Rechargable Wireless Mouse

I had this idea a while back and have yet to see one made. Unfortunately I don't have the means to try it myself. What I thought was a wireless mouse which would be recharged with its own dongle. When the dongle is plugged into the computer the batteries inside would be charged up then when it is put into the mouse for storage those batteries would charge up the mouse. I don't really know a whole lot about electronics - despite perusing instructables now and then ;) - so I don't know if this is even possible. But I don't see why it couldn't be done, or why it hasn't been done yet {unless I just haven't found it}. Peace to you and yours, Matthew "Dra'Gon" Stohler

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Wireless Mouse Hack

Hay all, I got a USB wireless mouse. I look for a way to make it better or hack it somehow. Just anything cool to do with it...

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Creating a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse

Hey guys, i was looking about the internet to find a wireless keyboard and mouse to use while I am relaxing on my couch and it occured to me there has to be some way to hack a keyboard or mouse I already have to be wireless. I think RF is the best choice for at least the mouse (quicker speeds) but have no idea what to do or what to use. Help!

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Help: Building a Wireless mouse

Any useful infomation on what i would need to do to build my own wireless mouse i have some vague knowlegde but never made anything like this before. Any information would be great schematics designs links or anything pleaase help me :D Thanks in advanve

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Hacking a wireless keboard and mouse

I was wondering if anyone knows of any software hacks that will allow the wireless plug of my wireless keyboard/mouse to push sound to my bluetooth headset?

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How to take apart a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse and put it back together again?


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Wirelessly charged mouse

I need some help from all yall out there. My idea is a wirelessly charged mouse. The mouse pad acts as the transmitter coil, and the receiver is in the mouse. The concept might not be phenomenal for gamers, but would be a step into getting rid of wires on our peripherals and really making wireless charging reality. Perhaps a .2 farad super capacitor (.2 Farads ~ 400mAh) could be used to prevent the mouse from dying if you drag if off the pad for a few minutes. I'd need help conceptualizing it and for those of you who know about electronics, assisting me in designing a schematic. The design would be open source so we can have literally anybody contribute and improve the idea. Leave a reply if you want in!

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Computer mouse inside cloth...

A while back i saw a "how to" about a mouse that is inside a sock kinda thing, and you rotate it inside this fabic to use it....i cant remember what its called or even if it was here that i saw it but im pretty sure that it thinking maybe its called something like a soap mouse or something but i dont really know.... someone here has to know what im talking about...... please and thanks Liquor

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How do you take apart a Microsoft wireless laser mouse 3000?


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What can I do with a wireless mouse? Answered

I want to use parts from a wireless mouse to make a wireless usb hub. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that has a tiny usb to plug into the computer. I want to know if it possible to disassemble this and use the wireless parts for a usb hub instead.

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how can i convert a corded usb mouse into wireless?

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how to convert usb optical mouse to wireless

How to convert my wired optical mouse to wireless? please help me...

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how can one extend the range of wireless keyboard and mouse?

Have MS wireless keyboard and mouse, new batteries, with range of only couple feet. Anyway to boost range?

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How can i turn a wireless mouse reciever into a xbox 360 wireless receiver for PC?

How can i turn a wireless USB mouse reciever into a wireless reciever so my wireless 360 controller can connect to the PC.

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how to make wired mouse or wired keyboard the wireless ones.? Answered

I want to make my keyboard and mouse wireless, will u please help me in doing so.

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Disassemble a microsoft 2000 wireless mouse (keyboard combo)?

Its middle click is wayyy too hard, I found a guide which says it can be fixed, but I can't figure out a way to open this piece. There are no visible screws , I tried pealing off the bottom rubber pads, but found 0 screws. Also pealed off some sticker below the batteries, still nothing. Help please !

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I need help converting the wireless mouse to make rear speakers of the Home theater wireless

I need help converting the wireless mouse components to make rear speakers of the Home theater wireless.  I am no programmer, i am dentist. can some one suggest on how to do it. 

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wireless mouse works on the Bluetooth protocol then why one mouse cant be operated by other Bluetooth receiver?

Wireless mouse works on bluetooth technology that is 2.4ghz, then why same mouse can not be operated with another bluetooth receiver? how the communication is unique between one mouse and its bluetooth receiver.

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can i get a micro inovations wireless laser mouse to work with a logitech receiver?

I have a micro innovations wireless laser mouse and keyboard but don't have the receiver for it. I do have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse receiver that i am using for my wireless keyboard. What i am wondering is if there is any way to get the mouse to work on the receiver as well?or can i convert the receiver to work with the micro mouse and keyboard? Is it possible to cord the mouse? i am not toally electronically inclined but i am no noob either.....Just curious if any one knows of anything like this or if i need to try and find a receiver from micro innovations?

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Can i use my USB wireless Keyboard-Mouse Connected to PC using inbuilt WiFi/BT ? (Not to connect Dongle internally

I repair Computers and take interest in getting new Hacks.! I get most of my queries solved from the Site...yet  I was wondering if we can Couple the keyboard/mouse to the inbuilt Bluetooth/ WiFi of Laptop.

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how can i power a wireless optical mouse from usb so that there are no batteries?

I want to power my wireless optical mouse from the usb of my pc with a wire just for the power not the data , the usb has 5v and the mouse needs around 3 can i do it with just voltage regulator with resistances or i will need more parts

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Help with building a mouse

Hello, i'm new here, i hope you guys can help me... i would like to build my own pc mouse, and i need some assistance on where to get PCB board built and electronics i will need. i would like to build four types 1. a USB mouse with a left/right buttons, tracking wheel, and small size joy stick like(just like the ones in IBM laptops)to be placed on top of the mouse. 2. another like number one but wireless 3. just like one and two, but with a ball on top... any help on where to buy the electornics will be great... thanks

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nes pc and mouse

Hey guys...i was just wondering two things. First, is it theoretically possible to build one of these nintendo pc's to be operated as a fully functional pc for gaming and internet use, with your tv as a monitor and to install jacks to be able to connect to a surround sound system? also, i am not too good with computers and all that jazz but ever consider a nes controller that would operate as a mouse? this, of course, would be assuming that you could use your pc in the way i mentioned above, if not it would be kind of pointless. i also thought it would be nifty if it could be a wireless know...just so you don't have to sit 3 feet away from your television...

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Convert a Wireless Keyboard to Wired

I was just given a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard (Model 1011). Internet searches revealed that this unit also comes with a mouse. I do not have the mouse. Nor do I have the wireless receiver. I like the keyboard and wondered how to convert it from wireless to wired. I have limited funds but plenty of spare parts, a soldering iron and time. Can anyone help me?

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[HELP] Rapid Fire Mod For wireless mouse

Hi. I have followed this instructable HERE but i cant get it to work. My mouse is a logitech M310 1.5v I have purchased a LMC555CN that work with 1.5v but i will still not work.. any help will be appreciated :-)

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how to open logitech T400 wireless mouse?

The upper portion of my mouse i.e the right and left click button portion is displaced and has come slightly upwards .  please reply asap. thanks  with regards  Avinish Dhaka

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How could I turn this keyboard into a wireless usb keyboard? (more below)

If any one knows how to make a wireless trackball mouse that would be helpful too. Thank you in advance.

Question by crc09 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Old RF (cordless) mouse/keyboard receiver device: some ideas to reuse it?

Cleaning my room, I've found an old (pc) iTek wireless mouse/keyboard set. So I think: "Damn, this is a radio input/output device... what can I do with it?". I'm not able to work with electronic (I've only a little soldier skill), but I don't want to throw away this object. Any idea to re-use it? Thanx.

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How could I cord a wireless five-button laser mouse? Answered

I have a wireless five-button laser mouse for my lappy and the receiver keeps getting bent, I've gone through four mice with this and it finally occurred to me that a corded mouse would solve my problem (since the plug is smaller). But I can't find a tutorial anywhere on how to do this and I'm not good enough with electronic to figure it out myself. I'm sure something can be done, or would I be better off buying a $20 corded replacement? Thanks

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Looking for thoughts.

My PC wnt a bit wonky this morning.  Mouse pointer moved around just fine but the system wouldn't recognize any clicks. Well at first i could click on the web browser and open a new tab but that was it. I restarted the system and had the same problem. So i wasn't able to lick to log in. So i tried another mouse and got the same result. Then i tried both mice on different USB connection both on the front and rear of the system. No change. Out of frustration i slammed the mouse down on the keyboard tray a couple of time and then everything started working fine again. Any thoughts on what happened? I suspect it's an issue with the keyboard. Being a wireless keyboard that came with a wireless mouse i think the keyboard had something to do with it. I've had an occasion where the keys stopped working on the keyboard till i moved the receiver around a bit. oh well.

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Can i use an old wireless mouse rc transmitter to switch something close range on&off?

Hi guys, having a bit of trouble figuring this out. I'd like to use an old wireless mouse with a nano receiver/transmitter from my laptop.  I'm a bit of a newbie so thats why i cant figure it out.. :-#  so the exact project is this.  Im trying to build a foam drone/heli with some electromotors  from a broken trimmer and such. Cool thing would be if i can switch this on/off wireless. Any other tips/tricks/hacks/goodtolookat are welcome.  Thanks in advance! 

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Would putting a wireless mouse receiver inside a plastic dinosaur reduce its signal strength too much to still use it? Answered

I threaded a USB extension through a plastic Triceratops, I mean Baby Torosaurus, to make using a flash drive an adventure every time, and I'd like to add my bulky wireless mouse receiver as well. So would adding this receiver To this baby Torosaurus reduce the signal by too much? The plastic is about a quarter of an inch think. And if you think it would, what would be some possible solutions? 

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I need help rewiring an optical mouse

Hello, I started a project I don't have the tech know-how to finish. I'm trying to rewire a wireless mouse to an arcade style interface. Is there a way I can rewire an optical mouse so as to accept input from an arcade joystick?  Thanks!

Topic by quantumgun 5 years ago

Some uses for a optical mouse and the USB "reciever" for it?

Hey, i've got a spare optical mouse that works with a USB device (reciever?) that gets the mouse's signal, and I want to make something with those things, but I dont have any ideas, I was thinking maybe a RC device controled with the mouse? i dont know, im sort of a begginer in this stuff, does anybody have any ideas please? thanks

Question by tato312 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Battery holder drop voltages?

Recently my wireless mouse stop working, so I open it to inspect around, and I found out that at the connecting terminal between the battery holder and the mouse PCB, the voltage is only 1V (unplugged from the mouse itself) , but when I take the battery out to measure, each of the battery got 1.5V. And when I measure on the 2 metal ends (of the holder), my multimeter read 1.7V. So, what's wrong with it? Can anyone help me with this? It's really the first time I have a situation like this

Question by Mad Fox 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Need Help extending range of wireless keyboard and mouse =(? Answered

I have a Microsoft wireless desktop keyboard and mouse combo that i use very frequently. the problem is the range isn't so great.  Im talking maybe 6-8 INCHES if im lucky. i do not know why this is, but it was a gift from my girlfriend so i cant just go out and buy another one that is Bluetooth. ;) i have my computer hooked up to my TV via a 12 gauge high speed hdmi cable. (computer sits about 10-12 feet away give or take.)  i mostly use the keyboard and mouse for internet but she loves to use it to play games.  the problem is its gotten very annoying to have to pull the usb cable as close as possible (maybe an 8' cord?) to be able to do anything with the computer.  you'll notice in the 2nd and 3rd images below the "receiver" for the keyboard and mouse. USB powered.  i have brand new Alkaline batteries in both the KB and MS and no change, for those who thought i wasn't thinking lol :) i tried to take apart the receiver and solder on a radio antenna but got no luck. the only thing that happened was no the keyboard and mouse had to be 6-8 inches from the antenna,  MY Question is, Is there a way to Easily build an RF amplifier, or to somehow tweak the board into increasing range.  im at a loss, i thought that if you add a larger antenna, you would gain DB's, like Newtons 3rd Law or something.  maybe im wrong, but if anyone has any input whatsoever, please feel free to comment or message me.  ive tried everything from taping it to the wall or the ceiling, turning it over and even keeping the plastic off, tried a different computer and still no luck, if anyone knows of a way to build an RF amplifier for a 26-28 MHz Range i would love you forever, and i will make an instructable on how to do this for all wireless keyboards and mice that are RF and not Bluetooth.

Question by Kold 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to fix frozen logitech mouse? Answered

About once a week the cursor/mouse on my computer at work freezes.  The only way to get things working again is to shut off the power to the harddrive and reboot everything.  This is REALLY aggravating.  Is there a less drastic way to fix this?  I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and running Windows XP.

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So I'm thinking of entering the 'Dead Computer'contest, but I can't think of anything!? Answered

So I'm thinking of entering the 'Dead Computer'contest, but I can't think of anything!? I have quite alot of old computer stuff around my house, some of this stuff includes: An old wireless phone The old wireless phone 'hub'? A few disposable cameras An old video player 2 computer screens A tv remote DVD player Computer speakers A wireless mouse with charging stand Old headphones (The big ones that go over your ears) So, any ideas on what I could make with any of this stuff? Thanks! '

Question by Hiyadudez 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what form is data inputted to the wireless section of a USB wireless bluetooth mouse/leyboard?

It is well known and common to be able to buy wireless keyboards and mice. These often plug into the computer via USB in the following way:Mouse/keyboard data ->bluetooth wireless->USB.My question, is: in what form is the data which goes into the bluetooth wireless transmitter. and by that i mean does it go:mouse/keyboard data->USB->bluetooth wireless->USB.or is it as mentioned further up? if the data is in the form of USB before being transmitted, does that mean that some other USB device (for example a memory stick or similar) could also be transmitted (even if the feed is slow etc) cheers

Question by evildoctorbluetooth 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Better RF Mouse Range

Hello. I got a Wireless Mouse that still working fine.The signal between the Mouse and its receiver is not so great, about half meter, and it stop responding. So I took apart the Mouse and its Receiver. The antenna of the Mouse is kind of steal (I think but its color) and the one of the receiver is coil of very thing copper about 3/4 turns around a piece of plastic. So as said I would like to increase the signal between both, for better rang. What I have found around the best material is copper, so here is my issue. Is it better to modify the antenna of the Mouse or its receiver?? Should I rather use thicker Copper Wire and do few spinning around a piece of plastic, or use a thinner Copper Wire and do a lot of spin around a piece of plastic. So what better for a strong signal: - thicker wire and less spinning or - thinner Wire and more spinningThanx for those that would give a some advise/recommendations. I am will upload pictures later when possible. PS: I manage to add to it a Switch to turn off the mouse to extend battery Life.

Question by saadland 2 months ago  |  last reply 2 months ago

Printing a Random Pattern on the desk

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Ativa (Office Depot store brand) wireless mouse on sale for $15. It appears that they were clearing out stock, because they no longer list it on their website, but this is the closest thing I've found. I like the mouse, particularly because there is a built-in charger in the wireless tranciever for the two Ni-MH AAAs it takes. Yes, AAAs, the link is for a different mouse.Problem: Lousy resolution, I think. the wired Lenovomouse that came with my computer worked just fine on my smooth, blank desk surface, but this one requires much more of a pattern. I don't like mousepads. Scribbles with a pencil work well so far, but they smudge after a day or so. I want to put some sort of pattern on my desk for it to read. My best idea was a laser-cut random bitmap stencil and a can of black spray paint, but I don't have a laser cutter. Ideas?

Topic by CameronSS 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How stream video to computer or mobile? Answered

Hey so I want to build a tank but I need to be able to have wireless live video streaming from the tank to like a computer, laptop, mobile devices. What's the cheepest option? Thanks!

Question by HavocRC 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Strange problems with the mouse and keyboard? Answered

Must be bad karma for the new year but both my mouse and my keyboard are playing games with me on the PC. Of course they are wireless, mouse is a Logitech, keyboard some very old Aldi brand. After many years of good service they started to fail at the same time. And yes, I tried fresh batteries several times with no luck ;) Here are the current symptoms: 1. Keyboard Randomly keys I press fail to show up although the blinking on the receiver indicates an action was received. When typing a bit faster, and for me that is the two-finger-best-hope method a lot gets lost. My speed is slow enough to make a bad typist laugh in tears LOL In some rare cases I also get totally wrong results, usually somethe graphical character that otherwise need and ascii input to appear. 2. Mouse At times when the keyboard plays up the little rodent does the same. Here it means the pointer disappears or moves in jumps. Also mouse clicks on let's say a tab in the bowser often grab the tab or are not registered at all. It is now starting to annoy me, mainly bcause I failed to rectify this problem in any good way. Only system change in or before the problems started was the usual Windows 7 monthly update, but that came about a week before it all started. To make things worse the mouse uses Logitechs old wireles tech while the keyboard is in a totally different frequency and as said dirt cheap. I also fail to replicate the problem consistently or find a common cause. Funny thing: If used on my old Nexus tablet both perform just fine even from over 5m away. Would love to hear some thoughts on things to try or check... But so you know: Tried the drivers, different ports relocating the receivers and even a rollback of Windows to a state from Nov last year. Everything else connected to the USB ports performs fine. Am at the stage where I even accept weird things to try, so fire up please!

Question by Downunder35m 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

A computer problem

Ok. We were troubleshooting our vonage internet phone service when mom disconnected the phone and then I plugged it back. then, the keyboard and mouse failed and I had to reboot several times (wireless keyboard and mouse) any idea?

Topic by DJ Radio 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Is there a way to connect a 360 Wireless controller to a PC without the Microsoft receiver?

What I was originally thinking was to use the Play and Charge kit wire along with maybe some drivers to do so, but that proved not to work. I have a dongle for my Logitec Wireless mouse and I was wondering if there was some way to hack that or use some program to get it to receive the signals, while using the Microsoft drivers to recognize the controller. Any help is greatly appreciated

Question by Hadokendude 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is it possible to DIY a wireless connection between my computer and touch screen monitor or projector?

Basically I'm wondering if there is a cheaper way to replicate the product below but it doesn't have to be USB it can be VGA to VGA.;=UTF8&qid;=1278961611&sr;=1-2 I want to tuck the actual computer away and use a small screen as a wireless touch tablet essentially. The screen would stay in the same room as the computer so range isn't an issue. This means that the touch screen, from a kit, would also have to be wireless as well. Is it possible that a wireless mouse or keyboard could be converted? Thanks for the help.

Question by bwrussell 8 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

My speakers won't give sound (Realtek HD Audio)?

To start off, I'll tell how it all happened. First, almost 3 months ago I bought a PCI Wireless card from newegg, it came in a week later and it was defective. I returned it for a new one and got it another two weeks later (Very slow shipping). It was working, but when I installed what was on the disk it came with, my HD Audio Manager went wacky and said I was plugging in and out audio devices. I just clicked OK on all of them. So I got good speeds but I realized I hadn't any audio coming from my speakers. The realtek HD audio was set to default playback device and both ports on the audio jack were securely in. It simply wouldn't work. A restart didn't fix it either. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the PCI Wireless card a couple of times, restarting time after time just going through troubleshooting processes in hope that one would fix it. So during the process, after the first time of uninstalling I found the card defective again only giving 0.8Mb/s download speed just as the first defective card. Over the whole convoluted process I hadn't fixed my speakers, my mouse drivers broke so I had to put it into a different port, and I have another defective PCI wireless card. So my question is, how would I fix my speakers? The speakers are in my monitor and what it's usually named is Realtek HD Audio or something but now it's named High Definition Audio Device. Are there any fixes I can try? Or is more information needed? Thanks!

Question by knexpert1700 5 years ago

Mouse left and right click keys added to a keyboard

The software I use at work interfaces with JAVA so the enter and info keys on the keyboard do not work within JAVA scripted panels that pop up with simple OK or YES or Cancel buttons. I have to physically grab the mouse and click the button I want to continue after the click. This slows me down immensely. I cannot change the script (it's commercial software) and cannot add any software to the PC because the PC's are locked down securely. Remapping keys is locked out as well. I want a wireless solution preferably USB that I can add the two keys above the arrow keys and below the word processing keys that only respond to the left click and right click of the mouse. I necessary I could use a wired version as long as it wouldn't interfere with my current wireless mouse/keyboard. Any ideas out there? Am I explaining this properly?

Topic by wrench409 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Make any monitor a touch screen!

Has anyone had any experience in taking a web cam, attaching it to the top of a monitor, then programming it to recognize face and hand movements, sort of how digital cameras today recognize faces, so it can be used to control a mouse. It would be sort of like having a virtual touch screen on any monitor and if someone could do this, I'd bet they'd make a lot of money.

Topic by emuman4evr 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago