how create small app and how put the play store that app.

I want procedure of how put app to play app upload to play store.

Asked by syed sulthan 3 years ago

Can we have an App made for Instructables for Ipods, Iphones, Androids, etc.?

I love being on instructables, but i can't be on the computer all the time, and i have an Ipod touch, can an app be made for ipod touch's, iphone's, and androids?

Asked by Senior Waffleman 6 years ago

App yet?

Is an iPad app being developed?

Asked by Heef 6 years ago

Android App Design with App Inventor Tutorial Paint App 1 of 3

Https:// This is my first tutorial on instrucables~and will include 3 tutorials! Click on the link and enjoy, comment, and favorite!!

Posted by authorhaider 3 years ago

iPhone app ideas

I was wondering if any of you guys had some cool iphone app ideas.

Posted by Zephyr Wind 7 years ago

iphone app cannot log in.

I cannot login in the app. The login fields appear, but clicking in them yields nothing.

Posted by ltlBuddha 5 years ago

Who thinks we should have an Instructables app?

I think we should make an Instructables app, so you could browse 'ibles on the go!

Posted by HMice 6 years ago

Does anybody have any ideas for iPhone apps?

I wanted to make an iPhone app, but I would like some more ideas. Thanks in advance. :)

Asked by Zephyr Wind 7 years ago

No forum topics on the instructables app? Answered

Ok, so I have the ibles app for my phone, and I was wondering why I cannot view forum topics from it. Why is this? Help would be appreciated.  

Asked by CorgiCritter 3 years ago

the instructables app on my iphone keeps crashing

The instructables app on my iphone keeps crashing when I go to the bottom of my favorites list and it is about to load more. Any advice / has anyone else experienced this??

Asked by theramensamurai 4 years ago

How do I get to my favorites from the Android app?

I can't find any way to access my Favorites list in your app. Please add that or let me know where it is.

Asked by stevempotter 7 months ago

How to Create Mobile App?

Am quite familiar with java and android platforms , however am still lacking with where to start develop the mobile application.

Asked by danial32 3 years ago

Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

Just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  All I see is the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  How do get past these and navigate to the site?

Asked by itsjustbob 4 years ago

How do I write an app? (without paying for a service)?

I found plenty of places to pay for it,  but how can I do it myself?

Asked by sarahfish 7 years ago

Android app does not show any profile info

The Instructables app for android does not show any info from my profile. Favorites, following, my picture, my personal info... Nothing... All empty. It's like session is not started, but if I tap in the login button I go to my empty profile. I can't see the logout below. (See screenshot) Using Android 7 and app version is 2.0.4.

Posted by I Otura G 1 year ago

Favorite Apps/games??

Hello Instructables :) i want to know what your favorite Apps/games on iPods/mobiles etc are! what games do you play to pass the time??? what are your fav apps?? Mine are Fruit Ninja Ninjafishing Angry Birds Please feel free to post as many times as you like and update your Favs :D

Posted by AussieAnglerGal 5 years ago

Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

This topic was originally posted in "answers: technology" I was asked to post it to this forum as well. Synopsis of problem: I had just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  But, all I saw was the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  Could not get past these and navigate to the site. I have the 2nd generation nexus 7 running android v4.4.2. Tried tapping the screen, resizing, sliding, and nothing. It would just move between the above mentioned images. Discovered if i logged into the instructables site via chrome, and selected the app to display everything afterwards, it worked.  Basically, it would not let me do anything if I initiated the app first. Once I got past my initial login via chrome I could return to app to login, navigate, etc. and the app appears to work fine.

Posted by itsjustbob 4 years ago

Instructibles app crashes every time I try to read a article

The instructibles app crashes every time I try to load a article.  I am running on iOS 8 beta (official version - not pirated). I have not been able to get it to open a single article since I updated my iPhone.  Why do you not have a support feature in the app?  Please help! I love instructibles and it is annoying when it doesn't work.  Thanks!

Posted by haunted.haunt 4 years ago

Bloomberg Brink spot

Hello Sorry I didn't know where to post this but I just saw the Bloomberg Brink program called The Makers in which Type A take photos of the presenter using an app and then create a model of her head. What is the app? thanks

Posted by razbox 4 years ago

Instructables app behavior (Bug?)

I've been using the Ibles app on an Android (V 4.3) phone for a month or two. There's a lot to like about the app experience. For instance, the app makes it super easy to follow other users who are following your account... Super easy to click "follow" on many accounts in one session. I'm not really a social networking person, by choice, so I never paid much attention to following. Never cared about the number of followers--or hits, for that matter. I'm sure this is a breach of social networking etiquette. Guilty.  So-- it's a pain to "mass follow" other users in the browser interface (yeah, wouldn't be problem if I'd kept current with following)--go to you:subscribers, click on the account, select follow, move backwards to the you:subscribers page, repeat ad nauseam, with all the load times associated. On the app--load the followers page, then click, click, click on the icon next to each account. Pie easy. But there are some odd app behaviors: One: the app Followers section doesn't sync with the normal online interface. I.E., more followers in the browser online than on the app. Two: the last "follower" in the list doesn't display correctly. Shows as "not followed," when clicking on the user's account shows that I am indeed a follower of that account. Maybe there's a sync lag that would explain this...if so, it last several days.

Posted by gmoon 4 years ago

Does anyone else think we need an Instructables app? Answered

Because that would be awesome! You could browse ibles on the go!!!

Asked by HMice 6 years ago

Is anyone having trouble with the new instructables app update on android?

I seem to be having trouble with publishing through the app I have given it 24 hours and the newest instructable I attempted to publish still hasn't shown through the feed. When I look up my username only two instructables that are mine pop up. There should be three. I even tried doing this on the computer with no prevail.

Asked by Noble_Knight 4 years ago

i want to build an app?

I want to build an app :) I understand that that there are sites with drag and drop features, which i will try out to get an idea of what i'd like, and use for smaller projects (any suggestions on which to choose?) But for a larger project i would like to build my own :) I have no programming skills or knowledge :( But i want to learn! SO! What i really want to know is were to start, what type of programming do i begin with? And were i progress to for app building? i.e java, joomla, CSS ( Don't laugh, I'm clueless at this point but I want to learn over the next year or so) Finally is there certain software that would be beneficial? i.e Adobe etc. Oh and is there any sites, books, tutorials, references to aid learning? Thanks for reading, I've tried googling but its a bit confusing finding were to start, but once i know the start and end point I'll get cracking :)

Asked by oó lionnáin 5 years ago

Dropbox application in background process on OpenWRT processor of my Arduino Yun.

Hello everybody, Simple question: does the Arduino YUN support the same DROPBOX functionalities as my laptop? Basically, I need to download data from the SD card of my Arduino Yun to my application server. But the internet connection of my Arduino is not very stable. How I want it to work: 1.    I have a sketch that writes data on a TXT file to my SD card every 10 minutes 2.    I want to install Dropbox on my Arduino Yun 3.    Then, whenever the Yun is connected, it will synchronize all the files from the SD Card with my Dropbox folder on my server. That would happen (I guess) in the background, without my Arduino needing to run a sketch. To do that, I think I need drobox to run ‘in the background’ on my Arduino microprocessor. Did anyone do this before? Thanks. What does NOT work: Initially, I used the "LogToDropbox" sketch inserted in the "Datalogging to Dropbox with Arduino Yun" tutorial at the following link: in order to ‘actively’ upload files to my Dropbox app console from my SD card with an internet connection. But if , my Arduino Yun is losing the internet connection, it is impossible to upload the files created during the downtime to my Dropbox app console. These files are stored on the SD card plugged on the Yun during this time interval, but not synchronized.

Posted by DELETED_jay97430 3 years ago

App yet?

Anyone developing and iPad app yet?

Posted by Heef 6 years ago

iOS App: Explore Drop Down crashes app

IOS 9.3 ipad air instructables app when I attempt to use the explore drop down on the main screen, the app crashes. thanks

Posted by Marcos El Malo 2 years ago

My instuctables app on iphone crashes

When i add some thing to fav my app keeps closing. Any solution yet?

Asked by gservers 5 years ago

Can't login in app

Great site but I am unable to login with Facebook or email from within the app. 

Posted by ssouthern 3 years ago

Picasa app

Is there a link where I can find the Picasa app? The only Picasa-related things I can find are like Picasa photo editors, etc. Where can I find the official Picasa app?

Asked by FrenchFrog 3 years ago

Instructables APP Answered

Why is this APP only for I-phones, etc? Why not make it for any/all smart phones? I have an android, should be equally compatible.

Asked by ralema69 5 years ago

What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

Asked by FreePvp 10 months ago

How to install the Instructable app on a tablet?

When using a tablet, the Instructables app is not available in the Google Play store. Is there a way to install it on a tablet?

Posted by d ata 10 months ago

How do a start writing an app?

Ok, so the ipad 2 looks like an instructables machine!  I saw another post that rumored an ible app is on the way, which is sweet. How do I start writing apps myself?

Posted by sarahfish 7 years ago

Instructables App

Hello, My daughter has recently discovered Instructables on my phone, and now she wants the app on hers.  Does anyone know what happened to it?  I have tried the Family Sharing feature for IOS; however, it isn't on my list of purchased apps... Thoughts?

Posted by cyberogre 1 year ago

Anybody feel like making an Instructables app?

So you guys may know that Instructables no longer supports their apps for either phone platform. This is a pain as many of us like using our phones for the things they look at on the site. Is anyone interested in putting together an Instructables app?

Posted by jchoneandonly 1 year ago

Unable to login with Facebook in Instructables android app

 When I am trying to login with Facebook in Instructables app , it showing some error. Device : Redmi 3s Os  : Android 6.0.1 App version : 2.0.4

Posted by JunezRiyaz 1 year ago

App Crashing When Trying to Publish

Everytime i try and publish an instructable it says its loading then a couple seconds later the app crashes and sends me to my home screen. Ive tried everything to try and stop this. Ive closed apps, deleted music and apps and pictures to get more storage, restarted my phone and nothing seems to work. Can anyone Please help me?

Posted by Fruitloopzy 2 years ago

Will there be an instructables ipod app?

I would find this really helpful and would love to be able to have all the instructions i need in my hand

Asked by thinbrain 9 years ago

Are there any ways to hack the Bluetooth communication between an app and a device?

Hi guys,I have bought a robot-toy which is under control by an android app. The commands are sending Bluetooth one-by-one. The app is quite boring, and I thought, are there any ways to hack the Bluetooth communication between the robot and the app?Thanx in advance

Asked by Glumgad 4 months ago

App messing up and Adverts

It's been a while since I used this app. The number 1 reason is because the app messes up a lot and there have been no attempts to fix it. For some reason they decideded to make it so you have to sign in every time you use the app even if it was just 10 min ago. The problem is that you can't sign in from your app. It switches to the web browser to sign in and when you click facebook or sign in half the time it doesn't switch back to the app and the other half it just doesn't sign in. I started using the app again and here it is 2 years later and they still have not fixed the problem. Now I notice that it has advertisements in the middle of people's posts thanks for eating up my data. If these problems are not fixed I won't be using this again 

Posted by ChrisE22 2 years ago

Iphone App - Comments

I have downloaded the iphone app, and its good, but you cant see any of the comments attached to an instructable. Comments can be really important for additional information or improvements... I think you need to be able to see them. The iphone web interface handles them well.

Posted by Mr_o_uk 5 years ago

Instructables App

So, has anyone else seen the Instructables App? So many brilliant minds, apple/mac people... and it still works better to just use the browser?  Is it still being added to?  Is it being worked on more? I'm sorry to have to say, but this is the first time Instructables has really.. disappointed me.

Posted by tesla94 7 years ago

iPhone App not updating

My Instructables iPhone app has stopped updating :( The recent Instructables remains on "Duct Tape Projects by Sam DeRose". and the Featured is stuck on "Shop Tolls by Instructables Guide" Its been like this for a few days now. I have logged off and logged on. I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it. No success. Getting to current Instructables via Safari on the same iPhone works fine. Please help :| Alan

Posted by acboother 4 years ago

iPad App bug. The most irritating one. Please solve. Arrgh

I'm using the app on the iPad. Mine is an iPad Air 2, and the OS is 8.4 version. Whenever you try to click on the 'explore' dropdown on the top the app exits (don't know If it crashes. It just exits and I come to the home screen). It is the most irritating thing ever. I tried this when I'm Logged in, the app exits and logs me out as well. When I'm logged out, the app exits. This happens as soon as you touch the explore dropdown on the top bar. Please please fix it. It screws up the entire experience.  i can't really give you any screen shots since there is non error message. 

Posted by PankajU1 2 years ago

Why isn't there an iPhone Instructables App??

Or atleast a mobile version for Safari? Constantly I find myself needing to use an instructable, but not wanting to wait a long time for the normal instructables to load. Similar sites like HowCast have an app, and a safari version. So instructables is a little behind with the times. Just an idea. I wish someone would consider it.

Posted by trebory6 8 years ago

iPhone app typing fields not working

Hi. I just downloaded the Instructables app to my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1. When I try to log in, I am unable to select the typing fields to enter my username and password. I tap and tap and tap, but nothing happens. I've tried restarting and reinstalling and got the same results. Any help? Thanks.

Posted by DELETED_tgee2 5 years ago