"How to convert" spam

There's been a huge increase in spam in the past few days....mostly by dalacjack but some by others with permutations of the name.....it's all "how to convert" such and such....and they've all got links in the post that actually point to various mortgage sites etc....i've flagged them all...but i think the guy's account needs to be revoked

Posted by crapflinger 9 years ago

Unable to Update Settings

I'm using Mobile Safari, iOS 9.3 on an IPad Air. I've tried other browsers. iCab Mobile DOES WORK, so I was able to change my password after a password reset. i don't see anywhere in the iOS app to change settings, either. Thanks

Posted by Marcos El Malo 2 years ago

Can't make a Instructable

I can't make an instructable! When i click on start a instructable it takes me to the tip page. When i lcick on start a instructable there it doesn't do ANYTHING. Then i was writing this commet before and i hit preview topic, it took me to my account page! What is wrong with this website!

Posted by Firepower96 8 years ago

Internet browsing device

I have a grand central account, and I use it for free long distance, but I have to turn on my computer just to make a call. I was wondering if anybody knows of something similar to the nokia internet tablet thingies, but much cheaper (under $100). Any ideas (or GC tips)?

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 11 years ago

Two People on an Instructable

My wife and I would like to collaborate on an instructable for the fashion challenge.  Are we still elligible to win a prize in doing so?  Do I need her written consent if we publish this through my account?  The rules indicated that more than one author could exist for a given entry.

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 6 years ago

Facebook connection

When I click "connect with Facebook" button here is what happens: it tells me to sign in, then to accept instructables (witch I did) and then the window closes...2 seconds later instead of your Facebook account badge on instructables it just says "connect with Facebook" again! PLEASE FIX THIS

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Facebook - some things to consider before making full use of it....

As "A last Hurray" so to say I will do it one last time....What am I doing exactly you wonder and why do I bother writing it here?I will write a little story that is spiked with some information that I deem to be worthy to share.And I do bother to show my friends, followers and those who care what might have been a weekly or even daily thing otherwise :)At work recent changes and ongoing problems with our IT systems required that those who need contact with those in charge or above to sign up with Facebook.I tried what I could but Emails appearently don't always show if someone actually ready them and it was down to keeping my job or refusing Facebook.And yes, I tried to raise my concerns about privacy and control of it through the company...Anyway, let us start, shall we?Signing up for Facebook is as easy as asking Google for the name and to follow the obvious links.But those who know me can confirm that I take privacy seriously and that I like to question why someone thinks they need certain information.Which brings me to the point....Anyone these days is on Facebook with one or more accounts - this includes your boss, manager or anyone interested in your name, resume or other background info.Facebook provides just that, the chat and messages are as obsolete as anything else in terms of actually giving you privacy of any kind.When I signed up and was dumb enough to use a well known Email provider for my account details, I was shocked by the following offer.I was asked for my Email password to make signing in and finding friends easier!A quick but endlessly long search through the terms and conditions confirmed that indeed everyone in my contact list would be mis-used for data collecting and referencing - including the content of my Emails.Of course I had to reject this great function several times until Facebook got the massage that I like to keep control over my Email account.Thinking this was already enough for the day I rejected images and other private info, like where I was born, where I worked and such before signing off.Next day I suddenly had a list of friends as long as the shopping list of a childcare centre for thanks giving.At first I though I don't know any of them until I started to do what Facebook wants and looked the people up.Most where contacts I had on long dead messengers like the Yahoo! messenger.You can understand my confusion until I realised I had used the same Emal account for those messengers.Facebook simply reference their records of dead systems with my Email address and was happy to provide friends I really tried to avoid....The hardest hit however was when I realised that even contact backups I did from my mobile, using Google services, appeared.Thankfully most as possible friends but some directly added to my friends list, due to other links they found in their databases.Needless to say that even several of my skype contacts showed up...The last thing that confirmed why I avoided Facebook was the simple fact that all privacy options in the profile are set by default to public!Of course, if you don't mind stripping down your privacy to the entire world while Facebook is using the data for not always legal purposes you shall be fine.But if you only care a little then check the following, hopefully before stripping down:1. Never, ever type your Email password into anything coming from Facebook - no matter what reasons they claim!2. Before you complete your profile with address, phone number or similar, type in nonsense so you can get access to your account settings.After all Facebook does not bother to offer you privacy before you finnish your details and keeps nagging about adding more so they get the vital data they need first....3. Check all account settings in regards who has access!Unless you really want to strip down noone but your friends should have any access to anything.And even for that you should make sure to enable the function to review them before you allow them to show up on your page, history or elsewhere.Things to always keep in mind:1. Your account is not yours as Facebook has all rights to it, you can not even request to have your informations deleted from their databases or remove your account for good.2. Anything your friends see on your page or profile they can share, like or comment on.This means that even if don't like it, it can spread through the community within seconds and as a worst case ruin your life.3. Anything Facebook does or offers, like games, recommendations, things you should know about, have only one goal: To gather more information about you.Like for example using your Google cookies to find out what search for on the web or watch on Youtube....4. Things you like attract more things you might like, again mostly to gather more info about you, your personality, preferences and your friends.Ok, I know!You are using FB for years, have tons of friends there and keep updated about every minute of their life they share...So there is little to no chance to see what I am talking about LOLBut I would not post all this openly without a backup plan ;)If you really dare to challenge me on this then you might have to waste several hours of your precious time, but I think it is worth your time!This is how the game is played:1. Find someone older who does have a vital Email life of sorts but so far no use for Facebook.2. Ask kindly for his support on a test with Facebook that might require him to forawrd correspnding Emails to your account.3. Clearly state that neither his email or FB account will be used to post anything, add friends manually or give out any info the person does not feel confortable to share.4. Point out the possible benefits of having FB with the option to use the persons real name so he can continue using FB after the test if considered a good thing to have.5. If you manage the above successfully then only use the provided name, email and residential address to create a new account.6. Observe and wonder about the things to come.....You will notice that usually quite soon possible friends or persons that could be connected show up.Also that FB will continue to ask about the history, like schools, work, places.If you do an online search on the name often takes less than a week to get a hit refering to FB.The more info about the person you offer FB (with consent!!) the more people will show up to be considered.At this stage and I guess in less than two weeks time after creating the account comes the question about how to continue.Show the person what and who is already present in the created account and if there is an interest to keep the acount for personal use.If so, kindly ask the person to add a friend or more, fill out more details, provide a picture and so on.Hand over full control to the account either by asking the person to change the password and not let you see or know it.Again, ask kindly to get some future updates, screenshot or similar to see how the account evolve, or add yourself as a friend and keep track that way.I do not suggest in any way to create an account without consent!This includes all activities that might seem harmless:Don't use the identity of someone you "found somewhere"!Don't create a fake account, especially not in the name of someone popular or someone that might be harmed in any way by your creation - the person might have good reasons not to appear on FB!If you don't have Facebook already feel free to use to do the test with your own details!Never, ever use pictures that are not your own or that you don't have the explicit permission to use even if you took them!

Posted by Downunder35m 6 months ago

Referral/GTP sites

Before anyone freaks out and starts screaming SPAM (lol) I am not posting links to my account on a referral site. To be honest I find it extremely annoying when people do. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with referral/GTP (get paid to) site.  Basically they pay you to complete surveys and basically buy your personal information, and you earn more money for getting other people to join under you. I started using one called FusionCash and got through a few offers by using bs information. Then I realized that they have a minimum payout of 25$ (they wont send you a check or paypal until you have 25$ in your account on their site), 15$ of which must be from completing "offers", on top of this your account on their website resets itself every 90 day (should have read the fine print, lol) I found this system kinda fishy and utterly ridiculous. Then I started looking into other sites. I found CashLagoon which has no minimum payout and works through paypal as well as check (win!). The other site I found was CashCrate which pays you by check in mail but has a minimum payout of 10$. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about which sites to use and if there are any legitimate ones that are worth my time. (DON'T POST REFERRALS) ;-) Dan

Posted by TheCheese9921 8 years ago

A Friend With a Forum

Recently a friend & I have worked out how to make a forum, so we have. Problem is, we have a lack of people who have joined to give constructive criticism! The website is www.wendol.myfreeforum.org, and my account is KryptoniCamel for any one that wants to ask any questions. Thanks everyone, Regards, Kryptonite.

Posted by Kryptonite 9 years ago

membership renewal

Hi:0) I am trying to renew my membership, and I get a message saying I don't have back up funds, which isn't right sinceI I use my PayPal account without any problems.  Help I want to stay Pro!!!! Love you guys.  Help please. Lyn (porcupinemamma)

Posted by porcupinemamma 7 years ago

Trouble with entry to contest

Hey, Just publish an instructable Slide show for the Gingerbread Slideshow contest. I received an e-mail saying it was excepted, but it does not show up in the group, nor does it show up in the community searches. I can see it in my account, but nowhere else. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Holidays Scooter76

Posted by scooter76 8 years ago

Facebook login ...not run !

Hi, are some days that pressing the button "FBlogin" is no longer authenticated using my FB account, I tried to log in having opened another tab on FB but nothing changes. I normally use Chrome, but I tried with Explorer and Firefox, on Windows 7 and XP ... but it is still the same problem. Blame for the crisis here in Italy? :-)

Posted by pellyx 6 years ago

I need help understanding

On the computer, when you click"you", then "view profile", in the top right hand corner, what does the eyeball, star, and the question mark mean? I know that they mean views, favorites and comments, but is that the stuff that you viewed, favorited, and commented, or is that the stuff other people did to you or you account.

Posted by MagicHonda 5 years ago

Images did not post with my new Instructable, why?

I posted an instrutable and used pictures from my Flickr account and also from my computer.  The pictures did not show up in my posted work.  The files were listed before I posted the final work, but no images showed up.  What is wrong? 

Posted by s1mp13m4n 8 years ago

Unable to log in

Since a couple of days I can not log into my account right away.I have to type my user name and password several times to log in.Once I log in within a second it goes off line.Unable to continue browsing or to edit my project.I have cleared the cache many times.This issue is only with Instructable page.Please help.

Posted by 786Ayesha 4 years ago

How to Stop being "Pro"

Hi there.  I'm having trouble finding out how to stop the billing on my checking account for pro-status.  I like this community and site, but I just became a student, and so have less money. Who do I contact or where do I go? Thanks, Ian gildersonian2 (at) yahoo.com

Posted by gildersonian 8 years ago

Pneumatic Revolver

 Hello, I've been coming to Instructables for a while now but I just made an account. Anyways, I've been trying to brainstorm an idea for a PVC Revolver. Does anyone want to give this a try and post your results? I might try if I can get to the hardware store this weekend.

Posted by Stevensb 9 years ago

Great Pro Account Giveaway!

I have, so far, published 179  instructables, many of which have been featured, and I have also been lucky enough to win a few contest prizes. This means I have accumulated Pro codes. A lot of Pro codes. To be honest, it would take a genuine medical revolution for me to live long enough to be able to use them all, so I want to spread the joy. But, you have to earn them. All you have to do is post one of four things in the comments: A photo or video of something you made by following one of my instructables.  A photo or video of something you made that was (however vaguely) inspired by one of my instructables. A link to an instructable of your own that you are kind of embarrassed about publishing, but can't really bring yourself to delete. A photo of an instructable-related image you have spotted "in the wild" - say, an instructables shirt on a passing stranger, or you meet a dog-owner with their dog's back legs in a home-made wheelchair. The ones I like (and I'm often easily pleased) will be sent a code to unlock a 3 month Pro account. If I'm really impressed, I will send a code for a full year's Pro. This contest is open to absolutely anybody, anywhere, with no deadline (except for the natural deadline of running out of codes), and only one real rule: don't be greedy. If you are already Pro, you can also nominate somebody else to receive the Pro code, or just pass it along to them yourself. Feel free, as well, to share this topic with your friends you wish would join the site. (What does turning Pro actually get you?) A word of warning: if you do not use your code quickly, I may accidentally give the same code to somebody else, and if they use it first, you're kind of stuck...

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Login problem on intructables app (ios)

Im having problem "logging in" on instructables app on ios.,I encounter this only with the last app update.,Everytime i tried to login directly on instructables app,i was diverted to safari app in instructables login page.,& tried to login there.,but it fails.,And last night i tried to login using my facebook account,i successfully login but with a different user name and not my instructables pro account.,i tried to report it & email a feedback.,but no reply and not resolve at this moment.,Is there anyone encountering this kind of bug on instructables App?,im looking for a a fix for this after i updated my app.,tried to uninstall,rebbot & reinstall the app yet the problem still exist.,Luckily i login using chrome on instructables webpage & made a topic here.,Hoping someone could assist me on how to fix this.

Posted by rodski 3 years ago

I can not acced to the Android app with my credentials.

Hi. When I try to acceed to the Android app with my credentials I can not. I registered on the web with Google but I have tried to create an account with that credentials and is impossible to create one. App Instructables, 2.0.4. Lollipop 5.0.1 I was in the welcome page on the app. Thanks.

Posted by SalvadorM10 2 years ago

Can't log *out*?

I have my netbook set to automaticaly log me into the site when I go online. Conker-X wants to check his account, but when I hit "logout", it doesn't. My PC, though, does log out when I try.  Both machines are running FireFox 10.0.2 under XP Home edition.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

The Edge - Batch Game

The game; "The Edge" maybe be released in 14th March 2013 as 0.1 Alpha, but for now I have a demo for you to test, it's just only for you to look around the TV part of the game. Link to game: http://martzon.webs.com/ But you will need to make an WEBSID account in order to download it. martzon.webs.com>downloads>membersonlydownloads

Posted by martzon 5 years ago

Muppets are online!

I had to, I couldn't help it, I needed to tell one and all; Muppets Studio have a youtube account!!! They've got over 69 thousand subscribers with 17 submitted videos, it seems that the legends of this earth have met up with the massive video hosting site, resulting in?Epic. Now go. Watch. Subscribe. Comment. Rate... Heil.

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Help me please for to download pdf

Help me please. I would like to download the pdf files https://www.instructables.com/id/IoT-Raspberry-Pi-Video-Streamer-and-PanTilt-Camera/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/IoT -Controlling-a-Raspberry-Pi-Robot-Over-Internet / but not able to register premium account files need urgently pogmogite please

Posted by АлексндрЛ 5 months ago

PDF Download

Hi, I've just activated a premium membership but can't seem to be able to download any PDFs of Instructables. When I click 'Download PDF' it asks me to buy a pro membership when I am still logged in to my account. On previous Pro Memberships this has been fine. Any suggestions/help welcome. Thanks, theRedBryophyte

Posted by theredbryophyte 1 year ago

Large motors and electronics classes

Hello,Is it just me, or there's something wrong with "Large motors" and "Electronics class" by randofo? It looks like there's nothing in comparison to just yesterdady, whereas I bought a premium account just to download his classes. Another problem is that I can not enroll or download any classes.Can You help me?

Posted by Emerid 16 days ago

Need a receipt for Pro Membership Purchase

I purchased a Pro Membership for a program we run at a school.  I need some sort of receipt for the membership purchase to give to our accountants so i can track it in my budget.  Is there a way to get one? I tried emailing a few times but only got back automated emails in return.  Thanks for the help..

Posted by ecorral 7 years ago

I started a blog!

A few days ago, I decided to start with my own blog. On this page, I'll share projects you can also find on my instructables account, but I also post work in progress pictures, sketches, ideas, designs, anything related to the stuff I make!  If you want to take a look:  Trandoth - twisted rings and other things

Posted by emilyvanleemput 2 years ago

Instructables group on facebook

So our intern got me to finally check out facebook and I started a new account to find out that I'm one of the last few people in the metaverse to jump on this thing. Its all a bit new to me, but I did find an Instructables group. If you want to see a picture of me eating a flower, go and hit it up and join.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Can't see anything when signed in

When I wanted to enter a contest I signed up with new account. But then when I wanted to open a contest or open somebody's instructable I have a blank page. Does anybody has or had this kind of problem and how to fix it. I hope somebody can help. 

Posted by ssj_strky 1 year ago


Greet my friend who I made an account for!He probably won't sign in before I tell him tomorrow,but still greet him.Here is his profile.Be sure to flood his orangeboard,treat him well.Note:I am going to make him an icon while you flood his orangeboard.

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

Password Security:Time delay lock

I've been reading about how easy it is for a computer to try 1000 passwords per second to get into your account. A human being could probably only try 1 every 10 seconds.  So why not put a timer on the gate?  If you enter the wrong password, you have to wait 10 seconds before trying another.

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

Featured Instructable Not Showing Up?

I posted "Nutella Butterfingers" on March 13, 2011. It wasn't featured then, but I checked my account yesterday and the featured banner magically appeared. However, I can't find it under "editor's picks" in the food category or candy channel. I probably overlooked something but any ideas of where it might be (it can still be found under "recent" though).

Posted by jen7714 7 years ago

I can't change my e-mail

Before I want to sing up but it said that my e mail have been used so I use my friend's e mail to sing up and then I tried to change my e-mail I my account but I still can't change the e-mail what can I do? please help.

Posted by mac969 10 years ago

I'm back. Kind of...

Hey guys, it's MotaBoi and im just saying, I'm back.  Kind of, I still don't think I'll be making anything with k'nex anymore or what I will be posting.  I wrote to the moderator and he told me I could have my account back if I wrote 2 apologies and you guys accepted them.  One to Kevin, and one to the community.  Here's my apology to the community, and I will send a private message to Keven about my apology.  I wrote these before and I asked the moderator I talked to to post them for me, but he didnt really do anything about it. Hey guys, it's me, MotaBoi. As some of you may know kNeXFreek has recently come back to instructables and a few of us decided to play a practical joke on him by changing our display picture to something very offensive to him. I know some of you must be mad at me for doing this and I'm sorry. Why I'm apologizing to you guys like this now is because I need you to all forgive me so that I can have my account back. If you guys can forgive me and want me to be able to be back on ibles, please say so so that I can have my account back PS. If you have any questions about my guns or anything, post them to my OB so that I know, and spread the word!

Posted by A_HUNGRY_APE 8 years ago

Facebook login is here!

I've just pushed out a rather large set of changes.  I'd like to present to you, the ability to log in using your Facebook account.  If you already have an existing Instructables account, you may link up your Facebook account to it on your You screen.  Watch upcoming releases for the ability to post automatically to your Wall, use your Facebook pictures, and more.  We will be rolling them out one by one as we get them complete and tested.  It's pretty hard to test this integration before it's live, so it's quite likely we'll find issues -- please bear with us (For example, we don't handle non-Latin alphabets in user names right quite yet).  Tell us when something goes wrong by filing a bug in the Bugs Forum. Another significant change is to the layout of Instructables.  We've made it easier to read with a slightly bigger font size, and put the pictures above the text which many users have been asking us to do for some time.  The editor has also had some improvements - bigger size text area and a cleaner look too. And of course we've fixed a bunch of bugs.  Notably, the problem some users were having with featuring, and the image notes not displaying right.  At least, they looked fixed when we tried them - if you are still seeing these or other issues, and you've cleared your browser cache to get rid of old javascript or CSS, let us know!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

CRAFTSMAN Tool contest voting glitches?

Hello. I'm new, and entered the Craftsman tool competition. I sent links to my 'beekeeping' friends/etc asking my friends/co-workers to consider voting for me. Two possible 'problems': 1) Several of my friends said when they went to the site, and clicked the "VOTE" button on my instructable, it didn't force/prompt them for login. It just 'voted' (showing the 'unvote' option)...but they never registered. I am wondering if these votes are hitting the books, for all users. I actually watched this on an PC of a guy who I work with, and he's using Internet Explorer (not Firefox)...so I told him to register his account, just to be sure the vote 'took'. 2) Last night, was on my laptop, and responded to some comments on my I-Ble. The comments posted under the account my GIRLFRIEND set up to vote for me SCHRISTY05. I had just booted the PC up...so did my laptop cache her account, or is it doing some sort of user detection by originating IP, or something? I'm sort of wondering if that's tied to question number one. One other glitch I noticed (just worth mentioning, probably not worth fixing)...is when building your I-ble...using Firefox...occassionally, the image notes from one image, will tranfer to another image (including the boxes, the comments associated with the boxes, etc).

Posted by doozer_not_fraggle 9 years ago

Different ipod/itunes music transfer

So, i just got a new ipod touch from a friend and need some help with something. I setup a new itunes account on my laptop and regestered my ipod touch to it. I've since downloaded a bunch of apps and now im looking to put my music on it.  Now here is the problem; all my music is on my old ipod mini. That ipod is regestered to a different itunes account on my home computer. Now i don't want to restore my new ipod touch because iv got a lot of apps on it but i don't want to have to download all my songs again either. I was wondering wether it is possible to transfer thoes music files from my old ipod to my new one. If anyone knows how or if this is possible please help me out. Thanks,        Flamethrower1010

Posted by flamethrower1010 8 years ago

Multi-generational email lists

Can anyone suggest a mailing list or group hosting solution that is private, self-serve, and extremely simple? I volunteered to setup a mailing list or group for my neighborhood. I just made a Google group, and checked out the invitation and acceptance process, which requires creating a Google account. I feel that creating another account might be burdensome or too complicated for some of my neighbors -- especially the older ones who stay at home peering out of their windows all day that I specifically want included. Mailman does pretty much what I want, but I don't think it's ready for someone who already has trouble dealing with email at all. Yahoo groups seems to be a default solution, but in all honesty, it is a total mess. Am I not giving my older neighbors enough credit? How have you made mailing lists for multi-generational groups?

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Getting Annoying, PDF

This is getting annoying I just bought one year subscription two days ago. I am trying to download the PDF and it is not letting me download. Also when I go to different page each time it is asking me to login. And when I try to download the PDF it logs me out. It is also telling me to by new subscription, so please fix these problems. Other than that, in my account it says that I will be charged for new subscription after one year automatically. I would like to cancel automatic subscription option. I do like this site it is best online source for new projects but it is not well organized. For help, contact, account information and no Phone line were we can get customer service. So please reply me as soon as possible. My user name is patel.raj. If this problem going to be continued I would like to cancel my current subscription and want refund.

Posted by patel.raj 8 years ago

I'm torn - I oppose pro, but I want to support the site.

1) I'm quite opposed to two significant changes introduced with the "pro" account (see https://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-Instructables-Accounts/ for my perspective)2) I want to support the site and the people behind itWhile the above two aren't necessarily orthogonal to each other, I have to recognize that this is a business, and they are making this change purely for business reasons.Therefore I know that if I choose to go 'pro' that may lessen the impact of my argument because, as a business, they have to recognize that even their detractors are still paying up. They may choose, for purposes of profit and revenue, to leave the major problems unchanged because it's working.Note that I don't actually use the site enough to make the cost worth it - I'd be paying for it merely because I want to support the site and keep it going (preferably in the right direction).What are your thoughts on this issue?-Adam

Posted by stienman 9 years ago

Facebook "Post to Profile"

Hi Guys,  I just wanted to touch base with you all about the Facebook "post to profile, that's now on the bottom of each and every  page.  I like the ability to post 'Ibles on my Facebook account... Social advertising for the author, social advertising for instructables.  Great idea!  However, It's making me nuts that it's above the comments in all the Instructables.  I often like reading peoples comments, and seeing my own facebook account there ever time, is not a lot of value added for me, and it feels sort of distracting.  I'm not the hippest person around I'll admit, and don't post every thought I have on facebook or twitter, so perhaps other users will disagree with me... But i figured I'd share my few pixels.  I DO really like this feature at the top of the page, where you have a row of other icons... Favorite, Twitter, flag, print & email...  -AlpineButterfly

Posted by AlpineButterfly 7 years ago

weird inlogging "bug"

  Hello. Almost whenever I try to log in on this site, there comes up  a screen that says: ''Sorry, we can't find that account, or your password didn't match. Please try again!" If I click somewhere else, I'm still logged in, and can do everything normally. What causes this, and what can I change to prevent this? Greets, Mike / Dr. richtofen

Posted by dr. richtofen 6 years ago

Subscribe to Author?

I had an idea... You know how YouTube allows you to subscribe to a "channel" (an account)? Perhaps we should have that for our authors, or Ibl'ers or whatever we call ourselves. The Ibles Robot may be a bit busy, but his girlfriend/secretary might be willing to PM me whenever whoever I've subscribed to posts something new. Kiteman had a good point: Make Groups subscribe-to-able Just a thought.

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

After poor harvest, man resorts to building robots

A Chinese man has resorted to building robots after a number of years of poor harvest and now make's his living building robots. Aside from them being completely amazing, this is also a great video on account of his wife's commentary about halfway through. Anyhow, check this out !Another video courtesy of lemonie:

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

jw player

For the videos there is no ouption for the jw player as some people do not have a youtube/metacafe accounts and dont want to use them i am one person that is missing out with video contests and i have on my site a jw player and a playlist for all my vids so if yomeone clicks on my vid they can only click on another of my vids unles if found in google videos.

Posted by james.mcglashan 9 years ago

whos the hater?

It seems every instructable i go onto now has like 1 person liking it and the rating is still zero from this i have learned that someone is probly hating all the instructables on another account other than thier main file and gives every instructable a negitave rating exepct thier own. now who do you think would do something like that?

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 11 years ago

bartboyisg4y is going off the the deep end!

Https://www.instructables.com/member/bartboyisg4y/besides the offensive account name look at his comments and instructable. i mean, besides making many inappropriate comments in the instructable/on bart boys orange board, he spammed(word?) like crazy on it!i'm just putting this up so someone can ban him.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Can't Pay for Simple Bots ebook

I can't pay for the SimpleBots ebook.  Pressing "Proceed to Checkout" does nothing, and yes I have the agree to terms checked. I don't have a PayPal account, but that button does seem to work. OS:  Mac OS X 10.6.8 Browser:  Chrome 18.0.1025.163 (I think I properly attached the screencap if not let me know)

Posted by joelcardinal 6 years ago

Paypal payment, but no Membership?

Hello, I got an Paypal Invoice from Autodesk aka instructables. Wanted an pro membership but didn't hit Pay on Paypal, instead I skipped back. And now today I got an Invoice from Paypal for instructables, and wanted to check my account, and yeah no Pro Membership. So 2 options, getting a refund and no pro membership or getting an pro membership...

Posted by Ploedman 3 years ago