Is there an easy way to quickly make a battery powered amp? I'm trying to get an ipod to play on to a regular speaker

 I've looked at some of the projects on here already but not sure on the parts. So the easier the amp design  and the less hard to come by parts the better. Thank you !

Asked by pneff 8 years ago

Portable Amp using MC33171? Answered

Sir, I am really sorry to ask this but i don't know much about electronics but i want to make portable amp for speakers using MC33171 but I don't know which capacitors and resistors to connect to it. Please can you tell me which components i should use. I am gonna use DC current ,around 3.7 to 4.5 voltage. Thank you

Asked by harryjone 6 years ago

LM386 amp buzz? Answered

Should be an easy question :-) I built my first 386 based amp, and it works great, except for input volume control. Almost every schematic has 10K pot at input (connected to pin 3 on 386). Problem is when I turn pot all the way down I hear buzzing noise, especially if source is off. Also it doesn't cut source volume noticeably so I tried using 10M Pot, and it works except buzz is now super loud. So how would I control volume? 

Asked by bratan 5 years ago

problem with amp....? Answered

There is power but no sound output,there are relays in side that click on iv have a prob and there is power to about half the board just not out put stage and i know that there is a speaker protection that is probable not letting power through for some unknown reason\r\nsansui au-x410r rated at 180 w   240v does any1 have a surgestions on problem or how to get hold of a service manuel

Asked by andybuda 8 years ago

this bloody amp is going to get bined if i cant sort it out?

The relay in side has switched on to protect the speaker and wont switch back so there must be a fault some where can`t find 1 though..... errrr  not getting any readings via a multimeter on circuit board and i need a servicing manual to know where to prob  any help...

Asked by andybuda 8 years ago

i need help with this diagram. Answered

Just the diagram...

Asked by xxInSAniACxx 8 years ago

Building 5.1 Audio Amp , don't know where to start out with .? Answered

I have 5 Satellite speakers which has a max input power of 60W , rated 30W , 6 ohms impedance , 160 - 20,000 Hz And a passive subwoofer , max input of 140W rated 70W , 8 ohms impedance , 65 - 1,500 Hz (My god , i just searched underneath my bed and i found  Two of those  old but useful JBL GT82 Subs ) Impedance :Single-4Ohm 8" Max power : 200W Rated power : 100W it's a 8" sub Now i'm thinking of , 2 subs (lol)

Asked by Thereyouhaveit 7 years ago

i have got this thing off ebay just need a clue how to connect something to it? Answered

I have a small amp PCB off ebay it has the connectors down the side for the points to connects the parts to it but i just cant work out the connect or plug into the device what i have so far is R+          Speaker right R-           Speaker  right L+           Speaker left L-            Speaker left gnd        power +5v         power sw          switch gnd         switch lin gnd rin thanks for any help you can offer

Asked by nonamesleft 4 years ago

Aurora 9 bar Kit & Custom PCB for Sell

Aurora 9 bar Kit and PCB are now available for sell. ******* Prices are reduced ******* Aurora 9 bar custom PCB price is $7.50 + $2 shipping for US address. The kit is also available at $25 + $5 shipping for US address. All parts except Molex connectors and power supply are included. Kit Contents (as pictured) 16x 120 Ohm (0603) 21x 1k Ohm (0603) 1x 10k Ohm (0603) 2x 1uF (0603) 1x 10uF (1206) 1x AP7333-33 or AP7313-33 (3.3V linear voltage regulator) 3x MMBT2907A or equivalent PNP transistor 12x MMBT2222A or equivalent NPN transistor 1x PIC24F08KA101 (SSOP) 10x 5mm Tricolor LED (common-cathode) 1x 5-way Tactile Switch Notes The PIC microcontroller is not pre-programmed. You need your own programmer to program the PIC microcontroller. The kit is also available with water clear LEDs instead of diffused type shown. Please specify if you want water clear LEDs (Special: $1 less for the water clear LEDs). The kit comes with one extra LED. Power connection cable (see the picture) - optional is available at $2 extra. (International shipping is $17) To place an order, please go to my blog page - You will find purchase buttons. Please view my Instructable for the detailed information on Aurora 9 bar. Contact me if you have any questions. <br>

Posted by ledartist 6 years ago

d2822 headphone amp build

I have a d2822 op amp and i want to make a headphone pocket amp out of it but i dont know how to wire it. can anyone help?

Posted by heyytraviss 7 years ago

simple amp?

I am on a budget of $80 and i want to make a guitar amp with volume control, gain control, and a speaker. can someone help me do this? please?

Asked by boedogs 7 years ago

help with lm386 OP amp?

I'm running my guitar's output signal into an Lm386 op amp to light up some LED's, but the amp puts out a constant signal instead of just when I play. What can I do?

Asked by spinynormann 8 years ago

Which is the better amp? Answered

Hey Guys, I have attached two schematics of two different amps. Can you tell me which is better like  better quality, louder etc,

Asked by shahryar.adil.3 2 years ago

20 watt PA amp transformers.

Today I bought a 20 watt PA amp at a garage sale for 5$, and there were 2 big transformers in there. Any ideas of what I could make?

Posted by mrbubl3s 7 years ago

Can anyone help me troubleshoot my amp?

I recently built an amp using lm386 ic. It works really well but it makes a buzzing sound while playing and while ideal with no input and power on.

Asked by Ankan Nayak 5 years ago

Need a small amp for unpowered speakers (that are to be plugged into the TV).

I've got a TV with left and right audio out and unpowered speakers. I would like to plug into the audio outs but I need a very simple amp to power the speakers. Any ideas on where to get/build a cheap amp? Bonus points if it fits in an Altoid tin. I did find a 10W stereo amp kit over at the Electronic Goldmine for $24. I was hoping to possibly do it even cheaper. I don't want to end up with any remotes, etc for the amp. So simple is better.

Asked by smasumur 8 years ago

10W audio amp?

Ok, so i want to get this one audio amp to work, but i can't seem to figure out how to wire it! the first picture is a schematic, and i have NO idea what the connections are, 1, 2, and 3 the second is a picture of the amplifier chip

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

Do audio amps have a fixed output? Answered

I was wondering if audio amps put out a fixed amplifying power no matter what the input is. Like if the input was really low would it be quieter or bring the audio up to a certain point? Thx

Asked by astroboy907 7 years ago

Why's my amp not working properly? Answered

I have recently built a stereo tda2030a amp. When I plug the power,input and outputs and switch it on, it makes a cracking noise and the left channel doesn't give any sound. I am not able to troubleshoot the actual cause. The schematic:  

Asked by Ankan Nayak 5 years ago

How do I make a basic guitar amp? I've seen the instructable but I think i need something simpler and smaller.

Just something really simple; like how to make a basic amp circuit and then how to wire it to a speaker or something along those lines.

Asked by jayp909 9 years ago

What amp would fit these speakers?

I'm looking to buy an amp to hook some speakers up to but I don't know the specifics of what I should be looking for. I'd like to get it from a store and know what to get ahead of time. The speakers are two combo woofers/tweeters and rated at 200w peak power and 4ohms. How many watts should the amp be? The amp needs to take bare red/black water, have a 3.5mm line in, and plug into the wall. This isn't going to be part of a big home theater system, just a little unit so what would be a good cost of a low end amp? Thanks for the help.

Posted by Ronmarru 6 years ago

What amp would fit these speakers?

I'm looking to buy an amp to hook some speakers up to but I don't know the specifics of what I should be looking for. I'd like to get it from a store and know what to get ahead of time. The speakers are two combo woofers/tweeters and rated at 200w peak power and 4ohms. How many watts should the amp be? The amp needs to take bare red/black water, have a 3.5mm line in, and plug into the wall. This isn't going to be part of a big home theater system, just a little unit so what would be a good cost of a low end amp? Thanks for the help.

Posted by Ronmarru 6 years ago

50uV to 5V amplification

How to amplify 50uV to 5V using LM324n op-amp

Asked by Pranay ReddyK 3 years ago

Is this bridgable?

I've got the amp of a jvc mini componant stereo that came with these gigatube speakers which where 3 way enclosures with a subwoofer in each. This amp would probably work better for my subwoofer I have now but I wanted to know if it is in any way possible to bridge the sub outputs of the amp so I can have a more powerful single channel.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Anyone know anything about hotrodding a guitar amp? Answered

I'm wanting to get all I can out of my amp. It's a solid-state Fender Stage Series 1600. What can I do? Can I do anything? Any Answers or know where I can find one. Thanks much!

Asked by KidArchery 9 years ago

i have an amp aux410r by sansui and the speaker protection relay wont switch off.....?

There is no obvious  problems in side, the output stage has no power to amplify untill i can figure out what the problem is any sugestions

Asked by andybuda 8 years ago

ammo can speaker amp problem

I have a 5v amplifier to a set of speakers mounted in an ammo can. usually it works fine but when i plug the audio jack into my phone(s) it sounds like there is no amp, very quiet. the cord has 2 micro usb outputs (meant for two amps but i only have 1) a audio jack, and a usb plug for charging. the sound works fine when i plug the usb and audio jack into my laptop but just the audio jack into my phone doesnt work. the power comes from a rechargeable battery connected onto the amp. if i was unclear about anything please tell me

Asked by fossilshark 3 years ago


Hi, I'm trying to build Ruby guitar amp for my brother, but my problem is that I can't find this MPF102 transistor or any of its equivalents where I live. and if I order it online it will cost me as much as a Marshall amp costs. I will appreciate any help or suggestions whether to replace the transistor or modifying the circuit.

Posted by soranblue 11 months ago

is there any way to use a homedics sleeping sound device for an audio amp? Answered

It is the one that has a bunch of sounds and is supposed to play calming sounds to help u sleep. it is 6v powerd with an 8ohm speaker i want to use the circit bord for an audio amp. if there is anything u need to know about it please just ask.

Asked by ross33 6 years ago

car amp speaker question- what speaker to get for setup.

Hello kind people, need some advice. have got a juice 2400w car amplifier and 2 12" jbl gt41000w subs and want to make a home sound system as i have seen people do here before. thing is I want to add 2 more tweeters for better sound. but the amp only has 2 outputs for the subs. how would I do this? thanks in advance :)?

Asked by demonfox 6 years ago

help with fixing stereo amp

Iv had a few problems trying to fix an amp iv got ...there is no obvious problems/problem with it iv tested the thing the best i can ....transistors on out put capacitors diodes and all are ok... the heat sink gets hot to the touch when there is a signal passed through but not any sound comes out . its a sansui amp ax510 iv got a few pics attached ...there is two or three relays in side one on power in and as a speaker protection and iv got a felling that this may be engaged due to a fault .. im not to sure on testing relays iv never had to do it b4 .... iv used a multimeter across it and is showing that a signal not to sure if its a good or bad thing though

Posted by andybuda 8 years ago

does anyone have a schematic for a smokey guitar amp/

I've herd the sound and realy like it but just cant bring mself to spend 30 dollars or more for a circut I cold probable make for under 5. Also, has ayone gotten one of those Vox AC30 headphone amps? I'd like to make one of thos too

Posted by spike shadows (secret agent man) 10 years ago

more powerful, portable amp

I was messing around with some op-amps, building variations of the CMoy amp, etc. But I became depressed quickly -- these ICs' data sheets say that at the safe maximum of 15 volts, they can only pump out around 1/4 watt of power on a single channel! Well, i have a full range driver that really needs more power to sound decent. I was wondering what the normal way of constructing an amp would be if I were looking for 5 to 10 watts of power. *edit*: i'm not looking to run this thing off of batteries... i'm sure at 10 watts, a couple of D cells would get drained rather quickly... I recently cracked open an old 4.1 computer sound system (by microlabs) and scrapped the 5 drivers (4 satellites and a 5 inch sub), two big 3700 uF caps, and two JRC4558D dual op-amp ICs from the amplifier. I read up on the JRC chip (actually, just the data sheet from the RC5448D, the texas instruments flavor, i guess the JRC is discontinued) and it seems that this thing only puts out a max of 200 mW per channel, and typically around 90 mW. Ok i know those speakers didn't get THAT loud without distortion, but i am CERTAIN it was more than 800 mW for those 4 satellites. I am a new computer engineering student, so i can understand the physics behind the electronics, but i am nowhere near the level to start reverse-engineering that amp board. So how did these speakers get driven so hard? THANKS for reading!!!!!

Posted by samurai1200 10 years ago

how to increase W of audio output ? Answered

Hello , i have a amp with output ~0.5W . I want to make a simple circuit to get a higher output (1w or higher). Please tell me what part i need and how i do it . Thanks! sorry for my bad English :(

Asked by login721 6 years ago

How can i install an xlr direct out in my Fender 212R guitar amp so I don't have to mic the cabinet?

The cabinet is all solid state (no tubes) and has an open back for easy access. I would also like to add a volume control for the direct out if possible

Asked by fredroller 9 years ago

Choosing components for a car-amplifier - which way to go?

I am lucky enough to have a few "hi-fi" amplifiers around my house. What I've noticed is that the better quality kit has far fewer components than the generic cheap Asia imports. Am I right in my assumption that fewer components of significantly higher spec is the way to go when building a car-amp for myself? Many thanks.

Asked by kevinhannan 7 years ago

How do you resume making an instructable? Answered

Started making an instructable logged out. Trying to get back in the instructable to resume creating it.

Asked by msholden 9 years ago

MP3 player - Car Unit Help?

OK, here's the deal. My truck's stereo finally kicked the bucket and now I have no way to play tunes. The old unit had an aux input, which was the only thing I really used (to play my MP3 player). I'd like to make a small, simple unit that just has a jack, power switch, and volume control I could mount in my truck that would run off of 12V and power 4 existing speakers (8 ohm). After looking around at other Instructables, I realized that I don't really know much about amps. I think I could wire one up, however, if I had a diagram. I have a couple of LM386N's laying around I could use, if I knew how... So, could someone please help me out on how to make an amp for this? And any other helpful info? Thanks a lot!

Asked by Braunchitis 7 years ago

TA7313AP and LM386, witch is better? Answered

Hello .I need make a low voltage speaker .Witch PowerAmp ic should i choose . a TA7313AP or 2x LM386(bridge) ? Thabks for advance ! sorry for my bad English!

Asked by login721 6 years ago

Help with OP amps Answered

I'm making an instructable about this circuit, it's a heartbeat detector, it's supposed to beep when a heartbeat is detected. Something weird is going on with the comparator, first of all, the input signal to the comparator seems to get "stuck" at the level of the comparator, like it is an invisible barrier that doesn't allows the signal to cross it easily, this seems to happen with and without the buzzer. Secondly, the comparator "rings", it doesn't displays a clean square signal when the threshold is reached, instead, at the end of the square pulse "ringing" appears. Removing the buzzer or speaker solves the ringing problem.  I tried replacing the buzzer by a 8 ohm speaker, but the problem persists. Then I tried changing the 1k resistor of the transistor by a 10k, but the problem is still the same. I don't know what could be causing this, bad design? A faulty chip? In the second picture it can be seen how the signal "bumps" an invisible barrier when reaches the comparator level, in the third the "ringing" can be seen, the fourth and last picture is how the (previous) comparator signal looks when the load is removed, the problem disappears. Thanks in advance,

Asked by Victor805 2 years ago

Can someone help me with this schematic? Answered

I found this schematic for an amplified listener from and I'm having trouble finding c4 in this circuit, a 5n cap.  I'm wondering what its purpose is and what range of values could i use to replace it?

Asked by DemonicRoss 8 years ago

TDA7293 gets hot?

I recently bought some TDA7293 chips in order to make amplifiers, but when I tested one it got hot! I've checked the wiring several times. I'm using this circuit : I'm using +-8V supply, which is bellow the minimum voltage according to the datasheet, so it shouldn't work nor get hot!  If I use a higher supply voltaje it gets hot faster. Any ideas?

Asked by Cesar_Gabriel 2 years ago

Yellow Fever

I'm peturbed, even that more at the quick flagging response, yet no help to my situation, regardless I'll ignore that. My mirage panel amp uses IRF640 mosfet transistors, and I did something to it in the process of trying to take an amperage reading with my multimeter between the two energized heatsinks (theres two mosfets for a mono output), after the big FLASH BANG, I pulled it apart after ripping the cord out of the wall. The only damage I can find is a small black pit that the spark made in the metal heatsink (actually it was pretty deep for a spark pit). I've checked the mosfet transistors, included cleaning the MASSIVE amount of ceramic thermal paste they smeared on there with some rubbing alch to get a nice clean surface on the heat sink and transistor. By the way, would arctic silver be a good substitute for the crap paste they put on there? They're designed to make contact with the heatsink anyways so I don't see why silver thermal paste would hurt it. But besides all that, I can't find any brown spots on the PCB or any bulging capacitors (there's only two main power caps), did I perhaps just flip some kind of internal circuit breaker built into the circuit as a whole, not just as a single device I can see? I'm wondering if I should just chuck it instead of putting it back together and plugging it back in to be greeted with another spark, although it didn't smoke or anything while it was plugged in after the spark, but I got a quiet humming sound on the sub and the music stopped coming through. Again, maybe I blew some kind of breaker? Oh and I know it's my fault guys, so don't be rubbing that in my face, I come here only for help and not to be a nuisance.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Is it possible to convert a solid state amp to a tube amp?

 Is it possible to convert a solid state amp to a tube amp?

Asked by adamgillies 8 years ago