Which is best channel ?

I want to make my first in instructables. so which is best channel for DIY?

Asked by kavya123 4 years ago

Which pistol should i build? Answered

I have a oodammo pistol that i have built. It seems to be great. I want to know what oodammo pistol I should build so i can compare it and see if it is up to par (equal).

Asked by 182515 8 years ago

Now, I don't wanna fire up any fanboys, but seriously. Should I buy a PS3 or 360? Which has better games?

A lot of my friends have 360's, but I don't necessarily want to pay for online play. I want to play LittleBigPlanet, but I also want to play Halo 3 or COD with my buddies. I'm torn.

Asked by Brother_D 9 years ago

Ok me first time here i need help

Ok so i just build the sr v2 or 1 or something like that! It has amazing range and accuracy, but i want to build a different gun. I don't know which one though. Can you guys give me a few suggestions. - i don't want to have to set up the elastic ever shot. - So i need a bolt action or semi or fully auto or something. -Also it need to hold multiple ammo not just one (preferably at least 5 shots before reloading) -ALSO IT MUST BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH A CARB BOARD BOX!! -And must not jam very often. - also i need it to have good range. - i have a ton of k'nex pieces and dont; care about the size or look what so ever! So what gun fits all my need!!!! please respond fast if you can! Thanks!!1

Posted by mike wait 8 years ago

Arduino Boards Which is the best?

Arduino (uno duemilanove)  my focus will be on robotics projects as well as LED 

Asked by Avadhut.Deshmukh 7 years ago

Rover: Tracks or Tyres?

Hi guys, I'm building an adaptable rover system which should be designed to go over rocky/muddy terrain (just imagine the basic farm environment). As i am doing this for an A level project, can you help me decide whether tracks or normal wheels would be better? Thanks!

Posted by DELETED_ThunderVolt99 10 months ago

Which Knex Ball Machine is the best?

Choose one of my twenty favourites that are listed here: A. Chaos (Trainman2000) B. -xXxXx- (Trainman2000) C. Twister (CanadianKnex) D. The Death Trap (39Shadowman) E. Wipe Out (39Shadowman) F. Fission (39Shadowman) G. Diffusion (39Shadowman) H. Glacier (TheKNexWeasel) I. Horizon (Thunderclap23) J. Agility (skidmark440) K. Snake Pit (skidmark440) L. IMMEUBLE (Trainman2000) M. Deux (Trainman2000) N. Nano (Trainman2000) O. Lithium (TheKNexWeasel) P. Enigma (TheKNexWeasel) Q. Dynamo (TheKNexWeasel) R. Subatomic Paraball (austron) S. Subatomic Paraball 2 (austron) T. Subatomic Paraball 3 (austron) I would like to get as many answers as possible! P.S.: My personal favourite is tied between Wipe Out and Twister.

Asked by DELETED_KnexLord1 8 years ago

Which Glue/Adhesive Should I Use With EL Wire? Answered

Which Glue Should I Use With EL Wire? I want to glue some EL wire to glass, Which adhesive should I use? Which ones can you recommend? It would also be the best to use a clear adhesive My preferred ones are: Super Glue (cyanoacrylate) Hot Glue Clear Silicone

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago

What is better the knexsayer or the TR18 which one should i build? Answered

 I have enough pieces to build either one.

Asked by 182515 8 years ago

Which cheap mobile?

Hi, I am interested in getting a 'smart' (ish) phone, wifi, java etc.. I have found two, and wondered, 1. Which one would you pick? (of the two below) 2. Why? 3. Do you know where to get any other cheap http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.31634 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39625

Asked by JavaNut13 7 years ago

the mausebot has some artificial intelligence?

Well my question is easy to answer I want to know if something has mausebot artificial intelligence ... would be helpful if I answered my question. thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

What Converse do you have?

 I Have Black Ones!!! enter a pic of yours for the world to see!  Instructables websites to these cool Converse holders shoes: Starburst552 (me): www.instructables.com/member/starburst552/  Beneggs: www.instructables.com/member/beneggs/ Ewilhelm: www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/ Jamescobb: www.instructables.com/member/jamescobb/ Musick_08:  www.instructables.com/member/musick_08/ King Yoshi:  www.instructables.com/member/king+yoshi/ guiltyxbyxdesign: https://www.instructables.com/member/guiltyxbyxdesign/ ncp246: https://www.instructables.com/member/ncp246/ Thanks for the pics all!

Posted by J@50n 8 years ago

Which members have the power to feature an instructable?? Answered

Which members of Instructables have the power to feature an Instructable?? I will give out best answer. Killer~SafeCracker

Asked by Killer~SafeCracker 8 years ago

Which battery should i use?

VOltage dosent matter, all that matters is that it gives a minor shock when touched. The bank of batterys wil be going through a auto ignition coil to amplify the voltage. What should i use?.

Asked by DonkeyDeathMan 9 years ago

I'm not sure which one I should make a model out of...? Answered

The Plasma Pistol or the Plasma rifle from Halo? I've only played Halo (3) once, so I don't remember which one was better, or which one would be easier to make, etc. I don't even know if these things have clips, or if they're like star wars blasters that appear to just harness laser energy and blast it, or whatever. So, a bit of info about these guns would be appreciated. Physical info, not info like "'this one shoots rapid"', but info like "'this ones got a clip hidden in the handle"'

Asked by Spycrab 8 years ago

Phineas OR Ferb?

Who do YOU like better? Phineas or Ferb?

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

What type of Hand-Planer is this?

My Grandpa recently gave me a super old Hand-Planer which I want to restore, But I don't know it's type... Does anyone know what type of Hand-Plane this is? I tried to search it on Google, And I think it might be a "Wooden Block-Planer", But I'm not sure I've attached pictures of it below :) Also, Am I supposed to say "Hand-Plane" or "Hand-Planer"?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

what slingshot do you have?

What slingshot do you have? post your slingshots here

Posted by sharlston 8 years ago

which airsoft gun should i get??

I dont know which gun to get.im stuck between the crosman m70 and the crosman r71.im thinkin the r71 because of better fps.if there are an mods for either of them i would like to know before i buy.could anyone help me?

Posted by megapun13 9 years ago

Knex RPG/BAZOOKA? Answered

I don't know which rocket launcher to make Please dont reply with the following: all the heavy cannons, A.D.U and the tank bow thanks ! mm8

Asked by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

how do i download pokesav for my laptop for pokemon diamond or pearl?

I do not know where to download pokesav 

Asked by ciaran fanning 6 years ago

I have my computer, and an old computer.

I have my old server with a Pentium 4 Hyper threading 3.06ghz with a burnt out motherboard. Also, my current computer that works Perfect with a Celeron D 2.80ghz. They have the same 478 slots, but I'm not sure if it is a plug and play deal, i have the thermal compound stuff. Should i do it?

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

Which should I buy for xbox 360 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? Answered

Okay so I know this is probably going to be an endless discussion between fans from both games. But i wanted to know has anyone played them both, and can tell me why one is better than the other? I have only played mw3 and i really liked the survival mode, but on the other hand the campaign was kinda *&$@ And with battlefield you can use vehicles in the multiplayer and i think that's stupid. Please if you think you have the answer give a few good arguments, anjd no comments like: "MW3 is just stupid." or something like that. Thanks AUG-5OM3

Asked by AUG-5OM3 6 years ago

Which DealExtreme knife is best?

So, I am looking a cool knives on dealextreme, and I was wondering, which is the best?links:http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.18076http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6198http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7011http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11620

Asked by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Old Skool Or Next Gen Video Gaming? Answered

I was just wondering, i was listenin' to some old tunes from Burnout 3 Takedown (PS2), and figured; it was an awesome game and still is, but i like GTA IV (PS3) and other new games too, so what do i like best?

Asked by Skreetsha 8 years ago

Which wire within cord goes to which terminal ? Answered

So it doesn't matter which wire goes to which terminal at either the plug or the lamp end of the cord?

Asked by MollieB4 1 year ago

Which projects are for which lessons?

Hello, please can you tell me which projects are related to which lessons?I like the idea of doing a project to practice what we've just learnt, but I'm not clear about which projects from the project page are for which lesson. Is there a list somewhere? Thanks.

Asked by liz.thompson13 8 months ago

PICAXE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Answered

In which language is picaxe programmed and in which language is the arduino and which is better!@!

Asked by oallaa 6 years ago

which is the positave terminal on a dewalt 18 volt battery?

Dewalt battery terminals are not marked, I need to know which is which

Asked by popop1111 9 years ago

Which camera would suit a beginner? Answered

Which camera would suti a beginner

Asked by KimL129 1 year ago

which class at codecademy applies to this instructable? Answered

Which class should I take at codecademy?

Asked by cabanissb 1 year ago

Which wire is which? Answered

Ok, I have this solar panel I was given, and a knex motor without a battery box, and In need to test which wire is positive and which is negative on the solar panel. I am no good at electronics, though I have done soldering before. I was wondering, how do I test to see which is positive an which is negative on the panel? I hope to join it to the motor to have a very powerful, eco-friendly solar model.

Asked by TheFoofinator 7 years ago

which 3d printer is best? Answered

I don,t have a 3d printer but i wan't one at a cheap cost and one which is equally efficient, which one should i buy?

Asked by yassengregorovich02 1 year ago