Pepakura armor

I would really want pepakura costume(s). Like a pepakura Iron Man helmet/armor or Halo helmet/armor. Other types also would be great. Dose not have to be pretty or even finished. Not 2D but 3D form. The reason I need this is because I cant scale the pepakura files no matter what I try. Also kinda lazy to print so much paper and spend countless hours putting it together. Honestly I prefer paying. If any questions feel free to ask I will respond ASAP. Thanks for reading. (So you know what im talking about)

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DIY Shoulder Armor

For Halloween my boyfriend wants to go as an angel and a knight a'la Romeo and Juliet. I can easily make the dress and the chainmail but I'm stumped on how to go about making the shoulder armor. I know that this site is full of guys who are brilliant with this sort of thing and am really hoping you guys can help me by pointing me to a similiar tutorial or material I can easily lay my hands on to use as a base. Anything really.  

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How to resize Halo armor?

OK, I need to resize my Halo Armor (Link- to my size. I would have asked the 405th but the parental controls won't let me, and my mom wont either. Any suggestions?Note- got mah templates here-

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Fallout 3 power armor?

I need help finding pepakura files for fallout 3 enclave armor, preferably the tesla armor. Ive looked all over the 405th and there is nothing there, ive scoured the internet and cant find anything. Id appreciate it if you could help. Thanks

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how do i make chain mail fast and easy?


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i want to make a knight costume in cardboard how?

How can i make a knights helm and pauldrons and also gauntlets

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How to make a bullet proof armor vest at home ? Answered

Bullet proof armor vests are a very basic need for the news reporters in working in hot war zones. Being a freelance reporter, I would like to know how can one make a bullet proof armor vest by himself.

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use's for self repairing armor

Lets say someone created self repairing amor (like in CRYSIS) what would it be uesd for? (besides for military use)

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Making a metal Helm?

I think I may be looking to spend a few month making a suit of armor by hand.  This site had ibles for just about every peice except a helm.  Anyone know of a relatively easy way to make one out of metal without the need for a bunch of heavy machinery?

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I became a member but cannot download pdf's. Why

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Come Page! And Bring Thine Armor!

So a friend and I made some awesome armor... Not so much for Halloween, more so for our homecoming football game. Our mascot happens to be a Knight named Knightro (his girlfriend's name is Glycerin)....Both of us had....Chest/Back PlateShields (mine from an aluminum disk sled - covered in fabric)SwordsHelmets (yes, made from trash cans) - with a maneA Cape (my friend's: gold -- mine: two tone black/gold - doubles as a homemade curtain)GauntletsVambracesLower LeggingsBeards - grown during the entire month of OctoberMy friend's awesome stencil work :) I additionally had (photo right)Full leggings with functional kneecupsKnuckle covers on my gauntletsPauldrons with red fringe (foamie) <-- should coversFaulds with red fringe <-- hip coversSword Sheath <--- a belt going through only 1 beltloopWe were a total hit at the football game! Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with us. Other than one heckler, it was awesome - no one else's attempt was knightly as ours :p Should you end up in such a situation (taking pictures and such), let the person hold your shield or sword. It makes them look more a part of the picture as opposed to some anachronism (the irony!) with a digital camera.And yes, I know my apartment is a mess..... That's three days of working on this armor rather than doing chores :pFor how to make such a getup... Check out rachel's howto Cardboard Armor MakingMore pictures after the next home game -- with updated/improved armor. Even though I allow my knees to bend - it's not quite enough to get up stairs easily :p I also want to add spaulders (upper arm covers) and a gorget (neck armor) :D

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Can u make me a halo suit....PLEASE!!!! ill pay u $100??? Answered

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i have problem i cannot pay?

Hello i am trying to pay with my credit card but i still have this error: this transcation cannot be processed i use debit visa card

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Here's an Awesome Project - Will Require Composites Work :)

This armor, looks AMAZING! And using some life casting techniques (or even sculpting a mold from foam and test fitting) - you can make your very own with a bit of fiber glass and resin and flat black paint :) Maybe an early start for Halloween? I'd personally just go for the chest and back plate and substitute the rest with football pads. In any case, just thought I'd share :)Caption that goes with image:These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. Yes, they are terrifying. This makes Peru the latest entry in a long list of countries I will try to avoid rioting in. I'm still all about rioting in Canada and Sweden, however. From Gizmodo

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Armour preservation? Answered

Ok so I've made some plate armour before and I'm wondering what the best LOW BUDGET preservative would be? For the pieces I've made I used silicone spray because its thick enough, however I've read on another forum that some people use vaseline(without skincare additives). Now the core of my question: have any of you tried out different preservatives and if so, what is the best low cost solution?

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United States Colonial Marine armor

Hey, does anyone have any idea as how to make this, besides vaccuform? if you do, please PLEASE post!

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Final Fantasy 6 magitek armor!

Hello, fellow instructables members! I was looking over Bug's steampunk chicken-walker mecha, and I had a most awesome idea. From the final fantasy game that screams "steampunk", I remember the cool walker mechas, the 'magitek armor'. See where I'm going with this? I plan to make a chicken-walker style Magitek armor costume! Now, I doubt my mecha will do the magiteks any justice, and I've never quite made a complete "costume" myself, save for a mashup medieval style outfit (makes me think of ike from fire emblem). So, if anyone has input, especially anyone who does steampunk, I'm all ears. Also, thank you again to the user "Bug" for the inspiration!

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Help me figure out the best way to make armor for Lady Eui please.

I'm in need of help. I am fine with sewing, but armor and other cosplay props are not in my skill set.  I also have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist and go all in and over the top with my work. To give an example, I spent about 4 months of hand bead work on one of my previous cosplays.   The character I need help with is Lady Eucliwood Hellscythe from the anime Is This a Zombie? I have pics. I really need the armor, but I would love help with her scythe too.

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how can i get away with stab proof armor in Australia

Long story short, in melbourne australia i have organised a group called citizen patrol group we basically patrol trains, buses, streets etc and help people in need and remove the trouble makers we do this in super hero costumes (not as silly as it sounds we are creating a character worth looking up to and bringing innocence back to children through good old fashioned super heroes) my problem is we are aware it can be dangerous but commercially made ballistic vests are illegal in my country i want the best protection for my team mates and am looking for GOOD QUALITY methods of creating one or if there is a legal loop hole that will allow us our right to protect our bodies.

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duct tape armor help

How many rolls of duct tape do you think it will take to made armor

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i keep seeing a part on halo armor but don't know how to make it any ideas?

I keep seeing this part on peoples builds of armor (blue) but i only get this part (red) in the pepakura model.

Asked by DehLeprechaun 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do I make the boots for halo armor?

I know to build around shoes, but what kind should I use?????

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Dragon Armor, so strong, even grenades wont go through it

Really, this stuff is crazy. I wonder why we dont hear more about it.

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Duct Tape Armor

I'm planning (Read: Going forth with no idea what to do) on making a suit of armor completly made out of duct tape. (Partially made a gauntlet, so it might work) But here's the question I have; Should I post an instructable on each peice (Gauntlet, Helmet, Greives) by itself, or as one big instructable that might have a million steps (Okay, not that many)? I'm leaning more to the idea of one peice at a time, and then when I'm done just putting them all together into one big instructable. What do you all think? And is this project even worth doing? (Will add picture of sad gauntlet reject at later date)

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i was wondering, how do you make cheap protective body armor ?

It dosnt have to stop a bullet or something just gives you protection from knives and punches thnx

Asked by tevon 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How would I make a coat with armored plates on/in it. At a very low cost?

I happen to be one of those people who loves making things with my own hands rather than buy it, and who possibly has too much free time... Anyway, I am currently designing an armored coat, but lack the resources to use something like Cut Tex Pro fabric or something else ridiculously expensive. Because of this, I have resorted to using thin fiberglass plates in the coat; although due to my lack of knowledge on embedding armored plates into clothes, and on what sizes and shapes each plate should have varying on each choice, (knowledge is 99% experience, and 1% brain power), I'm not sure what would be more effective, external or internal plates. I would appreciate all opinions - (Trolls excluded) - on which choice would be most efficient, simple, or even just low cost; suggestions for alternative materials that offer a possibility of working better would also be welcome.  Thanks

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Does a hair dryer get hot enough to thermoform craft foam?

Trying to make armor here, and I haven't worked with foam much. I've got a set design that I want, already worked out and finished in hard clay. Seen a couple people thermoform foam here, and they used a heat gun or the oven. Could I use my mom's blow dryer?

Asked by Tess Lucetram 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Home Made Chain Mail(le) Armour

Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the site but not at all to making my own things out of my head. Currently my only problem is how to do these things and the biggest of these is currently how to make Chain Mail(le) Armour from wire at home and by hand, with tools of course. My friend and I plan on making some for Halloween/ School Project/ metal forge safety gear. What I really need to know about all of this is how to make the rings, weave them, and seal them together (riveting, welding, etc...) and I was really hoping all of you people could help, what with the fact that you all seem good at this kind of thing. Feel free to leave suggestions for materials, tools, kinds of wire, and anything else you can think of that might be helpful. I plan on posting a full Instructable on doing this when we finish and perfect it, and thanks in advance for any help that is given.

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Anyone on here have an armor games profile?

I would just like to know because I am on there alot and it would be cool if I could talk to Instructables peeps on armor games too. I would also like to propose an Idea- On armor games they have a forum games forum, where you play online RP's and RPG's by typing your actions and stats and stuff. So I thought it might be cool if we did that. My username on armor games is gooeyglop1.

Posted by vroom...vroom... 6 years ago

What props/armor are a must-make in the DIY world?

I'm currently looking towards making something like weapons, armors, etc., specifically those with origins from movies, cartoons, video games, etc. Other than the ones everyone does such as Halo, Iron Man, knight armor, etc. what other armor, weapons, or accessories are a must-make or just plain awesome? Think along the lines of something like the Batman gauntlet, except from movies (or something) that are old but still remembered and cool. Also thinking of a long term project of a chiken-walker mech costume, exoskeleton costume (NOT Iron Man), or AT-RT. What do you think?

Asked by D00M99 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

help me with my halo armor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I built my gauntlets using pepakura but the top seems too wide. I'm thinking of making my own with thinner tops or editing the ones i made. can some one explain how this important problem can be fixed. or maybe explain how it works like that.

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pop tab chainmail gauntlet

I need help making a chainmail gauntlet out of pop tabs

Posted by dude898 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to make cardboard look metal????

I was wanting to know how to make cardboard look metal for like movie props and stuff like that.

Asked by Freerunner 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

exoskelten ?

Hey guys help me with this i am making a protype exoskelten can somebody give me a hand copying these also anyone know where to get d30 

Asked by tinker234 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to make good easy iron man armor without using pepakura for cheap?

 i want to make iron man armor on the cheap without using pepakura or a fancy material i just want good looking  iron armor

Asked by laurent123 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do you make body armor?

How do you make ballistics Armour plates similar to plates used in the military for personal home protection. Is there a material I can purchase over the counter that would be light weight and have similar ballistics protection?

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Beer Tab Chainmail armor

 Looks like someone took the chainmaille Instructable to a whole new level with this bit of armor made from a ton of beer tabs. He even managed to get yellow and green tabs to add a design to it. Great job! Link

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What material i should use to make Alphonse Elric armor?

I want to make the Alphonse Elric cosplay(armored one). i am thinking follow this method; 1) i will print the pdo files using pepakura designer(although i dont know exactly how to scale them and which paper size i should print to) 2) i will put paper patterns to cardboard and cut them 3) Combine and hot glued parts 4) apply body filler to outer surface 5) sanding 6) painting all i want to ask is that can this method work to make a good Al's armor? Can you suggest anything else. This will be my first armor craft. Also i have been thinking about Goldy's Alphonse elric armor tutorial. He used different materials like polyurethan foam some adhesives and vinyl. His Al cosplay is the best i think but the materials he used are difficult to supply here in my city should i use these materials and start from 2nd step above(except sanding and painting) or can i go with cardboard method. Also can you give me advices for both techniques. Thanks...

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knex armor

Not really much to say but it is usually only able to let skinny people wear it

Posted by bighead5454 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I'm trying to make a Breast Plate

Hey, I'm going to build a piece of FANTASY chest armor. I'm not going for realism or authenticity. Just making "a pile of spikes" that looks cool in my opinion. I'm thinking of making something to the equivalent of a low neck line tank top out of leather / tight weave canvas, and then covering it in steel plates. I'm thinking of dividing the front suit into groups and bands of plate. So I'm going to have a set of bands from the right and left chest, then another section that joins them down the center. A section for the abdomen, a section for each side, and then similar sections for the back. I'm then going to bolt the shoulders onto their respective chest plates. So I've done a crappy sketch on GIMP, Kinda explaining what I'm going to do for the center line of the chest. I think If I do this right It'll allow a lot of flexibility, might even be able to see my chest expand and contract while breathing which I think would be a cool effect. Is there any reason why this wont work? But are there any key factors that I need to take into account when doing this? Parts that need to be more flexible than others?

Posted by Deathcapt 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to make a Dead Space helmet/costume?

Hi, I want to make the costume from the video game Dead Space. I want it to be durable, and good quality, but not too expensive. I would like to ask for some hints, as to what materials to use. What would be the best and the easiest material. Also, Im starting with the helmet, in case it will turn out to be too expensive, ill just stick with that and make the rest of the suit on another occasion. thank you for all your help ****note about the picture***** my helmet will have a blue film instead of the mesh and will light up like in the game. also, i plan on installing two pc fans into it, for ventilation.

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

Where to get this body armor design made or how to make it?

I have a design for original body armor, but I don't know where to buy it or get it built. Think of a nomex survival suit, but Dragon Skin and Kevlar for fabric covering underneath armor, 2nd layer U.S.A. brand or Japanese exoskeleton suit with titanium caseing, 3rd layer graphene and dragon skin for plates covering entire body like a full body mold but cut in pieces for flexibility. Where can I get this built or how can I build it precisely. It will last against a FN FAL. I live in McAllen Texas. I prefer professionally made, so any suggestions. I have no budget.

Asked by Anti11 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago


S.D.A.A. stands for "Superior Design Airsoft Armour" which I will be posting an IBLE on soon. sdaa is made of a secret material which you will have to wait and see. if you have questions PM or comment. The IBLE will be called "How to Make S.D.A.A"

Posted by animan1 9 years ago

Does anyone have ideas for a futuristic ninja costume inspired by master chief?

For a while now I've been wanting to make a semi-working futuristic suit of armor. The main part of the armor would be the helmet and wrist band. The suit is inspired by Master Chief from Bungies "Halo" series although I would like to bring in some aspects of anime and ninja/ranger characters.A combination of past and future including blades/knives, lights, camera, a walkie-talkie, etc. I can't really access any fiberglass or anything like that so I'm going to modify a motorbike helmet with some material, glue, paper, electronics from a cheap Australian store, etc.So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could make the suit out of and what features I could include in it. All In all I want it to be a futuristic ninja. So I'm asking people with any ideas or expiriences as to what I should do with this plan, keeping in mind that I have very little experience in electronics and I am ridiculously short on cash.

Asked by Splicer02 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How would you make metal breast cups?

Hi folks, I am looking to make some metal breast cups to sew onto a velvet bra. I would want them to conform to my own body's shape, ideally.   I haven't a clue as to how to start.  Any help out there?

Asked by napabelly 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I control hydraulic pistons using myoelectric (muscle signal) sensors ?

Hello, this is my first post. I've run into a problem. I've designed an exoskeletal armor system, yet don't know how to control it. I have an approximate idea; using myoelectric sensors on the major muscles of the arms, torso, and legs, it will track and replicate muscle movement patterns through hydraulic pistons in the suit. Problem being; I don't know how to activate the pistons using this method. I don't even know if you can attach the pistons to a micro controller the sensors are hooked up to. Any information that may help is appreciated. I am in no way a professional after all, and this is my most ambitious design yet. Certainly to be the most complicated, expensive, and tasking build I've done too. I will upload the designs whenever possible, as I have no scanner at this time.

Asked by doctor31415926 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Where can you get silicone gel that can be easily molded that does not degrade over time?

I need some kind of gel padding for an underlayment on a suit of non-ballistics body armor I am building. What I want is some kind of mixture I can mix up, dump in a shallow mold, let it cure, then pull it out and cut it to shape and put it in the suit. Preferably this gel would be pretty good at absorbing shock and would not degrade over time if kept in a sealed environment away from sunlight, like sealed in a plate in the suit.  Anyone know of anything like that that is easily available and not over priced? I noticed the silicone used to make molds for casting, would that work? My friend suggested ballistics gel but it seems like it would degrade over time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Asked by ilpug 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Armor Help

I am looking to make a paintball armor.  I do not want to buy anything already made, DIY stuff FTW. I am looking to make it out of aluminum from aluminum cans.  I would cut off the top and bottom leaving a repectable sized piece to mould into any piece i want making it into 'scales'.  Using the bottoms of the cans as shoulder pads and other parts. My question is: What should I use as an anchor for the 'scales'? What type of material would i use as a place to mount them? And as always; if you have suggestions do tell.

Posted by Cpt Squishy 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Where can I get reinforced graphene to make bullet proof aromor? Answered

Where can I get reinforced graphene for bullet proof armor? I live in McAllen Texas. I'm trying to get a type of graphene that is stronger than steel, but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to get reinforced graphene plastic or some other type, don't even know the names and differentions.

Asked by Anti11 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago