Adding a PDF to my ible

Hi, I'm trting to submit my first ible, and for some reason I can't seem to make my PDF file show up in it... My ible is published at but he PDF that's supposed to be downloadable with it isn't there. While Creating the ible, I uploaded my PDF file, and it's now in my Library, and also in the Attached pictures and files window under the text box. However, it's not on the published ible... How do I attach it?  It's a template I want pepople to be able to downlad. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Morgantao 7 years ago

Permitted attachment file types.

Hello, I'm having trouble finding a list of permitted file types for attachment to articles. I understand there are some which work, like .svg, .pdf, and the image extensions. The reason I ask is that I wish to attach Autodesk 123D Design .123dx files, but it doesn't appear to like it. Thanks Greg

Posted by SilverJimny 5 years ago

Making pointy cone-shaped nipple!

Hi all! New to the board... So I am going to be fire for Halloween to complement my boyfriend's firefighter costume. I will be wearing a lot of body paint, a shelf bra, a skirt, and I will be making cone-shaped Madonna-style nipple covers (maybe I will make them horn/flame shaped I havent decided), that will point upward. I will paint flames on them that will continue on to the rest of my chest in body paint. I need your help in deciding how to make these pointy nipple pieces. I think they will be about 2 inches in diameter and be about 5 inches long. I was thinking of making them out of Polymer Clay and attaching them with Spirit Gum. They will be painted with acrylic. I am not sure if this is the best option or if spirit gum will even hold them in place. Is there a gooey-er adhesive I could use and a different material to make the cones? I am also hoping to make 3-5 smaller cones to paint flames on and attach to my arms. Any ideas? Thanks!! I appreciate all the feedback.

Posted by Roguexxxi 11 years ago

How to secure plastic to plastic, with clean removal in the future?

I want to attach something plastic to my motorcycle body (also plastic) temporarily. It needs to be pretty secure and preferably water-resistant, but it can't be irreversible. I'd rather not use clear plastic tape since that will be ugly and obvious. Any ideas?

Posted by DIYJRAY 2 years ago

[HELP ME] Attaching a gear to a skateboard wheel

Hello!  I have a project in mind about making an electric skateboard. I will use skate's wheels to make less resistance, and i plan to attach a gear i upcycled from an old drill(the tube geared on the inside, not the outside) to a skate wheel. THe problem is: HOW?? If you don't know what im talking about its the tube that makes the planetary gears in a drill spin(  ) on the photos i attached its just super glued to the wheel, so i can figure out a way to attach them.. HELP ME PLEASE!

Posted by dsirotic 4 years ago


Hi,, Is it possible to attach a pdf to an answer. Many thanks, Qdoc

Posted by Qdoc 7 years ago

attaching EL wire to the conection clips

Does any no how to attach EL wire to those clips?

Posted by steven123 8 years ago

My Knex Attachments

Any attachment you want, ask, ill try and make it. 1) Holographic sight 2) Sniper scope 3) M203 Grenade Launcher

Posted by EXZOTlC 8 years ago

Download attached files and PDF at the same time

I have been wondering for some time, is there a way to download the PDF of the instructables together with the attached files in one go, like getting it in a *.zip or *.rar file?

Posted by 5v3n4ndr3 2 years ago

attaching the prosthetic

One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out a low cost easy to DIY way to attach the prosthetic to the child's remaining limb. Please share any thoughts, information or ideas you might have.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

USB Flash Drive keyring attachment

Everybody loves their flash drive, and most people keep them on their keys (or if you're really cool, on a lanyard around your neck with some kind of card identifying you as a professional geek). A few months ago I bought a little 4gb Lexar Firefly, and I love it. It's tiny and holds lots of information. As you can see in the picture, the hole where you attach a keyring is in the lid, not on the body of the drive. This cuts down on the drive's size, but means that the drive might fall out of the lid, or get forgotten and left behind. Naturally, this happened after not 3 months of ownership. After a while I lamented ever finding my trusty drive, and tossed the little clear plastic cap. However, lo and behold, I did find my little USB drive a long time later--Bbt now I have no way to attach it to my keys! Does anybody have some ideas for a key-attachment mod for my little firefly? I'd like to avoid adding any kind of bulky casing, but I will if it means not having to drop $25 on a new one.

Posted by thepeacefish 9 years ago

How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 4 years ago

Can't attach images to comments

Add images button opens the interface, but the image library tab won't open. Images can be uploaded but cannot be attached. ? L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Feature Request: Download attachments (Premium)

I would like an option, as a Premium Member, to download all attachments for a project. I mainly look around in the Arduino area and I would like to download all files the authors have attached at once, instead of individually right clicking SaveAs and typing the name of the file.

Posted by Sensath 1 year ago

Attach Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer

Can someone come Up with an easy tutorial on Attaching a Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer ? The Pasta Maker has a Manual Cranking Handle. I have seen Kitchen Aids with the attachment and would like to convert mine.

Posted by TheCritic 6 years ago


Hi guys, Happy Easter... If you have an interesting Easter today, why not describe it and attach some photos/videos? I'll add mine tonight.

Posted by gschoppe 10 years ago

3D For Everyone

Currently testing a system (attachment) for amateurs to use their own cameras to shoot 3D stills and HD movies, post them to their iPad or YouTube, and view the results in super-clear 3D on their iPad (with another attachment).  Will attach photos soon.

Posted by courtervideo 8 years ago

Backpack attachment

Hi I am planning to design a system for attaching stuff to my backpack but have gotten stuck right at the beginning :( I was planning on using MOLLE or tek-lok to do this, but as i live in norway it is extremely expensive to order from the US. So i was wondering if anybody know how to make something similar, from things lying around the house or is easily obtainable. I have a picture here to show you what I am thinking in the lines of

Posted by Crathes 8 years ago

Question on attaching the round to the square.....

I need to attach a tube (it is fairly rigid, like a bic pen body), to a box (coming out of the smaller end of the box) and it needs to be fairly secure as there will be wires running through it and a "pickup coil" attached to the end of the device. The box may be plastic, or it may be metal, I haven't decided yet. I had thought about threading the barrel of the tube and just using two nuts to lock it in. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

attaching grind plates on aggressive skates

I havent ridden my aggressive skates for a while so i cant remember which side to attach my grind plates, (for some reason i took them off when i stopped usin them.) can someone help.

Posted by XI3 10 years ago

Help on attaching threaded rod to motor

Hello all quick question for you: what is the best way to attach a threaded rod to a motor shaft. This would be similar to a CNC setup. I know you could use a dual shaft collar but I was wondering if there's perhaps a simpler solution?

Posted by Patrick S 4 years ago

How can I attach straps to plastic rifles?

I want to attach straps to these video game console sniper rifles:

Posted by LAPIII 3 years ago

please make a trap that you can attach to the back of a bike(read the rest

Build a controller thatl ets out tacks or.

Posted by shawntherobot 9 years ago

Posting a picture

What does it mean when it says "main image is required to publish"? Also, how do i do it? I thought it would be in the "attach a thumbnail" segment but i have no idea how to attach an image...

Posted by jlocker 6 years ago

Attach membrame to silicon housing

Burning question! I am trying to attach a membrame (which is made of latex at the moment) to a silicon housing (see attachment). The membrame should be a able to move vertically and thus expand a bit. The two challenges are: - The membrame should not be to thin, because otherwise it snaps and; - The membrame should not be to thick, because otherwise their is too much pressier on the sides and it also snaps. The membrame and the silicon housing should be airtied. The material of the membrame can change, although it needs to be flexible of course. Any tips on which material to use for the membrame or on assembly techniques? Cheers, Thijs

Posted by thijss 4 years ago

How to attach a wire to a tiny SMD board

I'm working on moding a cheap mp3 player. I want to relocate the power switch. The SMD components are tiny and I just destroyed a small component (diode) with my weller temp controlled soldering iron. Any suggestions on how to attach a small wire to a really tiny spot (1.5mm x 2mm),

Posted by ifranz 9 years ago

Attaching inputs on TVs that have none?

I have a small portable BW TV; it doesn't have any inputs for a VCR or DVD player etc, So as soon as analog broadcasting stops it's a paperweight unless you enjoy watching TV "snow". So this brings up the question is it possible to attach inputs (RCA, Coaxial, etc) to TVs that don't have any inputs?

Posted by G.A.Pster 9 years ago

Help: Attatching Trolling Motor to PVC Framed boat

Well I am in the process of finishing my PVC John Boat and I need to figure out a way to attach my trolling motor to the back. I was thinking of attaching a 2x4 or 2x6 piece of wood to the back but the only way i could think of attaching it was to drill a few holes in the wood and zip tie it to the back. So I am hoping one of you could give me a suggestion on attaching it securely. Thank you in advance I cant wait for the boat to get in the water with a motor and my instructable to be finished aswell.

Posted by zmatt 11 years ago

Help making an LED Camcorder light attachment!

I have an old Panasonic PV220 camcorder. It has a fitting to attach a light fixture for indoor recording, but no light. What information would I need to provide to an enterprising designer to have an LED light created to fit this camcorder? I can go dig it out of storage and give measurements, and any other information necessary. I would really appreciate any help!

Posted by lancer525 5 years ago

(SOLVED) Attaching Hardboard Together

Okay, so I want to make a box of hardboard. Problem is: how do I connect the pieces of hardboard together at right angles? I was planning to use a hammer and nails. I haven't worked with hardboard before. Please help! To clarify, my question is this: How do I connect pieces of hardboard at right angles to make a box? Thanks in advance, ~H4ZZ

Posted by __DELETED__ 7 years ago

Replies now have "in reply to" attached to them

Replies now tell you who the comment is replying to and if you click the name it will scroll to the original comment. Which means that I can now understand conversations again. Woohoo!

Posted by fungus amungus 5 years ago

Building a stove fan using a CPU Heatsink & Cooler

Hi All, I'm looking to build a stove fan and was wondering if It would be possible to attach a peltier to a CPU fan & heatsink like the one attached? Thanks!

Posted by mrawat 5 years ago

How do i attach a scope to a gun?

The scope is the back thing besides the pump and it needs to go on to of the PVC somewhat lifted, whats the best way to do it. Some minor adjustablity would be nice so I could calibrate it time to time.

Posted by sleepwalker0 11 years ago

Out of range alarm

I'm working on a project where I need to have a transmitter and a receiver with an alarm, so when they are apart a certain distance the alarm goes off. I need the alarm to be attached with the transmitter not the receiver, where it will be attached to a valuable stuff for example.

Posted by AmmarK22 8 months ago

What is this red sleeve called in the attached picture of an impeller blade?

Obviously the center red sleeve is for adjustment over minor difference in the shaft diameter.  Can you please tell me the technical term used for the red piece? Thanks.

Posted by kabira 3 years ago

Stats about downloaded files?

I have some files attached to my Ibles and wanted to know if there have been any downloads of the files. After all, with no feedback I thought I could see if people actually use it (or collect the files for fun). But either I am blind or there is nothing in the stats that would give me this info. Did I miss something or this just not implemented? Also: What the size limits for uploads/attachments and is there a way to restore them in case the got lost on the servers?

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

LED project

I am looking to create  an array of LED's attached to switches. There will be 14 LED's in total. 3 green LED's attached to a single 2-way switch, 8 red LED's attached in pairs to 4 3-way switches, and 3 white LED's attached to 3 more 2-way switches (3 seperate 1 switch:1 LED set ups. Nothing wierd or fancy there). I'd like it all to run off a single power source, light powered would be best, but if that turns out to be too complicated I'll settle for battery powered. My questions are: What kind of power source will I need to use? How is the best way to wire it? and What sort of equipment will I need (resistors, capacitors, etc)?

Posted by T-Prime 7 years ago

attaching a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with variable speed controller

Hi, We're looking to attached a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with a variable speed controller. We've attached a rough sketch to this post.  Does anyone know what kind of motor might work with a camera weighing 4.132lb/1875g? It has to be powerful enough to spin the camera solidly and at a steady RPM. We'd also like to add a variable speed controller to adjust the speed of the rotations.  We were thinking of using a battery powered drill. Is there a way to  add a variable speed control potentiometer to an electric drill? We are based in Europe. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Matthew & Emelie

Posted by mande 6 years ago

Would I fry a boom box radio if I put a tv antenna on it?

Would it fry the radio if I attached an old tv antenna to a radio? I have already attached a loooong antenna to it, but I need more more more!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Attach a camera to your cat! it will take pictures randomly all day! man this is a great idea!

All the credit goes to this german guy anybody wants to improvethe idea please feel free to do so and tell me about it email: dejabox at gmail.comCheers

Posted by dejabox 11 years ago

Help with wire trees

Does anyone know anything about wire trees? How about lapidary tecniques? I need help. I made a wire tree out of laquered wire and I wish to attach small, tumbled stones to the ends of the wires...This is for a rolling ball sculpture project. I plan to have several of these trees (hopefully copper wire; I think I have some) attached to polished spheres made of natural stone that are attached to the frame of the sculpture. The track has 1" or 1/2" glass/polished stone marbles that roll along a flame-soldered wire track that winds in and out of the branches of the trees. How do I attach these tiny stones to the ends of this tree without the fear of them falling off? Some kind of loop? Glue? Both? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice..

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

Uploading a PPTX (powerpoint 2010) file to an instructable

I just published an instructable and was unable to attach a PPTX (a powerpoint file from the new version of ppt), but when I saved the file as a ppt (the file type for the old version of powerpoint), it attached fine.  Maybe this means there's something wrong with uploading PPTX files?

Posted by MikeCicc 6 years ago

Download won't include all steps/info

When i tried to download the following Instructables: and both by the same author I did get a great deal of the information.  But I get nowhere near all of the info. I get virtually none of the pictures.  I have downloaded many instructables and I always get the complete package. I am a pro member. Below are some of the step-by-step instructions from the first one mentioned. Note the virtually total lack of instructions; Step 14: Attaching the front pouches This step covers attaching the front pouches and lower clip to the front pocket fabric. Attaching the lower clip Step 15: Adding the zipper pocket Adding a zipper and installing the inside pocket Step 16: Attaching the lower strap pieces Attaching the lower strap triangles Can you fix these so they can be downloaded? I use Windows 7 and Google Chrome. Your help is greatly appreciated, Paul Granger - grangerknives

Posted by grangerknives 4 years ago

Circuit boards, and all things related( i need help...)

I need help. what are circuit boards? how do i attach things to them? what can i attach to them? what do these things do? stuff like that, any links pictures and or text anysers are extremely appreciated

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Milling Device

Please comment or make an Instructable on how i can make a clamp-on mill attachment for the drill press below?

Posted by m5industriesinc 8 years ago

Redirect to Amazon gift card scam

Links in email from 2/18 are being redirected to the page attached

Posted by pjbuilds 8 months ago

Page Layout

The menus and header layout don't display right in IE9 (nor IE8 or IE7 mode). See the attached file.

Posted by rrdenn 6 years ago

looking for motor mounts

I'm wanting to attach a few motors to a wood frame; however I'm not sure how to go about doing this.  The motors I'm using are in the picture; you'll notice their really isn't any holes to attach any mounting brackets of any kind.  I was thinking of using a 3/4'' pipe clamps, but was wondering if anyone here has any advice or experience with this.

Posted by Spaceman Spiff 5 years ago

Is it possible to make a monitor attached to my laptop the ONLY monitor?

Is this possible? I'm trying to run RCT3, and my dinky screen can't handle the incredible I'm trying to make another monitor that can handle it the only monitor. Is it even possible to disable the lcd monitor that's built in? If so, how would I do it?

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Knex rbg shotgun

So in thisvideo Adam Mclaughlin built a shotgun. I wanted to make it but the butt and pump are hard to make because of the lack of angles. So if anyone can help me by telling me how to attach the pump or make the butt thanks.1. Side view of barrel2. Pistols attached3. Pistols detached4. Front of pump5. Side of pump

Posted by alecgates15 11 years ago