What is art?

In the comments, please suggest your answer to the eternal question "What is art?"

Posted by threecheersfornick 10 years ago

Chinese Knotting

Chinese knots are, in some ways, similar to Celtic knots. Each knot represents a particular traditional Chinese form, and in many cases are representative of Buddhist precepts like the continuation of life. Chinese knotted jewelry usually incorporates a main jade or stone centerpiece and jade, stone, coins or glass beads. The cord from the knots usually is extended upward to make a lanyard for a necklace, but with some bracelet styles the knot or knots are extended around the wrist with a macramé style knot. Chinese knotting was nearly lost as an art form. In recent years, several books teaching knotting techniques have been released. The cord used in making the knots is readily available at craft or fabric stores. Josephine Knot (Chinese Double Coin Knot) http://www.bridgat.com

Posted by meixibe 4 years ago

Creative Food Art

Here are some more creative ways to think about your food.  FOOD ART! Food art on a stick?

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

Favorite Art Pieces

What's your favorite art piece?

Posted by puffyfluff 10 years ago

Revolution art

So, anyone have any new generation, revolution inspiring art? here's my stab at it.

Posted by jakee117 10 years ago

Urban Art

Hey, this fourm is for peoplewho make urban art and want to show it off.What is urban art? Urban art is creatingand art work out of anything common to you.ie. making a portrate of jimi hendrix out ofa cassette tape (http://www.flickr.com/photos/iri5/3344465546/)So have fun about showing off and discussingthis art form!

Posted by The Urban artist 9 years ago

Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Anyone know how to backlight metal wall art? https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-to-backlight-outdoor-metal-wall-art/ thanks

Posted by silliou 5 years ago

Selling Art

Does anyone here at Instructables sell their art at Redbubble? http://www.redbubble.com/people/josehflm

Posted by Josehf Murchison 4 years ago

Rice Paddy Art

Somewhere in between crop circles and intricate corn mazes is this rice paddy art, in which different colors of rice are planted in strategic locations to make patterns. The Japanese are masters of creating art in the least likely of places--see metro ticket art.Link

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

The art of hornets

Dsicussion about the art and how to practice

Posted by dammoonnm 11 years ago

Some album art

. Something to look at

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Jesse Hensel, San Francisco Art Institute Ice Art Team Captain

I am a contemporary artist as well as a traditional woodcarver. This will be the third time I have participated in the World Ice Art Championships in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute: Expected May 2008 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College: 2006 Additional Images of my work can be found at: www.jessehensel.com

Posted by jesse.hensel 10 years ago

Is writing an art form?

Is writing considered as an art form? I think it is. You create highly emotive pictures using pen and paper instead of paint or other mediums. Your opinions?

Posted by super moderator 9 years ago

Where to buy art supplies in bulk online ?

I am an art teacher and planning to start summer art workshops. I want to buy art supplies in bulk for my students. I have heard that ASWexpress - http://www.aswexpress.com/ is the best place online to get all premium supplies at best price. Has any one joined them ? Any suggestions would be of great help.

Posted by jacobjackson 4 years ago

Spray paint art, check out my profile

Hey guys if you wanna learn how to do some art with spray paint give me a message and ill try my best to make a clear and good piece of art for you guys to make also, However in the mean time look at my profile for some inscrutable on there. 

Posted by noahaz7651 4 years ago

Cool Art from Everyday Objects

There's a million sites dedicated to this, but this collection of pictures is pretty cool. The site has a lot of other cool collections! Check it out!Dark Roasted Blend: Cool Art from Everyday Objects

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

My 1st attempt at art

Any comments, good or bad, would be really appreciated. Thanks 

Posted by James Kennedy 2 years ago

Nicely Done

Great idea and execution.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Post Your art

Just post anything you've drawn of painted or made or whatever. Here is a guitar picture I've been working on. Sorry if you can't see it all. I couldn't get it to work right. I modeled it of of the G-400.

Posted by heavy.metal.nguyen 11 years ago

Rate My Drawing!

Ok so this my art portfolio for my art class and a recreation of one of my previous works. This one is an improved version, of course, and done in Ink Dot Stippling. Please let me know what you think. 

Posted by FoxyPenguin94 7 years ago

"LEO'PEN" lol:)

Please feel free to give tips and comments. Thanks:)

Posted by ArtistVee 5 years ago

Rate my drawing!

Check it out! Constructive criticism please :P

Posted by FoxyPenguin94 7 years ago

deviantART anyone?

So, who here has a deviant ART account and/or browses on there?I was simply inquiring to plug for more reviews see some of my fellow Iblians' works..http://rocketscientist2015.deviantart.com/

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

Please Join My ART CONTEST!!!

  Like art? Like art contests? Well, please join my art contest group here> https://www.instructables.com/group/artcontest In here you might just win one of those prizes! For every winner I will post a forum saying who are the three winners! I will tell every person what they got in the group forums. For the winners you will get a subscribe and a forum explaining your trophy! Please join now to have a chance to win! (you will have to enter your instructables into the group. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please send me a private message and I'll get to you as quick as I can)

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

Stippling Flower

Something i did. Please be free to give any tips or comments. Thanks

Posted by ArtistVee 5 years ago

Why do people hate art?

My "How to Make Art" Instructable has 4 negative ratings thus far (in less than a week). This makes me angry. It's not that terrible of an instructable. In fact, I think it's one of my better ones. I am lead to believe that one of the following is probably true: 1) People don't like seeing drawings of nude men on their homepage. 2) There are some boring self-righteous artists types visiting Instructables who clearly know nothing about great art. In fact, I bet they spend all of their time, at home -- alone -- telling their seven cats how Georgia O'Keefe was the greatest American artist. So, if you don't hate art, please give my instructable a good rating. If you do hate art, why are you clicking on it to begin with? There are plenty of other lesser Instructable for you to denigrate.

Posted by randofo 11 years ago

What a fantastic piece of street art: Spotted on F/book

This is the link, It takes you to 'LolSnaps' It came up on my Facebook newsfeed, and well I'm impressed... I think this sort of random street art is fantastic, because of the way it gets people involved I'm not sure where it's from, or what site it was originally posted on... but well.... I like it I remember seeing something similar a few years back (well more than a few) when I was in Dublin... someone had spray painted a building with phrases like 'I was here I had a voice' 'life is art' etc... very cool Anyway Enjoy :)

Posted by Biggsy 7 years ago

My Art In Illustrator

I made this in illustrator last night. Is it good? kinda grungey though...

Posted by lawizeg 10 years ago

How about my painting.

Hey guys, pls check my paint and suggest what should I prepare.

Posted by Mary Suu 3 years ago

Food as art

A few photos from the BBC -Photographer Carl Warner has painstakingly captured all kinds of food in a series of still lifes. He says his 'Foodscapes' were partly inspired by healthy eating campaigns. But they have not persuaded his own children to take up the five-a-day pledge.The photos must be shopped in some way, because they were apparently "taken in layers", so that part of the image didn't wilt whilst the rest was being prepared.Link to other images: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/7186989.stm

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

What to Teach to Draw

To all my followers and viewers, what would you like me to teach you how to draw? I will look at the discussions and find out what has the most! Note: I am talented with art, but I have a really hard time drawing people. I would also hope some of you would say Transformers, just might be a challenged accepted.

Posted by ThunderBumm And SpittleFumm 4 years ago

Strange Mutations

Artist FilthyLuker has been making some fantastic installations. These tentacles are over the top and bring to mind some octopus invasion. Meanwhile, the other pics show that just adding a couple of eyes can make any object much more fascinating. FilthyLuker's galleryvia Wooster Collective

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Current Artwork

I am doing this for a friend's wedding. The medium is acrylic paints. The photo is fuzzy and doesn't do it justice. You can't see the skin tone changes and highlights, :( This is my first time painting something like this, it's all mainly guess work (The hair, the skin, etc.) Work in progress. What are you working on?

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 11 years ago

Draw Some Circuit Art, Win a Pro Membership!

Hello! I am starting a new instructables series called "Know Your Integrated Circuit" which will feature popular ICs and go over their history, uses, and quick projects you can make with them. What i need from all you artists is a mascot for this new series, if your drawing wins you win a 3 month pro membership! awesome right? What i Want: I want a cute, cartoony looking IC, preferably an 8 legged one. Think brave little toaster status. Rules: - Drawing must be vector and scalable. - Must be released under Creative Commons, but when used your member profile will be cited. - Must be posted as a comment before july 1st. - Give it a name as well when you submit. - Contest IS open to international residents.

Posted by frenzy 8 years ago

New, Free Artist Funding Site

Hello, My name is Greg and I am the Head of Artist Relations at www.FeedtheArts.com. I wanted to reach out to this community because I think we can be very useful to many, if not all of you. We offer a platform in which artists can have projects funded without asking people for money. To celebrate our launch we are also holding some great contests, which pay out tons of Arts Cash (our site's currency). One of the great ways we are helping visual artists is through our partnerships with a few great online art supplies stores. We know supplies can add up so we have set up a great way to raise money without breaking the bank. Please check out the site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on here or email me at greg@feedthearts.com. Thanks!

Posted by FTAGreg 4 years ago

Why does this forum exist?

Okay, my topic is attention-getting and risks offending those that read it, however this is quite opposite of my purpose... It's long been my belief that the Instructables and Maker communities are populated by artists in their own right. There is nothing about finding the kinds of solutions that we find that says to me "this isn't art". I think that I'm biased though because I always think of my 'creations' through the lens of an artistic eye. Not necessarily that I have to make something "pretty", or value that over function, but that the function inevitably has an artistic aspect to it whether intentional or not. I'm not in a position now to make a lengthy essay to explain (or defend) my meaning, but I'm curious if there are other like-minded individuals that have something to say.

Posted by Subvert 10 years ago

Real-life Back to the Future 2 hoverboard

French artist Nils Guadagnin has built his very own hoverboard based on the hoverboards in Back to the Future II. It's pink, it's a board, and it actually does hover when placed on its platform. Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air. The board is hovering with the help of two CLM-1+ levitation modules made by Crealev. Hoverboard Project via geekologie

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

I entered a design contest...

Spoonflower has weekly design competitions.  I don't have time to enter most of them, but Betabrand was sponsoring this one and it seemed interesting. The theme was 8 or 16 bit inspired graphics, bringing to mind retro gaming - without copyright infringement.  Betabrand is planning on making pants and some other stuff with the winning design.  I can't do certain things halfway, so I started designing a game in order to make the fabric pattern.  Hopefully eventually I can hire someone to do the coding for me so I can turn it into a simple in-browser game. I've attached an image of my design. voting is open today.  Here's the link to the voting, in case you're interested: http://www.spoonflower.com/contest_voters/new?contest_id=206

Posted by supersoftdrink 5 years ago

The Art of W.W.T.(a website)

(Sorry for any confusion ahead of time, but anyway...)My website Whales With Thumbs (whaleswiththumbs.webs.com) has alitle bit of art already:My avatar was the origonal image for it and now it is the first image below. besides that thats about it( i said alittle i meant barely anything) Both of the images were put together with Ms Paint i got the thumbs up one for free of the internet(they are cool with it)Now with the side story out of the way i was wondering if anyone out there would care to help me out, I need some art for my website:*I need a source of some, atleast decent, art about every Monday (Original please)*OR* Just for some people to post some art the don't mind me using and when it is used(if it is that is, is) I will give full credit and a link to the page of your choosing.Sorry can't really pay anyone so free-er the better(you can pay me i'll take it) My mediocre art skill art that fabulous anyway. Also if someone is willing to make a new logo for me i'll give them credit and link for that.

Posted by cd41 9 years ago

More fan art comes in

We got two more envelopes today sent to Eric's Boring Wall. One from stinkymum and one from caitlinsdad. Both even included a card. One was sweet and one is a little different. Check the photos below.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

The Quest for Authenticity

Every so often I get a bit lost in thought about the word "authentic" and how it applies to the world around us. I've seen lots of people who fought over what is authentic in the States and Japan. It probably happens elsewhere, too, but that's where I've lived.So many people are in the hunt for what is authentic in the world. There is a constant complaint of modern objects being too plastic, even if they aren't made up of plastic. So wood and organic foods become almost fetish items. They are seen to be inherently closer to the source. This is not a bad pursuit and to me it is close to the hunt for meaning in the world, but the desire to hold something up on a pedestal and worship it can lead to false idols.What reminded me of this today was a story about an exhibit at the Vatican Museum where classic statues have been recreated with what they imagined how they were originally painted. The results are often bizarre. Caligula in the image below looks straight out of Akira.full storyIt can be hard to have the images of the marble statues that we know match up with these colorful images, but they are part of the same world. So what is now more authentic? The white marble or the primary colors? What about the creaky old chair that is never used any more versus the new chair that is simply using modern methods to the same end?It all leads to some more questions, too. Is authentic an elitist ideal or a purist one? Do we seek our own identity by aligning it with something else that nobody can copy?It's all fun and games, but I have to go and take care of more family errands and go out to eat while I'm out here near Boston. I hear the clam chowder at the local restaurant is amazing.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Magnetic nail art?

Http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid;=410 Lancome used to make a nail polish with a magnet on the bottle. You'd paint your nails and then put them near the magnet, which would create a starburst pattern by attracting and repelling charged pigments. Is it just me or could this be done with a pinch of iron oxide powder in any nail polish?

Posted by lotusduck 9 years ago

Dont answer 4

Doing it for practice

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago

Rubik's cube art

Awesome pixel art made entirely from Rubik's cubes.Link

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

Dont answer 2

Still didnt work. i hope it works now

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago

Is anyone else here a rasterbator?

I've been doing it for a long time. Here's the link.

Posted by Re-design 9 years ago

Sea urchins inspire pencil-tip sculptures

Sculptor Jen Maestre's super-cool sculptures reportedly were initially inspired by sea urchins. The artist takes colored pencis, saws the sharpened tips off, and drills a hole through each one individually so they can be stitched together. Talk about dangerous art!'''Link''' via the Daily Mail

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Suitable Martial Art?

Hi. I've been considering taking up a martial art of some form or other. Only problem is that I really have no idea what it is I'm actually looking for. I've read lots of articles which all pretty much say the same thing: "What do you want to get out of it?" so, I made a list. I'm seventeen, I'm not particularly fit, flexible, agile or disciplined and the things I want to get out of it are (in order of highest to lowest priority): • to become faster, fitter, more agile and more flexible • to be able to think more clearly • to step out of my comfort zone and be more active • to be able to defend myself if attacked • a suitable form of unarmed combat to augment my weapons skills (I try to practice western sword fighting from time to time, I'm not too good though) • to improve my weapons skills Any ideas would be really helpful, but I would like a logical reason to consider it. Thanks.

Posted by timmycutts 7 years ago

Spl1nt3rC3ll's Artwork

I'm not quite sure about this to be honest, but I'm thinking about selling my art. I would like to know if there is any interest in my art at all, or if I'm shooting in the dark. I don't know the prices, so if you are interested, name a reasonable price and we'll work it out. My website is below if you would like to browse. Most of the stuff on there is a few years old, but there are some new pieces. I've got paintings and pottery. Note: the website editor I use crashed, so I cannot update the site. Updates will be placed here. http://www.smithartwork.com/The close-up of the Hand shows the neat emerald fraction effect of the glaze. This is a slideshow of some recent pottery: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pottery/Below is a video of my most recent project:

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Artists in Residence Exhibition at Pier 9

The annual Autodesk Artists in Residence Exhibition was held at Pier 9 in San Francisco from January 22-24, 2015. Check out some of the projects and learn more about the Artists in Residence (AiR) program here. (To see all AiR Instructables, follow the Artist in Residence group.) "Best art opening ever!" Some snaps from the evening: Photos by Brad Avery, Charlie Nordstrom, and Sherry Wong.

Posted by xxlauraxx 3 years ago