Arcade Cabinet Building

Ok, I've looked around everywhere, but nowhere I found gave me enough information, so I'm going to try on the forums. I am planning on making a Custom Arcade Machine, and I need some help. I know that you need MAME and what not, but I'll tell you what I have and what I want it to turn out as. I have: 5-7 old pcs sitting around, all are windows, and they all meet min arcade requirements. 3-4 monitors sitting around a plentiful supply of plywood, scrap metal, and welding tools for the cabinet. internet As for the cabinet, I want to be able to play most arcade games, and this is my hopeful specs. Upright cabinet every button you can imagine, my plan is for the front of the table having a joystick and 6-8 buttons on each side with a trackball in between them, when a game is selected that needs a steering wheel, a servo moves a mechanism out of the way to allow you to pull up a yoke, with more servos to lock it in certain ways( like lock the y axis in a racing game, but full movement in a flight game), and lastly have some pedals at the bottom. so I am basically going for an ultimate cabinet, and possibly ebay some to cover my costs. I also have some experience in computers and electronics almost forgot, I also plan to put in a coin slot, in case others want that, and to keep my brothers from being on it all day. :D

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FPS arcade gun

//Rustlabsthis is a project Ive been working on for a while now and am nearly finished! its a FPS shooter arcade style gun for FPS computer games. it uses robo realm software to track blue or infrared LED's (depending on the surroundings) and gives full point and shoot game play. it uses a side mounted joystick to control player movement and has many axillary controls.i will have the instructable up soon- just got to finish it up- enjoy!

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Ok I've got an idea of a aarcade like gun that could be used for your everyday PC \lappy. I was thinkin that people could probably use the arcade gun for a mouse.   Instead of using it just for game etc it could used to play FPS game and even for FPS creator so instead of using your mouse it could be as if you were the character and the one who is aiming!!! I even noticed that the newer or older? guns with a slide would be cooler.

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Led Arcade Button?

Basically what I want to do is this   Or here if that doesn't show properly But without a microcontroller. I need some guidance and direction for the circuit. I was looking to use a rgb led like this one . It has a logic chip and resistor incorporated. Any suggestions on the circuit. This is going to illuminate a guitar killswitch and I want to conserve space that is why I do not want a controller. Thanks.

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how to make a normal usb arcade stick in to a wireless arcade stick for xbox 360?

How to make a normal usb arcade stick in to a wireless arcade stick for xbox 360? 

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how do i make a arcade pad for wii to and a arcade pad for pc?

How do i make a arcade pad for wii to and a arcade pad for pc? im thinking of taking taking out the plug that goes to the wii remote and replacing it with a usb but i dont know what wires to use (should i take out the white and green or not) and it will be the first time i solder wires

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How can I make a computer run arcade machine for commercial use? Answered

HI I have been interested in making arcade machines to eventually make an arcade. I was reading about mame and I am confused. Can you use mame programs commercially? IF so, how. If not, What is another way to use a PC to run an arcade machine. I want pac man, and centipede for now. Can ANYONE HELP?

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Arcade Single button power everything?

So here's my issue, I have a really nice button for powering on my MAME arcade. The button has 4 wires 2 for LED and 2 for the switch. I currently have that button wired to a USB cable and the soft start of the computer so that when I press the momentary switch it turns the computer on and then it also lights up the power LED of the button. I have the -ve of the switch and the LED wired together so i have 3 wires vs. 4, and then i have that wired to the -ve of the usb. The other 2 wires are +ve of the usb and to the +ve of the cpu power switch. Now I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how to wire up the Monitor to power on. It has a soft momentary switch for turning it on. I attached a headphone cable to the terminals of the button so I can easily unplug it when needed. I tried wiring this in parallel to the power button but that causes weird issues with the computer power. SO my question is, is there a solution to get this to work? 

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Skylanders arcade machine - WIP

I'm working on a skylanders arcade machine, And it  might take a while, But, Its gonna have the wii in the base hooked to the TV, The skylanders base hooked up and ontop of the base, A T.V in the top, And the Remote charger next to the skylanders base. Any ideas?

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Becausewecan table for Penny Arcade

Our friends over at Becausewecan just built an awesome Twisp and Catsby conference table with wood and resin inlays for the folks at Penny Arcade. They did a great job - it even glows1 in the dark! Check out the making-of video here: 1 I'm totally taking credit for that one - last time we visited they were doing resin-pouring tests, and I passed along info on glow in the dark pigment powder. We got a sample from TAP plastics last Maker Faire, and this seemed an excellent use!

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modular arcade cabinet idea?

Hey guys, For all you gamers and arcade fan out there. I got a chalenge for you. Can you think of a good way to make a modular arcade cabinet that would let you play with joystiq controler AND racing wheel with little as possible change to make. So a mix between a racing cabinet and a regular arcade cabinet. Show me what you can think of :)!

Topic by Zoukiny 4 years ago

GameBoy Color to Larger Screen

Hello so I am trying to make a setup such that I can use a VGA cable to connect the game boy color to a larger screen (old computer monitor) in my case.  I haven't found any specific step by step guides on how to do this and was hoping for some help or direction.  

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knex Electronic arcade instructions

Hello everyone. I recently got the electronic arcade from ebay but it didn't come with any instruction booklet. So if you have it let me know. Thanks.

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My MAME cabinet

I decided to build a MAME cabinet from scratch.  I got the basic shape from  I'm not sure what to make it out of.  I'm thinking just 3/4"plywood but I'm not sure it will finish nice.  Home Depot lists it online costing $40 which is kind of pricey.  For around $20 they have "Ultra-Blend Particleboard Underlayment" but I'm not sure it's really meant for this kind of thing. I modeled everything in Sketchup.  The file is attached.  I also attached a number of shots so you can get an idea.  I guess you can't add notes to pictures in a forum topic?  There is a stool that slides out so kids can play easier.  The control panel will hinge out to access the wires.  Another hinged door will conceal the keyboard and mouse which will slide out on drawer slides.  The keyboard is just a grey boxy shape in my sketchup pics.  Another larger door will swing open for access to the computer.  The screen itself, a standard modern LCD computer monitor, will be removable so it can be easily turned 90 degrees for vertical games.  One pic has it in the vertical position.  The red button between the speakers above the screen is a pause button. I'd also like a way to turn off the lights behind the marquee when the computer goes to sleep.  I can handle the electronics to turn off the lights if only I can get a 5v or 12v signal from the computer when it goes to sleep. So what do you think?  I'm still in the planning stage although I have ordered the controls and keyboard emulator.

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Halloween Bash – A Community Arcade

A mashup of Halloween and makers, celebrating community-made arcade games, with free trick-or-treating and a food drive. Part of the Bay Area Science Festival – it’s the perfect mix of technology, creativity and Halloween celebration. Community Maker Groups with large arcade games throughout the Center. Cardboard Challenge + Community Arcade game -making Station: You make the games, we provide the prizes! Saturday, October 25, 2014 noon – 4pm Bon Air Center Just off Hwy 101 on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Greenbrae, CA

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how can i use a normal usb arcade stick on xbox 360?

I have a xbox 360 at home n i want to play tekken 6 using a usb arcade stick but my xbox did not detect the controller..can somebody tell me how can i connect the arcade stick..thanks 

Question by siderman0 9 years ago

Pac-Man arcade cabinet made with LEGO

Ben Fleskes built this Pac-Man arcade cabinet entirely out of LEGO and put in a 19" monitor so that he could play 48 different games on it. That reminds me, I need to bump up that MAME project that's in my queue. It's been there too long. Lego arcade machine

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i bought a stand-up arcade game and they didn't have the key to the front panel. how can I open it without a locksmith?

This is a classic ms. pacman machine by the Midway company. it looks like it will take a normal key, not a round key.

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 months ago

Can I modify a stand up arcade to accept different input?

I'm looking into building a custom arcade system.  I have decided that to save time and frustration that I will be retrofitting an actual arcade and was wondering if there was any way to output RCA (Red, Yellow, White) cables to the monitor or even vga.  I was thinking that this could be done by adapting the video output on a game board but was wondering if anybody's done this before.

Question by Greenhornetc13 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Cardboard Template for arduino powered Arcade?

I'm trying to find the 80's styled arcade plans for a cardboard project I had in mind it uses the retro 80's upright Arcade style you see with the screen upright, and I haven't find a single one only a mod to the icade for iPad. I'm thinking learning to code the Arudino to power up a couple of Atari's Classic games on it on my own mini cardboard arcade cabinet. I also will need a template of it so I can create some arcade like artwork for it and display with ease and play on it with a removable joystick (for battleZone only) and replace it with the special two joysticks for battle zone classic. if there's some plans for making a mini cardboard mini arcade from the 80's let me know so I can try coding the Ardiuno to play Atari's classics.

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How do basketball arcade scoreboards work?

Hey everyone, I am looking for some insight on how basketball arcade systems keep track of  scores. Some use infared sensors and others use clickers/triggers, but I have no idea how/where they're implemented. Here's a popular system: I am doing a project which will require me to use an arduino microcontroller and thought this would be cool. Output would be on a 3 digit led display, hopefully noone scores above 999 lol Thanks

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How do I safely connect a micro switch to a 6 outlet power supply? Answered

I have the Big Dome Push Button (sparkfun electronics) so I can start the power for an arcade machine with a press of a colorful lighted button. However, I'm new to the hobby of electronics so even this simple build is confusing to me. I basically need to connect the micro switch and LED  to a typical 6 outlet power supply. Help!

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Disable Ctrl + O shortcut in windows xp? Answered

I need to disable the Ctrl + o "open" shortcut in windows xp, because it is interfering with an nes emulator.  It would be best if I didn't require programming, but it is okay if it does. (I tried to submit this question twice already and it doesn't show up! I even waited a few hours and it still didn't show up!) Thanks in advance! AI

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choosing an OS for a linux based arcade cabinet

I'm looking at making an linux based arcade cabinet. The box I'm using has a Pentium 3 coppermine processor and 512MB ram. The game I want to try and run will be Geometry Wars running in VMware or similar. Does anyone have any suggestions for an OS? also, the computer doesn't have access to the internet, so that my make installing packages hard.

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Worlds smallest working Space Invaders arcade machine

After 3 months I have finally finished building the possibly the worlds smallest working Space Invaders arcade machine. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Donkey Kong Quilt Will Keep You Warm on those Long, Lonely Nights

Scope this cool quilt from Etsy maker CarolinaPatchworks.If you've got the $450 to shell out for this bad boy, you're probably still living in your parent's basement and could use something to keep you warm while you reminisce about saving the princess from the angry monkey 20 years ago on your Nintendo, probably in that same basement.Let's be honest, if you love 80s pop culture and clever, crafty re-creations of your childhood memories ( and obviously I DO ), it doesn't get any better than this.Or does it?Show us what you come up with! Can it beat 5volt's Art Toast?Or spacegirl94's own Mario Quilt?The Challenge is on! Via:GeekyGadgets

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How to play PSP on a TV with a game controler?

Hi guys, do any of you have an idea how i can play my PSP game on a TV and with a game controler (Playstation or any other)? The reason is simple, I would like to build myself a full size arcade cabinet for my psp using the X-arcade joystick. Thanks for the help!

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Can some one tell me the parts i need to buy to make my ps2,wii and xbox 360 a timed arcade coin op machine and/or an instruction manual please,please help,any info would be great,ive been interested in it for years and searching internet for ages,i ask the company where i can get parts like a timer board but they NEVER helped me yet,otherwise i wouldnt be asking here,please help anybody,so i can begin the project soon

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Puppy vs. Robot!

Puppy vs. Robot. Fight! ...via Suicide Bots

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Pixel Art Help

Hi I was wanting some help with my pixel art. I'm trying to make a game based off on the League of Legend characters. However I was having trouble trying to create them. I feel that they don't look like the "champions" so I was wanting some advice, help or you guys try to show me how you would make it. The following pictures are pictures of the champions and what I have drawn so far. Below are the models of the Champions: Arcade Sona, Arcade Miss Fortune, Arcade Riven, Arcade Hecarim( havent made him yet). Pls respond asap i could use all the help i can get!

Topic by SteelShadow104 3 years ago

Ikea RAMVIK Coffee Table Arcade Mod

I'm in the purchasing phase to begin building a new arcade modded coffee table.  I have most everything figured out, my only issue is an idea a friend of mine expressed to me tonight and that is a "spring loaded latch" to serve as a means to, when first pushed in, release the monitor from being held in place on the table so it can be more conveniently angled towards the viewers, and when pushed in again, to latch it back into position (flush with table top). My problem is,  I have no idea what these things are called or what they look like. I'm fairly certain "spring loaded latch" is the appropriate terminology, but not completely sure as everything I'm seeing looks entirely foreign to me. I've included a terrible, terrible MS Paint version (I literally spent ~5 minutes on this) to kind of show what I'm going for. I want it flat on latch, angled at release. Spring loaded to push it forward upon release, but locking at the end point (say 35 degrees). This will be my first mod, and I absolutely HAVE to do it as my wife thought it was cool enough to allow for our living room piece. So, to reiterate, my question is: What is the name of this piece that latches/releases upon pressing? Is there one viable for something as heavy as this monitor (21.5" IPS LED Monitor)? --- Also, if anyone has any suggestions, please do share. I am a total novice but my father is a woodworking aficionado (though my intent is to keep this as exclusive to my own efforts as possible).  When I finish this piece, I will absolutely include a step-by-step instruction PDF. Thanks, Eric

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i have a konami arcade cabinet i got at target with built in games, anyone know hot to add games or another card in it.

Its the konami with 11 built in games, i found taito superman game and i want to use the cabinet i have instead of building one not too smart.? i have a budget of about 200 bucks and thats about how much it would cost for the superman card, building the cabinet would add about another 100-200. any ideas??

Question by darkside3131 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I need help rewiring an optical mouse

Hello, I started a project I don't have the tech know-how to finish. I'm trying to rewire a wireless mouse to an arcade style interface. Is there a way I can rewire an optical mouse so as to accept input from an arcade joystick?  Thanks!

Topic by quantumgun 5 years ago

Is it very simple to connect USB cable to a 4-pin DIN?

I want to make an arcade themed Custom PC build. I will be building the case out of wood. It will be used for playing retro games using emulators with maximus arcade as a front-end. I want to make some controllers, and use 4-pin DIN connectors to make it a bit more unique and retro. Can you solder usb wires onto the connectors? IS it that simple and if it is; am i likely to encounter any problems? I don't have any problem soldering and connecting either.

Question by Darkwisdom 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can i make my wireless x-box 360 controllers work for x box arcade?

I bought x box controllers online for my kids. Now they tell me I bought controllers for X box 360 while what we have is X box Arcade.....(as if I know the difference),

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Why are the winners in the Converse Back to School in Style contest not sticking to the rules?

Some of the winners and finalists in the Converse Back to School in Style contest didnt have theyre instructable based on the title. For example, the first prize was a arcade, which had NOTHING to do with getting back to school in STYLE.

Question by conversegirl 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how do i wire my pcb and monitor?

I have a jamma wired cabinet with power supply at 5 volts.i have a 25" monitor with an icade 60 in 1 pcb.i need to know how to connect everything.neither the monitor or pcb is hooked up.i have little knowledge in this field but im willing to learn please help!!!!

Question by phill2 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to build a flash arcade game machine by a PC ?

I am planning to build a flash game machine  base on the flash game: gold miner :(check this link   for the game). as picture1 below. I would like to build it like a arcade  machine in the store . That means without  mouse and keyboard , only use a key  to control the  character , all of work of mouse should be automatically done by program(all of game selections would be set in advanced by PC mouse controlling program , through it is not optimal choose.) . the machine  will look like picture 2  in my mind : I have a PC which could run this flash game . I don't know how to program the mouse control and  how to control the character by a single button which connect to  PC . I think It could be done by arduino, is it right ? Is here anyone know the similar project to consider or give me any suggestions will be very appreciated !

Topic by tomxu 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Looking For Buttons

Can anyone please help me? I need Buttons (For a Controller/Arcade Cabinet) and I don't know where to get some. Thanks.

Topic by ddsn 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Working on projects

Hello! No one will read this, But i am currently working on a Wii Arcade! Where you can play games such as TY the tasmanian tiger or Skylanders!

Topic by archerdraven 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What are some compatible displays for Arduino Uno?

I'm gonna create a little half scale Arcade machine (out of cardboard if I can) just for fun so I can know how to code the screen but I don't know what displays can work for the Arduino Uno and I've found one at Sparkfun which is the touch one for it but that's too Expensive! So what are some displays that the Arudino Uno can use so I can program it to display Atari's Arcade games on it?

Question by SuperScourge 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

DIY Slik Stik joystick for Atari, repair rubber washer spring?

I have 5 or 6 of these Slik Stik joysticks for Atari 2600/Commodore 64, but they all inevitably break, which is too bad because they have a nice feel. The main problems are the self-centering "spring" is a rubber washer around the stick that deteriorates, or the metal shaft bends. The bent shaft is easy to fix (just bend it back into shape). But could anyone suggest how to replace the rubber spring?  Preferably something that is * cheap, quick, easy * uses readily available parts * won't degrade over time too much * looks OK (not too noticeable a hack) It would be nice to fix these so that they last, I just don't have the time / skills to get into a really complicated project. I think there are parts online but if there is an easy cheaper DIY solution I would prefer that;=15104820

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(newsletter) Nintendo Arcade, 5-Minute Pie, Drum Smoker...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Converse Back to School in Style Contest - Make or customize anything school-related and win a gift card so you can make your own Converse shoes! SINGER Kids Crafts Contest - Create something crafty with or for a kid and win a sweet new serger or sewing machine from SINGER! Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest - Make a 30-second how-to video and win an awesome Flip MinoHD video camera! Winning videos will be featured on Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest - Build anything using cardboard, and win a huge package of Gorilla Glue supplies and gear! Vote now for the finalists in the Low & Slow BBQ Contest! 5-Minute Pie Portable Mini Vocal Booth LED Replacement Fluorescent Tube Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag Submit a cardboard creation and win a prize pack from Gorilla Glue! Get crafty! Cardboard Frisbee Lock a Deadbolt from Outside without a Key Cardboard Red Dragon Make a Drum Smoker Captain Kirk's Chair Extremely Loud Alarm Clock Beehive Bookcase No-Knead Brick Oven-style Pizza Share something cool quickly! Win a pair of customConverse shoes! Pie Pops Laptop Stand from IKEA Parts Plush Cell Model Build a Nintendo Arcade Sign-up for this newsletter:

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mydian_nightshade- Finalist

Mydian_nightshade is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:Furniture grade cocktail arcade cabinetThis is a forum post created by Instructables on behalf of the finalist. Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Check out all the finalists in the master list or in the Laser Cutter Finalists Group!

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Worlds smallest Space Invaders machine ?

After 3 months I have finlly finished creating a mini working Space Invaders arcade machine. Let me know what you think

Topic by vcoleiro1 7 years ago

Stryker - How to build a sit down driving arcade cabinet - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcement here.Stryker was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:How to build a sit down driving arcade cabinetThis project should win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, but vote for this one!This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist. This was my first instructable and I'm thrilled to be a finalist because of popular vote. Thanks to everyone that gave me a positive rating.

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Are there any dangers in handling transformers? Answered

 I recently got a hold of a old arcade cabinet and I plan on gutting it. In the process I discovered that there was a big transformer present in the machine. Are there any dangers in removing the device? And if so how do i prevent myself from any harms?

Question by hacker3455 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What are those little poppers that you get from the arcade called?

They have the thin white paper around them, and i think they have some sort of powder in them... i was just wondering what they're called to find out how to make then.

Question by grt214 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How many inputs are possible on an AVR-Stick datalogger (for an arcade controller)?

Hi all. I was ordering some buttons and a stick for a MAME cab I'm building and decided to see if I could use an AVR-stick ( as a controller interface (my original plan was to hack a Sidewinder). I assumed that as it acts as an HID I could simply assign stick/buttons inputs to keyboard keys and Roberts yer fathers brother, a nice little controller to tuck into the cab! To be honest though I'm not that familiar with this kind of thing and any kind of help or pointers would be awesome. I have 13 inputs in all for the cab but the AVR-Stick only has 6. What's the score with wiring multiple inputs? Would I just use differing values of resistor to send difference voltages to the AVR-Stick? Am I getting it completely wrong? Am I asking too many stupid questions? I'm in your capable hands Instructables folk. Thanks in advance. Zdeevo

Topic by ZdEEvO 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Using a Push Solenoid as a finger press to start video game console...Help please

Ok guys so Basically I have a plastation 2 console in my arcade machine, I want to be able to turn it on via a arcade pushbutton on the outside of my machine. The idea I have is to use a linear push solenoid to act as a finger to press the power button on the front of the ps2 everytime i press that pushbutton........ Is this possible? what type of push solenoid do I 12v? size etc.... and can I use a momentary contact pushbutton to power on the solenoid momentarily to do a single press of the playstation 2 power button? Thanks for any help... P.S. I have very little knowledge of robotics or servos and solenoid usage....but I can solder, wire, etc....

Topic by Negativecreep0 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago