How to close my instructable account?

I need to close my account, please email instructions to

Asked by rkitwano 1 year ago

new accounts

Instructables should have a thing so if some one is band that they can not have the same name and make a new account.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Can I combine two Instructables accounts or move an instructable I made on one account into another?

I logged in with Twitter to build a new instructable, not remembering that my default account login was with Facebook. I really don't want to run two accounts. Can I combine? Or pull the instructable I just made into my old account?

Asked by brianfit 3 years ago

Pro Accounts

Right, Can I just say that why should Eric have to reach into his own pocket if the site is getting too costly to run.You either get a pro account or you don't.What would you rather have, a slightly limited instuctables account or no instructables whatsoever.So please just stop bitching about pro accounts, protesting or whatever. Just try to remember that this all is a trial and it could all not go to plan.I myself will be buying an pro account depending on what it is like and what happens after the three months is up.Rant over, Peace out! P.S. Here's a picture of some cake I made to say sorry if this topic my upset you, ONE SLICE EACH ONLY =D

Posted by Joe Martin 9 years ago

How much does an Instructables Pro account cost after your 3 month trial runs out?

Also are there any alternative methods of payment besides PayPal? I know some people have been sending checks directly to Instructables. I just want to know if those are my only options.

Asked by UbuntuNinja 9 years ago

Does anyone know why certain users get deleted? Answered

Recently, I have noticed that several members have had their names changed so that "Deleted_(insertnamehere)" shows up, their account vanishes, and their profile is inaccessible. Also, I cant find their ibles. Does anyone know why they got deleted, or did they request their account get deleted?

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Account advertising LED products

I stumbled across an account that authored several ibles, all seeming to be advertisements for LED products.

Posted by adamjoe86 5 years ago

Can 2 accounts be merged together?

I recently realized that i have 2 seperate accounts that both have saved instructables that i dont want to lose. This was done by accident as i used F.B. to sign up on my phone and apparently my new email/gmail acct for my laptop...again, unintentionally.  Is there any way i can merge the 2 accounts into the 1 gmail acct. i wish to use..... SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!!

Asked by jmissavage83 2 years ago

Instructables Pro Accounts Have Launched

The initial version of Instructables Pro Accounts is now live! Sign up to create private Instructables, send digital patches to other members you admire, and to proudly display your Pro Badge. Check out the homepage's "New Pro Members" leaderboard to see the latest pro members.There are more pro features on the way! Come check out the pro forum to have your say about which features we should develop next, or which bug you really can't stand (we can barely stand it either). As I previously wrote here, if you registered prior to now, you'll get at least 3 months of free access to the features we are turning pro. During that time I hope we can convince you that going pro is worth it.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

instructables site: Couldn't see my Drafts after creating new account until logout/login

Hi there, when recently creating a fresh account and trying to create the first draft, i wasn't able to see the drafts in my profile/start page. the draft was however accessible with the direct URL that i used from my browser history once i logged out and logged in (for the first time) again it worked fine for me and i saw the drafts don't know if its a bug or i did something wrong... cheers juergen

Posted by nebulx 1 year ago

How to change my username?

Hello, i want to change my Instructables username, but i can't find the option (if they have it)...

Posted by luis.gmz 5 years ago

Please consider changing the user "badge" for paid accounts

I (and others) have made this comment several times, but now I'm posting it as a formal feature-change request. Please consider replacing the "PRO" badge with something more abstract. A little picture of Robot came to mind as one possibility, if gold stars aren't adequate. The "PRO" word itself seems to be pretty divisive, with many of the users who can't or won't pay taking offense. They seem to think that the paid users themselves are to blame for "lording it over" everyone else. This is obviously detrimental to the whole community here.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

I was fearing this...

Oh my!Today I noticed that you could give patches to people.I tried it on myself and got the terrible message! PRO accounts!This means you now pay to get extra privileges.I'm going to be inactive to protest this.

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

How many subscribers are there currently to

How many subscribers are there currently to I am interested in both people who have signed up for the newsletter, and those who have chosen to upgrade to a paid account. This is for school, i'm not just nosy, promise!!

Asked by brownIDgirl 7 years ago

September was our best month yet

We've been growing pretty consistently since the site launched in 2005, but September was notable in that we smashed a number of our records.  We had the greatest number of people come to the site (5.6 M), the greatest number of people return (2.9 M), the greatest number of new pro memberships, and our first and second highest traffic days where over a quarter of a million people visited Instructables in a single day.  We didn't break any records for new Instructables (the last month of the Craftsman contest from last year still holds that one), but September wasn't too far behind.  And all this in a month with only 30 days!October is my favorite month.  Here's to it bringing in some amazing costumes and smashing even more records.

Posted by ewilhelm 8 years ago

Voting for yourself through new accounts. My suspicions.

Since I've started playing around in the contests adding this and that, I see people with an outstanding number of votes, but a pitiful amount of page views. I get the suspicion that said people are creating new accounts and voting for themselves. How do I come about this you ask? I can't say for sure, but when I see someones page who has a ton of feedback from peoples accounts that were created within the contest period, it seems a little fishy. I think that the person enters said instructable, makes more accounts, and while he's going to vote for himself, leaves some nice feedback to try and incourage others to vote. Because when I see a page full of feedback from accounts created in the last 4 days, I get a little paranoid. So seriously people, DO NOT DO THIS, don't go and vote for yourself. It's not cool, and nobody likes when people do it. It messes with contests and peoples instructables who honestly would have won, may not because some jerk gives himself votes through his accounts. Let me know what you guys think, and lets try to figure out a way of keeping this from happening, because I don't want it ruining a perfectly good contest.

Posted by Gunk on Floor 10 years ago

Account Delete?

Can anyone tell me how to delete ur account?

Posted by umja345 10 years ago

Pro Accounts

What is the pro accounts? How are they different from regular accounts and how do you get them?

Posted by annoyinglylogical 9 years ago

cancel account

How do i can this account

Asked by jacindawalker 4 years ago

my account Pro don't work !?

My account pro don't work. gagaoune  

Asked by gagaoune 4 years ago

Unlinking Account from Facebook

I was wondering if there was a way to unlink my Instructables account from my Facebook account.  I was planning to delete my Facebook account very soon, but still wanted to keep my Instructables account.  Anyone know how to do this? thanks! 

Posted by jlschillinger 5 years ago



Asked by DELETED_valley555 5 years ago

I want my account deleted

Please delete my account  Thanks Jim

Posted by wilkie60 7 years ago

Tumblr account? Answered

Is Tumblr the only account it can send pictures to? Is that by default ?

Asked by esycip 11 months ago

I get iTunes account free.?

How to get iTunes account free?

Asked by mdyboy2009 9 years ago

How to close instructables account?

How can I close account, as I obviously haven't been using it?

Asked by Claudestephane 8 years ago

how do i delete my account

I wish to delete my instructables account

Asked by Age_of_Gods 8 years ago

searching/viewing an Ebay account? Answered

How can i search for an ebay account, or how can i see someones account who has not sold anything?

Asked by Jimmy Proton 7 years ago

Account email not updating....

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.

Posted by drseuss 7 years ago

In my computer there are 2 administrative account one is my own account and one is admin account created by IT guy.

I want to delete the administrative account create by IT guy but I don't know Domain and passward how could I do to delete the admin account ?

Asked by HninS 3 years ago

does anyone have a working minecraft account that they don't want?

I had an account that my cousin uses and it won't work so i need an account for minecraft and it has to work.

Asked by snoo 5 years ago

my jango account?

My jango account wont play music

Asked by robertjames 7 years ago

help unlocking facebook account Answered

Title says it all, i need to unlock my old facebook account but i can't remember the birthday, secret questions, or anything like that. yes it is my account i know the username, account name and the password

Asked by The nerdling 6 years ago

How do I redeem a premium account? Answered

I was gifted a premium account. How do I redeem it? Do I have to pay for an account in order to receive the gift?

Asked by dancingstar 1 year ago

How in the hell do I delete my account?!

I want to delete my account. Is there even a way?

Posted by hightek669 9 years ago

How you you delete this account?

Hello. Sorry, I made (my cousin) made this account. How do I delete it??

Asked by DELETED_chipmunk_chub 4 years ago

How do I cancel my account?


Asked by kwdaye 8 years ago

how do i delete my instructables account?

 i can't find any option to remove my account.

Asked by DELETED_romporr 8 years ago

I want to pro account

How to Pro account for Burma Country.I want to try pro account. So,help and guide me. With regard- JOY

Posted by Naw Soe MyaT 2 years ago

delete account???

My friend signed me up and I want to delete the account how do i do it?

Posted by Kevin the Magnificent 9 years ago

Can anyone help?? I can't find my Administrator account anymore on my laptop Answered

I created a new account as a computer admistrator on my Xp laptop and   forgot to turn off the guest account. So when I logon again there were only two accounts : the new account I just created and the Guest account. I want to use my old Administrator account but I can't find it anymore. When I open control panel , I can only find the new account and the guest account . Although the new account appears as computer admin ; I can't see the previous files I saved using the old Admin account. I want to see my old admin account back so badly :(?

Asked by dl23 6 years ago

Pro accounts?

I am confused about pro accounts! Do i just have to do simple things like post on a forum ect? or do i have to pay?

Posted by conrad2468 9 years ago

what are the steps to make a free account for itunes?

What are the steps to make a free account for itunes

Asked by booboo34 7 years ago

how to cloes my intructables account?

I'm done with the internets. How do I close my account? Cheers!

Posted by removed 11 years ago

My pro account will not let me see all instructions on one page?

My pro account will not let me see all instructions on one page?

Asked by rhills 8 years ago

Possible spamming accounts

I found these two accounts very similar: Member1 and Member2. And both are advertising Viagra and selling drugs.

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ?

Please help me with that: Is there a way to pay for PRO account via SMS ? I'll accept any price

Posted by pwicherski 5 years ago