New Zealand Earthquake.

At about 1pm. (lunch time) 22/02/2011 a large earthquake occured in the centre of the city. Over 65 are confirmed dead. The Cathedral has collapsed with people in the spire/steeple. I don't want  any correspondence, I am just keeping the Instructables family informed, in-case your media doesn't cover it. Bye for now.

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How do I place an above ground pool in the ground?

I have bought and "Index" above ground pool (5X10 METERS) and am wondering if there is a way of putting it in the ground. First of all can it be done and if so how it can be done. Thanks

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Making some threads (clothes)....helpz

Guys! My mother insists on me buying new clothes, but most of the stuff here is too gansta for my tastes, so i've decided to make some myself.I want some T shirts and maybe 2 or 3 jackets.oKay, so here's some of the stuff I want:An above the influence jacket. These are not sold.Some above the influence T shirts.I need help in the following things:How to make my own - Tshirts are easy enough, Ill just make some iron ons, theres ibles on this subject If I remember correctlyIts the jacket that worries me, I like the sort of jacket thats fuzzy on the outside. I would like to know if Iron ons would work on this fabric (I'll check what fabric it is later) Or if you know of any other methods.ALso, do you have any suggestions for logos that would make cool shirts?

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saltwater system for above ground pools

What are the pros and cons of have a saltwater system for my above ground pool. I've been told the salt will corrode the sides and other metal components of the pool. Even had a retailer refuse to sell me a nice Hayward system. Any comments or validations?

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how to make an above ground pool heater?

Solar heater for above ground swimming pool

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"Britain from Above's" beautiful visualizations of data

The new BBC series Britain From Above has some amazing graphic visualizations of data, including GPS, telephone exchange activity, etc. The patterns are quite organic and very beautiful... BBC story on Britain from Above

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how to make invisible shelves for the hallway, above the doors?

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Magnetic Levitation (without electromagnet above, or spinning top)? Answered

Hey, so I was watching some of these videos about magnetic levitation, and I notices that some levitating globes don't have an electromagnet above the globe. Nor is the globe spinning very fast. This is one of the devices that I have seen, and I would like to know how it works so that I can build it....and maybe make an instructable along the way. Also, SimerLab has the levitation down pretty well. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Sam P.S. Found another good website here that has one taken apart (it was a Levitron AG). And this website has a kinda breakdown on how one might work, but it definitly isn't specific enought o build one.

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My coilgun capacitors aren't going above 30v

I made a coilgun out of disposable cameras. i have 6 capacitors running in parallel. I followed these instructions   .When i power it on the capacitors make their usual noise and they start charging fine then when they hit 25-30v they shut off and don charge any further. What is going wrong? The power source is 2 AA battery running in parallel 

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Problem with rating algorithm -- getting averages above 5(!)

Several people have noticed this, and posted querulous comments in various Fora (myself included). It looks like the rating algorithm, or at least the input data, is wonky, as you can see from the attached image. On the up side, the star-coloring algorithm works properly modulo 5!

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Buying broken iPods (preffer iTouch gen 2 and above.)

Hello. I'm buying broken iPod Touch. Generation 2 and above.  If you have any and will be willing to let me have them for a fair price, contact me here or at thanks

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is there an easy way for me to mount a screen above my bed? Answered

I don't really have a screen yet, so i'm open to any suggestions. i do have a PSP that might be usable.

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Swiss man soars above Alps with jet-powered wing

-BEX, Switzerland Yves Rossy, a Swiss pilot, strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the homemade device, turning figure eights and soaring high above the Alps.Article on Yahoo! Other Article in the Daily MailSo far Rossy and his sponsors, including the Swiss watch company Hublot, have poured more than $285,000 and countless hours of labor into building the device. He would not estimate how much his device would cost should it ever be brought to market.But, he believes similar jet-powered wings will one day be more widely available to experienced parachutists ready for the ultimate flying experience.That is, if they don't mind missing out on the breathtaking panorama above the Swiss Alps."I am so concentrated, I don't really enjoy the view," Rossy said. It's finally been done publicly. Man's eternal quest for flight has just gotten one step closer. Is anyone else reminded of Buzz Lightyear for some reason? No? Must be me then...Who in their right mind would want to fly with a pair of jet-powered wings?Every single one of you. That's whoWOW! Check out the device in Action!! Pictures of his flight and preparation can be found hereUPDATE: ToolUsingAnimal has pointed out that this idea has been developed since 1935

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Arduino-Based Solar Heater for My Above Ground Pool

A few weeks ago I grabbed the garden hose to top off the pool and noticed how hot the water was as it came out. (the hose had been lying in the sun). So, I decided to put it to good use. We've been looking at solar heaters for the pool but found the prices prohibitive, and being a DIY'er I decided to build my own. I have 50' of black, tangle-free hose coiled on a 2' by 4' piece of Wolmanized, 3/4" plywood. This is perched on top of an 8' 4by4 post which I sunk into the ground near the pool's filter. To feed the hose I installed a faucet in the filter's return line which is under sufficient pressure to travel up and into the hose. The other end comes down to an electric valve before emptying back into the pool. The Arduino portion of the project consists of an Arduino Uno board, a DS18B20 temperature sensor probe, a 12-volt, 3-amp power supply, A small prototype board that holds two 12-volt relays and two 2N3904 transistors which the Arduino triggers, two 12-volt car-type relays which are triggered by the smaller ones, and a Mallory Sonalert. My idea was to have the Arduino monitor the temperature in the return line from the solar hose coil, and when it reaches 80 degrees F, the Sonalert goes off for 5 seconds to warn swimmers that hot water will be coming out of the return spout in the pool. And after the warning sounds, the electric valve then opens for 2 minutes, flushing the warmed water into the pool. Since the system is driven by the pool's filter, the solar hose is replenished during this flush period, and when the valve closes, that new water is then heated, and the whole process starts over. The Arduino code consists of a couple libraries to incorporate and read the temp' probe's output, a subroutine which tests both the Sonalert and the valve when the system is first plugged in, and then the necessary code in the Void Loop section which simply waits for the temp' to reach a preset level and then sound the alert and then open the valve.The system is built into an 8" by 6" electrical box that mounts on the 4 by 4 post just under the solar hose panel.The systems been up and running for about a week now and I've averaged about a 2 degree rise in the pool's water temp' per day.If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the project, or the Arduino code, I'll be happy to provide. UPDATE: Here are some phots of the project...

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How can you suspend a china cabinet hutch above a buffet?

What is the best way to convert one of these  kinds of things with a hutch stacked on top of a buffet to one of these that are raised up, so we can use the buffet surface?

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has anyone built an above ground potato planter, with recycled materials? Answered

I saw one for sell a while back but it was expensive. (it didn't use recycled materials) after going through this site, i thought best to ask. I want to plant potatos, but i don't have too much space nor am i going to go to the community plot because when i'm gone for a week or so, i know my neighbors won't water my plants. so i was wondering if anyone has built an above ground potato planter that can be easily opened for havesting. my neighbors would water my plants in front of my apt. it couldn't be bigger than a 10 gallon pot, because if i have to tip it over to get the potatos out it might be too heavy for me. so i'm hoping that you much more intelligent people, because i get stupmped when i start thinking of things, can help a girl out. i'm hoping that you can do this out of recycled materials so that way i can slightly revise without buying much... ' starving students' is what i'm trying to not let my family be... so any help would be great.

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Sensor that detects the height of your hand above a given point, ANY IDEAS?

... Does anyone know a sensor that detects the height of your hand above a given point? ... ... Or does anyone know a laser device that can detect the position of the hand above it? ... >.. I want to apply it on my Laser Harp idea, to control the Volume of the speaker. Mainly the idea is, the position of the hand above the device that produces a laser line will control the volume; if in high position high volume, if in low position low volume, etc. >. Tnx if you guys can comment, suggest, advice. XD

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How/What would make terenary (trinary) computers and above more advantageous?

I was wondering if going above binary computing would be very advantageous. I was listening to a professor's lecture at a summer camp at a university, and he talked about making computers that used light changing colors and lasers instead of only electricity. I figured that something like that would use terenary computing or above. Can you make a computer using non-binary from parallel circuits? If anyone can make a computer using terenary code or above, please post an instructable on it. A light computer would be cool too.  (ONLY ANSWER IF YOU SERIOUSLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT= COMPUTER/ELECTRONICS EXPERTS)

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How can I transport water up into a tank that is 10m vertically above?

Hi Instructablers, As what mentioned in the topic, I am thinking of transporting water from my leaking pipe back into my tank which is roughly 10m above? Lets not talk about replacing the leaking pipe. Help help help! 

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how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to a above the ground intex pool?

I have a intex pool and the pump quit working. a friend gave me a m7000 pump, the old pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and the m7000 has 3. what is the 3rd hose for and how do I connect it to my pool

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How to calculate using counter balance to lift a mass from undersea to above seawater. Answered

A huge beam planted into sea and the height 15meter above seawater. Total length 30m. Using pulley system, both side left and right hung 2 equal weight drum. The whole picture should be similar to Elevator methodQuestion: How counterbalance and pulley system calculation will be? Do I need to consider buoyancy formula and also F=ma.What kind of formula do I have to consider?

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I want to make a faux roman shade for above my kitchen sink window. Instructions please?

I have one window in my kitchen above the sink and want to make a non-working roman shade type curtain/valance. I need instructions. Thanks

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is boxxy really dead?

Read above

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led switch

My dad is redoing his basement and he wants to have a panel of switches with leds above them.  so that when the switch is on the led above it is on to.  does anyone know how to do this?

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What is the meaning of life? Answered


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how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to my intex easy setup above the ground pool?

I have a intex swimming pool and the pump that came with it qite working.someone gave me a m7000 swimming pool pump. the only problem is that my other pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and this new pump looks to have 3. i just need instructions on how to hook this pump to my pool.

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stats not working plus not getting any notifications / emails

As above

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Piece List - Screamin' Serpent? Answered

As above

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CAN I USE BARB WIRE for RADIO DOG FENCE ABOVE GROUND ? With GUARDIAN PG-250 Pet containment system. Answered

I am trying to get some Information on radio dog fence. Can I use an existing barb wire fence as the dog fence antenna wire ? (above ground) Can I use a combination of above ground heavy gauge #12 barb wire and the manufacturer supplied #20 underground wire ? Have 5 acres total, currently 2 acres is fenced with barb wire for horses. So I would like to use the existing fence by connecting it to the Guardian underground system and also use the underground system to enclose an additional 2 acres for the dog. Have a new dog that has not yet been trained with the underground system.

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How to build a stone foundation using stone as my below and above grade foundation material? Walls to be adobe brick.

 I am on a budget and want to build my home out of the materials on my land.( which is desert).  I will have to make my wall material out of adobe.As opposed to using concrete for my footings, I would like to use materials they used hundreds of years ago, which I assume was stone. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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approx how many members does instructables have? Answered

Is it like above a 1000?

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My idiotic dad doesn't think my grades are good or at least above average. What do you think?

So yeah, I got expelled from school on the last week, but the school decided to be nice and give me my report card. I personally think I did OK, some of my friends and teachers even praised me for it, but my perfectionist father lashed his anger at me to no end. Check these out:(Note: The passing is 2 out of 6, my school's standards aren't really that high)English: 5 out of 6Math: 4 out of 6Science: 4.5 out of 6Indonesian: 6 out of 6Physical Education: 6 out of 6Technology: 5 out of 6Social Studies: 4.5 out of 6So yeah, I know right, WTF. I even got an award for 6th best 7th grader overall (there are 34 7th graders in my school) on the award ceremony the week before I got expelled.As I said before, my friends and teachers praised me for this, but my dad insists that its very average. I tried telling my dad that this is actually pretty good and I'm one of the best off and that more than 5 kids went to summer school because they failed more than two subjects. But he wouldn't listen and used that stupid don't compare yourself to them excuse to screw out my arguments.So yeah, tell me what you think & any advice on how to lower my dad's perfectionist standards would be greatly appreciated.

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Why are there few or no clouds in the stratosphere? Answered

        The stratosphere (STRAT  uh sfihr) lies above the troposphere. It extends from about 11km to 50km above the earth. In the lower part of the stratosphere, the temperature does not change with height. But, in the upper part , temperature increases with height.  At 50km, the temperature is about 7o/c.          Air in the stratosphere is dry and thin, and there are very few or no clouds.

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Adding text after a picture? Answered

Is it possible to add more text above and below a picture  in an instructable. If so how?

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I have an above ground pool. I want to buld a saltwater chlorine generator. Does anyone have plans for such a device??

I want to build a salt water chlorine generator for a 16 x 24 above ground pool. I am reasonably mechanical inclined and would appreciate any input from someone who has designed and successfully used such a generator. I currently have a sand filter system cleaning my pool and use large amounts of chemicals. I am a recycler and a green person who does not like to pollute or swim in chemicals. This salt water system sounds like a good idea. lets collaborate.

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Inatall larger wheel on bike

What do I need to do above

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Stats has not been working for a few days now --you got issues? Answered

As above

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Piece List - Big Air Ball Tower? Answered

As above

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mentors for robots hovercrafting and knex

Need mentors for the topics above (over the internet plz)

Topic by grayecastle 11 years ago

How can I make a mushroom above my corner bookcase to make the whole thing look like a giant mushroom? Answered

I'm redoing my bedroom as a mushroom garden and this was my biggest project, but I can't think what to make it out of!? My mushroom top is actually going to be the underside of a mushroom curving twords the ceiling. I can't find anything even similar to this project so at least a list of possible materials would be epic. Thank you loads. - Queen Allysibeth

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reducing noise from chain driven garage door opener to apartment above. GDO is mounted to cement ceiling..need isolators

, when GDO is opened, the initial start causes a big bang , which abruptly  awakens  the people in the apartment  above. i  am not the garage user or apartment  resident. however it seems there is a relatively easy solution to isolate the noise.  When i had my GDO installed , i knew of these problems and opted for a belt driven since it is quieter, but for all i know the , a new resident could move in and i could be an annoyance. She had the installers return but , they just know how to follow the instructions. i looked into this a couple years ago,  i saw  in some GDO homeowner  handyman site the same problem and i read  that there was an isolation piece of hard rubber that would go between the cement ceiling and the GDO  hardware that attached to the ceiling which would reduce the noise transmitted to the apartment above. i looked a couple years back and  couldn't find  the supplier of this  rubber noise dampener/ isolator. Anyone have any ideas on how to quiet the problem, or is the chain too long and that is adding to the BANG when the GDO starts

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Can someone make a piece list for the Loopin' Lizard? Answered

As above

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Instructables Wallpapers

 I was trying to look for a new wallpaper, as there isn't 'just the right Doctor Who' wallpaper out there, and it occurred to me that Instructables don't have any downloadable wallpapers (that I could find). SO I took it upon myself to make some and share them with all of you! I've never made wallpapers so I kept my designs simple. I chose the Instructables Robot, as he is the most familiar icon around here. I didn't want the hand, as for some reason it creeps me out.  I have made 5 wallpapers in total: One is the Instuctables Robot sitting in the middle quite large. Res: 1024x768 Second is the same above but the resolution is 1280x1024 Third one is the same as the above two, except the Robot is a lot smaller. Res: 1024x768 Fourth: Same as above but designed for some laptops, so the resolution is 1280x800 Fifth: Same as above but resolution is 1280x1024 Feel free to tinker or change them. I have also included a screenshot of my laptop using the fourth image.

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"add to this guide (paste urlString)"

Is this a new feature, where everyone can add stuff to a guide, or is it a bug? It appears above the Author box in Guides

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Voting on entries that are entered in multiple contests

When an entry is entered in multiple contests, what decides which banner appears above. I have an entry in the hack it contest and the off grid contest. The banner above it is for the hack it contest, so it won't get as many votes for the off grid contest which is in the voting stage. Is it possible for instructables to change it so that the banner is for the contest ending soonest/altready in the voting stage rather than the most recently entered contest ?

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how to make Peltier cooler?

I like to make a Peltier air cooler. how much watts Peltier is needed and battery for Peltier cooler to run for 8 hour.if i use less watts Peltier does it affect the cooling rate. is it possible to place place another Peltier above heat sink while the other one Peltier is working, if possible how much amount of power can be produced from the Peltier placed above heat sink. Thanks

Question by nibytm 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago