HDTV antenna?

How do I make a simple effective HDTV aerial

Asked by John Der Stepanian 8 years ago

how can I built a wireless antenna?

I would like to built a USB wireless antenna to connect it to my PC and get access to the Internet

Asked by 8 years ago

Smart TV Antenna, does anyone know how to build one?

I wanted to buy a smart tv antenna but no one makes them anymore.  Can a complete novice build one?

Asked by CinTin 8 years ago

Antenna for a mobile home

I would like to make an antenna that really works for my mobile home. Does anyone have any ideas. I have seen the ones that use pvc tubing but there is something inside I think.

Posted by didee 10 years ago

can you use a fractal antenna on a older tv (Tube tv) or does it work only on hdtv?

Hi  there   Can a fractal antenna work on a ordinary TV  or do you need to use a HDTV 

Asked by stanby99 8 years ago

Making sure antenna is working

I have a FT950 connected through a coaxial cable to a Buddipole antenna setup as a 40 Meter Dipole. I have a brother in Arizona and I heard him on a 40 meter frequency a couple of days ago but he could not here me at all when I was transmitting. How do I know the antenna is woring and actually transmitting the signal ? I have a Antenna analyser but quite frankly don't know how to use it to see if the antenna is actually sending the signal Can anyone help and advise me how to hook up and use the Analyser ? PJM21b

Posted by PJM21B 8 years ago

How to turn "off" internal antenna while using External antennae?

Greetings! I am beginning a project to put a home-made >18db  yagi on my CLEAR modem; in desiring to keep original functionality while adding ability for external attenna access, the installation of a PCB or case mount BNC suggests a need to turn "off" the internal antenna when the external is connected. is this do-able? if so, may I ask for assistance in understanding how please? Thank you. CAH

Asked by Ceyarrecks 6 years ago

how do I solder a bulkhead antenna to a netgear WNR834M router?

I have the bulkhead but am not experienced with the inside of routers or soldering. What do I need to solder and where do I need to attach it

Asked by 9 years ago


OMG would someone please be willing to help me!!! I am in dire need! This digital TV is great but the down side is a weak signal goes out completely, no more fuzzy picture! How do I stregnthen my signal from my rooftop antenna?

Posted by tevers2003 9 years ago

RFID antenna question. Answered

How sensitive is RFID functionality to the length of its antenna? Specifically, if I had an RFID like this one, cut the antenna and then resoldered it, would the loss in antenna length (I'm guessing about half an inch) affect the workings of the device?

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

Can i connect an analog TV antenna to a USB wifi adapter that has an external antenna?

Replacing the external antenna of this http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-WN722N, to the coaxial cable that comes directly from my tv antenna?

Asked by telis_petsotis 6 years ago

how do you build a yagi antenna? Answered

How do you build a yagi antenna to boost the range of a two way radio communications device

Asked by aleks13 8 years ago

how do i connect coaxial cable to a big outside antenna?

My antenna dosent have any coaxial on it at all. how do i put coaxial on the antenna

Asked by 8 years ago

Would I fry a boom box radio if I put a tv antenna on it?

Would it fry the radio if I attached an old tv antenna to a radio? I have already attached a loooong antenna to it, but I need more more more!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

USB WiFi Antenna Mod

I am working on adding a helical antenna to a cheap USB WiFi adapter.  My question is where do I connect the antenna to existing circuit.  I've attached a closeup picture with three likely points.  My three main questions are: 1) Where to connect the external antenna 2) Do I disconnect the rest of the onboard antenna (my gut says yes) or just add in the new 3) What impedance will the external antenna need to match?  I assume the components between points C&B and B&A are for some kind of impedance matching.

Posted by telfon 5 years ago

Can I get a 15-20 foot antenna to work on my wifi router? I have a antenna that was used for police radios at a station?

The antenna was first used for a police radio but I want to adapt it for wifi. I think I just need an high power amplifer

Asked by macwhiz 8 years ago

how can I make an airplane to place on my antenna? Answered

I am a pilot and have been trying to find a way to make an airplane that I can add to my antenna that will not blow away.

Asked by fariello 8 years ago

Change the fixed antenna on a router

I'd like to change the 2db antenna that is fixed on my Netgear WGR613V with a bigger one to improve wifi range. 1) I'd like to know if if's possible and what connector I should choose to solder. I understand there are SMA, TNC, etc...? I made the mistake of buying a NEWLink 7dBi Omni Directional Reverse SMA Antenna and I don't know if I'll be able to use it. thks in advance Cheers. G

Asked by Gaetan321 6 years ago

inset feed depth and width in microstrip patch antenna?

I am making an microstrip patch antenna for satellite navigation in L1, L5 and S band. Initially i have started with the design of inset feed microstrip patch antenna for L1 band and i have a problem in finding the width and depth of inset feed of microstrip line.

Asked by jerry.sra 2 years ago

How do I construct a GSM antenna to boost reception of GSM cell phone signals, inside my house ?

The GSM signal is weak near the place I reside. I want to construct a GSM antenna to receive GSM cellphone signals inside my house. Am a novice but have constucted a few projects. Thanks for attention.

Asked by 9 years ago

am antenna connection problem?

My tuner has seperate places to connect am and fm antennas.  The am connection is intended for 2 wires. I just bought an am antenna and discovered that it  has a plug end, not a bare wire end. Is there some sort of adapter/connector I can use?   I don't want to strip the wire. I think I need the equivalent of a reverse banana plug - instead of wire in, plug out - I need plug in, wires out. Any help / suggestions appreciated.

Asked by re-tired 6 years ago

Use for Extending WiFi?

Hey I was wondering if you can use any metal, for example a cloths hanger, to some how attach to an end of a wi fi reciever? Or maybe even maybe use a tv antenna?

Posted by rpvanpatt 10 years ago

how could i improve my phone signal?

Hi everyone, In mi office there isn't celular signal, my celular phone doesn't work there. How could i get the celular signal for my phone?, could it be fixed with some special antenna? do you have any instructable about that? thank you very much in advance.?

Asked by Oskar1002 8 years ago

connector name (see pic)

I'm trying to replace the antenna on my Sprint Airave to get more distance (more on that later). i am trying to find the connector it uses on digikey. ive attached a picture. if you can tell me what this part is called, i'd greatly appreciate it. bonus: if you can get me a digikey/mouser/newark part number, i will post an instructable on range-boosting an Airave! also, i havent examined the pcb extensively yet, but if i slap a giant antenna on this board, will i have to put some sort of load inductance? i havent worked with near-Ghz frequencies before, so i dont know how sensitive these things are to loading. thanks, Daniel

Posted by samurai1200 9 years ago

DIY WiFi Helical Antenna impedance Problems

First off, I live in the states, but I absolutely hate the imperial system of measurements. I will try to use the metric system as much as possible.I have been attempting to follow hanzablast's Helical WiFi Antenna, but have run into a few snags. I have most of the parts and have a few problems concerning it.1. Instead of a Type N connector my USB card has a RP-SMA connector. Do I have to do anything special (buy a special panel mount/ reverse the connections along the wire) because it has reverse polarity or does it not matter?Edit: I feel foolish, Doing a quick wiki search on Reverse Polarity SMA I found out what it means. Turns out WiFi companies reverse the gender of the inner pin in their connectors. So either I have to find a RP-SMA panel mount jack, or buy a RP-SMA Male to N Male Adapter and a N Female Panel Mount. The latter of the two seems more efficient.2. I understand that having too small of wire can have a detrimental effect on efficiency, but what about using a much larger wire (instead of AWG 16 gauge wire using AWG 4 gauge wire)?Edit: Answered By NachoMahma3. I am having trouble locating a SMA right angle 4-hole solder point panel jack mount other than in bulk buys. Does anyone know where to purchase one separately? Edit: Answered By NachoMahma, but has become a null point.4. I am having a problem with the impedance matching. I have seen several different ways to connect the antenna (142.68ohm impedance) to the SMA Jack (50ohm impedance). I've seen half and quarter circumference turns, quarter wavelengths turns, and triangular strips of copper. Which is best?Edit: I did the math and read my friend's ARRL handbook. Supposedly, a 1/4 wavelength turn of a metal strip with an impedance of 84.463 ohm is what I need. Using TraceSim I figured that I can use part of the copper plate with a size of 12.79033mm in width, 30.775mm long (1/4 a 2.437GHz wavelength), and 0.406mm (.016") thickness placed 8.03mm (1/4 distance between coils) above the reflector plate will give me the exact impedance I need.

Posted by AllAgainstPaul 10 years ago

how to split signal coming from dish box?

1) i want to transmit my dish signal  to my other home which is 2km away from it.  2) is there any way to split signal coming from dish box so that i can watch two different channels on my 2nd  tv. 

Asked by r.srohan 8 years ago

How do you determine the length of an antenna and the size of a fractal antenna? Answered

In an instructable, the formula for calculating antenna length was given as "length in meters =300 / frequency in MHz".  The example given was for a Bluetooth antenna with a frequency of 2450MHz.  The antenna length was calculated as 300/2450 = 0.1225m = 12cm.  The author then divided it by 4 to make a "quarter wave" antenna length of 30mm.  Why divide it by 4 and what is the benefit of a "quarter wave" antenna.  What is the effect of the conductor leading to the antenna?  If the 30mm antenna is soldered to a 4mm lead, does that result in a 34mm antenna?  For a fractal antenna, should the 30mm length of wire be folded into a fractal shape or should the total fractal antenna be 30mm in width?  I have read somewhere that one of the benefits of a fractal antenna is that they are able to receive signals of different wave lengths.

Asked by fcampbell 8 years ago

wire a antenna to open or close?

Wire a car antenna to open or close using a digital timer and 12 volt battery charged by solar panel.  The antenna opens with +/- and closes with reverse power -/+.

Asked by latate 6 years ago

Is it possible to make ur own gsm antenna that can work just like a regular Mobile antenna?

So that you could just switch network and call for free via that antenna?

Asked by Qsam 7 years ago

Can you make a wifi antenna?? Answered

OK, so here is my idea, I want to make a wifi antenna from scratch and then ad a booster to it to improve my old laptop's range. Is it possible to build your own antenna or do you need a base antenna or connector?

Asked by JM1999 3 years ago

Is there a way to estimate how long an antenna is?

If I built a radio transmitter and then attached it to an antenna of unknown length, is there a way to calculate the length of it using transmissions? Or, as a separate question, if I had an antenna of known length and then increased or decreased the length, would there be a way to estimate the new length from transmission properties (basically without physically measuring the antenna? Assume the antenna is a straight line.

Asked by kakashibatosi 1 year ago

FM radio antennas

Are there any ideas out there for building an FM antenna booster that can be used with the usual whip antenna that comes built into most radios these days. Most of the radios are made in such a way that it is difficult to get at the internal wiring, so the booster would have to be an external unit.

Posted by youri 10 years ago


So if I was going to make a big antenna say 15ft tall and use an itrip to run it. Would it be able to support that big of an antenna. If not what would I do so it could. Seems like I might need some sort of amplifier and help on where to get one would be great.

Posted by thejrb 10 years ago

Instructables Request: How to a make a balun transformer for a TV antenna

Greetings, I am looking for instructions on how to make a balun transformer for a TV antenna. 300 ohm antenna to 75 ohm coaxial cable jack. Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 8 years ago

which wifi antenna setup is better?

Hi, I currently have an antenna in form of 12" dish and alfa 1w usb nic with 5db eboit antenna in the middle and I get signal from 1km range but I will be moving to an half island and there is internet about 1.5 km away. is the fallowing antenna any better then my setup? can you compare. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/980000g-6000mw-802-11b-g-54mbps-usb-2-0-wifi-wireless-network-adapter-w-antenna-66385 thank you fellow wifi geeks.. Al

Asked by celalboz 6 years ago

Extend WiFi antenna for Lenovo netbook S10 that is WiFi enabled

I'll be in a rental apt. in Barcelona and want to extend my WiFi range. Also total newbie to WiFi. Purchased a Lenovo S10 with built-in WiFi. Read Wambat7's "kitchen strainer" suggestion at:https://www.instructables.com/id/usb-wifi-antenna/Given that my S10 is WiFi enabled can I still try Wombat7's suggestion and buy an external USB wireless Network Adapter to try for extended antenna range? Will my netbook automatically 'deal' with both built-in and exernal WifFi adapters and use the one with best antenna reach?If the above is a no go because my S10 has internal WiFI is there any way to extend antenna reach for the S10's built-in wireless adapter?

Asked by worldromer 9 years ago

i need to find a wifi antenna booster that is compatible with a Motorola dsl router? Answered

We have a Motorola DSL Router with wifi and we are needing a booster for it. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Asked by 8 years ago

Make A ShortWave Loop or Reel Antenna for portable radio? Answered

I purchased the coby cx-cb12 portable radio that has 12 bands including sw 1-9, and I purchased a Kaide Portable that has sw 1-7 when I purchased the coby radio a guy suggested that I also buy a pocket reel antenna to get better reception but when I search for one it comes up as this http://www.amazon.com/Kaito-T1-Radio-antenna/dp/B00066Z9XG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361888769&sr=8-1&keywords=pocket+reel+antenna the thing is my portable radios don't have an external antenna jack or well there is no place for one and I don't know how I would hook it up. I saw on here people had made shortwave antenna's but I need one more suited to a portable radio, and was wondering if there was a way to make one that would work with a portable radio or if there is some other type of antenna that I could purchase. Thank you.

Asked by Graydant 5 years ago

DIY USB WIFI antenna

Ok so basicly at my school they have two different WIFI spots one is near the classrooms that I work in and is WEP protected and only for teachers and the other one is in another building and is not WEP protected and I can only get that signal if I am in that building. So what I want to do is make my own WIFI antenna so that I can get the unprotected signal while in my classroom. I want to make a USB wifi antenna pretty much.

Posted by jackillac92 9 years ago

Im needing help with instructions and especially pictures on building A Quik and E-Z Ham Radio antenna ---PLEASE

I'm trying to find an instructable showing step-by-step, coming out of a HAM RADIO to a home-made Antenna. So far, all I have is the plug that screws( Where the Antenna plug screws on) on to the back of the mobile unit itself. The plug used to go to a magnetic antenna , but I cut that off because it was broken and wire was fraid in two peices. SO, like I said all I have is that screw-on plug, that needs to somehow connect to wire? and on to the Antenna, but not sure where to Begin. Any Help would be appreciated. Not looking for the Best antenna, I'm looking for something Fast and E-Z to build, to possibly get my radio out and too just listen, then of course I have to be licensed. Remember something FAST ?

Asked by Dirtybeerguy 9 years ago