how to make a wire longer? Answered

How do i make a wire longer?

Asked by Jcgg 8 years ago

ni-cad wire

Does anybody know where to get some Ni-cad wire ?

Posted by joe12 9 years ago


need schematics on buzzer stand

Asked by BANNERMAN 7 years ago

I am interest in seldering with aluminum and stainless steel?

I like to learn how to solder stainless steel and aluminum, and where I can order them?

Asked by ajoe10 8 years ago

what kind of wire(s)?

hello- beginner question: what kind of wire should i get for wiring led? and is there a good universal wire or set of wires i can get? thanks!

Asked by steven the seagull 7 years ago

how can you wire 2 outlets with 1 wire?

I have two outlets and have only 1 wire, how should i wire it?

Asked by ploop171 8 years ago

EL Wire Needed

Is anybody giving away free EL Wire?

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

Nichrome wire problem...

Just have a little problem that im sure a lot of you have the answer... I try to put a Nichrome wire on come copper wire but the copper wire is always burning (when the Nichrome get red and hot [really need its ^^])so i lose the connection between the Nihrome wire and the copper wire....What should i do? use big fat copper wire?

Posted by koax 10 years ago

how to wire wrap jewelry making?

Instruction on how to make jewelry bu wire wrapping sharks teeth and miscellanous items

Asked by 9 years ago

Is the copper on electric wire negative or positive?

On elecric wire there are two kinds of metal. One is copper and the other is iron. Okay, now on a battery there is the positive side (+) and the negative side (-). Wich wire goes where?

Asked by Potaterchip 9 years ago

Remove insulation from wires

Hey folks, need some ideas to build a simple wire insulation removal system. Has to be so I can peel the inulation off wire from 10 gauge to the ribbon wire in computers as the only way to do it now is burn at that is not a good idea.

Posted by wisconsinjimmy 7 years ago

Can EL wire be connected in parallel and/or series?

The question says it all.

Asked by finfan7 8 years ago

how to stripplarge copper wire effortlessly

I have about 100 pounds of electrical copper wire, and I need to strip it for scrap I was wondering if anyone out there has a quick easy way to strip the wire with a power tool? would a dremel with a cutter do the work.

Posted by renaye 10 years ago

EL Wire Troubleshooting

Hey everyone, I use EL Wires to make small neon signs and I've never had any problems with them until I started shipping them places. I have no idea how to fix these things and one of my customers told me the wire is detached from the transformer. Is this fixable?

Posted by kaybee71 4 years ago

how can i hard wire a 360 head set to my messager kit?

I broke the tip of my head set the part at the end so Ive decided instead of buying a new 1 i would hard wire it in but i dont know what wires to connect

Asked by 9 years ago

How do i wire a small dc motor up as a windmill ?

How do i wire a small dc motor up as a windmill ? so i can use a convert,and batterarys

Asked by scottyray 8 years ago

can you cut el wire? Answered

I was thinking of putting el wire on my bike but I don't need 10 feet of it and I just wanted to know if you could cut it to size and still have it functioning?

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

What gauge wire should I use for doing circuit board work?

Particularly the motorized window blinds controller.

Asked by 9 years ago

my nichrome wire won't heat up!!!

I was trying to make a foam cutter so I connected a 4 inch long piece of nichrome wire in series with 4 D batteries and the wire got very hot.  My batteries became worn out and I replaced them with a 9 volt eveready battery but it didn't heat up. I tried shortening the wire up to just a centimeter but still nothing happened. I was wondering if current is even passing through the wire so i wired an electric motor in series with the nichrome wire and the battery, and the motor was spinning. I also tried using two 9 volt batteries in series and in parallel but still nothing happened. I am really confused.. why can't 9 volts and 18 volts heat up the wire while 6 volts(4 d batteries) can??I connected the two 9 volt batteries in parallel too but why didn't it work?

Posted by crazyivanux 6 years ago

how can i use basic stamp for advertising to control 16 electroluminescent wires?

I am looking for ideas about using basic stamp to control 16 el wire of different lengths.the el wire should go on and off at a particular intervals.

Asked by samsulrana 8 years ago

What is 3d wire? Answered

I have heard this term from an instructables member and I would like to know what gauge if any I can use to ground my tesla coil.

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago

What can you use hook up wire for? Answered

And I'm not talking about things with cars I'm talking about the stuff you get at radio shack

Asked by husker 9 years ago

i'm trying to get wire (preferably brass) with a groove in it, 14 gauge or so. Drawplates are too pricey.

I need grooved wire for a textile project. Velvet can be made by putting grooved wire into certain spots in the weave. This holds little loops of thread above the rest of the fabric. Later you can run a razor along the grove to cut the wire free and create the pile for the velvet. But i am having a terrible time finding wire with a groove in it. I'd like it about 14 gauge, but a wide variety cuold work. Drawplates are too expensive although this one ( is perfect. Any idea how to make it on the cheap or cannibalize something with the right specs?

Asked by estuvam 8 years ago

how to strip large diameter copper wire

If you have say 2 inch or better diameter copper wire to strip here is what I do. I have ben in the scrap arena for years. Buy a large handeled pair of shears that are only for copper. They will look much like a large pair of boltcutters. Cut your insulated wire into about two foot lenghts. Get a large pot, the bigger the better and heat with an out door propane burner full of water. Place the cut sticks of wire into the boiling water fro about five min. Get some insulated rubber gloves and a sharp razor knofe and you will find that the plastic insulation carves away like butter. This works on everykind of insulated wire I have come across. With lead wrapped insulated wire, get a plasma torch. It cutts easily and is so fast the plastic wire inside does not have time to catch on fire. Use plenty of ventilation to avoid breathing lead based fumes.

Posted by beserker 6 years ago

Wire Coat Hangers

How about someone come up with another use for all the wire coat hangers I have lying around? I am quite sure I am not the only person that has this problem, and I am equally sure there are WAY  many more intelligent inventors out there that could give me a lot of projects to do! Thanks!

Posted by thisismyrealname 7 years ago

How to hang an inspiration wire?

Just wondering if anybody knew of a way to get an inspiration wire that taut AND also flush against the wall? Like this, but flush against the wall: We're trying to add some posters to a wall but it needs to limit the holes in the wall itself and also have it not move very much (with a wire that isn't flush against the wall, all the posters will flap around too much).  Any thoughts?

Asked by amymartin 6 years ago

Wire Mania - I need help with designing/making something to carry all the wires I have to cart around each day Answered

For my ipod = earphones(1), connection for pc(2), for electrical plug charging(3) and for car radio connection(4)  plus my earphone for my cellphone.  I have tried to make something to wind the wires around but they still get tangled.  I would so like to keep them neat.   Please help.  Thanks.  Julie

Asked by juliefv 8 years ago

Is there a way to make el wire with individually addressable segments? Answered

My goal is to make part of a costume for halloween (or whatever) as a spectre from starcraft 2 ( An analogous system would be like the VI (audio level?) meters made from nixie tubes where segments can be addressed individually - except I'm interested in something flexible. I was thinking about trying to make my own wire in the fashion that jeriellsworth builds hers... although I'm not sure I understand how to power the outer wires or how to wire them in a way to make individually addressable segments.  Is this project idea just too nuts to try to incorporate into a costume?

Asked by shmolky 7 years ago

Need help with heated wire installation not using a thermostat

  I am trying to use some wire for radiant floor heating to warm an area. I have a separate way to turn the current on/ off without a thermostat. I just need to know what the thermostat output is. I have 110 and 220 V  AC outputs available. Do I need to convert this to DC?  

Posted by stino66 6 years ago

El wire simple sequencer help?

I'm trying to make a sign out of El Wire and I want it to have three modes.  Off, On, & Blinking.  The tricky part is that I only want one of the pieces in the sign to blink.  Basically there is a frame that would always be on and then something on the inside that could switch between static and blinking, only because the blinking could get obnoxious.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Asked by ryandcole 4 years ago

What is the best way to strip insulation from ribbon cable?

What is the best, quickest and easiest, way to strip the insulation from rainbow ribbon cable without damaging the wires? I want to bare the wires for connecting LCD displays to computer devices.

Asked by Johenix 7 years ago

el wire toggle switch?

I am going to ordering some el wire that comes with an adapter and i want to just use the power source but a toggle switch instead for a on/off switch. i want to use a radio shack toggle switch how would i do this? should i use a different power source and the switch? any help would be great

Asked by jason805 7 years ago

single wire LEDs - why don't they exist?

Because such a thing would totally solve my LED jewelry problems. I'd love to able to just solder an LED onto a necklace chain without needing to slice the chain. So why can't I? Curious.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

Any tips for running cable (speaker wire, Cat5) behind drywall?

I have an attic and no basement and there is blown insulation all over. I am an electrical engineer but that only helps with the planning part. The actual work is something I plan to get help with from one of my electricians. Any tips would be helpful and appreciated.

Asked by jnixon21 9 years ago

what should be the user interface in the project " controlling electroluminescent wires for advertising?

 i am doing my final year project " controlling EL wire for advertising"  The aim is to turn the el wires on and off at programmed sequence and time intervals using Basic stamp. i have the programming software in my PC. I have usb connection from PC to the basic stamp module PCB. it is working fine. now i am asked to describe about the user interface which i dont have any idea about. what is the user interface in the system

Asked by samsulrana 8 years ago

Request for feedback on my new wire sculpture instructable.

Hey folks, I just submitted my first set of instructions to the site. I was hoping I could get some feedback before posting the next one. If you could let me know what you think, it would be most appreciated. Good, Bad, the Ugly, what have you. I'm mostly interested in how the information is received. If the instructions are clear, if the pictures help, if anything is missing, etc. 

Posted by Thrasym 6 years ago

big bold wire craft but simple to do- for wall installation

Hi! Anybody out there can give me an idea how to construct something of this nature for a wall inside my shop. I run a hair shop for young people. I am short on budget but I need something that can create some drama or 'wows'. Any suggestions? - Laurie

Posted by hypno 10 years ago

can the transister be used to switch ac voltage?

Hi , i am controlling 4 el wires using basic stamp.  i am using an inverter that outputs 6v dc to 110v ac.the inverter has 4 outputs to connect with el wire. can i use a transister as switch? lot of people use triacs.i am not sure whether transister can switch ac  voltage.thanks

Asked by samsulrana 8 years ago

Need help from people who KNOW wire

OK, so here it is. I make my own from scratch soap.....yes the kind made with lye (you canNOT have soap without a strong alkaline like LYE....period, but that's for another time) My DH is VERY handy, and can build a lot of things. I want him to build me a soap cutter that uses strong wire to do the cutting. There are soap cutters for sale on line, but with his talent I refuse to pay WELL over $100 to buy one, when for quite a bit less he can make me one. My thought is that maybe piano wire would work, guitar strings (or are they covered with something?) or whatever type of wire used in some cheese slicers. I prefer it not be too hard to locate, and not too expensive. I would like to be able to cut a whole "loaf" of soap into bars all at one time, so they are all the exact same size. Any ideas? Here is a BIG cutter, but it might give you an idea Thanks Mary

Posted by MaryT8M 5 years ago

how to make a homemade family tree? Answered

For hanging small family pictures

Asked by 9 years ago

what is the long wire can i use with arduino uno and Relay

Hii every body i will use arduino uno as Microcontroller and i will use this controller to control my devices like (lights,tv,redio) etc i will put my arduino uno on my living room and will put many relays on other rooms of my house  my relay is 5 v DC input and control (250V/10A)  and i will make arduino put (HIGH) as 5 volt to make relay work  and (LOW) to stop relay from working as i described before i will put arduino on my living room and put relays on others rooms so i have 2 questions first : - what is the high power that relay can Load it (How Much Watt)  ? second:  - what is the long wire and how much its width can i use to connect arduino uno to relay on others rooms ,  that wire i will send 5 vol from arduino to relay to work Third: - some one tell me that i can use the network cable that have (8 wires inside it) to send 5 volt from arduino to relays is that right ? and if its right how much long can i use  Thanks to every body

Asked by Max Bayne 1 year ago

how the FM station to convert audio into frequency?

How audio in FM station to convert in audio to frequency & how can it transmit in to transmitter? 

Asked by jagadeesh.rk 6 years ago

I submitted my instrutables into contest but it isn't showing up?

I submitted my instrutables but it isn't showing up? It said pending, but now says no entries.. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Thanks!

Posted by fastedos3000 7 years ago

Help: NiChrome wire, making a dry/cure/melter panel 330f

Hi, Can anyone answer a few questions for me or direct me to a site for Nichrome information?   My background:  I'm more into mechanical tinkering:  drill press, saw, lathe.  I have minimal skills in Arduino.   I have very little understanding in Ohm, Resistance, etc....many things electrical.  I can read an electrical schematic and build it; but, I have no clue how to design it. My purpose for this:  heating panel for vacuum form machine as well as a curing plate on top of wet paint and coating (two different machines). I'm trying to make this:   My requirement is:   1,  120v prefer, highly desire.  220v isn't an option at the moment until I move to a new place. 2,  +250-350f temp range, I'll be using an Arduino to set this up 3,  14" x 18" panel 4,   as efficient as possible, I want it as close to 1000watt as practically possible. My questions are:  size of nichrome?  length?  How tightly should I pack the wires.  Should I use a dimmer switch to control the heat?  would that be a good idea?  Where can I find information to get 120v AC into nichrome to give me 330f without killing myself or burning down the house? Thanks!

Posted by Alpha Odyssey 7 years ago

is a brown wire the same as a black wire?

Usb cable. and no there is no black wire

Asked by DJZizo123 5 years ago