Adjustable Bridge

I have an Epiphone acoustic guitar that I really like, my girlfriend gifted it to me after her uncle gifted it to her (she doesn't play, fingers are too small). It's the FT-130. It basically has two large screws, one on either side of the bridge, If anyone is familiar with this style of adjustable bridge can you please either tell me how to use it or send me a link to a site that will? the action is pretty low on the high strings and I'm getting a lot of buzzing (more than I should). Thanks for any help you can give!

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Adjusting to a New City

I just moved to San Fran from the east coast and don't really know too many people or places here.  Does anyone have any good tips on how to adjust to living in a new city?  Places to go things to do, etc...

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Adjusting pH levels?

So, I am doing a science fair project about what  pH level is best for sea monkeys and what happens with the other levels.  Dies anyone know how to  adjust the pH levels easily in such a small amount of water??

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Adjustable solder iron

Hello sorry if this is the wrong place, i'm pretty new here. recently i got a 30w solder iron and found this instructable to make it adjustable I know it won't be as good as buying a real adjustable iron but this is cheaper and will work.  I have a little potentiometer that i got from a lamp but unlike most it only has 2 terminals and a space for a third. i did some experimenting and it seems to work fine, the 2 terminals are a middle and one to the right then a space to the left i hooked a wire in the space and it basically worked in reverse to when it clicked off it turned the (in this case) motor. so my real question is how do i wire this up, can i just wire the "hot" wire threw the pot and will it work to make my iron semi adjustable the only info i have on the pot is that on the top it says B500k i can take a picture of it if needed. 

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How can I make a (relatively) simple adjustable height desktop?

When I was working in tech support many moons ago, the office had these great adjustable desks. If you wanted to stand up while working you could raise the keyboard and monitor up to a standing height and if you got tired of standing, they would lower down. There was a motor that did the raising and lowering on those desks. I'd like to make something similar in the simplest way possible. Bonus points if the solution can be placed on top of an existing desk and still work.

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Adjustable bed remote fix

I  will have to throw away, at much expense,  and replace a terrific adjustable bed because no one seems to know how to fix the remote control broken red bulb.  After a trip to and from the supposed specialists in WinstonSalem N.C., it came back with NO bulb, and both a screw and a small piece missing!  When I called, he informed me it was working when it left there... How would he know WITHOUT  the bed?  Top that with him insisting it 'doesn't NEED the bulb to work'.   Any advice on what bulb  for a 9 volt, and precisely how to know circuit board terminals ?  

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Has anyone converted a waterbed to adjustable airbed?

I have a California King, dual mattress waterbed that I would like to convert to an adjustable airbed, similar to the Select Comfort " Sleep Number" bed. (they cost over $1500).  My wife has a real bad disc in her back, and I have to keep increasing the water level  firmness.  We use a memoryfoam top, with a very firm density of 5.5 lbs per sf, if I recall correctly.  She cannot sleep on a regular mattress (we have one).  Surgery is out (no insurance, unemployed, own too much land, etc, to qualify for aid).  Has anyone tried this? Dublinrun

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Is there a LED with adjustable Wavelength and color?

I just need a LED that can give me desired color and wavelength (in nm). I just googled but found nothing. Hope I will find one. Thanks in advance.

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Adjustment of the speed of a DC motor Answered

I'm working on something that requires a very low speed motor (~.5-4 RPM). I found a motor that runs at 1.5v @ a maximum of 7rpm (5040RPM max with 1428:1 ratio) I need however, something to lower and raise the speed of this motor. I know that people say PWMs for this, but the only one I can find is a 12 volt and has gotten mediocre reviews. Could I use this 12 volt PWM in this system, or could someone point me to a reasonable PWM that would work?

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adjustable power supply question? Using a LM338?

so I'm building a power supply that will have multi power outputs, from surge protected 120,  36v 10a 24v 2.5a,  12v 3a  9v 1a, 12v 1a,  5v usb, and 12v cigarette lighter output. there is also an adjustable 1.25 to 32v  5 amp, the problem i'm having is no mater what set up I try, I never get more than 1.8 amps out of the LM338, I have an input of 36v 10a, I've tried several diagram , can anyone point me to a diagram that will actually allow a full 5amps to be pulled? I have the LM338 on a huge heat sink. 

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Universal (adjustable) Rechargeable Battery Power Supply?

I would like to build a battery power supply that has these features: * holds some number of commonly available alkaline or rechargeable cells (AA or C since those are pretty common) * has adjustable voltage for 3V-18V (or whatever might be practical) * has adjustable current 100mA-3A (again, whatever is possible) * batteries can be recharged by plugging in to normal AC outlet * can still function as a power supply while charging (perhaps via AC?) Is such a thing possible? With phones, iPads and other items that are battery powered, it would be nice to be able to power a few accessories via battery and not need to recharge (i.e., be able to load fresh batteries) if on a remote recording session (for example). I don't know much about electronics, and would need a higher degree of hand-holding for parts selection and other stuff. I am good with a soldering iron and have done a few DIY projects and kits that have all worked fine.

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Ideas on how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair?

Does anyone have any ideas for how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair...also making sure it is adjustable to be able to get the child in and out of the chair?  Also, any ideas on how to attach a stylus so that it doesn't get dropped or lost? As you can see from the picture, the way we have it isn't working out so well.  Thanks in advance!

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I'm looking for a simple way to raise/lower an existing desk for seated/standing pc work.

This is the closest thing I've found yet: I have been tinkering with a crank/cable idea, maybe counter-weighted; nothing good yet.  It has to raise/lower about 18 inches smoothly and with good stability.  Manual cranking is preferred - electric motors or hydraulics seem too complex/expensive.  Thanks! Just uploaded a photo of the desk. One more note - if I were stating from scratch, I might look at one of these:  But I like this desk, just want a bit more flexibility (maybe even slide a treadmill under one day if I can raise it even further)

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DIY cheap, adjustable stand-up desk to support three monitors? Ideas?

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where can I get 50-300 uH adjustable coils?

I'm trying to build my friend a Theremin for Christmas (obviously wont be finished by then), and I can't seem to find a few parts for it. Its a design that comes from Popular Electronics November 1967 Issue ( It calls for 50-300 uH adjustable coils and I can't find 'em anywhere. I have found adjustable coils/variable inductors but I haven't been able to find any with this inductance rating. Aside from building my own, I'm at a loss here.

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Whats the easiest way to make a height adjustable wash basin?

 I would like to make a height adjustable wash basin for someone in a wheelchair. It needs to be capable of being adjusted with one hand and must be able to lock in position. I already have the flexible plumbing supplies and waste fittings. I know that it can be done with electrics but am looking for a cheap alternative. Thanks.

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Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Trying to figure out how to make an adjustable Keyboard/Mouse tray for ergonomic purposes. Seems like it might be relatively easy with some kind of flexible tubing e.g. flex eletrical conduit. and piece of wood for the tray. Very surprised to find near 0 content on the web with this, especially since these trays aren't exactly cheap.

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How to make a Variable/Adjustable Power Supply ?

Hi Everyone, I am having (12 - 0- 12)V and 1.6A AC to DC Transformer, and I would like to make Adjustable power supply, How I can do that? and on reducing the voltage amp would be same ? or amp also reduces ? and Also want to add a USB port to charge my mobile devices.. Transformer image Edited. I want to build my own Custom circuit using bridge rectifier and some Capacitor and resisters. Alhtough @-max- answer is very good and thinkable, Can you recommend some Good ready-made adjustable circuit which having the capability to control Amp and also volts ? Please provide link or Name/Model# Please guide me.. Thanks

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Can someone please put up instructions for how to make a shamballa bracelet?

I have this beautiful shamballa bracelet and I am determined to learn how to make it. i understand the cobra stitch, but i cant figure out how to do the adjustable closure. If you dont know what a shamballa bracelet is, google it, they're awesome. Check out this link: and look at the current men's collection. mine is simpler than that, but thats what i'm talking about. if anyone has any help for the adjustable closure and how to do it, i would appreciate it!

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How can I control the heat to this band heater? Answered

I need to be able to control the heat of this heater Located Here What do i need to do this?

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Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor adjustment tool

I just worked on a Husqvarna 142 chainsaw for a friend. Yes, there are openings in the side of the machine so the Low and High carburetor screws can be adjusted, but a special tool is required, or parts need to be removed from the saw so the screw shanks can be grasped with a pair of needle nose pliers. A special tool is svailable for about $6 US. It fits over the longitudinal ridges on the upper part of the screw shank. I discovered the right size of semi-rigid plastic tubing makes an effective adjustment tool. Just cut a length three or four inches long. Push one end onto the desired screw shank and turn to adjust. The tubing is rigid enough that it does not twist, but turns the screw needing adjustment.

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high current adjustable power supply? Answered

I want to run my ps2 in car, Any circuit to drop 12v to 8.5V at 6amps the lm317 circuit is not powerful enough

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Can anyone help me with an obsolete, old school circuit board adjustable bed remote control? it worked til the last fall that cracked off red bulb. I'll pay someone to fix. And to please  not make it worse as the remote 'experts' in Winston Salem did. Hope all photos are showing here....the red bulb is now completely missing.

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How can you adjust timezones?

OK, everytime I see a comment, the time is very diffrent from mine.I just posted a comment. My time ( checked ALL of my watches) was 7:03, yet on instructables, it said 3:03I was wondering if I could do anything so that my times match? Perhaps on Instructables or Firefox???

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Mini Bike Chain Adjustment Trouble? Answered

I recently bought a bunch of pocket bikes all in good shape but all had some sort of problem.  I took the best parts off of them and made one extremely nice bike.  The one problem I am having with it is that the chain likes to come off.  There is a bolt connected to the back axle that tights and loosens and slcks or tensions the chain.  How do I find the "butter zone" where it isn't too loose to come off, and it is too tight to come off?  The two sprockets are lined up really well, but they are a little off.  Would it be possible that that was the problem?  When I say a little I mean like so small its less then 2-3 mm from drive sprocket to driven sprocket.

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how to fit a small voltage regulator(with a dial) into a 2xAA battery box?

I would like to know if anyone has step by step instructions on how to build a voltage regulator on a 2xAA battrey box, i will be using 2x 14500(3.7v 1000mah) lithium battery on this box. the voltage should be adjustable from 1.2v all the way to 6v

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Lm317 to a 48v ac powersupply, or how to lower the voltage 10 v. Answered

So i have this transformer that puts out 48v ac. I want to make a variable power supply, and it should put out 7 or more amps. I could use lm317 with a bypassing transistor, but lm317's maximum input-output voltage differential is 40v,  so what should i do? If anyone has ideas how to lower the transformer's voltage 10 volts that would be great.

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lift table from old adjustable bed

Have two old electric linear screw actuators that work great. I Need a lift table but can't figure out how to put it all together. I don't know what width or type of metal use for the lift or the bolt hinges???.  Does it have to be a scissor lift or can I keep the actuators where they are at each end of the bed, wire them to work together and make a lift that way?  I need an affordable way of doing this and it only needs to lift to about 500 lbs. from 17 inches off floor to 30 inches off floor.  All framing is angle iron but seems heavy duty. Anyone's help if greatly appreciated as I just cannot afford to spend $ 1000. + on an electric massage lift table. The pic is after everything but the motor/actuators were removed. Thanks Deb

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How to change the configuration of a lithium cell pack ?

I’m working on a project were I have to be able to adjust the voltage of my output by 3.7 volt increments. Example: 12 18650 batteries hooked up in series and have the voltage change from 44.4 to 22.2 to 11.1 Essential I’m trying to go from a 12s to a 3s4p or 4p3s cell configuration.

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is it possible/how can one make a motorized and adjustable wire reel for a tesla coil?

I want to make a tesla coil and i dont have the attenchen span to hand wind it or wind it on a a lathe. im not sure the height of my coil yet nor do i know the thickness of wire im going to use, so im looking for a reel that is preferably motorized but can be hand cranked. this needs to be adjusted so i can make differant heights of coils and differant thicknesses of wire. Im partly looking to make this so that I can make multiple coils, if I was trying to just make one coil I would hand wind it over a long period of time.

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adjusting brightness in you tube

Is there a way to adjust brightness in you tube videos

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Adjustable sights anyone?

Is this the first knex adjustable sights?

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Variable 0V-24V, 0Amp-5Amp DC Battery Pack ?

I am building a portable battery pack of 21000 mAh and 25.9 Volts. I need a circuit to vary its voltage from 0 volts to 24 volts, or maybe 1.25 volts to 24 volts and a circuit to vary its current from 0 Amps to 5 Amps. Basically i need a Voltage and Current regulator. for varying current, i was thinking of attaching a potentiometer in series with the output of battery. As the resistance would vary, the current will vary. Will it work? Now i need something for varying voltage..

Asked by kool.mukesh 5 years ago

how do you adjust a wobbling ceiling fan?

Ceiling fan wobbles at any speed

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How to set voltage on LM317 adjustable voltage regulator? Answered

How do you set the voltage regulation on an LM317 to 5 volts?

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Height-adjustable tables: how best to motorize the lift? Answered

Seeking a DIY solution for building a height-adjustable table. How best to motorize/mechanize/hydraulicize the lift apparatus? I'd like to do this with a 2'x4' (or larger) writing/work surface. I'd also like to do it with a folding triangular IKEA "Lokka" table.  I.e., shorten the legs to make it coffee table size, but lift it back up to regular height.

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Instructable on how to adjust/align bicycle caliper brakes?

Does anyone have (or could easily post or direct me to) an Instructable on adjusting old-style caliper brakes (the kind with two arms on a central sprung pivot)? I found Bicycle Tutor's video on cantilever brakes, but nothing for my specific need. Google came up with mostly cantilever-brake stuff, and the few caliper-brake Web pages were not very clear.

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How do I Configure a Adjustable Voltage Regulator? Answered

Hello! Im working on a project that uses a 9v battery to power a circuit. I would also like to power a circuit with the same battery. But this circuit was designed to run off 2 AAA. I've gone searching and It seems like I was only needing a Voltage regulator to step down that 9v to 3v ish.  Problem is that I couldnt find a output 3v one! So I had to buy an adjustable one from Fry's Electronics. And I don't know how to configure this! haha, this is quite a problem. And documentation on this product is horrible. Can anyone please help me out?? Product is NTE1900 3 terminal positive adjustable voltage regulator. Input is 9v, I want an output of 3v. How would I set this up? Thanks!

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How should I adjust my computer's mouse sensitivity/speed?

I have a razer deathadder mouse and was wondering, what should I use to adjust sensitivity/ speed of my mouse? Should I adjust the sensitivity in windows xp control panel, the razer drivers or in-game settings? And what should I set the ones I shouldn't adjust to? To the middle setting, the highest, or the lowest setting? Thanks

Asked by tudgeanator 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

adjustable AMP car battery charger+ carbon rod= welder?

Is this a good idea?  It goes up to 200 amps. Thanks in advance for your answers

Asked by jules15 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

ATX PSU to Work Bench PS - Adjustable Voltage and Current question

I am working on converting an old 600W ATX PSU to a bench power supply for me to use for some lab work.  Not everything that I will be plugging into it will have built in current limiting capabilities.  The guide/setup i found on here that I will most likely be following are:  & The first link is how I would like mine to end up looking. My PSU is rated as: +3.3V @ 32A +5v @ 50A +12v @ 24A -12v @ 1A -5v @ .5A My end goal is to be able to control the voltage and current output from each binding post.  I will be hooking up a multimeter to this as well and am thinking that i could control what it monitors by some dipswitch setup or switching setup(as far as to which binding posts it's monitoring). I do understand that V = IR.  So keeping 5v but only wanting 3A, i would increase the resistance which is why at first i thought i could play a POT in the circuit.  However after seeing how the voltage regulation was hooked up, I am confused how to do so now since it was connected in the fashion i thought i would need to control the current.  ( I would probably use a LM338 since it would allow for more current but again, i would love to be able to have the full 50A available all at one shot but i don't think those IC's allow for that. I am extremely new to all of this and am still learning as well, so if i was able to communicate what i am looking to do correctly and you have a way of explaining it to me, a picture would be awesome if you have the time to create one. :D TYIA for any suggestions.

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how do you adjust hinges on modern cupboards so that the door closes firmly?

How do you adjust hinges on modern cupboards so that the door closes firmly?

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how do you adjust the water pressure on a well pump?

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How can I slow down or adjust the speed of a 230v 17w desk fan?

Asked by emmanuel3601 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do i adjust a 5vdc USB between 1.3v & 5V?

Asked by Duttydea 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell ?

Http:// how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell???

Asked by HaR2 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Adjusting the truss rod inside a guitar?

 I'm trying to adjust the truss rod on an acoustic guitar, but the bolt isn't on the headstock, so it must be inside the guitar. But the only thing I feel on the inside of the guitar is a small hole the size of a small screw, please help.

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Exhaust Fan that turns On at an adjustable temperature and Off again at a lower temperature? Answered

OK, I've looked all through the postings, and I just can't find what I'm looking for. I've built an enclosure for my pet snake, and I would like to add an exhaust fan that comes on at a certain temperature, and then shuts off again when a lower temperature is set. I don't wish to use Arduino because I'm guessing that there is a fairly simple (cheap) method to do this using a temperature sensor, a 12V DC computer fan, and maybe a potentiometer (so I can adjust what the temperature is held at). Although I have the ability to solder, and I can read circuit diagrams....I lack the basic knowledge to create them for myself. I already did an internet search, and didn't come up with what I was looking for either. I'd rather not spend $60-80 for a store bought unit. Any help would be appreciated.?

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