Hi there! I decided to make a forum simply for chatting. If there are inappropriate subjects discussed here, fights with coarse language or death threats, I will delete your comments or even remove the chat entirely. So please obey my rules. Oh! And have fun!

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Anything Brutal?

Anyone listen to anything brutal? if so, What?

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Anything new?

Has there been any new concepts or awesome guns made in the last year? I've been out for awhile but I'm thinking about making concept guns again to spark things up. But if its pretty much dead here then what's the point? If you guys can list some guns that have made even the littlest impact on the community then that would be great. 

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Anything but Knex...

I understand that knex are kinda cool and they have their place here on instructables. But to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. Just trying to browse through the instructables and find a useful one is pretty difficult now. I find a few useful ones here and there but in between them all are knex instructables. I think it's rather irritating to have to scroll past hundreds of instructables all for a different way to make a knex gun. Is there any way to browse with everything but the knex instructables? To be fair.. yes i'm exaggerating it's probably more like a 50/50 knex/non-knex ratio.

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any fun electronic projects for beginners? Answered

Question by ljohnson42 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

wats the best instructable ever? Answered

I love instructables and want to know what you guys think is the best instructable

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I need a really good How-To speech idea.... any ideas??

I dont care what kind of "how to" it is...i just need ideas please=DDD

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ok i have a tube a spring and a 1centermeter tick pice of matel 6'' long and k'nex

And what to make. copy and past the instructibul and Who ever posts the best i will make as best answer! :)-@#$%-@#$%-(:

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How to Draw Anything in One Step

Art can be hard. There will be something that you want to draw, but you keep finding yourself getting it wrong. Here's a tip on how to draw anything. In one step! How to draw anything (in 1 step)via Drawn!

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Aspiring learner of new things

I'm struggling to learn how to get some valuable computer/building tech related things any advice on how to get started or good places to learn websites?? thanks for your help 

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Ask me Anything.

So I had a video up at first, but Admin unpublished it and told me to post it as a forum topic.   I'm too lazy to copy and paste everything except a link.

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anything nerf related

I am trying to find any Nerf guns, don't care if they are broken.  Darts, attachments, anything! I live in sw Michigan.

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Glue Anything Together

Want to know how to glue common materials together? This site lets you form combinations of 11 different materials and then tells you the best way to attach them. It's a simple site, but very handy in a pinch and the URL is easy to remember as well. This to That via Make Blog

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won't download anything

Hi. i've added your download sites to be accepted in my popup blocker list, have downloaded adobe reader 10, created an account and signed in, etc. etc. but still-there is no download when i click on the yellow download.  i've been trying everything for about 45 minutes. please help. after all---you have my info, but i don't have yours! thank you.

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Are you an expert? In *anything*?

Are you an expert in something? Absolutely anything?Peter Shankman ("CEO, Entrepreneur, Adventurist") has started a website that aims to bring together journalists who need an expert, and experts who don't mind being exposed to journalists.Each day, you'll receive up to three emails, each with anywhere from 2-10 queries per email. They'll all be labeled with [] in the subject line, for easy filtering. If you see a query you can answer, go for it! really is that simple.I've been doing it for a few days now, and it's rather interesting what reporters are looking for (today I've had "are you a vegan with a heartwarming story about animal companions?", "how do you prevent sports injuries in 14-18 year olds?" and "Do you have experience of the H-1B visa programme?"). The only request I've responded to was one about alien evolution.You pay nothing to join in, and receive only karma (apparently), but, if nothing else, it's a bit of a laugh.Register here:

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long random talkabout Forum

Post anything wether it is your love of punk rock and anime or your crazy phobia of suffocating in Peanutbutter.

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Unofficial K'nex Anything Contest

This is the unofficial knex contest! There are a few other knex contests with a certain theme, but in this contest, you can enter anything! Let's get on to the rules: How to Enter: Make a instructable that uses knex. Make a comment with a link to the instructable, than I might accept it. Your instructable has to be made in 2017 or up. You can have three entries entered at a time, but only one of them can win. What to Enter: Enter an instructable that is mostly knex and has instructions. If it uses to much non-knex, than I won't accept it. It has to have good instructions, or it won't get accepted. If it is something small, I will make it to see if it works and to see how good it is. A big ball machine will be accepted if you have instructions of some of the elements. When Will It Be: It will start now and go to November 1. If I get 20 entries before the ending date, I will quit the contest regardless of the date.    Prizes: There will be a grand, first, second, third, and runner up. Grand Prize: Follow from me, votes on all your ibles that you have in contests, and a 3 month pro, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. First  Prize: Follow from me, vote on all your ibles that you have in contests, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Second Prize: Follow from me and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Third Prize: Vote one of your ible, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Runner Up: Your winning ible in a knex winners contest collection. If you have any questions, please ask! That's all! Have fun! Current Entries:   Element Force's Shotgun Turret for the TR8 The Knex Inventor's Toothebrush Holder KneXFAN200's Fidget Spinner KneXFAN200's Annoying Clicker Box

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Did I miss anything?

Well, I got in trouble with my parents, and I probably won't be on the computer for a few days. Though just 1 1/2 days passed, did I miss anything good?

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"ask Me anything" results.

Here's me answering the questions you guys asked me in the AMA.  Sorry about the sleeveless shirt, it was rather hot today.  I live in the south so yeah...

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Anything like TechShop in IL?

I wanted to do some more fabrication on an aluminum block (1' cube), and was wondering if there were open machine shops that gave members access to a CNC lathe/mill, specifically in IL.

Topic by Junkbots 7 years ago

Remove a LED from... anything

I have a DVD player in my bedroom with a LED on the front that is really annyoing. Is there any reason that I couldn't open it up and cut/tape off the leads to the LED without any ill effects? Are there really any limitations to this? Thanks for the response.

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Is there anything hidden in the star ratings?

In the comments on my instructable, two people said they rated it 5/5 stars. In the info tab, the stars report 2 ratings but only 3.25 stars. How is this possible?Here is the instructable: for your time!Mikey

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Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that.

Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that. simple though. when i press a button it transmits a signal and the receiver receives this signal and releases electricity. heres a little diagram: O------T             B-R-----M O=Button T=Transmitter R=Receiver B=Battery M=Button -=Wire  =Air? the receiver is powered by the battery

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How to crochet, a beginners anything?

I believe I have the matierials, two needles, (about 1/4 inch thick, came with a crochet set, the instructions major suck...) and alot of yarn. (Camo yarn, If anyone is interested.) What can I do, as a beginner, to start a basic crochet...row? column? stitch? project? I dont know what you'd call it... Is there any way to crocket aroung something, like that instructable about a pink gun cozy?

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pdfs for your ibles!

Hey there and since the pdfs dont work at all now im going to offer people pdf styles in microsoft word just tell me witch one you ant and i will make it ones im makeing: Z35 assualt rifle iacs circle ball machine iacs spiff pistol iacs striker pistol

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In Windows 7, You Can Send Feedback on Anything - YES, ANYTHING.

I guess MS is pretty serious this time.

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I wrote this song, does it sound like anything?

I wrote this song like 5 mins before I taped this. so there are plenty of mistakes in it.Question is, does it sound like another song you've heard before?...... I can't really tell...... and i hate it when songs are too similar.What do ya think?

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This is a random forum for anyone to ask me about my Instructables, or just chat.

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What have you been building????? =D This  is my newest build

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I have two old motherboards and I don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Answered

I can't think of what to with them, but I need to do something fast because I don't have anywhere to put them and if I don't do something with them I have to toss them.

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Anything you want to give away?

I will accept almost anything you haveto offer. In return I might send somthing to you.

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"nobody has said anything yet..."

When I reply to comments from the email notifications, I occasionally get a message saying: "nobody has said anything yet" It gets very annoying..... Does anyone else get this?

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How are we supposed to search for anything??

I've realised - you can only search for projects! The new form of search returns no results for forum topics, questions or members. That's quite an oversight. Any chance of a fix?

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Anything Interesting I could Do with this?

Hey all, I was recently given a free garage door opener, and I was wondering, Is there anything fun or interesting I could do to/with it? Here is a picture or two (Rat Trap is to Makeshift 'Keep Out Of Box' as Garage door opener is to...?) Thanks

Topic by CairnisReed 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Car speakers or anything to go with please.

I'm looking for a car system or any kind of items to go with box, amp, subs, speakers, wiring, ect.. please help me out ill end up throwin you some cash if i got it.

Topic by jeff323 7 years ago

Anything that can explode using CocaCola

I heard of using mentos which will force the coke out and also dry ice in a coke bottle. can anyone tell me what can i use to explode using coke (not drugs, cocacola). (homemade stuff only? i know this is a crazy question but i love explosions

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Can't see anything when signed in

When I wanted to enter a contest I signed up with new account. But then when I wanted to open a contest or open somebody's instructable I have a blank page. Does anybody has or had this kind of problem and how to fix it. I hope somebody can help. 

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Anyone Know anything about MIT?

If someone who, say, had been out of high school for a while, lived in Canada and wanted to go back to school, would anyone know how to go about getting admitted full time to MIT? like if I wanted to go to MIT I have no post secondary education and live in Canada...... is there any way to prove myself and get in?

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Broken LCD televisions - Is there anything salvageable? Answered

Hi. My 1st time viewiing this site.  You creative folk out there are AMAZING. I'm a grandma who has no technical training but am fascinated with what can be created by the human mind. I have a 32" and a 19" LCD TV. The 32" was water damaged and the 19" fell over on a brunt object .  The picture on the 32 is filled with stripes and blogs.  The 19" has 3/4 of viewing area - unviewable.  Should I save anything or just get rid of them properly? I used to save the old fashioned small appliances and stuff that got broken for my sons to take apart.  Thats too dangerous nowadays.

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Anyone know anything about this Santa? Answered

We went to Operation Toy Drop ran by USACAPOC And saw this  Airborne Santa.  I am curious if anyone knew what country of origin he came from. I had forgot to ask him since we were out in the cold and wet for 5 hrs because the TOT was pushed back due to weather. He has jump boots and wings but I think thats because he earned them. I guess if Rudolph crashes or something.

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can't add anything to my favorites? Answered

When I click 'favorites' to add any instructable to favorites, I get this error (in a pop up window):  error 400-- user cassandrabutt (USER) is not in required role, OLD.  I have tried using both Google Chrome and Explorer and get the same message and nothing is ever added to my favorites.  Is this something that can be fixed?  Can I delete my profile and get a new one and solve this?  Please help! Thanks much, Cassandra error 400 -- user cassandrabutt (USER) is not in required role, OLD

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Why I Am Not Posting Anything

Well, we just got back from a vacation in Italy from my grandma's house, and my mom is always saying that there are dog hairs in grandma's house, thats dirty, and she's allergic to dogs, it needs to be washed, blahdiblahdiblah! And because i kinda lost skills thanks to the waiting. (We're now 3 weeks further, still not washed) Sorry to you guys, hopefully i will get it back soon. Oh, and my computer crashed, thats a reason too. -Viccie.B1993-

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Recaptcha Error: Cant Post anything

The recaptcha is not loading when I try to publish a new instructable. I'm using Google Chrome (v. 30.0.1599.101) on Windows 7. When I click on the Yes, Publish My Instructable button at the bottom of the publish page, it returns a "unmatching captcha values" error. The problem is that the captcha is not being displayed on the page. I did a bit of digging and it seems that the URL for the captcha script ( is old and invalid, returning a 404 error. A quick google search reveals that the link above is indeed outdated and the updated link to should be something like Kindly fix this asap.

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is there anything duct tape won't stick to? Answered

I'm planning to make a satchel bag out of duct tape and i've pretty much figured out the mechanics on how to make it. however, for my initial plan to work out, i'm gonna need a sheet of SOMETHING that duct tape doesn't stick to, or at least, doesn't stick to as well. i'm planning to lay on the strips of duct tape on THAT and then move on from there. so, any ideas? wax paper (like the yellow stuff used as backing for stickers)? paper rubbed with oil? a certain type of cloth? WET cloth (haha)? a certain type of plastic?  thanks in advance!

Question by holocausticity 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Convenient djvu to anything readable conversion?

This is a problem I've been trying to solve for the last few weeks. I've finally been given a kindle (New Year presents), and it is great not to have to carry three or four books to school every day - usually it was the thing we read in Literature, some novel I read on my way in the underground, some Physics I have to read and understand and some Physics to help me understanding the first lot. It's been doing a great job, except for  not liking in the cold and getting a bit mad outside, but most of the Physics books I have and can find are in djvu for some reason known only to people who made books on Physics and Maths, so they can't be read on it directly. Is there any way to convert the books to something readable, and better not pdf, because it shows really slow and small and moving around the page is very unnerving especially early in the morning... I'd also love to save the pictures. Any ideas?

Question by gruffalo child 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 months ago

have i done anything wrong?

Today with my friend, i made a saturated solution of hydrogen sulfide by boiling aqeous hydrogen sulfide solution made by reacting hydrochloric acid with calcium sulfide. then what we did was we mixed the solution with ammonium hydroxide with hopes that as simply logic would predict, that we would get ammonium sulfide. now, the end result was nothing like ammonium sulfide, and was actually almost completely scentless, aside from the strong odor of exess ammonia, though we have not yet removed any of the mixed solution from its sealed container yet. i would like to ask, did we make ammonium sulfide suitable for use in a stink bomb? and if not, what did we do wrong? in multiple previous questions i have asked if hydrogen sulfide and ammonium hydroxide will mak ammonium sulfide, however, in all questions lemonie and others change the subject and spam the questions with warnings about the dangers of hydrogen sulfide, but refuse to actually answer the question, and so have forced me to go trial and error in the practical rather than the theoretical first. we do not plan on re-attempting the experiment until we know exactly what our outcome will be, which is , if we either mix a solution of hydrogen sulfide and ammonium hydroxide, or bubble hydrogen sulfide gas through ammonium hydroxide solution, will we get ammonium sulfide! also whoever best answers the question will recieve a best answer, also if you know any other ways to make ammonium sulfide, please do tell

Question by oldmanbeefjerky 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Anyone noticed anything weird about new clothes/cloths?

Has anyone noticed that new clothes and things like washcloths and dishtowels seem to repel water when they get wet? Not really repel, but they don't absorb it, and the surface stays (and feels) wet.After the clothes get washed a couple hundred times, it wears off and is like old clothes.Can anyone tell me why this is happening (and why manufacturers decided to do this)?

Topic by Bran 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Help With New Project Ideas

Hi there! I am really wanting to make something over the summer or in general over the year however I am having trouble figuring something out something that would be pretty cool and helps with learning about the subject. I already have 2 projects going at the moment, I am learning python and creating a game with it. I need another project that could take be from 2 months to a year. It also needs to be complex, I really like a challenge :). Lastly it needs to be relatively cheap, cost could be up to $200.  Thanks and have a great day :) 

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