me about 2 hours to do as there was alot of tweaking involved. Hope you like it and tell me what you think.

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Wall chessboard.

I was wondering if there are anyone who has built a similar project or would be willing to give it a try. I'm trying it and having difficulties.

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Movie Cliché: Hidden Wall Safe

So I am actually a bit surprised that there is no instructable on how to make a hidden wall safe. More or less I am wanting to build a hidden shelf area akin to that of a hidden wall safe. IE: you have a picture on the wall that moves in some way to reveal the hidden space behind it. Just wondering why no one has done it before? So 100 points to who can guess what my next project is :-P

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Will over voltage ruin my ipod? Answered

I am thinking about making a wall charger for my ipod touch, but I need to know if plugging it into the wall will harm it.

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Any simple shed plans using mattresses as insulation?

There are so many free mattresses out there, which would be great for wall insulation, but im trying to figure out a simple method for building walls that will fit them and still be able to attach the drywall/plywood. plus i dont want the walls to be much thicker than the mattresses are already.

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wine cork wall what type of glue would be best used to put corks on drywall?

Building a wine room and want to use corks on the outside walls but not sure what type of glue to use

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