I hate apple.

So i heard of a few apps from some friends I try them out and I like them. So when I go to the app store to get the apps, they tell me that I have to accept their new terms. Since the wifi at my house is knocked out, I had to wait a very long time for it to load. When it finally loads and I hit that one button, it tells me to try again. That means I have to reload the app store, find that app, and download it again. This is a literal equivalant of an eternity. I wouldn't be whining so much if Apple was nice enough to resume the download when I accepted their licence.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Battle of the bands

Whos better the Jonas Brothers or Guns N Roses? Please put if you are a girl or a boy because my sister thinks that Guns N Roses will win because only boys will vote because she thinks only boys go on instructables.

Posted by DizzyReed 9 years ago

IMovie Help: how to change the speed of a clip

Hey everybody I was editing some video and found out that the option of changing the speed of the clip is greyed out. Anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank You Im using OS X Yosemite 

Posted by robo10302 3 years ago

For Sale Brand New Apple iphone 16gb for $200usd

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Posted by global01 10 years ago

This is how to blow an amp

Try hooking a 1200 watt sub up to a 75 watt POS amp. It lasted for like 20 seconds and something blew and it all shut off. The sub is still fine though but damn now I need a new amp :( Any ideas? I wonder if I could build myself one?

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Do something w/ MacBook Air w/ broken display?

I am new to this site and I've found a lot of the ideas and guides very interesting. i have a late 2010 MacBook Air with a broken display. The most anyone has offered me for it is $100. After visiting this site I was wondering if there could be any possible uses for it? It works with external monitor. Any ideas? I'm supposed to meet someone later today to sell it to but am now having second thoughts thanks to this (and a similar site) here it is

Posted by iAndrew7 4 years ago

I have a laptop, I have to destroy.. :(

In my computers class, I need to make a movie, in hopes of getting a grant for the school. The theme is school laptop use, and my teacher got my a working iBook, that I have to destroy to simulate the use.. The thing is, it works just fine! I hard to just destroy a fine working piece of art... :-/ I think I'll try to get two, so I can destroy one, and keep the other one.. (If anyone wants/needs any parts from it, besides the keyboard and outside shell, please PM me)

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

A HUGE Apple!

I found this huge apple in my grandparent's back garden (yard)! I have never seen an apple so big before...

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Apple Tablet

So what's everybody heard about it? think it'll just be a large ipod touch or could it replace my laptop?

Posted by wuguwa 9 years ago

Instructables iOS App Released!

The Instructables iOS app was just released in Apple's iTunes Store.  You can also find it by searching for "instructables.com" within the app store.  The free app helps you find inspiration by browsing all the Instructables, and then share your projects by creating and authoring your own Instructables.  All from your phone, you can take pictures, organize your pictures into steps, add more information, publish, and enter contests.  You can even start an Instructable on your phone, save it to your Instructables account, and finish it on your computer.   The best camera is the one that's already in your pocket, and we're really happy that the best way to document and share your projects is now there too!   We also have an Android version that we're currently testing.      Download it and let us know how you like it.  

Posted by ewilhelm 5 years ago

I got a new computer!

It's been a long time since I've had either the newest or the "most powerful" computer in the household, so I feel like bragging a bit. Mac-Pro 8-core 2.8Ghz, 10G memory. It'll have about 2TB of disk (320+750+500+500) once I've moved things around...

Posted by westfw 9 years ago

Why isn't there an iPhone Instructables App??

Or atleast a mobile version for Safari? Constantly I find myself needing to use an instructable, but not wanting to wait a long time for the normal instructables to load. Similar sites like HowCast have an app, and a safari version. So instructables is a little behind with the times. Just an idea. I wish someone would consider it.

Posted by trebory6 9 years ago

Instructables app

The other day I was out and I want to go on Instructables on a Ipod touch and I had to put in the password and user name and it would not take it so I was think they should have a app for Instructables. So I did some reserch and found out they did not have one so I thought I would seed the Instrcutables teem a email but can not find there email. If you have my answer please put it in the comments. thanks

Posted by ducktape100 7 years ago

Top iPhone Instructables

Apple has released the new iPhone--and there are Instructables to make it better. Check out these iPhone-related Instructables, some of our favorites, that can make your iPhone better prepared for everyday use. Retractable Headphones Headphones are always getting tangled up in knots, but these recoiling headphones will keep the wires conveniently curled up and ready to use.   Business Card Stand Using just a business card, you can make this simple stand on which you can watch movies or just let your iPhone rest. Handgun Handset By talking into the grip, listening through the barrel, and starting and finishing your calls with a pull of the trigger of this modified airsoft gun, your iPhone calls will never be the same again. If you get trigger-happy, though, you might end up with a bunch of dropped calls. Book Safe As long as you don't choose a piece of classic literature, you can safely conceal your iPhone inside of a book with this design. Car Stand You don't want to be talking on your phone while you're driving, but this car stand will keep the iPhone in a convenient position for music and other purposes during car trips. One-Hand Use A simple loop attached to the back of the iPhone can make one-handed iPhone-ing simple and secure. And these are just a few--there are plenty more great iPhone Instructables to use!

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

Removing a teeny/tiny iPod/iPhone drilled screw

Hello, I have been doing some repair work on an iPod Touch 3G. One repair I'm having to perform is the power button which is totally unresponsive. This required removing some very soft tiny screws at the bottom of the device. Unfortunately, one didn't survive the screwdriver and quickly chewed up, which means I've had to drill it using a drill bit, which took a surprising amount of effort. The problem now I have is extracting the final stem which is still screwed in. The stem isn't flush with the metal but it's not far off, making it hard to grab using pliers. I'm looking for some suggestions how to remove it. I've read that cutting a thin screwdriver in half and gluing it using super glue is a way. Another way seems to buying an extraction set but the only one I can find in the area looks far too big (despite having a precision piece). Thoughts? All suggestions welcome.

Posted by skezza 2 years ago

Apple-Bose headphones

Hey guys, try this!!!

Posted by Javvy 4 years ago

I am becoming Apple Certified Technician(any tips?)

I am becoming a Apple Certified Desktop Technician (ACDT) and a Apple Certified Portable Technician (ACPT) any pointers or tips for the test?

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago

Apple Touch Icon

Could you include an Apple Touch Icon on the website? I know Instructables doesn't have an iOS app. Primary reason being that you want to focus on the website. I fully support that. I would like to add a shortcut to Instructables (my feed) on my iOS devices and I would like the bookmark to have a proper (Apple Touch) icon. Just because it looks nice and I think it would support Instructables' web app approach. Thanks.

Posted by pietervankessel 10 months ago

Apple headphone Jack to 2 Speakers

I am trying to attach a apple headphone jack to 2 speakers. Which wires do I have to put where because on the right side there are 3 wires which are the red, copper, and the red and green wire twisted together and on the left side there is the green and the copper and is there anyway that you can control the volume on your ipod from the remote that's on the headphones??

Posted by moojomoore 6 years ago

Ipod touch 5

So all the talk and youtube videos are making apples ipod touch 5 look amazing. With 5 color choices, a-5 chip, siri, better battery, better cameras, and so much more it is got to be great. So i say all that to ask when it comes out "Will you buy it".

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

iPhone Pirates!

From Wired:"The iPhone's App Store is becoming an increasingly juicy target for pirates, who have illegally cracked 20 percent of paid applications for free distribution.Apple's App Store offers about 25,000 paid apps, and iPhone analytics company Medialets estimates at least 5,000 have been pirated. The company also said it has tracked dozens of apps with as high as a 100-to-1 pirated-to-paid ratio."That's one fifth of Apple's applications for the iphone! LinkWhat do you guys think? Do any of you use the pirated apps? Most of us have heard all the downsides to pirating, are there upsides to pirating? Opinions welcome; discuss!

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 9 years ago

feature comment button is gone

On my latest i'ble I noticed that the "feature comment" button is gone! 

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago

Macworld 2008: What do you think?

Macbook Air, faux-GPS on the iPhone, $20 for an iPod Touch upgrade, apple TV 2, movie downloads. A lot of stuff was announced today.What do you guys thing about it?My only thoughts are that I wish that apple would put the multitouch feature into the Macbooks and Macbook Pros. I am also going to get an iPhone now that it has the location stuff in Google maps. I still wish it had GPS though. Also, with the Time Capsule announced there won't be as much need for an application that a friend and I made to do the exact same thing with any network drive. Check it out here, iTimemachine. We also have a couple other apps so look at those too!

Posted by Einsteins Circuitry 10 years ago

Is it my imagination?

Is this my imagination, or is iOS6 more power-hungry than 5 was? I'm not sure, but there seems to be a constant charging of iPods chez Kite these days.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Trojan horse for macs in the wild

Uhoh.A trojan horse for MACS has been spotted: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/23/mac_trojan/It can take screenshots, log keystrokes, or (and here's the scariest bit) take pictures of you while on your computer through the built-in camera. Yikes!Be careful, all you apple users! You have a security concern to worry about ("a" trojan to worry about. As opposed to windows users...) ! Stay off Limewire and iChat. Lock your ports at night, and don't chat with strangers!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Ideas for old iMacs or LCD screens

I have 20 imac's with the old G5 processors.  Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with these?  

Posted by mark.ruckstuhl.5 2 years ago

Good god, it's been ages...

Wow. So today I got bored and came back here after like...a year. Most of you probably won't have the faintest idea of who the hell I am, but that's only to be expected lol. I had a major nostalgia trip and decided to open a drawer and bring back some memories. I sorta scared myself with some of the strange things I had previously created...because they're rather weird to see after all this time o.O I feel like an old person now, so I'll act accordingly. Whadda all y'all kids nowadays d- I can't do this properly. Anyways, what the hell have I missed in the past year? Anything interesting or groundbreaking(After  all this time, what I think to have been cool is probably now a load of steaming crap)?

Posted by apples!!!!! 8 years ago

Broken ipods (all kinds)

Hey guys. I'm basically looking for broken ipod classics and nanos, but i'm still interested in all kinds. Would like to hear what you guys have saved in your old drawers for a guy like me.  

Posted by ejohansen1 6 years ago

Lighting to USB pinout

Hello forums! I am having an issue and I desperately need help. It's easy enough to find a USB to lighting connector with the breakout already done for you on the PCB, but I can't for the life of me find the actually 9 to 4 pin diagram for conversion. Can any help me????

Posted by jfrost11 2 years ago

Instructables app shuts down when you select explore button

Every time I select explore button on the instructables app the app shuts down. I have the current IOS up loaded to my iPad and the most up to date version of the app. I tried restarting my iPad with out any luck. I also tried uninstalling and reloading the app and I have the same results. Any words of advice.

Posted by Hullkd 3 years ago

I have fixed a bug! (kinda)

I have fixed a bug! I took kiteman's profile and edited it (to look like a ghost for halloween) and I went to post it on his orangeboard but then an "i made it "pop up popped up! and it said "did you make it or are you just adding photos" so I pressed "just adding photos" but i couldn't press anything. then today I used chrome's "inspect element and went through it and found that if you delete "modal-backdrop fade in" you can click stuff again! the gray area should go behind the pop-up instead of in front of it

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago

instructables and a few issues with Mac, iPhone and iPad

I have had numerous issues related to writing step by step instructables on my iPad as well as iPhone and my mac....this site needs its own app for iPad and iPhone....I use my mac at home with similar problems...here are a few of the issues: While writing in the text box, when you go to delete a few letters,the cursor jumps to either the beginning of the paragraph or goes directly to the end... there is no internal spell check within the contents of the text box toolbar area or any where else that I can find the a few times I wrote an entire step and went to save it and then a error window appeared and I lost all of the data in that step when uploading images, sometimes you get a progress bar and other times not...never sure if its uploading or not for the first minute or so THIS IS WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED IN THE PAST TWO DAYS WHEN TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THE THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE..MIND YOU I JUST INSTALLED THE FIREFOX BROWSER BECAUSE SAFARI HAD SIMILAR ISSUES... Firefox can't find the file at https://www.instructables.com/pdf/Thanksgiving-Challenge/Thanksgiving-Challenge.pdf?includeHeader=on&includeTableOfContents;=on&includeImages;=on&imageSize;=MEDIUM&includeRelated;=on&includeComments;=on&includeImages;=off&includeComments;=off&includeTableOfContents;=off&includeRelated;=off&includeHeader;=off.

Posted by tinpie 5 years ago

iBook G3 Clamshell - Opinions needed? - Should I start a Progress thread?

So, after a few weeks desperate searching for an iBook, I finally bagged one on ebay. I was specifically looking for one that was non functional, as the mod I am planning is rather 'destructive'. So, my question is as follows, now that I have posted my wanted topic, and edited it to say I have one, and I am planning another vintage mac mod. Should I turn this forum topic into a progress thread? Updating as I go along? A lot of forums do exactly this, and although here we have the ability to put up the entire progress at the end, with a complex project like this, on going input is always welcome. Currently, I am deciding whether to turn it into a folio case, housing my iPad, gadgets, and other paper stationery, or whether I could manage to retro fit my netbook into the iBook? The netbook has not been used as much as I would like since purchasing my iPad, so it could be fitted into the iBook, however, I will probably find myself not using the iBook mod. My mum is also in need of a new computer, she the netbook I won would probably be suited to her. The iBook, once gutted has alot of empty space, I could either turn it into a 'netbook' of sorts with my iPad and a keyboard (this was done recently, but obviously I would do a better job of it, making the ibook so it actually closes for example) A gutted iBook could easily hold my iPad in the screen section, leaving the larger half empty, I could then keep my Phone, business cards, notes, and other folio-esque items in it. (this is my favourite idea)  

Posted by gmjhowe 8 years ago

apple ipod touch or android tablet

Anyone out there,,, do you have anything in mind to create something with a spoil Apple Ipod touch or an Android tablet.?

Posted by msufian 5 years ago

Funny apple cider making video

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgRzv2_6q9UThe description made me think of posting it here - "Dr. Mullins demonstrates how to make delicious wholesome booze out of boring old apples, using his 220V grinder, super-custom apple press with 12-ton car jack, and only the most sanitary laboratory conditions."Totally funny short video.

Posted by susie 10 years ago

how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation Ipod touch.?

i want to sell it to the apple store to get the new one . but i need to sell mine first so i can pay for the new on. how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation  Ipod touch.?

Posted by m5industriesinc 7 years ago

Which Apple product do you hate the most?

This iForum is about which iProduct from iApple you iHate the most. It is the internets biggest complaining session about your Apple products. Go on. Tell us how crap it is. Personally, I just hate the 'i' appended to everything.

Posted by JavaNut13 7 years ago

Apple MacBook Laptop with lots of Softwares

I am selling my Macbook with softwares such as the Adobe Creative Suite - Outlook 2007 - Microsoft Software 2011 - Skype - ichat and more. Here is the link - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-MacBook-13-3-Laptop-FREE-STUFF-EVEN-ADOBE-SOFTWARES-/290794918449?pt=Apple_Laptops&hash;=item43b4ba5231

Posted by DELETED_jdizaclothingco.com 5 years ago

The Pies I Ate This Thanksgiving

Check out these pies I ate yesterday for Thanksgiving! We had an entire table stocked with desserts, and among them, these were the best:My Pumpkin Pie (still holds the record for world's best and smoothest pie)Apple Pie with Apple Logo baked by the Evil Mad Scientists themselves. More later, once we've organized the pictures.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Make way OLPC, here comes the $12 NES clone (not Apple II)

Correction:The project is modeled not on an Apple II, but rather on an existing $12 NES game machine clone, called the "Victor."It's likely based on the rather infamous NES-on-a-chip based clones that have appeared in millions of joystick-based games and other knock-offs....ComputerWorld ArticleMIT: From the Boston Herald:"Derek Lomas, Jesse Austin-Breneman and other designers want to create a computer that Third World residents can buy for less than you probably spend on lunch."Yes, the same school that developed the famous OLPC (One Laptop Per Child project) is creating a clone of the venerable Apple II computer. Projected cost is $12 per computer.Designers plan rudimentary web access, games, and it will undoubtedly use some existing Apple II software. Immediately, the old Contiki operating system comes to mind....Original story, the Boston Herald website

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 Piece of Eden Apple

Everybody has been making their own hidden blades, but how about we try another item from the game? The Piece of Eden apples. They are glowing, futuristic spheres, which have the ability to control people's minds and cause intense Hallucinations. From seeing them, it looks like we can use the same basic Idea as this guy here with a Glowing box: https://www.instructables.com/id/Awesome-led-cube/ The Apple looks very similar in that the light emanates from behind the metal pieces, glowing at times, and you'd also need a way to turn it off and on, or for an added effect, but an electomagnetic switch inside instead of a pushbutton, where you can hold it and make it glow, but when you hand it off, it fades, or it only glows when placed on a base or something of the such. Just thought i'd get the ball rolling and see what we can come up with!

Posted by EragonShadeslayer 8 years ago

iPad toon

iPad 2 is hitting the streets, and I just discovered FoxTrot. Serendipity, anybody?

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

got a mac powerbokk 190 to tear and mod...

Recently i got myself a used mac powerbook 190 for about $0.25. it has no power adapter for charging it, but that'll change soon. i plan on tearing it down and modding it with some apple type back screen logos, and installing linux, with maybe a mod to the lower half as well.

Posted by zack247 8 years ago

CAD on Mac.

Does anyone here do CAD 3d modeling on mac? If So, what program, and where can I get it. Looking for open source, or free stuff. Would be great if it opened files from autodesk inventor. Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

New Mac ad about PC parts pissing me off

This new Apple Mac ad is really pissing me off. It's the one where the Mac and PC are in therapy, and the therapist is telling the PC it's not his fault (that he has hardware problems) because all of his parts come from different places. Well, see, on the PC side, we have this thing called freedom. We get to pick our own parts and we're not restricted to the stuff you have to use with a Mac. I don't hate Macs. I've thought of switching to a Mac many times. But this is the one thing (other than lack of money) that prevents me from doing so. You have to use one of those stupid prebuilt Macs. You can't just buy the OS and install it over Windows. Like I said, I like Macs, but I cannot stand Apple. Everything else they make is crap. The iPod is overpriced, and I can get way more, far better features on something else like a a Sandisk Sansa. Same with the iPhone, it doesn't even have a hardware keyboard.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

Macs can't get viruses?

I've heard that macs cant get viruses because their coding is different or something.What would happen if you were to access a virus site on a mac?Can anyone also explain why exactly people say that macs cant get visures? aside from the fact that most viruses are for windows

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

iPhone 5s Stuck on Apple Logo

I've been trying to restore and update my iPhone 5s but its stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar not moving. iTune is at the latest version and  I have tried different USB cables and still not working. Any idea how to fix it? I've waited for 6 hours and still no update on the progress bar.

Posted by Melbonene 3 years ago

MacBook Pro Case fix-up

So, I made this case last year in July-ish, It used to be a Speck(™) Fitted Case. The old fabric was white plaid but it was getting discolored, so I decided to be creative and take an old shirt of mine that didn't fit and cut it to the shape of the MacBook Pro case. I then peeled off the old fabric and placed the shirt on the case, and I bought Fabric Spray Glue from Michaels and sprayed the shirt till it stayed immobile and flat to the case. I then used a razor to cut off tattered pieces but now the glue wears off on the edges and the fabric isn't as stretchy anymore because I cut so much off the shirt.  I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for a nice "guy-styled" trim to put around the case to cover up the annoying saggy fabric? The material on this case already has black studs all over. 

Posted by Feross26 5 years ago

LEDs keep on taking over. Excellent.

It's no secret that we love using LEDs for our projects. They sip power and are fantastically tiny. You can even get an introduction to how they work with just an LED and a coin battery. If you haven't used one yet, make it a new year's resolution to make one light up this year. If you want to complete any resolutions, that'll be one of the easiest.Yesterday's announcement of the Macbook Air in San Francisco pushes the LEDs further. This isn't the first laptop to have it, but it's a dramatic display of how far the tech has come and how far it needs to go. LEDs aren't perfect for every use, but they hopefully will be someday.According to this article some of the current goals are for better whites, deep-UV, and quantum cryptography. All of which sound pretty tasty.But what about you? What do you want from LEDs that you don't see just yet?

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Apple iPad - comments and opinions?

OK, you've all seen it now. What do you think? (Image via Reddit)

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago