Ideas for airsoft backyard battles

Posted by tomcat955 9 years ago


Post the best instructables about airsoft here, discussions are encouraged.

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Best type of airsoft weapon

Which type of airsoft gun is the best for a forest terrain: rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, heavy machine gun, or sniper rifle?

Posted by BuildSleepThink 6 years ago

backyard airsoft

I live in Ohio and i was wondering if i can play airsoft in my back yard.  i only have one fence one one side of my yard

Posted by minecraftpotato 4 years ago

how to make a air soft grenade.

I love airsoft but I have always wonderd how to make a airsoft grenade so pleas tell me some of your Idias or inventions.

Posted by topdog0799 8 years ago

I Love airsoft!

I have the Crosman R34 asssault rifle. Its awesome! I also have the Crosman Stinger P9. I just wanted to show what guns ive got even tho this is a nerf group.....

Posted by sniper99 10 years ago

Airsoft team roles

IM attempting to create a airsoft team and I thought it would be good if all of us had our own roles. I have some but I am looking for more heres what i have so far Roles I have so far: sniper assault gunner suppressive fire grenadier/Door Kicker scout Designated marksman CQC Team leader

Posted by BuildSleepThink 6 years ago

calling "real" airsoft players

When i say airsoft for "reals" i mean not springers unless it is a high quality sniper rifle. and by high quality i mean 250 for stock gun and 800 dollars more in upgrades... just wondering, anyone else rock AEG's, gas pistols, sniper rifles?.. etc.... familiar with brands like tokyo marui, classic army, ics, g&g, tanaka, western arms, etc etc. also... not playing in parks, backyards... in the house. or places that will ruin the sport by getting shot to death by cops. even if it does have an orange tip, cops come anyways when they're called. and yes they are ready to blast you away if they feel their life is in danger... legally too. i would know. personal experience which was years ago. by no means am i bashing people.. im not saying that playing with springers is not okay, i understand not everybody has the time or money. its just i noticed a lack of any airsoft instructables for those serious about the sport?... and yes i've spent well into the thousands for the sport, no i dont think its a waste of money, i have a lot of fun doing my thing.

Posted by rchocobo 10 years ago

Help With Senior Project; Building a MOUT Facility.

Even though it is a few years down the road (two, to be precise), I would like to begin this ambitious project sooner rather than later. I plan to build an Airsoft/ Paintball MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) facility, that is, a small scale town to do battle in. An example would be the Jericho facility found via Google search. It is my hope to build this (mine, not Jericho) facility and make a profit from it, possibly turn it into a business. I know this is a major project, which is why I am asking for any advice you can give. Is there any way I can obtain cheap materials? Have any hints on buying or (hopefully) obtaining free land? Any advice at all will be appreciated.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Airsoft Grenade

Check out an airsoft grenade at :

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Airsoft Grenade

Does anyone have a clue how to make an airsoft grenade?

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Does anyone know how an airsoft gun works. Like its mechanism?

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Paintball VS. Airsoft

What one do you think is better, Airsoft or Paintball?

Posted by The Greene 6 years ago

funny airsoft storys

Tell us a story

Posted by goeon 10 years ago

Who plays airsoft

If you play airsoft (and own an airsoft gun)please comment and tell what kind of airsoft gun you have. (Or just comment something : )

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If you could have any airsoft gun, what would you get?

Posted by lancealotx21 7 years ago

Airsoft Ideas

Besides having a war, I need ideas of things to do with airsoft guns for my brothers b-day party.

Posted by Thelonelysandwitch 10 years ago

Airsoft pistol

I need airsoft pistol mods

Posted by Monkeyfisher 10 years ago

Homemade airsoft guns

Have a good idea or gust showing your home made airsoft gun, post it here.

Posted by IX Smith XI 9 years ago

Airsoft sensor fuzed weapon

I have a private airsoft war coming up and I have an idea of using an airsoft sensor fuzed weapon like the cbu-97 but replace the bomblets with bbs and my son likes military stuff so I want to use the same asfw (airsoft sensor fuzed weapon) as a model for him.

Posted by Iwantbigboom 7 years ago

airsoft vs. paintball

 which ones better

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago

Airsoft gun modifications

Ya is it possible to covert a crappy spring airsoft gun into a good CO2 powered airsoft gun and if there is how thanks

Posted by Monkeyfisher 10 years ago

re use airsoft bbs

Hi i have an airsoft pistol and was wondering if it is ok to reuse the bbs i shoot

Posted by hungyhipo 2 8 years ago

500 fps airsoft gun

I just got a brand new custom airsoft ak-47 that shoots at 500 fps. I need ideas of things to do with it then dominate with it in a war.

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My gun has room for improvement and you supply that ,so comment

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Airsofters Weekly!!

I have a new blog called Airsofters Weekly! Please visit and follow! This isn't spam, I just want you to get more info on airsoft.

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Eagle Squad, my new airsoft group

This is my new airsoft team, Eagle Squad. We need members. Please check out my site: Please join.

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What is the best airsoft gun you have ever seen?

From Aegs to Snipers and any thing else even grenade launchers! I want to make a big list of some of the best airsoft guns in the world! 

Posted by Aron313 6 years ago

airsoft/paintball ideas

I need ideas! homemade airsoft grenades, mines, or anything else that can give you an edge on my next game in the woods.

Posted by airsoftsniper#1 10 years ago

Any good airsoft trip mines?

I already made 2 different kinds but i want to see if there is any good ideas for another!

Posted by Aron313 6 years ago

Airsoft Mortar

My homemade marble cannon the MC-200 has, and can be repurposed to fire hundreds of airsoft bb's at once. It is too dangerous (not to mention hefty... It's 6 feet long!) to fire directly at people, so it makes a good mortar. I only ended up paying $20 for it is the best part too.

Posted by Dr meat201 10 years ago

Airsoft Gun I bought

I bought a airsoft gun which looks like a AK-74u and with a folding stock i bought it for a 100$ and I want to know if it was a good buy 350 fps foldible stock 3 tac rails chager and all adapter including be-be spin adjuster It includes a bunch of other stuff to

Posted by didexo 6 years ago

airsoft rpg wooooooot

Ok i made a airsoft rpg (fill the cap with bbs and the water bottel and it soots and drops bbs everwhere (also i have a mod so you can acutaly put a airsoft grenade in it) well ill put pictures of the first 2nd 3rd 4th one that led up to the final rpg o yea it also have recoil and when you shoot it you can feel a blast of air comign back at you (i acutaly mean reocil!!!)

Posted by gotja 11 years ago

Airsoft Knife? PLZ REED KTHX

When you have an airsoft war, do you use knives? I don't mean real knives, of course, I mean something that you could use to simulate a silent melee attack.'Cause I have an idea. What if you made a thingy, that when you push it against an object (an enemy, in this case) it would let loose an airsoft BB, "killing" the target, like a knife? Huh, huh? Good idea, right?Also, check out my new slideshow.Airsoft Gun SilencerAlso also, when/if you play airsoft, what exactly counts as a kill? One shot, anywhere? And do you know you've died when you get hit (when you feel the sting)? Do you use the honor system?

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Hey I want to get into airsoft, but I'm 16 ands I'm quite certain my dad will think I'm a sissy. any ideas?

Posted by James (pseudo-geek) 11 years ago


The famas is the best gun ever made by human beings

Posted by airsoftbeast40 8 years ago

dont know which gun to get? (airsoft guns that is)

So your beginning airsoft but you dont know which gun to get? i had the same question and i got a crossman stinger p9 (in black) for 24 bucks at dicks sporting goods it came with 500 bbs and a holster. its easy to use accurate and the best part about it is the way it loads, you fill the 90bb reserve in back of mag, pull down the slider thing turn it over and gravity loads it in 10 sec so you can get back in the game before your buddies.if you have a gun you think is better let us know wikipedia has great info on arisoft in general update 2/22/08WHen you want a gun you can use in actual airsofting but dont want to spend $150+ get a $80 crossman pulse r72 i got one and its has great rate of fire and accuracy

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

Shotgun *stalled*

This is my airsoft shotgun. It is quite near completion, however, i'm stuck. I have two m120(?) springs powering this beast. I need to come up with a trigger system that will hold back all of this force, while still having a semi-easy trigger pull. There is a metal screw that needs to be held back once i pump the, well, pump (the screw is pushed back by the pump.) Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. (BTW, i thought about a paint ball gun's trigger, but the only problem with that is that the screw has to lock back too far for this to be a viable option.) Also, the third picture is a shell. It would be filled with approx. 30 bbs and a cotton ball or toilet paper would plug both ends. The bolt has a part that extends through the shell and would force the bbs out.

Posted by Dr meat201 9 years ago

Airsoft! *Updated pictures*

I just wanted to share a bit of my Airsoft Guns, Including a ARES TAR 21 (NOT S&T;). And a KWC full auto Co2 blowback desert eagle. I love them both and these are the two guns that I'd never sell out of the collection. The TAR runs off a 9.6 volt and a 8.4 volt battery. I also have three 180RND mid caps and the 300RND high cap that it came with. (I only run the mid cap magazines in this gun). It has a full metal gearbox, gears, bushings, barrel, (Inner and out). Ive also installed a EOtech 552 sight up top. Its also flat dark earth. It shoots 380 FPS using .20gram BBS. I only run G&G; .20 gram BBS in it. It gets lubed and cleaned after every use of 1000 rounds through it (not during battles though). It also has full trade marks of the real TAR 21 on its side. It gets stored along its accessories in its Elite Force gun bag. The Desert Eagle runs off Co2 stored in its magazine, along with the BBS. It holds 21 BBS and can spray them all in less than a second. It kicks back tremendously and its also full metal internals and externals. The magazine is also metal. It can shoot 386FPS using .20 gram BBS. I only run .20 gram G&G; BBS through it. Once again it gets cleaned after every use, lubed and polished. It also has trademarks on the handle and on both sides of the slide. It also gets stored in a very nice gun bag. I also have a broken M4S-system. Which broke during battle. The lower broke off from the upper. Pieces were lost. It was a A&K; M4S-system, which I actually want the D-boys one now... The gun is hidden under my bed... :( On a side note I also have a large UTG camo bag that holds my elite force goggles, extra goggles, gear, vest, pants, shirt, neck guard. ETC. My BBS, parts, Alan wrenches, hop up tools ETC. It also has my name on it. So tell me what you think and also tell me what your guns are and how you treat them!!! :D

Posted by DELETED_Blue Mullet 2 5 years ago

airsoft stuff

Anyone have any good airsoft ideas, devices, bombs, claymores, or other things to help you get the upper hand in an airsoft war, because I'm getting owned by higher fps guns with a faster rate of fire. Any sort or non toxic smoke bomb would be nice. Just post anything related to airsoft here...

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Everybody has to check out my new airsoft team's website. We are now officialy FPS: 500. The website is check it out if you get a chance. Some pictures of the team will be added later.Visit My Website

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airsoft sniper rifle mods

I have been modifying my FAMAS airsoft gun so it is more suitable as a sniper rifle. I thought that maybe if there is anyone who might be doing the same or wanted to post their airsoft gun modifications here that would be great!

Posted by Robot Lover 8 years ago


I want to know how to make airsoft guns but i dont know where to start, i need help.

Posted by sam your 3 months ago

There Should Be a Forum List For Airsoft

I belive there should be a seprate forum list for airsoft, just like there is for Art, Food, K'NEX, and others! If you agree comment +1!

Posted by KnexFreak360 6 years ago

home made airsoft gun?

I am thinking about making a airsoft sniper tried looking on youtube and here but can't find anything does anybody have any ideas?

Posted by whitehawknoah 8 years ago

Airsoft speed loader gift to the dunkis!

Maybe someone could make it from pictures provided?

Posted by Katarukito 10 years ago

nerf or airsoft

ok so this is kinda hard but  airsoft has much more detail and it does hurt more. i have to go with modded nerf guns only because you can customize it and make it an airsoft gun. well plz answer if you havn't and change your answer if you have.

Posted by nfk11 7 years ago

Share your custom airsoft guns

I'm curious... Please share any and all custom airsoft guns that you guys/girls have built.

Posted by instructa-seal 6 years ago

Airsoft Miniguns?

Hey, does anyone know where I can get an Airsoft Minigun? I WANT ONE!!!

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

BB's Vs airsoft

Witch is better BB guns or airsoft and I have to say I like CO2 BB guns better!

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago