An Amateur Television Down Converter. Do they exist. Answered

I've read on Wikipedia where it states "ATV transmissions can be viewed by setting a television to cable input and attaching an outdoor 70 cm antenna. For more sensitive reception, some users may use a purposely-built ATV down-converter." How can I build one or can you find it. I could probably get an old cable box but it suggest that you can build a down converter for the purpose of receiving Amateur TV on your television.

Asked by Graydant 6 years ago

eliminating cat pee odor?

A cat peed on my deck chair cushion. What formula for an odor remover that works Please. stains are OK, the stink is not.

Asked by omnimancer 9 years ago

Amateur Radio?

 I am going to be taking an amateur radio course early next year (foundation level). I have been doing a little research into the subject and I am baffled by the terminology / acronyms.  I'm sure I'll learn all that when the time comes.  At the moment I am interested in cheap kits / second-hand gear and instructions on how to make a small, portable aerial for 2m (144MHz) operation for Any other information is gladly accepted. What is CQ, SSB, CW, QSL? etc.

Asked by DELETED_zoltzerino 8 years ago

Amateur Radio?

 I am going to be taking an amateur radio course early 2010 (Foundation level). I am interested in summits on the air -  I want to build a small aerial that could be packed away into a small section of PVC pipe. I have found the 2m 1/4 wave ground plane - this design keeps coming up.  Any help, suggestions, ideas etc gladly accepted. Also anything else you want to tell a budding radio HAM; hints, tips etc.

Asked by DELETED_zoltzerino 8 years ago

Opinions needed! Importance of DIY and amateur culture in design

Hello, I am writing my dissertation on the role of DIY and Amateur design and how/if it challenges the established professional design process. I would really love to have opinions and ideas from amateur designer's and DIYer's ( not amateur in a derogatory sense, but as the design and making process that exist outside out business and industry, for fun or nessessity) included in my essay, as it seems really contradictory and silly to be championing the role of non-professionals but only asking professionals for their input.  I would really like ideas on the motivations behind unpaid design and making, examples of sucsesful/unsucsessful amateur design practice, where you feel your output stands in the wider field of design and society, whether its importance is personal to you or has wider implications, is it about individual expression? helping others through design solutions or simply a fun way to pass the time? is it a challenge to the role of the professional designer? thankyou very much for taking the time to read this, it would be great if you could give me a quick introduction to you and where your coming from along with any opinions, anecdotes etc, just to give it some context, also my tutors don't seem to take well to anonymous quotes. any way, thanks again, hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by ruthop22 8 years ago

How can I make a transmitter time-out timer?

 I am a ham, and would like to make a circuit that will alert me when my transmission has gone for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds, so that I can reset before the repeater's timeout does. I should be able to get the button press from my headset easily. How can I build a circuit like this that will start when I press the ptt and reset when I release?

Asked by The Nate Dawg 8 years ago

In the news...

Amateur or close-to-amateur rocketry accomplishments of newsworthy nature...

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Amateur Radio (AKA "Ham Radio")

I have scoured the internet in search of directions, how to guides, or schematics for an amateur radio (ham radio). However, I can't find anything of the sort. All I can find is pages of "hams" showing off their equipment or pages linking to the same thing. Does anybody have a good simple schematic for a ham radio receiver or transmitter. If not, does anybody know where I can find one?

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 9 years ago

Where To Start For Making Games

Hi everybody, i want to start making video games but have no experience with computer programming i have worked with tools such as : FPS Creator (thegamecreators) Sandbox (Platinumarts)

Posted by A-R-G 4 years ago

Any tips...

Any advice for those of us just starting out? -KB1QID

Posted by smithy813 10 years ago

Amateur electronic question

Can someone pls help me with these pins? I cant find any information regarding this one online. Would really appreciate any help.

Posted by Amputata 7 years ago

Yaesu FT-290R internal battery power? Answered

 I have recently become a licensed radio amateur in the UK. I have acquired a few radios and my main one at the moment is a Yaesu FT-290R. I have been running it off a 12v regulated power supply just fine up to now, but I cannot get the 8 internal "C" cells to power it. I've put in 8 new Cs, correct polarity. I've looked at a .PDF of the owner's manual online, no help there. Any ideas?  I really want to get into SOTA and WOTA, but with no portable PS I can't.... :-( By the way, my callsign is M6AIM, mike, six, alpha, india, mike.

Asked by DELETED_zoltzerino 8 years ago

Amateur Chemistry is Dead. :-(

You're now restricted to one pound of fertilizer (or other chemicals that might be usedto make illegal fireworks) per year.Judge's Final OpinionDamn.Background info for Firefox vs CPSC

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Can I use a 555 timer IC to make an amateur radio?

                    I'm thinking about starting to do amateur radio, but I don't want to pay a ton of money for a transceiver.  In theory, couldn't I use a 555 timer with a frequency modulated by a microphone to generate FM, which could then be amplified and transmitted?  Just curious about it.  Also, couldn't one do the same thing in reverse, just finding a way to tune a 555 or something so that it would output audio when tuned to a specific frequency from an antenna?  Just a thought. 

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

Some Fireworks Questions? - NEED HELP

Ever since I was little, I loved fire, fireworks, guns, and I wanted to get into fireworks as a hobby. I do have some basic knowledge of chemistry, but can I get these questions answered> 1. Can Pyrodex be used as a propellent in a bottle rocket, or is it burn too fast? 2. How can I extract potassium nitrate from fertilizer, I have 20 percent. 3. What is a good sealer for rockets? I was thinking kitty litter for the clay it contains. 4. Can a homemade fuse be made with a consistent burn time? I was thinking dipping yard in lighter fuild and letting it dry. Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate it.

Asked by wizkid7 8 years ago

how to build a mesh dish for 5.8ghz amateur television transmissions. It needs to fold up for transport? Answered

I want to be able to construct two dish for 5.8ghz use. I want to be able to perhaps back pack the gear to a mountain top so weight is a factor cheers Colin VK2JCC Sydney Australia

Asked by colincolin30 9 years ago

composting amateur

In every article etc i see about composting, the end product is a rich dark soil like substance.I inherited a 3 tier rubber or plastic composter.Appropriate garbage goes in the top where the redworms dwell.The end product is liquid.Is it the nature of the type of composter I have that the result is liquid or am I doing something wrong?

Asked by billito 9 years ago

Is there an amateur way to fuse silver and organic objects to make jewellery? Something interesting?

I would like to make rings and pendants/charms - I want to use silver and organic objects. I didn't study jewellery so I am looking for some way that isn't to technical and that is mildly cost effective. Anyone? Would be much appreciated! ;)

Asked by nylon muffin 8 years ago

how to make an HF ham amplifier?

I want to know how to build an amateur radio amplifier for the HF bands

Asked by elmerfudd6 8 years ago

How do I give a foot massage?

Does anyone have any tips on how to give a decent, amateur foot massage? Thanks!

Asked by SVECERE 9 years ago


HI everyone....i am not a professional artist.. just an amateur but I'd like to know your honest feedback and rating  :) thanks

Posted by madonna91 4 years ago

Which is the best place on the web, or the best book i can refer to for everything on microcontrollers?

I am an amateur robot like to know about microcontrollers from scratch!

Asked by Yashknowsbetter 9 years ago

New on 3d printing: asking for advice

Hi everyone, Do you have any suggestions for an amateur to buy her first one printer? Thanks for your advice firstly!

Posted by fernelu2017 8 months ago

Eepybird Moves on to Colorful Post-It Waterfalls

If there was ever a cool way to go from being a producer of amateur viral videos to professional viral videos, this is it. Eepybird gets sponsored and blows us all away again.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Baltimore Ham Fest this weekend

At the Maryland state fairgrounds. This is a great place to pick up used electronics and parts of all sorts. We use to have parking lot pc contents (Who can build the fastest pc for 50bucks). Great dealers of all sorts of stuff 10 bucks to get in. We should have an instructables meet up Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, sponsor of The GBH&C targets Amateur Radio and electronics enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region and adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, we attract civilian, government, and marine attendees from Maine to Florida.

Posted by teknocrat 10 years ago

3D For Everyone

Currently testing a system (attachment) for amateurs to use their own cameras to shoot 3D stills and HD movies, post them to their iPad or YouTube, and view the results in super-clear 3D on their iPad (with another attachment).  Will attach photos soon.

Posted by courtervideo 7 years ago

Canada Amateur Model Rocketry?

I've recently been looking into model rocketry, and was excited at the prospect of making and testing my own small sugar rocket motors. I've done quite a bit of research, and have discovered that many of the oxidizers i would need to use are not available in Canada (ex. KNO3, ammonium nitrate etc...). The only option I discovered was to synthesize KClO3, which I'm not interested in considering how dangerous and unstable it seems to be. I was wondering if any fellow Canadians have found anything that can be used as a substitute/any way for me to pursue this as a hobby without buying motors pre-made, which I'm not interested in. Any help is appreciated.

Asked by haywyre 5 years ago

Design Software? Answered

I want to create a loft bed with a desk underneath. I want to make an amateur 'blueprint' for my loft bed. Any good free software. I have windows xp. :) Any tutorials you can find on the program, too?

Asked by mg0930mg 8 years ago


Greetings from eastern Maine in grid FN64.Have been a ham since the mid 80s.Currently hold a General class & will testing for Amateur Extra this fall (07)Only one article posted but hope to do a few more. all..FN

Posted by FN64 10 years ago

Rockoon Project

I've seen many high altitude balloon projects and many rocketry projects on the web.  These seem to be pretty established hobbies. The I got to wondering if anyone out there had ever heard of any amateur rockoon projects? If you haven't heard of a rockoon, it is a combination of the word "rocket" and "balloon".  The concept is that a balloon is used to tow a rocket to a high altitude and then lauched. When I've searched around, most of the references I find are to the use of rockoons by Van Allen (of radiation belt fame)in the course of his research back in the 1950's.  The only thing close to anything like an amateur attempt that I found on the web was by a group called JP Aerospace back in the 90's. I'm not necessarily contemplating any such project myself, I just find it a fascinating possiblity.   And like the many amateur high altitude balloon lauches and high power rocketry, it is amazing what people put together.  I wonder if it would be feasible for a high altitude balloon plus high powered model rocket to ever technically reach the internationally recognized altitude of ~100km considered "outer space". I know that both high altitude balloons and high powered rocketry have their own FAA (or equivalent agency) approval hoops to jump through. Perhaps they just wouldn't allow it, or it would be so much red tape that no one attempts it. Even a low altitude rockoon, of a small ~3ft diameter weather balloon towing a standard model rocket would be an interesting project, for the technical challenge of pulling it off successfully. Anyway, if anyone has ever heard of amateur rockoon attempts or your own musings on the topic, I'd be interested in hearing about it!

Posted by LargeMouthBass 5 years ago

How can I make a picture in picture effect?

I need to make a picture-in-picture effect to my video creation? Is there any method to recommend? Or Does someone know a software which can do this easily. Because I am really an amateur.

Asked by AlinaKK 1 year ago

I need a plan and cutting list to make this corner desk and bookshelf

I am an amateur woodworker and I saw this picture on a blog somewhere. I would like to make it at home. Can anyone derive a clear plan and cutting list for it?

Posted by Fhazel 2 years ago

Calling British Amateur Scientists!

From the BBC: Snail "GPS", Facebook psychology and crowd dynamics at music gigs: these were just some of the ideas submitted during last year's search for "citizen science" projects. Now, Radio 4 is launching its search for the next BBC Amateur Scientist of the year. A panel of judges, chaired by Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Sir Paul Nurse, will select four finalists. The shortlisted entrants will then have their ideas turned into real experiments, with the help of a professional scientist. Last year, 70-year-old gardener Ruth Brooks won the award for her research into the homing distance of garden snails. She found that Helix aspersa, the common garden snail, can find its way home from up to 30m away. But for gardeners to be sure that their snails will not come back, they should be moved over 100m. Do you have a cool idea that could be turned into a proper piece of scientific research? The judges for So You Want to Be a Scientist? will be talking about what they'll be looking for in this year experiments on Material World, Thursday 29th September at 4.30pm, Radio 4. Entry is open to anyone over 16, who is a resident in the UK and applications can be submitted online until 31 October.    

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Trying to add to a contest but it's not listed

Hi, I'm trying to add my instructable ( to the Microcontroller contest but when I click to add it, that particular contest isn't listed. Would appreciate some help here. Thanks.

Posted by g6nhu 1 year ago

stuff in the back during nicad battery zapping?

Are those rocket nosecones? I am an amateur high power rocketry participant, a level 2, and for my level 3 I am building a large Quark. I am having a hard time finding a nosecone can you help? Thanks.

Asked by mobilln2 8 years ago

Share Your Animations

I've been using Corel R.A.V.E for simple animations. I am an amateur at it, but I got simple creations out of it. But I wonder if there are other types of animation creators out there. I would like to see from the Instructables community some animations they made too. Post them here for everyone to see!

Posted by username252 7 years ago

What's the best way to mount floating 32"X15" bookshelves that are made of 1" thick pine boards? ?

We were going to use a single piece of 1"X1" pine to mount to the studs and then the bookshelf to the piece, but can't find such a piece of pine locally. We're looking for something we can do ourselves (as amateurs), but that will be able to hold a fair amount of weight.

Asked by mcoppock 6 years ago

Photoshop Coloring Question? Answered

Hi! I have a really old version of Photoshop, it came with adobe creative suite 2... Anyway, I'm working on a project and I need to image black and white (grayscale, I guess) except for a single object in the picture. That will be in color. I have never used this program before and could use a few pointers on how to do this, being a total amateur.  Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 7 years ago

How do you "unjoin" a group or community?

I recently joined the homemade firearms community and realized that the group is focused on highly illegal NFA weapon construction and i want no part of it.   I thought this would be a group of mature law abiding amateur gunsmiths building legal single shot, bolt guns or semi-auto rifles and handguns but based on the few posts I read, this is not the case.

Asked by GDC 8 years ago

physical and electrical engineering. what is a good thing to start with?

I am thinking about getting into amateur physical and electrical engineering. is there anything i can build, read, see or explore that would either spark an idea or get me some experience? (robotics, model-making, circuit boards) or even kits that you could suggest, involving that sort of thing. thanks

Asked by shiboohi 9 years ago

Need a little help with Arduino code Answered

Hello, I'm in need of a little help with my Arduino code. I'm still an amateur with Arduino so I'm still learning. I know there is some function that makes the loop only happen for a certain amount of times,  but I forgot what it was. If someone knows what I'm talking about, thanks a lot for your assistance.

Asked by Orange robot 1 year ago

start drilling wall

Hi I want to stand on in front of the wall and start drilling.. But before this I want to know that, how is possible to know the exact position of perforation of the other side of the wall. And please explain completely since I'm amateur! Wall Specification: Somewhere in the middle of the wall metals has passed. Wall diameter: 50cm Wall gender: cement and stone Acceptable amount of errors: 5cm

Posted by Amkoshesh 1 year ago

16Volt Capacitors

Hi everyone, I took apart an old Amateur Radio i had lying around and the boards have loads of parts, im wondering what i can use some of them for, most of the boards inside have lost of 16v capacitors and ive read instructables on making battery free torches etc, would these be of any use fpr these type of projects? Ideas welcome :) Cobs

Posted by Cobra_SFX 6 years ago

To buy or to build? FPV Quadcopter

Hi amateur here. Im looking for some answers to my questions and maybe here they can be answered. What's better? Building a quadcopter or buying one? A quad that can fly high and an fpv one. if buying what model? (Around 100-150$maybe) if bulding/assembling , what will i need?  Please help me decide . Thanks

Posted by iBenzzz 3 years ago

How can I use a digital camera to obtain DSLR looking footage?

I recently bought a new video camera, the Panasonic HC-V750. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing camera and I love it, but I made the mistake of spending 500 bucks on this instead of a DSLR. I am trying to make a short film and want it to look professional. However, I know that this is almost always achieved using a DSLR and nifty editing/lighting techniques. I have the editing and lighting techniques down, but is there any way to adjust my video camera so that I can get DSLR-like quality? Like adjusting shutter or something? I know that the advantages of a DSLR are their large sensors and supreme ability to capture light using these sensors. Can I achieve this, at least a little, with my video camera? I can adjust the white balance, shutter, iris, and focus, on my camera. Any links and/or help is greatly appreciated!

Asked by Adum24 3 years ago

How do you build a BFO for a shortwave Radio? Answered

I was on amazon looking to buy a better shortwave radio and this guy on there said "I did build a separate little circuit called a bfo. When I hold this next to the radio, I can understand radio amateur transmissions (around 7 mHz). " and I would very much like to be able to do the same, So how would you build such a thing. Thank You. All the best.

Asked by Graydant 4 years ago