Ok me first time here i need help

Ok so i just build the sr v2 or 1 or something like that! It has amazing range and accuracy, but i want to build a different gun. I don't know which one though. Can you guys give me a few suggestions. - i don't want to have to set up the elastic ever shot. - So i need a bolt action or semi or fully auto or something. -Also it need to hold multiple ammo not just one (preferably at least 5 shots before reloading) -ALSO IT MUST BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH A CARB BOARD BOX!! -And must not jam very often. - also i need it to have good range. - i have a ton of k'nex pieces and dont; care about the size or look what so ever! So what gun fits all my need!!!! please respond fast if you can! Thanks!!1

Posted by mike wait 9 years ago

Rover: Tracks or Tyres?

Hi guys, I'm building an adaptable rover system which should be designed to go over rocky/muddy terrain (just imagine the basic farm environment). As i am doing this for an A level project, can you help me decide whether tracks or normal wheels would be better? Thanks!

Posted by DELETED_ThunderVolt99 1 year ago

What Converse do you have?

 I Have Black Ones!!! enter a pic of yours for the world to see!  Instructables websites to these cool Converse holders shoes: Starburst552 (me): www.instructables.com/member/starburst552/  Beneggs: www.instructables.com/member/beneggs/ Ewilhelm: www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/ Jamescobb: www.instructables.com/member/jamescobb/ Musick_08:  www.instructables.com/member/musick_08/ King Yoshi:  www.instructables.com/member/king+yoshi/ guiltyxbyxdesign: https://www.instructables.com/member/guiltyxbyxdesign/ ncp246: https://www.instructables.com/member/ncp246/ Thanks for the pics all!

Posted by J@50n 9 years ago

Phineas OR Ferb?

Who do YOU like better? Phineas or Ferb?

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

What type of Hand-Planer is this?

My Grandpa recently gave me a super old Hand-Planer which I want to restore, But I don't know it's type... Does anyone know what type of Hand-Plane this is? I tried to search it on Google, And I think it might be a "Wooden Block-Planer", But I'm not sure I've attached pictures of it below :) Also, Am I supposed to say "Hand-Plane" or "Hand-Planer"?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

what slingshot do you have?

What slingshot do you have? post your slingshots here

Posted by sharlston 9 years ago

which airsoft gun should i get??

I dont know which gun to get.im stuck between the crosman m70 and the crosman r71.im thinkin the r71 because of better fps.if there are an mods for either of them i would like to know before i buy.could anyone help me?

Posted by megapun13 10 years ago

I have my computer, and an old computer.

I have my old server with a Pentium 4 Hyper threading 3.06ghz with a burnt out motherboard. Also, my current computer that works Perfect with a Celeron D 2.80ghz. They have the same 478 slots, but I'm not sure if it is a plug and play deal, i have the thermal compound stuff. Should i do it?

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

an orderable switch which allows to pass an alternating current

Hello instructables !I am searching for an orderable switch which allows to pass an alternating current.Which componant can I use ?Thanks

Posted by thomase39 7 months ago

which country does instructables belong to ?

Can I know from which country is Instructables founded ?

Posted by Sarath Chandra 3 years ago

which is better? minecraft or roblox

Which is better? Mnecraft or Rolox? Minecraft is just a boss and roblox is just a loss(that was an epic rhyme)

Posted by nfk11 6 years ago

which is better Vontage or Skype?

Can anyone tell me which is better Vontage or Skype? I’m in Afghanistan and I have a pretty good internet connection, but we need REALLY good speaker phones for calls back the US. Which company is better and which speakerphone works the best with them? Thanks.  

Posted by inchman 8 years ago

how do i figure this out?

I have a wall transformer and i dont know which one positive and which ones negative. there both in black wires and it doesn't say. how would i figure out which one which?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 11 years ago

Which Gatorade Flavor is the Best, Red, or Yellow?

Which flavor do you like better?

Posted by Kaptain Kool 7 years ago

which do you prefer

Which do you prefer you tube or metacafe? i prefer you tube well because i do.

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

Which one?

I have two guns I could post. One is a grenade launcher pistol. The other is a pistol. the pistol is done but the launcher needs to be finished. So,which one?

Posted by strato96 10 years ago

which is better

Which is better A safari (doesnt load pics but is fast) B firefox (loads pics but is a little slower) C opera please lock in your votes now

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 11 years ago


Which do you have? Which do you want? Which do you think is better? Tell me all about it.

Posted by luke96 8 years ago


Hi, i am wanting a dremel rotary tool, for christmas, but which one? which one does everyone else use? which one do you like? any feedback would be well appreciated. Thanks

Posted by HTF 10 years ago

Which Arduino should I buy?

Hello community, I had a question- which Arduino is the best? I want get get an Arduino with my birthday money and I want to know which board I can get the most bang for the buck.  If somebody could point out which Arduino board is best that would be awesome! Thanks, Oh, BTW, my budget is around 75 dollars

Posted by HavocRC 6 years ago

Which CNC build is the best for a beginner?

Which CNC build is the newest and most successful? Many of the ones I have seen are many years old and the technology keeps improving and I would like to give it go building my own, but I am not sure which design is the most straight forward and durable.

Posted by cadams15 4 years ago

Which K'nex Gun Should I Make?

I want to build a K'nex gun, but I'm not quite sure which would be the best to build. I figure you guys have built enough to know which ones are good, so could you tell me which ones those may actually be? I'm looking for something that is powerful and possibly with a magazine (though a sniper type gun would be fine too). Thanks for your help!

Posted by blckleprd 11 years ago

Instructables Trivia Patch Give Away!!

I have some patches to give away so I put together an Instructables trivia contest.  First ten people to have all the correct answers (or the ten people with the most correct answers) wins a patch from me.  Contest ends May 31. 1. Which Instructable was the first posted on this site? 2. Which Instructable has the most steps? How many? 3. Which Instructables member has posted the most Instructables? 4. Which Instructable has the most total views? 5. Which Instructable has  the most comments? 6. Which Instructables member has the most best answers ( as of Apri 30, 2010)? 7. Which Instructables member has asked the most questions in 2009? 8. Which Instructables member has the most comments in 2009? 9. Which Instructable is the highest rated? 10. What is the zeroth law? 11. What is the Instructables-Robot's age?

Posted by ChrysN 8 years ago

Which is better? Coke? Or Pepsi?

What do you think is better? Coke or Pepsi? I prefer coke.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Which One sohuld I do?

I would like to pick and do my science project early, and I'd like to know..Which one should I do? I have a project form science buddies, which involves a gauss meter to measure the difference of volts generated between ceramic and neodinium magnets, but I also saw the magnetic leviation topic, and might want to try that. so, which one, or, what other project should I do? also, I must get a result in measurable numbers.

Posted by wolf555hound 10 years ago

K'nex contests: Which one?

I've been looking through Instructables and I've seen a lot of different K'nex contests. I have some questions: -Which ones are the main contests? -How do you enter them? -Are there any on right now?

Posted by Masterdude 8 years ago

Which gun?

Hi everyone! i want everyone to vote on which gun i should build after i post my T36 Choices: New semi auto gun Fully Automatic With trigger True shotgun with pump action Extrem V2 Thanks for choosing!

Posted by Der Bradly 10 years ago

Which DSLR camera would you suggest, Nikon or Canon?

I'm thinking of purchasing a new camera so I just would like some input which one's better and what's the special features.

Posted by DianneB 6 years ago

Camera Housing which holds multiple IP cameras

Hi all, Can we have a camera housing which can hold multiple Mini-Dome IP cameras? If Yes, where can i find it?

Posted by deepa.p 8 years ago

Which one is better dual core or intel

I am confused if there is any difference between intel and dual core

Posted by stephenward 3 years ago

Microcontroler Newbie... Which To Choose ?? Anyone help??

Looking to get into microcontrollers. Looking for a line of microcontrollers which is fairly easy to program (newbie), not too hard on the budget (poor grad student) and fairly versitile. Anyone know a good starting point ?? Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Posted by Murf 11 years ago

Which electronics website is best?

For this Christmas I would love to get a Gift Certificate to an electronics website so I can get any component without the hassle of using my parents' credit card. So, which website do you think I should ask for one from?

Posted by Login258 10 years ago

who can make a racing car which can go 30 km(min)


Posted by jenabot 5 years ago

Which Guitar Hero song is harder?

My friends and I always argue about which song is harder on guitar hero. "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforceor"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.?Please tell me which one you think is harder. I vote for TDWDTGTDWDTG votes: 1TTFAF votes: 3

Posted by Flumpkins 10 years ago

Popular 2 pin power connector for PCBs?

I have made a prototype PCB board which requires connection to a 9V battery or a wall-wart. The board is very small and doesn't have much extra space. I'm currently using a female header(as used in arduino) with 2 pins broken off into which I'm plugging in the wires from battery. In the final board, I want to be using some connector which is widely available, and PCB friendly. The one which I have most commonly seen being used is the wall-wart female power jack which is way too big for my requirement. Any popular option which is only slightly bigger than a snipped female header? -Antzy

Posted by Antzy Carmasaic 5 years ago

which minecraft mods shoul i use?

Hey, do any of you guys know what mods i could use?

Posted by MFMetro 6 years ago

which do you think is best

Just want to know which you think is best my m82 or my new slingshot riflesling shot rifle 1,2,3,4 100 -150 rangem82 5,6,7,8,9 40 -45please comment rate subscribe thanks =)

Posted by knex mad 9 years ago

Which Walkman to get earpieces from

Hello guys I need to make up one of the Jackhammer Headphones. Please let me know which Model of Walkman Headphones is best for me to get the Earpieces from. I have a Peltor Ear Protector. Thank you . Lynlin

Posted by Lynlin 3 years ago

To make a 12 volt and 1.5A dc supply which supply power for 1.5-2 hours

I want to make 12volt 1.5A dc inverter which will supply power for 1.5-2 hours for my router. Please tell me how to make it?

Posted by mahedi_aiub 6 years ago

Which electric motor for which project?

OK, so I got two projects for this winter. One - building a lathe for woodturning. Not a mini-lathe, but a bit more serious piece of equipment that I could use for some furniture details. Two - apple mill for cider. And I have two salvaged electric motors laying around. One is from an old Remington chainsaw, 1400 W and probably some quite serious speed. The other one is from a pump, actually water automate that sat on my 15-meter borewell. Do not have the data, but most probably slower (and it is way bigger). Problem is, I have zero experience with such stuff. For setting up the electricity side I will probably call in the cavalry, but first i need to decide, which motor I will use for which purpose. So, any advice, gurus?

Posted by wahur 6 years ago

Which Game do u like the most?

Which Game do u like the most? GTA or Max Payne, I like both but my favorite is Max Payne. 3rd edition on Pc is alreay out and i'm excited for that. Daniel DeKoter | Daniel DeKoter  | Daniel DeKoter  | Daniel DeKoter

Posted by frady 6 years ago

How do I control which picture is used as the 'cover' picture

When you do a search for instructables each one in the list has a picture. How do I control which picture? Right now it's my last picture, but in other instructables it's the first picture. 

Posted by landmanr 4 years ago

Which Mod do u wanna see?

I dont have time to do all of these so what do you wanna see the most?

Posted by motomax99 6 years ago

Which is better?? PS2 or X-Box??

This is what ive always wanted to know.... I bet you some idiot is gonna say... PC or Gameboy or GC. it always happens.

Posted by teh_pyroazn 11 years ago

Which do I post?

I'm going to post the REAL MP5K! I think I am going to show you how to make the rails too.

Posted by shadowninja31 8 years ago

Which tool for the job(s)?

What sort of multiple tool do I want if I'm planning to work a bit with thin plastic, cardboard or maybe Plexiglas?

Posted by flashj 8 years ago

Instructable appearance

My Lego Lunar Module is not appearing when I search for it. This means I don't get many views, which means no favorites, which means no popularity. HELP ME!

Posted by emcee2 10 months ago

Which video camera do you use?

Hi all,I have taken small videos with my digital camera and with a webcam. The results were, em, really bad. Especially for dark environment or close-ups. So I am thinking about buying a mini-dv camcorder.What do I need:usable for beginnerscheap, max. 300 eurogood for indoorExample: Panasonic NV-GS80EG-SWhich camera do you use for taking an instructable video?And which software?Kind regards,Alex

Posted by alex_weber 11 years ago

Which license would you recommend?

I have a new patented item that I would like to publish here. I need to know which license would protect my interests though and since I am new here, I would like to ask you seasoned vets. This is a color coded tool labeling system that will label your wrenches, sockets, drivers and extensions both standard and metric for quicker more precise size identification in all situations. Which license would you recommend?

Posted by toolman58 5 years ago

Which K'Nex Guns Can I Build?

Christy gave me the 400 piece Value Tub of K'Nex. I've built the ultralight, and it wasn't particularly rewarding. So, which guns can I build with the pieces I have? I took a picture of the parts list so you can see what I have to work with.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago