How do I crate apps/programs?

Hi I don't know how to program at all. Can anyone help me with this?

Posted by Hippymike96 6 years ago

How to make portable apps?

How can I make portable apps from games like "call of duty" or "last Chaos"? People have been showing me games like this on thier USB drives and they can be played on any computer without installing... How is this so...?

Posted by gold3nwing 9 years ago

Phone guitar

Phone apps are creeping more into the musical space. Famous musicians have been seen using cell phones with apps to play in their shows. Steffest has combined multiple phones into a guitar and can be seen here playing the results. Now I want to see him add an iPad for the guitar body and make the entire thing touchscreen. via Make

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Jewelry Design App Ideas?

Our group at Autodesk is thinking about making an app to help people design custom jewelry, since the current options are slow, expensive, and hard to use.  If you've made your own jewelry or worked with a pro to have a custom piece made, our summer intern Kristen would love to pick your brain for 15-30 minutes to learn what features would be most useful to you in a jewelry app. If that sounds like fun, just reply here and Kristen will contact you to set up a phone or Skype chat.  Thanks!

Posted by canida 5 years ago

Best Ipod Apps?

Tech might not be the best category but Ipod is technology! I need apps for my ipod!  I can download from Apple or Installous.... Cooking, DIY, Self help, Music, Fun games(not angry birds) to anything..

Posted by FlatLinerMEDIC 6 years ago

Installing Cracked Apps On iPod 1st Gen With iTunes (No Wifi) Help Please?

Ok so my iPod touch is the one with no wifi. It is grayed out. No wifi, zero connection, NONE! So, recently my friend put a bunch of cracked apps for me on to my ipod through itunes. What I want to know is HOW do you put cracked apps on iTunes then transfer to your iPod? Thanks

Posted by wyns 8 years ago

iPods as scientific tools (app-creation challenge)

I can't help noticing that there are a lot of kids with iPods at my new school. I have a half-warmed idea that this is an under-exploited resource - these things are packed with sensors that most schools cannot afford to buy for themselves. Does anybody know of any apps that can be used to easily access this data in a form useful for students?  For instance: the iPod replaces the bob in a pendulum and records the time it takes to swing, and the forces acting at each moment of the swing, then displays the data in a graph on the iPod, or uses the wifi link to email the document in a form that can be used by an Excel spreadsheet. And not just acceleration and time, but sound and light (isn't there an ambient brightness detector in there somewhere?). Suggestions? Any recommendations? Edit Kitewife bought me an iPod Touch for Christmas!  I have so far installed the following apps that use the on-board sensors; SPARKvue (accelerometer display), Signal Gen (an audible signal generator), SoundLevel (a free decibel meter / sound oscilloscope) FreqCounter (displays a continuous full-screen oscilloscope display Decibel 10 (analogue & digital sound level meter, which will email data for you) SpiritLevel & iTools (for measuring angles and levels by moving the iPod) Protractor (lays a protractor over the view through the camera, allowing you to measure "real" angles you can't reach (say, of a roof-line, or between branches of a tree). What I cannot find (yet) is a decent app that gives a class-room-useful read-out of light levels - they don't tell you the light-level, they tell you what f-stop to use on your camera. The next job is to find ways to use them in lessons, or as homework tasks. Question: Is anybody reading this able to actually create their own iPod Touch apps?  The apps I've downloaded so far are fine, as far as they go, but they really need a better way of getting the data out in a form that can be manipulated (eg by spreadsheets).

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

App yet?

Anyone developing and iPad app yet?

Posted by Heef 6 years ago

iOS App: Explore Drop Down crashes app

IOS 9.3 ipad air instructables app when I attempt to use the explore drop down on the main screen, the app crashes. thanks

Posted by Marcos El Malo 2 years ago

Android App Design with App Inventor Tutorial Paint App 1 of 3

Https:// This is my first tutorial on instrucables~and will include 3 tutorials! Click on the link and enjoy, comment, and favorite!!

Posted by authorhaider 3 years ago

iPhone app ideas

I was wondering if any of you guys had some cool iphone app ideas.

Posted by Zephyr Wind 7 years ago

Can't login in app

Great site but I am unable to login with Facebook or email from within the app. 

Posted by ssouthern 3 years ago

iphone app cannot log in.

I cannot login in the app. The login fields appear, but clicking in them yields nothing.

Posted by ltlBuddha 5 years ago

Instructables app for iPad?

I had a app for my iPad, but there is no update? So I deleted it. Where can I find a new App for instructables for the iPad?

Posted by Super Useable 10 months ago

Instructables App Can't Upload

Instructables App Bug!!! on the instructables app I've been trying to upload a new instructable. But for some reason when it starts to load it crashes. And I have to restart the App hopefully someone could help me 

Posted by Loganw2543 4 years ago

Iphone app crash

When i add something to fav. On my iphone the app closes on me. When i reopen the app the artikle is not added to fav. Any solution for it. 

Posted by gservers 5 years ago

How to install the Instructable app on a tablet?

When using a tablet, the Instructables app is not available in the Google Play store. Is there a way to install it on a tablet?

Posted by d ata 1 year ago

How do a start writing an app?

Ok, so the ipad 2 looks like an instructables machine!  I saw another post that rumored an ible app is on the way, which is sweet. How do I start writing apps myself?

Posted by sarahfish 7 years ago

Iphone/ipod app

I recently downloaded an Instructables App. - is it legit? - if so, why is there no search option? - if there is one... where is it? - if there isint one... can there be one added? It would make it great!

Posted by Alphonsus 8 years ago

Who thinks we should have an Instructables app?

I think we should make an Instructables app, so you could browse 'ibles on the go!

Posted by HMice 6 years ago

I can not acced to the Android app with my credentials.

Hi. When I try to acceed to the Android app with my credentials I can not. I registered on the web with Google but I have tried to create an account with that credentials and is impossible to create one. App Instructables, 2.0.4. Lollipop 5.0.1 I was in the welcome page on the app. Thanks.

Posted by SalvadorM10 2 years ago

Instructables App

Hello, My daughter has recently discovered Instructables on my phone, and now she wants the app on hers.  Does anyone know what happened to it?  I have tried the Family Sharing feature for IOS; however, it isn't on my list of purchased apps... Thoughts?

Posted by cyberogre 1 year ago

Anybody feel like making an Instructables app?

So you guys may know that Instructables no longer supports their apps for either phone platform. This is a pain as many of us like using our phones for the things they look at on the site. Is anyone interested in putting together an Instructables app?

Posted by jchoneandonly 1 year ago

free android apps

I have a website that hosts new android apps for those developers who don't want to pay the $20 licensing free. this site will then allow you to distribute the app around with your friends and family. so far i only have 2 apps. what i want to know is if there is a community of developers who want to publish there apps on a site like this. also if any members  of the instructables community will want to put any of there apps on this site it will be much appreciated my email address is the website is

Posted by kjordaan 6 years ago

Unable to login with Facebook in Instructables android app

 When I am trying to login with Facebook in Instructables app , it showing some error. Device : Redmi 3s Os  : Android 6.0.1 App version : 2.0.4

Posted by JunezRiyaz 2 years ago

Instructables app shuts down when you select explore button

Every time I select explore button on the instructables app the app shuts down. I have the current IOS up loaded to my iPad and the most up to date version of the app. I tried restarting my iPad with out any luck. I also tried uninstalling and reloading the app and I have the same results. Any words of advice.

Posted by Hullkd 3 years ago

instructables app

Hello i would like to say great app/website and found loads to make and do . but my problem is on the app i am unable to log in using google it will only let me log in using facebook or username 

Posted by DarrenG3 3 years ago

iPad App when click Explore All, flash back

Hi, I'm new here, I use my iPad App when click Explore All, app flash back

Posted by KenRon 2 years ago

App Crashing When Trying to Publish

Everytime i try and publish an instructable it says its loading then a couple seconds later the app crashes and sends me to my home screen. Ive tried everything to try and stop this. Ive closed apps, deleted music and apps and pictures to get more storage, restarted my phone and nothing seems to work. Can anyone Please help me?

Posted by Fruitloopzy 2 years ago

Instructables Windows Phone App

I think that it would be really nice to see an instructables app in the windows phone store, with the windows phone platform growing and becoming more and more successful, I think that a lot of users would be really excited to see an app developed for the windows phone users! Hope this is a possibility because I would really love to see a windows phone app. If progress is currently underway and the app is being developed that would be great, but otherwise I hope that someone will start making one soon.

Posted by shotgunshane 3 years ago

Apps - Adrianmonk look here!

I got the iphone , now what apps should i download? I'm asking in the k'nex section cause it feels right.

Posted by Katarukito 9 years ago

Login problem on intructables app (ios)

Im having problem "logging in" on instructables app on ios.,I encounter this only with the last app update.,Everytime i tried to login directly on instructables app,i was diverted to safari app in instructables login page.,& tried to login there.,but it fails.,And last night i tried to login using my facebook account,i successfully login but with a different user name and not my instructables pro account.,i tried to report it & email a feedback.,but no reply and not resolve at this moment.,Is there anyone encountering this kind of bug on instructables App?,im looking for a a fix for this after i updated my app.,tried to uninstall,rebbot & reinstall the app yet the problem still exist.,Luckily i login using chrome on instructables webpage & made a topic here.,Hoping someone could assist me on how to fix this.

Posted by rodski 3 years ago

Make an App for the website

I wish if Instructables technicans can make an iphone app for so that we can get the news and read about the new instructables anywhere .

Posted by Yousuf404 7 years ago

App messing up and Adverts

It's been a while since I used this app. The number 1 reason is because the app messes up a lot and there have been no attempts to fix it. For some reason they decideded to make it so you have to sign in every time you use the app even if it was just 10 min ago. The problem is that you can't sign in from your app. It switches to the web browser to sign in and when you click facebook or sign in half the time it doesn't switch back to the app and the other half it just doesn't sign in. I started using the app again and here it is 2 years later and they still have not fixed the problem. Now I notice that it has advertisements in the middle of people's posts thanks for eating up my data. If these problems are not fixed I won't be using this again 

Posted by ChrisE22 3 years ago

Cannot upload project from APP

Cannot "save to" or publish my instructable from the iOS app. Anyone else have this issue? Would love to be able to upload this especially after spending so long getting it together. 

Posted by rciggan 3 years ago

Iphone App - Comments

I have downloaded the iphone app, and its good, but you cant see any of the comments attached to an instructable. Comments can be really important for additional information or improvements... I think you need to be able to see them. The iphone web interface handles them well.

Posted by Mr_o_uk 5 years ago

iPad app exiting when pressing "Explore All"

I am using an IPad air with latest iOS updates and version 2.64.5 of the Instructables app For the past 6 months or so, whenever I go into the app and press "Explore All" the app simply exits back to my IPads homescreeen. All other app functionality appears ok. I have tried: - shutting and restarting the app - a hard reset - deleting and redownloading the app - as a last ditch effor, doing a factory reset and restoring from backup None of the above has worked and it's really destroyed my ability to use Instructables on the IPad and the desktop version is a little clunky to explore on a tablet. I have submitted feedback a couple of times through the app but that hasn't seemed to have done anything. I really hope asking here might help me resolve this! Thanks Darren

Posted by DJC2 3 years ago

IOS App?? explore Crash

Hate to beat a dead horse but, can we at least fix the IOS app to make it usable? If you don't know what I'm talking about download app and tap on explore. You only have to try it two or three times before you delete app. Seems to me many potential contributors to the DIY community will move on after discovering that such a great database is impossible to explore...wait where did it go? There it is...expl..whoops..screw it. 

Posted by G-Bus 2 years ago

Instructables App

So, has anyone else seen the Instructables App? So many brilliant minds, apple/mac people... and it still works better to just use the browser?  Is it still being added to?  Is it being worked on more? I'm sorry to have to say, but this is the first time Instructables has really.. disappointed me.

Posted by tesla94 8 years ago

iPhone App not updating

My Instructables iPhone app has stopped updating :( The recent Instructables remains on "Duct Tape Projects by Sam DeRose". and the Featured is stuck on "Shop Tolls by Instructables Guide" Its been like this for a few days now. I have logged off and logged on. I have uninstalled the app and re-installed it. No success. Getting to current Instructables via Safari on the same iPhone works fine. Please help :| Alan

Posted by acboother 5 years ago

Android app does not show any profile info

The Instructables app for android does not show any info from my profile. Favorites, following, my picture, my personal info... Nothing... All empty. It's like session is not started, but if I tap in the login button I go to my empty profile. I can't see the logout below. (See screenshot) Using Android 7 and app version is 2.0.4.

Posted by I Otura G 1 year ago

Favorite Apps/games??

Hello Instructables :) i want to know what your favorite Apps/games on iPods/mobiles etc are! what games do you play to pass the time??? what are your fav apps?? Mine are Fruit Ninja Ninjafishing Angry Birds Please feel free to post as many times as you like and update your Favs :D

Posted by AussieAnglerGal 6 years ago

Instructable App don't work on Ubuntu

I logged in and went to start an instuctable.  I started with the first line to name the instructable, app won't accept text.  I tried Firefox and chrome, but still doesn't work.  I running on a Linux computer with Ubuntu. If the program is web based, why wont it work on my computer?

Posted by botronics 2 years ago

iPad App bug. The most irritating one. Please solve. Arrgh

I'm using the app on the iPad. Mine is an iPad Air 2, and the OS is 8.4 version. Whenever you try to click on the 'explore' dropdown on the top the app exits (don't know If it crashes. It just exits and I come to the home screen). It is the most irritating thing ever. I tried this when I'm Logged in, the app exits and logs me out as well. When I'm logged out, the app exits. This happens as soon as you touch the explore dropdown on the top bar. Please please fix it. It screws up the entire experience.  i can't really give you any screen shots since there is non error message. 

Posted by PankajU1 3 years ago

Android Mobile App Login trouble

Hello! I have troubles to login in Android app. I correctly logged in in my account through the web browser on my PC. But I can't do that on the mobile app on my cell phone. I checked it several times and I'm sure, I correctly entered email and password in the login form. It's always returns "We can't find that account, or your password didn't match". After several unsuccessful attempts I tried to recover my password through the mobile app. I entered email in the dialog, then app returned me the result: "We don't have that email on file, or an error occurred". The i tried to register new account with my email that I've entered on the previous attempts. The application returned: "Email address is already in use" 1. Android 4.3 on LG Nexus 4 2. Mobile App version 1.1.2 3. N/A 4. N/A 5. Install mobile app and try to login

Posted by amelnikov 5 years ago

Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

This topic was originally posted in "answers: technology" I was asked to post it to this forum as well. Synopsis of problem: I had just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  But, all I saw was the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  Could not get past these and navigate to the site. I have the 2nd generation nexus 7 running android v4.4.2. Tried tapping the screen, resizing, sliding, and nothing. It would just move between the above mentioned images. Discovered if i logged into the instructables site via chrome, and selected the app to display everything afterwards, it worked.  Basically, it would not let me do anything if I initiated the app first. Once I got past my initial login via chrome I could return to app to login, navigate, etc. and the app appears to work fine.

Posted by itsjustbob 4 years ago

iOS App

I don know about everybody else but i strongly beleive that Instructables should creat an app for the iOS platform. I have been on instructables for a couple years now and love it, but i cant always access it because of blocks on my schools wifi. I would even purchase an app if instructables made it. I know others would too.

Posted by budhaztm 6 years ago

Why isn't there an iPhone Instructables App??

Or atleast a mobile version for Safari? Constantly I find myself needing to use an instructable, but not wanting to wait a long time for the normal instructables to load. Similar sites like HowCast have an app, and a safari version. So instructables is a little behind with the times. Just an idea. I wish someone would consider it.

Posted by trebory6 9 years ago

'Featured' e-mail links don't work in iPhone App

Am I doing something incorrectly? I use the iPhone e-mail app to review the weekly/daily 'FEATURED' instructable e-mails.  Often I follow the link from the e-mail to review the build steps.  I am frequently prompted to use the iPhone app. I have it installed, however it is not compatible with e-mail.  If when prompted to start the app, the app comes up with what ever page it would normally, not the specific instructable that I am following from the 'FEATURED' e-mail.  I like the app and I like the 'FEATURED' e-mails, however always prompted to use app is frustrating and not being able to follow featured items with out have my logon already in place as with the app is frustrating.  I have pro to be able to read all in one-step, however when following from the 'FEATURE' e-mail I always have to select view in one or always have to log in.  When killing time 1-2 minutes reading e-mails, not worth effort to log in.

Posted by stempile 4 years ago