how can i make a cb radio antena?

I have a cb car radio installed in my house but have no antena how can i make one, and if possible a big one. thanks for feed back

Asked by dincigatito 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How do you determine the operating range of a antena?

I found an antenna and was just wondering.

Asked by oldscool 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How do i get more range from my rc car?

Okay I have this rc car that I got to go way faster, but now i need to know how to get it to go farther from me so I can get it to get up to speed.

Asked by pizzadude223 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader

Hi, I am Planning to develop Long Range UHF RFID Integrated Reader which can Read Multiple Tags at a time (range between 8- 15 Meters range) and send information to my web application to store data, so will you plese let me know the components which i need to use along with assembling process. Thankq

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how to make homemade walkie talkie ?

I want to make my own walkie talkie...  but i don't know how !! i have two speakers and mic ( from old TATA WALKY  wireless phone ) . i want a simple and easy to make circuit . or  what to do with these two.. ??  i want to make something special.....

Asked by Er Varun Goyal 4 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Can I rewire my pioneer gps antena so I can use it on my new alpine head unit ?

Can I rewire my pioneer gps antena so I can use it on my new alpine head unit ?

Asked by TimD107 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

hardwiring a wireless camera to a tv

I need some help figuring out how to hardwire a wireless antena to my tv. The camera came with a black and white 5 in. display and I want to connect it to a 13 in color. Any sugestions... ANYONE? I connected The wires from the antena to the corisponding wires on the tv, but that had no effect. So then I thought maybe I needed to use both boxes.??

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how can i usa a radio controll model gyro and servo to make a turntable point in the same direction?

I live on a sail boat and i can get wifi but each time the boat swings i lose the signal so want to mount the antena on a turntabe to keep it pointing in the same direction?

Asked by Poppy_Ann 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Is there a way to include some kind of circuit from an reciever antenae?

I have these LCD headsets which let you see a message, and I was going to modify it for (Restricted ideas/plans/instructable intel!) Basically, i need to wire a resistor on the reciever end. Help?

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago

hey i have purchase a rc car circuit few days ago but its all wires has been broken

In my rc car circuit all the wires has been broken from the circuit board(1,2nd motor wires,antena wire,batterywire) so any one of you smart people plz help me i would be thankful for that

Asked by sahilnarang 7 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

I have a d link internet card and need my signal boosted and all the easy solutions require an antena dont have one

I have a signal but it is very week and kicks me off complicating my reasearch. Are there atenas I can put in a usb port that would bost my signal, If so whats recommended? and will this work with my d link card

Asked by trt125 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Help me mod this amp

Help me mod this amp i Hi i'm new in this site and in electronics and i need help.I got a sony ericson -mps 30 model audio amp and i want to connect it to my mp3 as an amp but when i opened the case there were two wires to speaker ,one wire to antena and the thing to plug in to my phone with 10 connections which confused me .So my question is can i mod it to connect to my other audio devices and if yes then how?   (Thanks for reading and sorry for my English)

Posted by andiukas223 6 years ago

how do i amplify the radiofrequency of my 40mhz remote control so it will operate my receiver from a further distance? Answered

as some of you may know now, i am building an r/c tank, it operates on a frequency of 40mhz. now i have a problem, the old remote controller i had for it which i modified (by accident), has been thrown away after it stopped working (thanks to my un-understanding mother) the problem with this is though that i when i changed it around (i swaped some parts to make it work with aa's instead of button cells) it worked at 100m, the remote i have now though wont operate the receiver at any distance above 40 meters, so i want to know, where can i get a rf booster that will work for my remote control, sort of a thing that can boost the signal as it goes though the antena, or something, ive seen something like it in jaycars catalogue, but it only works on frequencies between 50mhz-1ghz, and it extends the radio coverage by 100m. since its only a toy remote i dont think it can be alterd, plus this one isnt the same as the chip transmitter i used to own, this one is a crystal remote controller.

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