wirless router

I really bad wireless and i was wondering can a apple wireless router work on a ps3?

Posted by crazybanana 5 years ago


Are all wireless products such as cell phones or ummm.... home phones and everything else that doesn't use IR, use pulsed magnetic wave, or supersonic sound? I'm making a wireless power device that pulses magnetic fields, is this dangerous to my health? I don't want to be a mutant or be sterile or anything.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

wireless motor

How may I construct a circuit so that I can trigger a motor from a distance wirelessly.

Posted by pro2xy 9 years ago

I need this answered - wireless with Itouch

Not sure of another forum to post this at so im looking at you guys!http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8741356&st;=linksys+rangeplus&lp;=1&type;=product&cp;=1&id;=1202648529060Thinking of this, Will it work well with the ipod touch? no connection problems? Please tell me also if u have a ipod touch on it!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

Wireless water alarm

Hi all. Hoping I can get some suggestions. I have a water alarm in my basement, when it's sensor gets wet, it beeps. This does me no good since I can't hear it. What I'd like to do, it hack it so that instead of beeping, it lights a led I can hide somewhere in the house. Maybe in one of the wifes stupid knick knacks in the living room. If I just needed to wire the led to the beeper, I could figure that out. But I want it wireless. Any suggestions? Mechanically, I'm good. I know how to assemble, disassemble, solder, etc, but I don't know much about the electronics involved. I'm thinking I can use an inexpensive wireless doorbell as my transmitter and receiver. So, I guess what I need to do, is figure out how to incorporate the doorbell button into the alarm so when the alarm triggers, it activates the doorbell. Then, install an led in place of the chime and hide the whole shebang in something. (If it could also send me a text, that would rule, but it's way outside of my current skill level.) Will it work? How do I do it?

Posted by nitsuj1098 5 years ago

LED wireless

Hello everyone... anybody has any information about Wireless LED's ? or what is the mechanism of them ? Like The Fraunhofer LED that are wireless !!!

Posted by mojtabaw 3 years ago

wireless internet for old ibook

I need the cheapest possible solution for wireless internet for an old ibook g3 500mh with 128 mb ram.

Posted by Tanners 10 years ago

how to convert usb optical mouse to wireless

How to convert my wired optical mouse to wireless? please help me...

Posted by christin_meghan 7 years ago

Wireless Dog Fence

Would love to have an instructable on how to make your own wireless dog fence.  Maybe 300 feet range.  

Posted by terdallaujar 2 years ago

How to make a webcam wireless

I am looking for a way to make a normal USB Webcam Wireless. Any Idea's would be apprecaited.

Posted by xaviermoor 9 years ago

Wireless scout camera

Hi, Can someone please show me how to turn my ordinary wildlife scout camera into a wireless camera. It will email or text photos to me automatically from the field as pictures are taken

Posted by Jawalker 4 years ago

help with a question about wireless card

Hello everyone this is my first posting. but i have a wireless card out of a cannon printer. i am wondering what are the chances of useing this card with my newly purchased arduino uno. any help would be greatly accpeted.

Posted by omnacron 4 years ago

Wireless setup for Guitar

IM new here... what a great site. My Question is. Does anyone see any reason why a baby monitor wouldnt work for a wireless system for guitar. Disconnect speakers install 1/4" buds and find a lil better housing?

Posted by jbartz 6 years ago

qi wireless charging question

If I get a Qi Universal Receiver (like for a cell phone), do I still need to use a Lipo charger with it to protect the battery?  Pics attached.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 2 years ago

Wireless activated buzzer/alarm

Can someone help me with this? I need a wireless activated buzzer or alarm. Similar to the cheap wireless doorbells where you push the button on the remote and the bell rings. Release the button, and it stops. But it needs to be a loud sounding buzzer or alarm, fairly high decibels, and did I mention very inexpensive? Also, the buzzer/alarm part needs to be as small as possible. I appreciate all your help!

Posted by wolfsmane 7 years ago

Wireless LED

Where can i get a transmitter for a wireless transmitter like this : http://www.zenreich.com/ZenWeb/motorcycle/riderlight.htmand how do i build something like that ?i need one for my brothers small battery powered scooter. i have most of it ready except for the transmitter, and i don't know what to do to make the LED's have a receiver.help !

Posted by mrcs 9 years ago

wireless camera

I have a (PC- LCD  flat computer monitor, it is a Dell 17"  that only has a VGA connector,  and I have a First Alert Wireless Security Camera(s) two. Model: A-560. My question is, What accessories do I need to connect the wireless receiver to the monitor so I can monitor what is going on through the cameras. Thanking you for simple instructions on how to do this. And what to buy. you can E-Mail me at: epro122@gmail.com Again, Thanks

Posted by eljero 5 years ago

Kit for wireless 8-button joystick?

I have an application where I need to transmit 8 buttons of information to the computer.. I figure the best way to do it would be to use an 8-button wireless joystick kit (or similar).. The software it will interface with will be an educational game on a PC, so a joystick interface is perfect and I shouldn't have to code anything specific.. Are there ready-made kits to do this? I am fairly tech savvy.. Thinking down the road, bluetooth might be a plus since I could compile the program for phones and use the wireless controller with phones as well..

Posted by 3DPiper 6 years ago

PC Card to USB mod?

Okay, just signed up and I need a little help with something! I want to know if it's possible to wire a wireless PC card up to a usb cable. I know it sounds random but Linux doesn't like my wireless card (Realtek 8187b) and I've got a couple of wireless pc cards spare that Linux would like. Only thing is my laptop has an Express card slot. I'm looking for a no/low cost solution. Cheers!

Posted by ZdEEvO 9 years ago

Wireless connection

I have an old iPod touch that I can hook up to my tv I was wondering how can I use that  To connect my new iPod touch to my tv wirelessly  like I want to old iPod to be the receiver  then I would tv out that on to my tv any suggestions thanks in advanced .

Posted by Darki34 6 years ago

How to build a wireless lavalier microphone?

I would like to build a wireless lavalier microphone for my DSLR. My camera shoots HD video and has a 3.5 audio in jack. I have a lavalier microphone that takes a 3.5 jack. I would like to find some cheap(ish) transmitters and receivers (preferably light and small) so that I can shoot and get good quality audio. The transmission range need only be 10 feet but more would be great.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Posted by Crackpot 7 years ago

Wireless Push to talk button for walkie talkie

Hi all. I would like to build a wireless push to talk switch for use with my comms set up used for airsoft. I would like to be able to put the switch/button onto my rifle (wirelessly) so I can keep hands on when communicating on the radio. Having to take my hand off the rifle to push the talk button is a pain. The only ones I can find online are commercial and quite expensive. What I hope to do is build a simple wireless switch and modify the current PTT swith to be operated by the wireles one. Can anybody advise me how to do this? Circuit diagrams or hints? A site with ready made plans (wishful thinking) Cheers in advance from New Zealand

Posted by fyremon 6 years ago

best way to make an mp3 player play remote wireless activation

I want to be able to make my non remote mp3 player work by some kind of remote activation !is there a simple way of doing this without buying an expensive upgrade?many thanks for reading

Posted by tiler110 10 years ago

wireless charging coil size

So I bought one of these to play with: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130935883579 The transmitter board always gets really hot and smells faintly of something burning.  Is this normal?  Should I use some type of heat sink? Anyway, I discovered that you can add another coil of the same-ish size to the transmitter, and both coils will work.  However, if I remove the coil and add a single coil twice the size, it does not work.  I'm curious as to why.  What determines how large the coil can be? 

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

anybody willing to make an instructable for this? (wireless power schematic)

So, I absolutely love the "Wireless LED Throwie" project here: http://mindtomachine.blogspot.com/search/label/wireless%20power videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0-_ZX2oMyI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieGOd2F_8MQ But there's some conflicting info (10uf capacitor in the parts list but 1uf on the pcb template, and pcb doesn't match schematic or what's shown in the video), and some info is just never given (transmitter coil diameter and number of turns). I want something like this where the transmitting coil is much larger than the receiving coils and can hold multiple, rather than the sizes being matched.  I'm hoping somebody a bit more advanced than I am would be willing to tackle this first and take notes.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

Wireless switch , need help on how to make

OK , I am a tattoo artist. I want to make a wireless foot pedal to control my tattoo gun. This is how it works now. It has a foot pedal with a 1/4" phono mono jack that plugs into the power unit. When my foot is pressed down it simply closes the connection and tells the power unit to apply voltage to my gun which has a separate cord coming from the power unit. I would like to make a wireless for this. Maybe a simple remote control toy can give me all the conponets needed. I want it to be small , maybe a 9 volt battery supply. I can have my foot pedal  wire just 10" long going to the a sending unit with an antenna. Then alls it has to do is maybe close a relay that I can wire to a phono jack to just close the swicth to tell the power unit to turn on my tattoo gun. I know this is going to be very simple but for some reason im having trouble thinking of how to do this cheap. Thanks for the input. Jeff

Posted by Brutal Ink 8 years ago

AM transmitter design ??

Is it better to use a diode for DSB SC modulation for good range ? or it's better to use npn transistor ?

Posted by walidj 7 years ago

Need advise on making a wireless to control a simple on/ off switch

OK , I am a tattoo artist. I want to make a wireless foot pedal to control my tattoo gun. This is how it works now. It has a foot pedal with a 1/4" phono mono jack that plugs into the power unit. When my foot is pressed down it simply closes the connection and tells the power unit to apply voltage to my gun which has a separate cord coming from the power unit. I would like to make a wireless for this. Maybe a simple remote control toy can give me all the conponets needed. I want it to be small , maybe a 9 volt battery supply. I can have my foot pedal  wire just 10" long going to the a sending unit with an antenna. Then alls it has to do is maybe close a relay that I can wire to a phono jack to just close the swicth to tell the power unit to turn on my tattoo gun. I know this is going to be very simple but for some reason im having trouble thinking of how to do this cheap. Thanks for the input. Jeff    P.S. the the jack input to the power unit is lioke a mono guitar chord. But all the power unit needs to see is a completed circuit. Thats it. So I just need to close a small relay wirelessly.

Posted by Brutal Ink 8 years ago

Slot car racing - controlling the cars wirelessly

Guys, I and my two boys have a Tomy AFX slot car racing system that we set up and play. We have a load of track so we can set up a long, winding track. The downside though, is that as the speed controllers are connected by a wire, when one of the cars comes off, you have to go over to put it back on the track and one of two things happen; 1) you have to drop the controller, go over to the point where the car comes off, then run back (Me) or 2) run over to where the car has come off, forgetting that the controler is still connected to the track and pull the track apart (the boys) If there was a way of making the controllers wireless, it would be brilliant. It would mean you could stand where you want and not have to waste as much time when recovering your car. As i see it, I would need four independent transmitters, of one channel each. That's about the limit of my knowledge of the wireless bit! The cars get about 22 volts, although clearly the current is not massive. The current controllers are basically a rheastat with a trigger connected to the wiper that contacts the coiled resistive wire. Any of you clever guys out there know of a relativeley cheap and simple way of making this wireless?

Posted by lesthegringo 6 years ago

possible? or not?

Ok guys i have a couple camera and lcd screens out of a nextel phones and i have a remote control helicopter that my kid has crashed beyond repair and all the electronics are good i was wondering if its possible to use all this to make a camera that will transmit to one of the lcd screens

Posted by LoveforBlueFarms 9 years ago

Simple wireless on/off switch, possibly using BTE/ANT+ or sth lower tech?

Hi all, I'd like to get your expert opinions on the following: I'm trying to build a simple device. In one circuit, a switch closes. This sends a signal wirelessly to a nearby circuit (~1m away), which receives the signal and turns on an LED. When the first circuit breaks, the LED turns off. Sounds simple. The circuit containing the switch has to be very small/lightweight, and power conservative. I'd like to have more than one of these switches around and by closing either switch the LED would turn on. But these switches must be paired with the LED, so that another separate LED nearby will not be turned on. This led me to think about using something like Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+, because the modules are really small and can be powered by a button cell battery for months. I can't use IR because there's no direct line of sight. Are there any alternatives besides these two options? If I choose BTE, what do I need apart from the module to get the circuit working? I mean stuff like PC-module connection, battery connection or IC or other stuff like controllers? Thanks :)

Posted by kanzume 5 years ago

Wireless Doorbell - Chime from Phone

Is there a way of modifying a wireless doorbell, so i can make it chime from my phone..?

Posted by BradSabbath 1 year ago

Using Xbox wireless controller on pc

I am wanting to use my wireless xbox controller from my xbox on my pc, I do not have a wireless receiver for my pc, however I do have a data cable for the controller, would this work as a substitute for a wireless receiver.

Posted by shotgunshane 3 years ago

Wireless printer module as Arduino wireless shield?

Hi there, I was wondering if any of you guys see a way to use a printer wireless module with an Arduino. I took the module from a canon printer.  If yes, how complicated would it be if you grasp just some of C++? thank you all!

Posted by Matienzo 4 years ago

wireless turnsignals

How would I design wireless turnsignals for my antique car that has not turnsignals?

Posted by tim54889 2 years ago

Guitar Wireless... Bluetooth?

I am really interested in the possibilities of cheap instrument wireless, and thought it might be doable to hack a Bluetooth headset/receiver for short-range wireless. Has anyone ever hacked Bluetooth before?

Posted by lucashaley 11 years ago

Wireless pinhole camera

I found this 1.2GHz wireless pinhole camera online and I was wondering if I should buy that one or another 2.4GHz one please give me suggestions

Posted by Jakeg 10 years ago

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter on Pc

Does ne1 know how to make an xbox 360 wireless adapter work with a pc? It is not plug in play, can anyone make an instructable for this?

Posted by m123tifa 10 years ago

I need help converting the wireless mouse to make rear speakers of the Home theater wireless

I need help converting the wireless mouse components to make rear speakers of the Home theater wireless.  I am no programmer, i am dentist. can some one suggest on how to do it. 

Posted by dilipvokkaliga 12 months ago

Wireless headphone with Microphone

Can anybody tell me how to make a wireless headphone and microphone. Both microphone and headphones should be wireless. I found that one can buy a wireless headphone or a wireless microphone, but not a combination of both. Why I need it. I make long phone calls, during which I need to walk around. If I use a cordless phone, I have to keep holding the receiver with one hand all the time. If I use a speakerphone, everybody around listens to the conversation. Therefore I need one wireless headphone with mic.

Posted by anilsaxena 10 years ago

Hacking a wireless keboard and mouse

I was wondering if anyone knows of any software hacks that will allow the wireless plug of my wireless keyboard/mouse to push sound to my bluetooth headset?

Posted by l0k3y 6 years ago

Convert a Wireless Keyboard to Wired

I was just given a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard (Model 1011). Internet searches revealed that this unit also comes with a mouse. I do not have the mouse. Nor do I have the wireless receiver. I like the keyboard and wondered how to convert it from wireless to wired. I have limited funds but plenty of spare parts, a soldering iron and time. Can anyone help me?

Posted by woelfwynde 4 years ago

Clear Wireless Router/Modem

I'm thinking about subscribing to Clear Wireless. They want me to lease their router for $7 month. Anyone know if I can possibly buy one instead? Or is their equipment proprietary?  What do I buy? Where?

Posted by SacTownSue 7 years ago

Super Cheap and Easy WIreless Remote Shutter, Under $10

I think everyone should know about this. Its soo easy, never spend more then $10 on a wireless remote for any gadget! www.instructables.com/id/Super-Cheap-and-Easy-Wireless-Remote-Shutter-under/ 

Posted by tailortrik 8 years ago

N64 Wireless Controller

Has anyone been able to make a wireless n64 controller? I've been searching on the internet and the closest i think anyone has come is this. unfortunately, the wireless controller wasn't finished and if it was, it wasn't posted. anyway, if anyone has any information on how this can be done or, dare i say it, post an instructable i would be extremely grateful.

Posted by novenine 9 years ago

Wireless connection issue

Hi there, I'm having a huge problem connecting my desktop pc to the new wireless network at my home. I can connect via laptop and iphone but just not via my desktop that is using a wireless USB adapter. What can I do to solve this problem? What information do you need for anyone to be able to be able to help.  Look forward to any help

Posted by Nzginga 5 years ago

Ideas about wireless camera monitoring

I am working on a project and i need help. How do you wirelessly monitor a camera? Please help!!

Posted by S0uraV_DAS 4 years ago

Wireless, Wireless, WIRELESS! Help with circuits

Heyall, I just have a seemingly easy problem, but apparently it's not. Everything out there is wireless, doorbells, your electric car key, the fan control, garages, my bike speedometer. With so many wireless circuits, why is it so difficult to find a cheap, inexpensive circuit that a hobbyist can make? No, I didn't mean buy a circuit then mod it. I've searched all over and it's so hard to find a simple wireless solution that includes both a RX and a TX. I've seen Xbee but that's something I would have to use with my Arduino. It's also not exactly 'cheap'. So that get's crossed off the list. Are there any schematics for simple wireless RX/TX button or two that works up to 50 feet? What about schematics for a wireless circuit that works up to 100 feet? For my RC plane I have this TINY receiver that has six channels. The transmitter isn't that big either and it works up to 1 mile! But instead of paying 25 bucks for 1 mile and 6 channels, what about 1 or 2 channels for a 10 dollar circuit? See what I'm jabbing at? I don't want to by a doorbell then start unsoldering stuff from board to mod it! With so many wireless applications out there this should be a walk in the park! If you can give help me I would GREATLY appreciate that! Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 4 years ago

(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime

Hi, I'm trying to use a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless MP3 door bell for an art project I'm doing so that when people walk by a particular spot, sound I've uploaded to the doorbell chime will play.  It has to be wireless i'm afraid... If anyone is bored this Sunday afternoon and feels like helping me out I'd be very grateful as I need this to be operational by Tuesday and i'm no electronics expert. To say thanks I'd definitely paypal you some beer money! The wireless PIR is this one: http://chitongda.en.made-in-china.com/prod...or-HW-01G-.html The wireless door bell is this one: http://www.swann.com/webfiles/download/147...P3_Doorbell.pdf Both operate on 433mhz and in my head, this meant it should have been easy to get them to work together. Since then I've been reading a lot about DIP switches that was previously unknown to my technically ignorant mind. So, I've taken a pic of the guts in the PIR and I guess the frequency ID is determined by the pins on the top left that read A0-A7? http://i.imgur.com/HSSyCpa.jpg and the wireless doorbell has 6 DIP switches in the battery compartment like so: http://i.imgur.com/W9fWk41.jpg as well as the door bell button (also wireless). Is it possible to get these to work together, and if so, how would I do this with a minimum of hassle that someone with little electronics expertise like myself can understand? A very large thanks to anyone who can help my befuddled mind get around this!

Posted by gregoire500 4 years ago

Quick Question on Wireless Transmitters

Hi folks,  So I am in the process of getting an electrical device made (a people counter) and I would like to know what you think the best way of transferring the count data from the device (that will be in the doorway) back to our online dashboard is? Do I just need to integrate a wireless transmitter into the device which can then be added/paired to the network by the venue owner/manager? Or perhaps I also need to provide a wireless receiver that plugs into the wall?  Once the data has gone from the device to the venue wireless, how does it then get back to our servers and into the venue online dashboard?  Thanks! Jon 

Posted by jonkrug 3 years ago