Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader

Hi, I am Planning to develop Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader which can Read Multiple Tags at a time (range between 8- 15 Meters range) and send information to my web application to store data, so will you plese let me know the components which i need to use along with assembling process. Thankq

Posted by bikhanpersonal 1 year ago

hardwiring a wireless camera to a tv

I need some help figuring out how to hardwire a wireless antena to my tv. The camera came with a black and white 5 in. display and I want to connect it to a 13 in color. Any sugestions... ANYONE? I connected The wires from the antena to the corisponding wires on the tv, but that had no effect. So then I thought maybe I needed to use both boxes.??

Posted by nblsjn 11 years ago

Help me mod this amp

Help me mod this amp i Hi i'm new in this site and in electronics and i need help.I got a sony ericson -mps 30 model audio amp and i want to connect it to my mp3 as an amp but when i opened the case there were two wires to speaker ,one wire to antena and the thing to plug in to my phone with 10 connections which confused me .So my question is can i mod it to connect to my other audio devices and if yes then how?   (Thanks for reading and sorry for my English)

Posted by andiukas223 6 years ago