Acoustic Levitation?

I want to know if anyone knows a way to do this at home. Acoustic levitation is a way to levitate objects in space using sound waves. That site gave a very thorough explanation of how it works, but not how to do it. If someone knows how, I'd love to see an instructable.

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Acoustical Question

Is there an acoustical property that makes sounds seem like they're coming from a different source? Like say I have a box 5 feet in front of me. I trigger the sound, but the sound doesn't seem like it's coming from the box, it seems like it's coming from the left/right/behind. Any ideas?

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How do you enhance the acoustics of over-the-ear headphones? Answered

I recently made headphones, but the acoustics sound all wrong. Any tips on how I can fix it? The headphones: Thanks in advance!

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My First instructable is live : ) a simple bass trap design

I just wanted to post up and say my first instructable is about making a DIY bass trap for home studios and the like. Hope it is of interest to you muso types. Bass trap instructable cheers and enjoy ------------------------ SafeandSound online mastering

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Producing sound through electronics.

Hi, I want make something that produces a 'meow' sound. Like, for example a beeper produces a 'beep' sound for an alarm, but I wanted to make something that produces a 'meow' sound. I have broken many cars and have found that a magnet produces the sound. How is the magnet actually programmed to produce the sound. What is the circuitry involved? Can I make something like that? Thanks.

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What material is best suited to produce good acoustics? Answered

I'm planning on building the Multi-Use Media Pod shown here on instructables, but I don't want to make it out of cardboard. I want to go a little high-end on this model, and in addition to making it bigger, I want to use a material that will produce the best sound and acoustics. What should I use?

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5 gallon bucket acoustics

Hello, I have made a bass out of a 5 gallon bucket and I was wondering how to improve acoustics without a microphone or sound system...

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Weird Acoustics - Sand and Salt

I found this video and wanted to know your reactions.;=1any1 knoow if it is real?

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Projects for a broken Acoustic-electic

Took my ephiphone EJ to show at a party awhile ago. Drunk folks (with steel toed boots, apparently) were messing with it I guess and someone knocked it on the floor and put their foot through it. i took it to my local guitar store and they told me the repairs would probably cost more than the guitar and it would sound terrible anyway. the bracers inside are cracked and completely broken off in some places. so i'm probably going to dismember it for parts. any ideas for projects? theres a little preamp, plus a saddle and a neck pickup inside. ideally i would like to use the pickups to electrify my other acoustic, but it's sort of nice so i don't really want to go putting holes in it .maybe a soundhole pickup? i don't know a lot about pickups. i'm open to other ideas, too. just so long as the pieces of her corpse go to good use. she would've wanted it that way.

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Static Sound On Electric Acoustic?

I have a rather old guitar (ibanez jx70tbs1301) and i have connected it to a computer via 4 inch to 3.5 adapter to record in audacity. I get a static sound and if i touch the right side of the pickup or press on a key on a key board it gets louder or annoying. I tried dryer sheets. Im confused. Would it be the patch cord?

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how to repair the lacquer on a acoustic guitar?

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Do Gretsch guitars work as acoustics?

I want a new guitar and I love the Gretsch guitars, and I was wondering if they work like they are acoustics.

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Can I substitute a Standard Acoustic Guitar for an Acoustic Bass/Bass with Amp? Answered

I may be playing an acoustic set with my band at a local concert/festival, I play Bass, and it being an acoustic set, I don't think I will have access to an amp, and I do not have access to an acoustic Bass. Would it be practical to play the root bass notes, as power chords on a standard Acoustic guitar? I understand that the question has a lot of variables, but does anyone have any experience of this type of situation?

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Which is the best foreign acoustic guitar pickup now avaliable?

Plz give the clear idea about prices of acoustic guitar pickups.. 

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amplify your acoustic for under $10

If there is anyone interested in amplifying their acoustic guitar for under $10....If you already have the parts then for free.   It was a little experiment of mine a while ago and was very effective.  If There is enough interest then I will post the details.   No drilling if you don't want to.

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Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic guitar? Answered

 Would anything go wrong if you put a Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic? I'm refinishing/getting better parts for an acoustic guitar for a 4 year old, I'm trying to find someway of keeping the guitar in tune longer than it would if a kid were playing around with the tuners.

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What is a good acoustic song to learn? (Im into bands like the Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, etc)

Im a decent player...not horrible

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I wrote on my guitar with a fineliner (an acoustic guitar) will it stain?


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Help with a diy acoustic guitar pickup

I am putting together an instructable for  playing rocksmith free on your pc  , with a small cost for people like me who dont have much money. Not having money means that : 1) the software must be free ( i found the solution to that)  2)i must make acoustic guitars compatible with the game (since i dont have an electric and i dont have the money to buy one)   I need a diy acoustic guitar pickup  to plug in my computer , with low budget and  clear sound no hums and buzzes ( this is the most important part) If anyone can help me  please pm me .  Thank for your time ,  Phevos

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Acoustic instrument with added speaker in the Body?

Hi... :-) I am in a mariachi band and play an acoustic instrument called a guitarron. Sometimes at gigs it is too noisy or too large a venue that it is difficult to hear the acoustic instruments and singer w/out mics and would like to try and make my guitarron into a portable speaker system which has ample space to add hardware. I am looking forward to reading all the fantastic, innovative ideas (even the sarcastic with, if any), but would like to:  *Keep the weight at a minimal level (as I will be carrying my instrument)  *Allow inputs for a mic and 1/4" jack (1/4" my guitarron has thanks to an "instructables user", which works great!)  *Allow for mp3 input  *Battery powered, if possible Also the speaker will have to be small to fit through the sound hole, but if needed for better, louder sound I can make an opening to the body to allow for a larger speaker. And if anyone has any other suggestions or a similar idea to what I want to achieve, please post it... Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my project idea!!! Hopefully it is possible and not too far-fetched...

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Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Hi I am concerned about the health and safety aspects of the instructable of "Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickup by Xuthal". The project encourages people to take apart a smoke detector to obtain a piezo sounder. However no warning at all is given by the author that there may be radioactive material in the device, or how to recognise it and how to deal with it. I tried to post a warning on the article but for some reason it hasn't worked. I could not see how to flag up the item so I am posting here. Whilst the manufacturers of smoke alarms play down the dangers of Americium 241 dioxide (the radioactive material), they would most certainly not condone opening up a smoke detector sensor. Am O2 will most likely pass straight through the gut due to its insolubility, so your readers are probably safe from ingesting it. However, if the source is fractured into dust particles, it could be inhaled and will lodge in the lung for a long time. Being an alpha emitter the Am241 will very likely end up causing a lung cancer. I think this instructable is highly irresponsible and should be removed. In any case the item taken from the smoke detector, a piezo transducer, is readily available from any hobby electronics supplier and costs less than the battery to power the detector in the first place!

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When playing an acoustic guitar, where/how should you place your fret fingers to eliminate the buzzing sound? Answered

I'm beginning to learn how to play guitar and I am using a regular old acoustic guitar. However, when I try to play chords, the notes seem to buzz. Where and how should I be placing my fingers to eliminate this buzz?

Question by Hadokendude 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Anyone know how to make a small practice amp for an acoustic guitar?

Has anyone built an amplifier for an acoustic guitar?  I know the small one's I see here on this site are usually being played with an electric guitar.

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How do you tune an acoustic bass? in an upright, or stand-up bass. 4 strings. This is for a beginner.

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Can you change an acoustic guitars sound by drilling holes in it? Answered

I love my acoustic, it's a Kona K-2 lefty. but I was recently modifying my sisters old bass to make it left handed and I was moving the knobs so my hand wouldn't brush across them, getting rid of the need for the piece of metal that held them where they were. I liked the look of the piece and decided i wanted to put it on my acoustic. As you'll see in the picture, their are holes in the piece of metal where the knobs go, I was wandering of drilling where those holes are would modify the sound of the guitar significantly and if it could be beneficial?

Question by tieguy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do i make a guitar pick up for acoustic guitar .easiest way possible?

Using the simplest and cost effective items.

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How do I paint an acoustic guitar? Answered

Specifically a cheap spanish guitar. Just curious. I know that if I paint too much, it'll kill the tone. And I know I should use a nitrocellulose lacquer (but Ill probs just use Polyurethane). Has anyone had history with this?

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How is the epiphone "inspired by" 1964 texan acoustic/electric guitar?

 I was just wondering how it is, because I can't find any reviews online.

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How to make sound activated lights for acoustic drums?

I want to make my bass drum light up every time it is hit. How would I do this? Thanks.

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Can someone help me find an acoustic/karaoke version of So Cold by Breaking Benjamin?

Yeah I cant find it anywhere so can someone help me?

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malware from opening acoustic tractor article

A few minutes ago, and immediately after I opened the acoustic tractor article on my phone I got a notification from ' saying that my phone would be locked within 1 day if I did not immediately download their 'Android Launcher update'. I suspect the article or the site has been compromised. Not sure what to make of this but I will not be opening anything from Instructables on my Android again. C Affel

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Missing Guitar Inlays?

I inhereted an old acoustic guitar from my uncle that missing a inlay dot, it's like it just fell out one day. :( Any suggestions on filling in the hole or somthing?

Question by baconrocks 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

see below

I've been trying to find instructions to make acoustical room dividers. I looked in guidelines, explore, and step by step; additionally when I tried to print just to see instruction again, it only did 1st page? Can you give me guidance? Myra

Question by myelor7813 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

i'm looking for ways to make unique sounds on an acoustic guitar?


Question by beezle11 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I make a sustainer for an acoustic guitar (working on the principle of an e-Bow)?

I mentioned acoustic sustainer because I have been told it is easier to build than an electric sustainer. I have been told that piezos can be substituted for a normal mag p/up, then use a monophonic coil driver and the amp/preamp and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to even string response. But I have had difficulties with the PG Sustainer thread instructions, particularly for acoustic guitar. There are various amplifier and preamplifier circuits available, but I am a complete novice to electronics. I have a more knowledgeable friend who is able to work from circuit diagrams, but I need to be very clear about what I want him to do, and need also to be able to access the components. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Making Music (not a euphamism)

Does anybody know of any good music that can be played on a trumpet, 2 guitars (acoustic) and tabla(indian drums)? the tabla can be added after, they're good like that Any style is fine, as long as it's not too hard It's for my exam as an ensemble (group) piece

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can you use regular electric guitar strings on an acoustic with a pickup?


Question by smcgrady 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

where could i get a piezo buzzer for free. (for a guitar pickup...)? Answered

I want to know where could i get a piezo buzzer (such as in an old radio alarm, where i could recuperate or does any company give free samples?) it is to make a pickup for an acoustic guitar! Thanks!

Question by draksul 9 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Musicians of the mandolin and guitar read this

Does anyone if the instruments included in this package ( ) are any good? according to the reviewers they sound pretty good. But it seems too good to be true. For reference, i have some guitar experience, and no mandolin experience, and have been wanting to learn both.

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How to amplify your acoustic guitar for under $10

Amplifying an acoustic guitar method 1 If you have a musical birthday card or whatever at home, remove the audio unit its the 1" or so round disc usually white with a small brass ring around the edge, handle carefully as they are not to strong., keep the wires on it by snipping at the opposite end, it will make things easier later, If you don't have one, buy a $1 musical card of any discription and proceed as above. Next wherever you are comfortable with it, drill a 1/4" hole to accommodate a 1/4 Mono jack socket Next solder two wires to the jack socket one to live tag and one to shield use two different colour wires and id the earth one, say if its black make a note of that(earth tag) make them about 6" long, fit socket into hole by putting your hand with socket into the sound hole and into the hole made to take the jack socket, screw the nut on socket end to make firm bring the wires out of the sound hole, fix the earth wire to the wire that goes to the outer ring on the disc (Solder (Best) or twist and tape connect the other wire to the remaining wire from jack socket.put some blue tak on the outside of the disc the opposite side to where the wires are attached put your hand in the sound hole and press the disc to the underbody a position about central under the bridge, you can experiment for best position for you. PS attach the disc with the small hole in center and white plastic area facing upwards under bridge, or wherever you like it best.....Plug into your amp adjust according to your liking and away you go. Method 2 As above except dont drill a hole rather place the jack socket via blue tak or velcro to the top of the guitar by the edge towards the rear of guitar, where the wires exit the sound hole blue tak them the the underbody to keep neat and out of the way.

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If i had an guitar, could i change the first 4 strings to bass stings and take off the last 2 to make an bass? Answered

I recently picked up a full sized acoustic guitar from some place that was by the road. So i fixed it up and put all six new guitar strings on it. But i figure since i have an acoustic guitar, as well as an electric guitar, already, i might as well make the junker into a acoustic bass guitar. Would it be as simple as taking off the last two strings and putting on four bass strings instead of guitar strings? What is the standard tuning for bass? And one more question, if i sanded down all the frets so they were flush with the fretboard and then refinished the fret board, would it then become a fretless with the lines so i could tell where the frets were if i needed them?

Question by PyroMaster007 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Looking for software to run a touch screen device utilizing Acoustic Pulse Recognition.

I was recently reading about Acoustic pulse recognition as a means of turning a pane of glass into a touch screen. I feel this would be a very unique project to attempt, and would make a great, or at least interesting, input device to setup somewhere in my home. A pane of glass with four microphones used to determine the location of a touch is essentially what I'm talking about. The first logical place for me to start would be to begin searching for software that would make such a device functional, but my search has yielded no results thus far. Does anybody know if there is software ( preferably multiplatform ) available for Acoustic pulse recognition, or might I have to use some form of dedicated hardware to run the device instead? I somehow doubt I will find exactly what I'm looking for due to the complexity of what it needs to do, but It doesn't hurt to ask. 

Question by jacob5680 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to wire a guitar pickup to instrument cable/ rheostat?

I have been wanting an acoustic pickup but don't really want to buy one. I had an old tele neck pickup with a white and red wire and an instrument cable that has one jack taken off and the ground and hot contact exposed. I tried different configurations of the red and white wires to the hot and ground of the instrument cable but all it did was stop buzzing and no sound came out. I think I might need a volume and i have a leftover rheostat but I'm not sure how to wire it, If I could avoid wiring a volume completely and just go from pickup to cable that would be great but I'm not sure how. Help please??

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What is the cheapest way to sound dampen a closet?

My girlfriend has an amazing voice, but we live in a packed apartment complex. Luckily, we live in a corner room, and the master bedroom has a closet which does not face any other apartments. The Closet is:   Length: 8 1/3ft Width: 5 ft Height: 8 ft I bought her The "M-Audio Delta 1010 LT". She has "Pro Tools" and a nice condenser Mic (Samson C01) on a shock mount with a pop filter. She also has a midi keyboard Casio CTK 573 and an acoustic guitar (Ibanez EW20ZWENT)  W/ midi output. I figure the only thing were missing for decent recording is sound acoustical dampening or the likes. Any suggestions? Note: I am not looking to spend lots of money, as the card was already above my price range :/ I am not not very musically literate, so i really appreciate in advance your patience, knowledge, creativity, and time!    -Please Please Please Instructables Community, I will forever be in your debt if you can help me with this!              -Kyle

Question by NostalgicStone 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Looking for ideas to create a small, travel worthy acoustic bass

I play bass, and only have an electric instrument so far.  We go car camping for several weeks during the summer, and I would love to be able to join others playing acoustic instruments.  Space is an issue, however, and there really is not room for a full size acoustic bass.  I have looked into "mini bass guitars" but these are pricey, and still fairly large.  I have thought about bringing my electric instrument along with a small, battery powered amp, since there is no electric hook up.  But, that is a last choice, given the setting.  I see from other discussion that converting a guitar is not ideal due to stress on neck from heavier bass strings.  I would even consider a barritone ukulele, and tuning with bass tuning.  Any suggestions? 

Question by basslady 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How would I go about turning a Nintendo 64 into an electric guitar?

I've seen images online of a guitar that was made using a Super Nintendo, and I'd like to do the same with a Nintendo 64. However, because of the way the case is, it most likely would not be good as an acoustic, which is why I specified electric. Would anyone with guitar making experience have some kind of advice to offer me in going about this? Thanks in advance.

Question by TheUltraLobster 6 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is it a bad idea to leave a capo on a guitar for a long time?

I have an acoustic guitar that's not exactly valuable, but it's fairly old and has a lot of sentimental value; lately I've been playing a lot of songs that require a capo, so much that I've just left it on for days at a time? will this have any negative effect on the guitar? I realize strings are replaceable, but I don;t want to waste them... (also, it's not the clamp style capo, it's a strap that comes around and tightens down. I think it's an older style.)

Question by fultron89 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago