Need help

Looking for help with my new project. I want to power my mechanical arm using hydraulics.  I would prefer to use a joystick controller.  I want this arm to be able to hold a hedge cutting machine. The arm will have the same freedom of movement as a human arm. Eventually I want to use this arm on a machine such as a bobcat or similar device. For now I just need to be able to power this arm and then I can go from there. Anyone up for a challenge???? Dave Sender my E-mail Please see the photo of the size of the arm I'm looking to power.

Posted by davesender 3 years ago

Dutchj's experimental K'nex side-arm

Having finished my rifle and finding myself with nothing to do ( Don't worry, it will still be posted this week ), I thought I'd finally have a go at side-arms. So I built the TDS2, and hated it ( I'm going to get bashed for that, I know it ). I decided to have a look at some others like Oompa-Loompa's unofficial side-arm, and the one Bakenbitz posted a picture of on KI some time ago. Afterwards, I came up with this. This side-arm is powerful because the magazine is at the front and the trigger is at the very back. It's also kept reasonably small because the magazine is inside the handle.It fires grey connectors. It's a bit clumsy, but it is only a first version. I can probably make it a bit smaller and more user friendly if I remake it. Tell me what you think, and as always, constructive criticism is more then welcome

Posted by Dutchj 10 years ago

arm based computer

Can some one make an instructable for how to set up a usable arm based linux machine?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 10 years ago

Robot arm help?

A while back i saw an instructable that was a wooden robot arm it had a main arm and a second smaller one. the smaller one had a handle that allowed you to move it. you moved the smaller arm to program the larger one. anybody know what i am talking about?

Posted by pattyshaw 6 years ago

knex side arm list

This the list of knex side armstrauts side armtds or the dunkis side armloosewires slide action pistolflie-ing goose side armdsman195276's side armtd10 a mod of the tds made yet again by thedunkisOTTG1 by OblivitusP 2000 by the one the only ironman69TheDunkis's Mini-er TDS lol loads of mods for the TDSOKP K'nex Mini Pistolthe TDS2 a major mod or overhaul of the TDSdj radio's 357 knex pistoldgm's mesIf you want your side arm posted please comment the url and the name you want it posted as.Also if you don't want your gun posted up here message me and i will take it down.

Posted by knexfan9182 10 years ago

Tentacular awesomeness pushes limits of body image

From The Design Blog, via NOTCOT: Pushing the boundaries of current upper-limb prosthetic design, designer Kaylene Kau has created a prosthetic arm that supports the dominant functioning hand in accomplishing day-to-day tasks with ease and efficiency. Featuring a flexible design, the prosthetic arm adjusts to allow a variety of different grips to hold a variety of objects with minimum fuss. The Prosthetic Arm also integrates motors and cables, which help the user control the amount of arm curls required for different tasks. Presenting a simple yet effective design, the new prosthetic limb makes users self-reliant, as they can carry out their everyday tasks without any assistance. Of course, any advances in prosthetics is welcome, but I bet the first thoughts of most people reading this here were either Cool!  I could be an octopus! or Woah - I want one of those on my next Hallowe'en costume! I'd really like to see a video of it in action - I can't decide if it would be cool or creepy. I also imagine that an arm like this would be (relatively) easy to engineer for the amateur.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Is this normal?

The veins in my arms (a ton in my right, a lot, but not as much, in my left) bulge a ton, even if I'm not doing anything. While typing at a desk they look fine. Just sometimes out of knowwhere they just bulge, I might not even be doing anything that requires effort!. Is this bad? It doesn't hurt, it just looks weird. I don't work out (mind you I'm not that weak either, I'd call myself average), I weight about 100 pounds (I know, I'm light), I'm ~5' 4", and I'm 14., and I'm skinny. I'm Eurasian (half korean, and half white stuff like german and welsh, etc.). I find this really weird cause 2 of my friends are really strong, but they don't have the weird vein thing (they're skinny too). My arms are pretty thin, like I can wrap my thumb to my middle finger around my arm (about halfway inbetween my wrist and elbow, maybe a little more) More that I think about it typing bulges my veins, I'll post pictures of my right arm soon, it's freaking me out. Soome kids in my school are like "cool, how do you do that." Some girls are like "eewwwww" when they see my arms, but other don't seem to notice it. Bottom line, is this good, bad, should I be concerned, etc.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

HELP?! I need some advice on chair restoration!

I have spotted this chair in a charity shop, I have been looking for a similar style to this for my flat to restore/up-cycle. I plan to either have the cushion restored or to recover in a soft furnishing for a different look However... I am a total novice to this kind of this so I was just wondering: 1. What I should pay for a chair like this, in this condition? 2. How much would it cost to reupholster both DIY & by a professional? 3. How much it would be worth when finished? Any help and advice given would be much appreciated, as I really am unsure! Thanks!

Posted by beccajames7 4 years ago

Spring Loaded Arm Blade without Drawer Slide

Can anyone help me with instructions on how to do a spring loaded hidden arm blade without using a drawer slide? Looking for something a bit more refined. Also, I am looking not for it to use as is, but to spring out the blade and then be able to grasp it with hand and remove it to use. So I guess, more of a spring loaded holder for a knife, because really, trying to use an arm blade like this to do any real damage in an actual fight, would be difficult. Thanks

Posted by jscott14 6 years ago


Well, I finally got around to making a sidearm. Largely based on TheDunkis' new oodammo AP. Instructions -;=685

Posted by bakenbitz 9 years ago

robotic arm arc welder

Is it a robotic arm capable of arc welding feasible for a diyselfer ? I spotted some robot arms for cheaper than 200 $ over the web . Vantages for the operator would be no weld fumes breathing , no uv rays and such ..

Posted by gabdab 5 years ago

Knex Side arm

I'm looking for a easy to build knex gun that has a mag that don't jam easily and uses NO Yshaped connectors or 'HANDS". Post a link or write the URL PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

Posted by alfpwns 10 years ago

Looking for project parts

I need to attach an arm to the end of a stepper motor shaft that I will then use to rock a babies car seat. Finding an arm (or horn) is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Does anyone know a place to pick up stuff like that. The shaft is 5mm Thanks

Posted by dlouche 9 years ago

New Side-Arm DMTD (name pending)

Well some of you might have heard dsman and I are making a new side arm mainly by combining our side arms and then adding even more features. Some things we (well I) plan on -Stronger and just as reliable as DMS -Small and as comfortable as TDS -Removable magazine -Slide -A new feature I'm working on. Adjustable site for aiming at distances. So yeah we decided to team up because I honestly just got tired of competing with dsman. I have some questions for you though What ammo do you want us to use? We are leaning towards dark greys. Also what other details do you want? Such as what kind of trigger (true obviously) and also do you want it to be detailed like the gun down below or do you want it to be straight forward like the TDS? Give me any other features you want. This gun isn't what we are working on...yet. We might use it as a base. For anyone curious this gun is my newest version of what used to be the D. Falcon from the video comparing our side arms. It was what I was working on to beat both of them. This is mainly for the concept removable magazine I'm working on.

Posted by TheDunkis 10 years ago

Torsion spring resource wanted

I am going to build an arm to hold a tv that will hang from the ceiling. It will be approximately 52" for pivot to CG. As I am a teacher it will be an old fashion heavy CRT (prolly around a 25" tv)rather than cool wazoo light weight flat screen. I am looking for an appropriate torsion spring to take it from hanging to pinned up against the ceiling. I know about garage door springs but can't figure a way to retemper the spring after I cut off a few coils and bend an end so I can use it. Any ideas you may have to come up with a spring (canabalized is fine) or a retempering process would be appreciated! Thanks! Mikey

Posted by Mikey D 10 years ago

want help with a possible future steampunk instructible

okay, so i want to make a steampunk contraption.  at first it was going to be a spring loaded gun like the derringer thing in sherlock holmes but with a huge gun (i actually have feasible plans in my head for that one.)  but it drifted off to make an even bigger gun.   i thought, and came up with an awesome idea. a retractable Gatling gun arm.  the gun will move forward, and backward, and will spin around. i made a 3d example to show what i mean, if i can figure out how to post it. [URL=;=MyMovie.mp4][IMG][/IMG][/URL] and if that's the wrong code: what do you think?  any suggestions, questions, ect?

Posted by badideasrus 7 years ago

Got my Raspberry Webserver running - what to do now?

See my Setup here: Now i would like to know what else i can do to improve it (both, setup and website) thanks already

Posted by miicchhii 6 years ago

combat arms user names

Post ur combat arms usernames below ps mine is imawinner

Posted by finmonster 8 years ago

Best Side Arm

Alright we need entries for my best side arm contest at ibeatyou. Even if you don't want to enter it would help if you voted once we do have more entries...and if you're curious enough you can see and listen to meeting TheDunkis that has to be awesome right? Guess not... Competition LinkI don't care what you say here. Sure discuss whatever you want here although the real discussion is there I'm just inform those of you who haven't joined. I would join if you haven't. Knexperts like dsman, I_am_Canadian, and Jollex have already joined me.

Posted by TheDunkis 10 years ago

Discreet prosthetic arm: A Steampunk nonsense?

I love steampunk aesthetics, in both machines and clothing (I'm meaning girls) branches... but I have no artistic talent at all, so I can't develop such a beautiful machines or decorations. But sometimes steampunk fans care a lot about clothes and less about characters. They simply dress up, and waste the chance to assume a character, especially at conventions and meetings. There are lots of steampunk prosthetic-mechanical arms and hands, but I can't avoid think about "less are more". I mean, a mechanical arm in brass, cooper  and leather talks about your wit and ability, but a (simple) wired frame UNDER the jacket, apparent only by bumps and tensions under the sleeve and glove, and even better with mechanical wishpers and quiet pneumatic sounds when it moves (if you are so gifted), tells a story about the character of your character (if you understand me): for example, an inventor who has lost the use of an arm, may try to recover it and keep it hidden, like a shame. You can link it with an accident, a tragedy, a heroic act or a sacrifice. It would be part of my character, If I would had one. BUT steampunk is all about aesthetic, so... is it a nonsense? Or is it a second-level, deeper dive in the steampunk world?

Posted by infob 6 years ago

Good Gauntlet Ideas

Hey guys! So, I've been going around, and trying to figure out exactly what my next project is going to be. I want to make a gauntlet. Whatever I make, it has to be a gauntlet of a sort. Preferably a cool tech idea, or a weapon, but any ideas help. I have an old strap made for an arm gauntlet. I didn't measure it, but it is roughly an inch and a half thick, possibly two. I have multiple altoids tins, a pair of busted headphones (everything but the auxiliary cord is there, but the wiring needs some tlc), a lot of small dc motors, rubber bands, some old cell phones, and some odds and ends. I prefer not to purchase anything if possible, just make it. As real as possible for any weapon ideas (like, if it is a launcher, it should penetrate a box, if not more). Thanks everyone!

Posted by awsomebrawler3 3 years ago

Robotic Gripper Runs on Coffee and Balloons - Updated with video

I'm just on FIAH with these Topics. But this one's cool too. Via ScienceDaily: A collaboration between researchers from Cornell, University of Chicago, and iRobot has resulted in a robot gripper that conforms to practically any object. From the article: Here's how it works: An everyday party balloon filled with ground coffee -- any variety will do -- is attached to a robotic arm. The coffee-filled balloon presses down and deforms around the desired object, and then a vacuum sucks the air out of the balloon, solidifying its grip. When the vacuum is released, the balloon becomes soft again, and the gripper lets go. This sounds like another hi-tech device that could easily be duplicated by a DIYer. All you need is a balloon, coffee grounds, and a vacuum pump. Update 2 November: Found the video! It gives a much better idea of how the thing works. Via, image from same.

Posted by CameronSS 8 years ago

Plastic Soda Bottle Prosthesis

Prosthethic arms for land-mine victims, etc. War, land mines, and natural disasters create far too many amputees each year, especially in the developing world.  Worse, prosthetic limbs are expensive and hard to come by.  The Center for International Rehabilitation, posting under Instructables username CIRNetwork, has been working to find sustainable solutions:  locally available materials worked by local craftsmen.   Their plastic soda bottle prosthesis is one clear, simple solution to this problem:  a plastic bottle is heat-shrunk to cover a plaster cast of the limb stump.  Different devices can be attached to the end of the bottle, enabling the wearer to perform basic daily tasks.  This type of thing can really make a difference.  Check out the video below, and see more on the CIRNetwork YouTube channel. Want to help?  CIR is seeking donations of mobility aids to support ongoing rehabilitation relief efforts in Haiti.  You can also make general donations to assist people with disabilities worldwide. This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

Posted by canida 8 years ago

Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

Posted by alfpwns 9 years ago

Got Robot arm arduino Code !! but its not working need help with this code plz +++++

Here is the Code !! ​got  robot arm code for arduino but its not working can  tell me how to fix it ? here is the code // Language: Processing // RobotArmControl.pde // by Sam Thongrong Feb 26, 2012 // load the serial library for Processing import processing.serial.*; // instance of the serial class Serial port; // control commands array: // GripOut, GripIn, WristUp, WristDown, ElbowUp, ElbowDown, // ShoulderUp, shoulderDown, BaseCW, BaseCCW, LightOn, LightOff, Stop int[] controls = new int[] { 0x47, 0x67, 0x57, 0x77, 0x45, 0x65, 0x53, 0x73, 0x42, 0x62, 0x4c, 0x6c, 0x58 }; // Image button. // Loading images and using them to create a button. ImageButtons GripIn; ImageButtons GripOut; ImageButtons WristUp; ImageButtons WristDown; ImageButtons ElbowUp; ImageButtons ElbowDown; ImageButtons ShoulderUp; ImageButtons ShoulderDown; ImageButtons BaseCW; ImageButtons BaseCCW; ImageButtons LightOn; ImageButtons LightOff; ImageButtons Pause; // background PImage bg; // set the font PFont myFont; void controlGUI() { bg = loadImage("background.jpg"); background(bg); int buttonSize = 44; PImage selected = loadImage("controlSel.png"); //Grip In PImage gripInImage = loadImage("controlIn.png"); PImage gripInOver = loadImage("controlInOver.png"); GripIn = new ImageButtons(30, 83, buttonSize, buttonSize, gripInImage, gripInOver, selected); //Grip Out PImage gripOutImage = loadImage("controlOut.png"); PImage gripOutOver = loadImage("controlOutOver.png"); GripOut = new ImageButtons(78, 83, buttonSize, buttonSize, gripOutImage, gripOutOver, selected); //Wrist Up PImage wristUpImage = loadImage("controlUp.png"); PImage wristUpOver = loadImage("controlUpOver.png"); WristUp = new ImageButtons(150, 36, buttonSize, buttonSize, wristUpImage, wristUpOver, selected); //Wrist Down PImage wristDownImage = loadImage("controlDown.png"); PImage wristDownOver = loadImage("controlDownOver.png"); WristDown = new ImageButtons(198, 36, buttonSize, buttonSize, wristDownImage, wristDownOver, selected); //Elbow Up PImage elbowUpImage = loadImage("controlUp.png"); PImage elbowUpOver = loadImage("controlUpOver.png"); ElbowUp = new ImageButtons(258, 83, buttonSize, buttonSize, elbowUpImage, elbowUpOver, selected); //Elbow Down PImage elbowDownImage = loadImage("controlDown.png"); PImage elbowDownOver = loadImage("controlDownOver.png"); ElbowDown = new ImageButtons(306, 83, buttonSize, buttonSize, elbowDownImage, elbowDownOver, selected); //Shoulder Up PImage shoulderUpImage = loadImage("controlUp.png"); PImage shoulderUpOver = loadImage("controlUpOver.png"); ShoulderUp = new ImageButtons(208, 160, buttonSize, buttonSize, shoulderUpImage, shoulderUpOver, selected); //Shoulder Down PImage shoulderDownImage = loadImage("controlDown.png"); PImage shoulderDownOver = loadImage("controlDownOver.png"); ShoulderDown = new ImageButtons(256, 160, buttonSize, buttonSize, shoulderDownImage, shoulderDownOver, selected); //Base CW PImage baseCWImage = loadImage("controlCW.png"); PImage baseCWOver = loadImage("controlCWOver.png"); BaseCW = new ImageButtons(130, 234, buttonSize, buttonSize, baseCWImage, baseCWOver, selected); //Base CCW PImage baseCCWImage = loadImage("controlCCW.png"); PImage baseCCWOver = loadImage("controlCCWOver.png"); BaseCCW = new ImageButtons(178, 234, buttonSize, buttonSize, baseCCWImage, baseCCWOver, selected); //Light On PImage lightOnImage = loadImage("LightOn.png"); PImage lightOnOver = loadImage("LightOnOver.png"); LightOn = new ImageButtons(30, 184, buttonSize, buttonSize, lightOnImage, lightOnOver, selected); //Light Off PImage lightOffImage = loadImage("LightOff.png"); PImage lightOffOver = loadImage("LightOffOver.png"); LightOff = new ImageButtons(78, 184, buttonSize, buttonSize, lightOffImage, lightOffOver, selected); } void setup() { // List all the available serial ports in the output pane. // You will need to choose the port that the Arduino board is // connected to from this list. The first port in the list is // port #0 and the third port in the list is port #2. //println(Serial.list()); // Open the port that the Arduino board is connected to // (in this case #0) // Make sure to open the port at the same speed Arduino is // using (112500bps) //port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[1], 112500); // On Window PC, use "Outgoing" of the bluetooth device // This one for XBee port = new Serial(this, "COM30", 115200); // screen size of the program //size(145, 455); size(400, 300); smooth(); // test ellipse ellipseMode(RADIUS); textFont(createFont("Verdana", 14)); controlGUI(); } void updateDisplay() { GripIn.update(); GripIn.display(); GripOut.update(); GripOut.display(); WristUp.update(); WristUp.display(); WristDown.update(); WristDown.display(); ElbowUp.update(); ElbowUp.display(); ElbowDown.update(); ElbowDown.display(); ShoulderUp.update(); ShoulderUp.display(); ShoulderDown.update(); ShoulderDown.display(); BaseCW.update(); BaseCW.display(); BaseCCW.update(); BaseCCW.display(); LightOn.update(); LightOn.display(); LightOff.update(); LightOff.display(); } //Send Commands void sendCommands() { // Grip if(GripIn.pressed) { port.write(controls[0]); //println("Grip In: " + (char)controls[0]); } if(GripOut.pressed) { port.write(controls[1]); //println("Grip Out: " + (char)controls[1]); } if(mouseX > 30 && mouseX < 129 && mouseY > 51 && mouseY < 79) { port.write(controls[12]); //println("Grip Stop! " + (char)controls[12]); } // Wrist if(WristUp.pressed) { port.write(controls[2]); //println("Wrist Up: " + (char)controls[2]); } if(WristDown.pressed) { port.write(controls[3]); //println("Wrist Down: " + (char)controls[3]); } if(mouseX > 148 && mouseX < 248 && mouseY > 5 && mouseY < 33) { port.write(controls[12]); //println("Wrist Stop! " + (char)controls[12]); } // Elbow if(ElbowUp.pressed) { port.write(controls[4]); //println("Elbow Up: " + (char)controls[4]); } if(ElbowDown.pressed) { port.write(controls[5]); //println("Elbow Down: " + (char)controls[5]); } if(mouseX > 258 && mouseX < 358 && mouseY > 51 && mouseY < 79) { port.write(controls[12]); //println("Elbow Stop! " + (char)controls[12]); } //Shoulder if(ShoulderUp.pressed) { port.write(controls[6]); //println("Shoulder Up: " + (char)controls[6]); } if(ShoulderDown.pressed) { port.write(controls[7]); //println("Shoulder Down: " + (char)controls[7]); } if(mouseX > 208 && mouseX < 308 && mouseY > 130 && mouseY < 158) { port.write(controls[12]); //println("Shoulder Stop! " + (char)controls[12]); } // Base if(BaseCW.pressed) { port.write(controls[8]); //println("Base Rotate CW: " + (char)controls[8]); } if(BaseCCW.pressed) { port.write(controls[9]); //println("Base Rotate CCW: " + (char)controls[9]); } if(mouseX > 130 && mouseX < 230 && mouseY > 202 && mouseY < 230) { port.write(controls[12]); //println("Base Stop! " + (char)controls[12]); } // Light if(LightOn.pressed) { port.write(controls[10]); //println("Light On: " + (char)controls[10]); } if(LightOff.pressed) { port.write(controls[11]); //println("Light Off: " + (char)controls[11]); } } void draw() { updateDisplay(); sendCommands(); } // Button & ImageButtons Classes class Button { int x, y; int w, h; color basecolor, highlightcolor; color currentcolor; boolean over = false; boolean pressed = false; void pressed() { if(over && mousePressed) { pressed = true; } else { pressed = false; } } boolean overRect(int x, int y, int width, int height) { if (mouseX >= x && mouseX <= x+width && mouseY >= y && mouseY <= y+height) { return true; } else { return false; } } } class ImageButtons extends Button { PImage base; PImage roll; PImage down; PImage currentimage; ImageButtons(int ix, int iy, int iw, int ih, PImage ibase, PImage iroll, PImage idown) { x = ix; y = iy; w = iw; h = ih; base = ibase; roll = iroll; down = idown; currentimage = base; } void update() { over(); pressed(); if(pressed) { currentimage = down; } else if (over){ currentimage = roll; } else { currentimage = base; } } void over() { if( overRect(x, y, w, h) ) { over = true; } else { over = false; } } void display() { image(currentimage, x, y); } } // Processing End

Posted by moustafar3 2 years ago

sexy six axis robot arm

I want to thank everyone for the truly massive response to my robot arm. I have decided to launch a Kickstarter for this arm to fill a need that exsits for a low cost robot arm that anyone can program and help to automate the workplace.

Posted by sparten11 3 years ago

Completed Arms

Here is where we can post projects as they are completed.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

robotic arm

I have added more updates this is a major update to the 5/6 axis robotic arm instructable. come check it out.

Posted by sparten11 6 years ago

Knex Arm Blade

Here's a thing I made because I was bored

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

Favourite Primary and Side-arm (K'nex)

If you could only make 1 primary and 1 side arm to take on your stupid little brother in a K'nex war, what would they be? Personally, I would take Dsman's DD-27, and Dsman's side-arm.

Posted by Trauts 10 years ago

Advice on Autonomous, Helping-Hand Robot Project?!

We are a team of engineers looking to develop an open-source, versatile robotic arm to be used by the maker community. We envisioned a modular, interactive arm that could be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. What sort of projects would you use a product like this for? What requirements should the project adhere to, including cost, size, payload etc. Thanks for the feedback!

Posted by AlissaJ1 2 years ago

flex arm chandliers

Hi, I would like to make a large chandlier and I would like to purchase bending arms such as the one seen on this website. Can anyone please direct me to where I can source / find these bending arms. Kind regards, flaxseed

Posted by flaxseed 4 years ago

should lego shut brick arms down?

every one knows about legos restriction against modern militiary themes but why do they let brick arms make their products here is a link to brickarms go to their site come back and post your thoughts.

Posted by seabananers 8 years ago

how to make a one armed bandit / slot machine?

Hi, does anyone know a good instructable on how to build a mechanical one armed bandit /slot machine? it can be very simple, in fact it doesn´t even need to have a slot to put coins in, what i need is to build an automata that has a handle to turn three wheels and stops the spinning at different points. thanks in advance!

Posted by one armed bandit 8 years ago

leg and arm weights

Will someone write up the plans for a HEAVY-DUTY ankle and wrist weight. I have been searching online for a company that will make custom weighted wrist and ankle weights but there aren't any. I'm wanting to make a 50 lb for the arms and 100 lb for the legs. I'm thinking along the lines of several iron or lead bars strapped together with a nylon fiber or other strong material. I've only ever done projects in high-school, where materials were provided, so I don't really know where to get the materials needed. Please help.

Posted by dhill16 6 years ago

Major update

Hello all I just released a Major update to my sexy six axis robot arm go take a look..

Posted by sparten11 3 years ago

The TITAN 4 Undersea Robot Arm

Http:// taken by me :D

Posted by Atomman 9 years ago

Is there anyway to fix stripped crank arms?

Well I was riding my fixed gear and my right crank arm got stripped. I don't really want to buy a new one but if it's necessary I will get a new set. Is there anyway I can fix it so I don't have to buy a new crank arm set?

Posted by CreedX 10 years ago

Best motor and switch for this swinging arm?

I am trying to make the following: i need a 4 foot arm to swing parallel to the ground at a fulcrum. Only needs to travel 90 degrees one direction, then back 90 degrees to its original spot - Kind of like 1 windshield wiper running parallel to the ground the weight of the arm plus load at the end is roughly 10pounds this would be triggered by a single button thats the gist of it. Now if. I could tweak it... i would like one press of button A to move the arm 90 degrees then it stops. A second press of button A would move the arm back to where it originally was.  Or, if this is too costly, I could hold the button down while the arm cycles 90 degrees and back, releasing the switch when the arm reaches its desired location I need cheap options or at least a good place to start. I have zero coding or electronics knowledge thank you

Posted by Adaptivemaker 1 year ago

Robot costume arms idea?

I am building the robot below for a Halloween costume. I am building the head, upper and lower body, arms, and shoes out of silver painted cardboard. But as for the arms and legs I need advice as to what to use. I know the material used in these pics has a name but I am clueless as to where to find them and what it called. The costume should be flexible enough to dance (AKA wave my arms in a worm-like motion) at a Halloween party. Any tips or ideas? Thanks in advance. If you want I'll make an instructable once I figure it out and build it if you ask. PS I am 5 feet 8 inches, and My arms are not too fat or too thin, and I am 14 years of age if you care.

Posted by squirrelMLM 8 years ago

How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher?

How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher? It doesnt have a top rinsing thing. Would I just create a hole, adjust water pressure, and connect tube to where i would install a spray arm frame? Also, any way to overwrite the regulations to let my dishwasher dry without needing a rinsing agent? I know on some clothes washing machines, you can "cheat them" to use more water.  Thank you!

Posted by JuliaM115 1 year ago

DIY LED Sign with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module STM8S003F3 MCU for AVR PIC MSP430 Arduino ARM STM32

To satisfy electronic DIY hobbyists, ICStation has developed MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module. It uses the Max7219 chip which do a great job on saving of MCU I/O. It can not only control each point individually, but also can be extended without limitation to meet your requirements on LED Sign, Team Logo and so on. What's more, it's controlled by the STM8S003F3 MCU with 1K data storge space which is low cost, low power consumption, very powerful. Major Building Portions of Electronic DIY Kits: 1. The 16pcs of MAX7219 Dot Matrix Kits are ready 2. Decomposition the pin header 3. Welding the SMD and max7219 Chip 4. Welding the electrolytic capacitor 5. Welding the pin header 6. Assembling the PCB 7. Setup the Dot Matrix 8. Wire Connection 9. Power the Dot Matrix and testing with our Code Follow the steps:

Posted by ICStation 4 years ago

My arm's can't feel pain!?

Today this girl was pinching my arm in this weird way thats supposed to hurt and i could barley feel it, so me and my friends put my arm to the test as soon as i started talking about the incident. My friend grabbed my arm with both hands twisting the skin in opposite directions (indian rugburn) dug his nails into it for long periods of time, stapled it, i put a little piece of glass into it (the top), bit down on it as hard as i could, and punched a brick wall. STILL NO PAIN!?!!?! wessup wif dat!

Posted by astrozombies138 10 years ago

The fgsa - Flie-ing goose side arm

As everybody is making a side arm, i'm going to make one, this will not be like my other guns, i am going to put full effort into this,features:bottem loading mag, inside handleslim slide EDIT* i have now made it detachable as i do not think everybody would want to use ittrue trigger good looking design

Posted by Flie-Ing GOOse 10 years ago

Articulating arm

I'm trying to find some solution for an articulating arm to go into an LED lamp project. I'd like either something cheap or something I can build, but so far I haven't had much luck. I could always dismantle an existing lamp, but it sort of defeats the purpose to buy a working lamp and take it apart to make another lamp. Any suggestions?

Posted by pfhorge 11 years ago

How to arm a British nuclear bomb

All you need is a single bike-lock key - no codes, no Presidential authorisation.[ Watch the video]Read the article.

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

Arm tendinitis, arthritis of the elbow....any advice ?

Hi all, I have been struggling lately with two problems:   #1: tendinitis of my lower right arm and wrist #2: arthritis of the right elbow.  The doc believes both are aggravated by overuse of the mouse (actually resting my hand on it an entire work shift, plus the time I spend on line at home).  The first thing I must do, of course, is unlearn the behavior and remove my hand when I am not actually USING the mouse.  This hasn't been very successful so far.  Does anyone have any further suggestion on how to "rest" the arm and still be able to go to work and work a bit at home?  Anything serious will be considered.    

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Swevil part for swing arm lamp

I need help in finding a replacement part for a swing arm magnifying lamp. I have search far and wide online but could not find any. I have also tried the company that I had purchase from (2 Years ago) they do not carry replacement parts. The lamp is a Alvin lamp desk clamp, the lamp is in excellent and working condition. The only problem is the swevil part that connects the lamp head to the the swing arm. ( see pics)  Any alternative idea or sudsititude would be helpful.  Thanks

Posted by RamonC2 2 years ago

desk for lounge chair arm?

Looking for a way to mount a small desktop to a lounge chair arm WITHOUT altering the chair.  Have seen things like this... ...but prefer something a little larger, like the tablet desks you find on lecture hall seats.  Any ideas?  Or if you've come across an Instructable to that effect, please post a link.  Thanks!

Posted by chaburchak 7 years ago

About making Single Board Computers...

Hi guys! I just wondered how can I make a custom Single Board Computer... I am interested to make a custom 8 bit AVR SBC and 32 bit ARM SBC (Must I learn even with the 16 bit architecture?) in a cheap way and without the aid of Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I have these questions: - There is any book or else about learn making Single Board Computers? - Where can I find the components for the board? - I can program and I know a few of many languages (C,C++,Python,Javascript,HTML5,CSS,PHP,MySql). Must I make an OS for everything for make my board work or I can make a "bootable software" (like a MP3 player)? And again,there is a book or else for learn this? Thank you for your time!

Posted by MichaelP170 2 years ago