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For Aspie Members to post WWW finds

The intention for this area is for members to post URLs and brief descriptions of their unique finds on the WWW which they believe would interest people with Asperger's Syndrome. *Please include your reasons for believing the item will be of interest. *Anything from the WWW, but not from Instructables (There is a separate area for that) *And VERY rarely will any item here be about Asperger's Sydrome issues, support or resources. *Very welcome will be project items or information coming from famous Aspies, Edison, Bell etc (I know they are long gone, but their ideas will be on the WWW for ever) and also appreciated will be oddball ideas or methods for Aspies to use in Instructables. Its time now to forget other people are different from us Aspies, and begin showing how WE Aspies are different. and unique, and how some of us have ALREADY changed the world. Below, a photo of Aspies looking left right centre, inside out, upside down, for new unique knowledge, in this case, a new kind of tree. Nothing misses us! Refer to map, (RNZ 220 mast, (45 minutes climb to the top."))

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Analysing your test results for Aspergers Syndrome

A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score Please try not to post pictures here, leave that for Can somebody volunteer their non-Aspie picture, for the purposes of this discussion. Mine is here temporarily.

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ADAM: 2009 movie about the realionship between a boy with Asperger's and the girl that moves in next door (upstairs) UPDATED....

Adam chronicles the relationship between a normal woman and a man with Asperger's Syndrome...Those with Asperger's, ...look at the world in ways that are fundamentally different...The easiest way to tell this story would be to resort to stereotypes and short-cuts and, to his credit, Mayer largely avoids these. A review Another review Update: The way I learned about this was through an interview on PBS radio in my area. UPDATE #2:  I have seen the movie, and I find a lot of it very accurate....but if you are looking for a nice neat "happily ever after" ending, it might not be for is realistic, and life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after". Just saying....  

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Aspies should not be treated as inferier

    Not everything that steps out of line, and thus "abnormal", must necessarily be "inferior". Hans Asperger (1938) I step out of line ALL the time when people that I know to know better, treat me as inferior!  Peter, (2010)  

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Test yourself for Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome has only been recognized since about 1995, we call ourselves Aspies. Try this test make sure you follow the instructions the results will only survive for an hour, so download them ASAP, the picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score, you can chose to show to people, but the questions and answers are very personal, keep those to yourself. I plan to put my ARP here, that is something us Aspies enjoy displaying, something to be proud of, I hope that other Aspie group members put theirs on. Your Aspie score: 181 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 28 of 200 You are very likely an Aspie It is possible to cheat to get a high score on the ARP, so I am thinking that ARPs can be voted off by members if members find the ARP unbelievable when comparing the member's ARP with said member's profile and activities on Instructables. Aspies don't practice discrimination, so even if you don't have Aspergers Syndrome, consider yourself as a honorary Aspie and sign up anyway. Visit A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score Another link for Aspies is I will dig out more shortly, I have list somewhere, but that one was not it I recall.

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Meeting Room Two

Set up for new members. (Hopefully no need to be PRO) 

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My Aspie Assesment  A copy of my assessment might help people understand more about Asperger's Syndrome and how adults are assessed. Only two doctors in New Zealand are able to assess adults for Asperger's Syndrome. This is because adults have learned coping skills and adapted to the rest of the world. For adults there is no standardized test available. The doctor just sits down and lets the conversation go wherever and whichever way it wants to.

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T-shirts n signs n things (oh my)

I have made one t-shirt for myself (I will have to display it later), but I found the perfect Aspie tee:  It can be found at THINK GEEK   and looks like this:  AND  the shirt I made for myself....and in case it is not readable, it says:  You have NO idea what it means to be gifted with Asperger's syndrome  

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Meeting room one (new members) CLOSED

For general discussions, to keep other topics to the point. New rooms will be set up as required.

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The Empathetic Aspie

I have personally experienced how a very young (8 year old) child with Asperger's showed quick and unthinking empathy for me when I  #1: dropped the tiny screws onto the floor,  #2: nearly tripped over a stool, called myself doplic and she responded immediately: no you're not ! & #3:  when I stood up and my soft head came in contact with a COMPLETELY immovable table top.   It was my first clue when several outside the syndrome showed me they had no idea WHAT we feel or how we express ourselves, that we are indeed FULL of emotion and concern - we just don't always "read" others well - the face that is. Also, I have this Blog as a reference to back up my observation:  Asperger Empathy     ADDENDUM:  there are two specific reasons for the blood to be tested in this area:  #1: genetically, but the main reason is of course to #2: eliminate all other possible causes for the symptoms.  

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Does anyone play GuildWars?

I am just young aspie friend has me playing so we can chat when I can't be there doing science projects :-)

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new member : Plasmana (Plas)

Please check out profile for Plasmana first, but below is one item My old user name was Highvoltage2000, just to let you know. Also my nick name happens to be ''Plas'', you can call me that if you want.

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FINALLY, the scorpion is complete with UV lights and GITD paint

The long awaited finishing of the Scorpion that a young aspie friend and I built together is complete:  I have installed the UV LED, and circuitry AND coated the insides with clear coat UV reactant it glows both after the UV light is turned on, and also in the dark.

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A couple of questions, and maybe a good place for "others' " questions....

Here is my question, others may follow up with an answer or other questions. One of the things that is part of my "makeup" is my intensity about things.   When I DO get started on something....I tend to go at it full force, non-stop; dispising the need to break or rest or even to stop to eat or sleep. Is this a common aspect of Aspies? 

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Pro Forum Topic Visibility

I think it would be nice to have some form of deliniation between the "normal" forum posts and the "pro" formal posts when browsing the forum. i tend to look through the forum in the "view all" mode sorted by date. this results in seeing a bunch of interestingly named forum topics (like all the aspie ones) however i go to click on it and blamo "why not become a pro member". i don't have anything against going pro (except for fund shortages), but it would be nice to not be taunted with the pro topics that i can't view

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How much should I avoid localization

Who is my audience? I started writing my first instructable and hardly got two sentences written before I found myself assuming everyone is in the United States. For instance if want to say some fabric costs $4.50/yard at Wal-Mart, that's potentially 3 things not everybody can immediately understand: the dollars, the almost exclusively American unit of measure, and a store that's not in every country. Should I just say it, or should try to translate. i.e. The fabric costs about USD $4.92 per meter at local discount stores. There must be a middle ground, but my strong Aspie craving for exact specifications makes me ask here before getting started.

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Since I have SEEMED to be awol of late...

This is a short SHORT bit of what I've been planning, and doing of late. The VERY short video shows my young student repeating the "experiment" we've just executed together, but now for the rest of her family. It is a demonstration that #1:  milk has fat/oils in it, and #2 that detergent breaks these up, and #3: that it does so rather rapidly. By the time I got the camera ready, she'd already poured a little milk into a saucer, and dropped some different colors of food coloring on the surface tension of the milk. The video only shows the reaction once she drops the detergent onto the coloring (and if you have the volume up, you can hear her little sister in the background go OOOOOO :-) . My apologies for the very VERY poor quality of the shot,  next time I will prepare ahead of time, with my tripod, for any filming I need to do.

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Sunday mentoring session was the best time I've had in a LONG time.....

I had wanted to post this yesterday,  and I had it ALL written out but just before I wanted to hit enter, I had to back space to fix a misspelling and the whole browser backed up and wiped it ALL out. *sigh* Anyways, this past Sunday, after meeting, my wife and I were invited to stay and do some things with the children and the parents of that particular household. This is the family with the Asperger's child of 8 that built the Scorpion model/puzzle with me (see instructable for details on that build). I had sooo much planned, but we didn't get to half of it.  Which is ok, more to do another day.  I fixed her robot (last time the ground wire had broken off the motor, this time it was the red wire) by soldering the loose wire back on.  The battery compartment was broken too, so the one end of the "box" that joined the positive and negative terminals of the two batteries, was completely off. Thankfully, I had brought my hot glue gun. A more permanant fix would need to be done later if this didn't hold.  Anyway, I demonstrated the Magus effect to her, first showing her a ball rolling off a flat piece of cardboard, then asked her what she expected the paper tube to do when I rolled IT off the plane. She wasn't sure but after a bit of prodding she said it would act like the ball, only slower.  When she saw the tube roll of and reverse direction she had to see it again (to make sure I hadn't done something TO the tube :-)   THEN she just HAD to show the rest of the family   :-) The hardest part was explaing the effect to an 8 year old.  She is smart, but not very advanced language-wise. So I had to keep it fairly simple. STILL the experience was great. When I made a "voice box" out of a drinking straw and a balloon, though, she was tickled pink. She just HAD to have one, despite the great difficulty in operating it. I promised to think more on how to make it easier to use by the next session.  All in all, my head was spinning, and I was giddy all the way through Monday from the encounter.  I do think I missed my calling in life....

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Awareness is Empty

It's a new month.  That apparently means it's time for champions of various causes to ask their online friends to repost something about awareness for whatever cause. This month happens to be April.  One of the many causes assigned to this month is autism awareness.  I'm married to an aspie.  We have three autistic children. Being "aware" of autism is about as helpful for autistics as posting your bra color in your facebook status is for curing breast cancer.  A well known autism charity likes to champion their feel good cause with pictures of children and alarmist catchphrases about how tragic and dream crushing autism is, and how we need to cure it now.  I really hope that this community doesn't need a lengthy explanation (although I can also cite sources, if you like) about why the notion of curing autism is as offensive and misguided as a campaign for "ridding the world of nerds" might be.  Let me know if you need more information on the heritable physiological structural brain differences that define autism, and the sensory and filtering challenges that determine an individual's struggle with the less advantageous sides to that type of brain. You know what's more appropriate than autism awareness?  Autism acceptance.  Everyone is born with different challenges and different talents.  Some people have very different reactions to sensory stimuli.  Try to be sensitive to that.  Allow people to be who they are without trying to force them into some arbitrarily shaped mold. If you want to learn more about what it's like for autistic people, look up first hand accounts (and ask people you might know who are on the spectrum) - there are many accounts out there, and they're quite diverse.  The more you read, the more you'll understand.  I don't understand why people would think they're getting accurate information about autism by searching the website of an organization that actively excludes autistics from any board or leadership position.  Then again, that organization touts operant conditioning as a therapy for autistic children, because apparently it's better to force a child to seem normal than to understand why he acts in unique ways and help meet his unique needs. Supporting the idea of neurodiversity doesn't mean that every difference is fantastic and easy to deal with.  It's not. Focusing solely on the negative aspects of anything can make you overlook the gifts that come with it.  I take medication for my ADD to help with the challenges that come with that, but I certainly don't try to eradicate it (which would be impossible anyway).  If my medication muted the positive aspects of ADD, I'd have to seriously reconsider whether it was worth it.  Karate or dance lessons to help with the proprioceptive challenges that can come with autism don't negate any positives, nor does compassionate speech therapy. I won't be "going blue" this month for awareness, which does little more than promote a large corporation with questionable intent.  I'm all for scientific research, but the agenda behind their funded research is highly suspect. Do you have an ache to do something for autism whatever month?  Tell a friend that instead of posting images of puzzle pieces, you're going to be more accepting of differences.  If, for some reason, you really want to spend money on a cause, you could try something practical like buying an autistic kid a lego set (not one of my kids, though... I am so sick of stepping on those darn things).  Obviously Legos aren't appropriate for all ages, nor for all spectrum kids... just ask the parents for guidance.  Toys or fidgets relevant to the kid's interests are great, especially if they help the kid further develop their unique analytical skills. If you really want to donate to some organization for some reason... there's an autistic self advocacy network. Oh, and for the record...  normal brains don't change the world.

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